Chloe works with “group of hackers” in 24: Live Another Day

Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O'Brian in 24 Season 6
Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O’Brian in 24 Season 6

The upcoming January 17, 2014 issue of Entertainment Weekly previews this years upcoming movies and television shows, including 24: Live Another Day. Lynette Rice interviewed 24 showrunner Howard Gordon and we’ve got the early new details for you below:

Picking up four years after 24’s finale, the 12-episode reboot will find Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer in London. “He has fled, because America is no longer his home,” teases Gordon, who’ll reunite with fellow 24 vets Evan Katz and Robert Cochran.

“There will be a CTU-like organization,” adds Gordon. “There will also be a group of hackers in the vein of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, which Chloe joined.” Yep, Mary Lynn Rajskub is back (as is Kim Raver), and Judy Davis will recur as the widow of a notorious terrorist.

FOX will be holding a panel for the show at the 2014 Television Critics Association’s Winter Press Tour on Monday where details like this will be discussed, so stay tuned for more information. Filming begins in London just two weeks from now.


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it sounds very interesting !! Chloe versus Jack ???

I would like to renee walker (Annie Wersching) returns 24 live another day
They are a dynamic duo. please, if you did tony almeida again. please consider renee walker but not as a villain but as heroin as it was in the last 2 seasons

The return of Renee Walker would be a “little tough”, since she was shot and killed by a sniper

the same was said of tony almeida and it was not how we think

Nah – they’d be taking the piss if 24: LAD saw the return of Renee Walker.

There’s no doubt she was killed.

I also don’t think that I’d say Jack Bauer v Chloe O’Brian. We have to remember that she has been arrested by the FBI and Jack Bauer is wanted by the US Government.

It might be the case, but I’d say eventually that Chloe will end up coming in to ‘save’ Jack in some form.

I can only wonder that the likes of Jon Cassar and David Fury are reading our comments in laughter of how vastly different they are to the actual story.

Josué silvestre silva
January 12, 2014 at 6:54 pm
Olá, sou aqui do Brasil e estou ansioso pela volta do 24 horas!!!!! Espero ansioso, ver Jack Bauer em ação novamente…abraços

quiet guys just wanted to help me like the series and the characters and especially the favorites to mention in the last comment with my name. I just wanted to see a happy jack bauer. the curse was enough. if you ask me which I was the best couple of jack. I would vote for Renee Walker. is ready. intelligent, charismatic and sexy especially when taking the gun

Where’s the rest of the interview? is there a link.

That’s the entire 24 related portion of the interview, Joshua. Gordon also briefly discussed his upcoming series Tyrant and Legends but didn’t say anything new.

No link as it’s from an upcoming magazine issue.

They could have Rene Walker return if they do a flash back scene.

I don’t think “24” does flashbacks – they only done 1 flashback and that was in episode 24 of Day 1.

@24 Spoilers I see thanks. @Adrian & yes 24 doesn’t do flash backs. Flash backs is not apart of there world.

Hi guys, I know it’s off-topic but was just wondering if you guys thought FOX would promote this new series during the Super Bowl?

It’s on February 1.

I doubt there’d be any major filming done by this stage as filming starts on Jan 25 (my birthday! What a present…) but I’m sure they could put together a few clips from previous series and make it known that it’s returning to FOX.

It would be a huge missed opportunity if FOX doesn’t advertise this during the Super Bowl. They typically promote 24’s return at the World Series but that won’t be possible this year obviously, so promoting this during the Super Bowl is more important than previous years. The timing isn’t quite ideal but hopefully they do at least a brief “heads up” tease.

By the way, here are the 24 Season 4 Super Bowl Promos from 2005, they were quite good in my opinion.

Great to hear that the show is back! Since Renee Walker was killed, that’s too bad, it looks like great news to bring back Audrey Raines, so it’s kinda fair especially how her role ended up in such a miserable way in Season 6. But what about Tony Almeida? I think he must be back too, it wasn’t fair the way his role ended up in Season 7, I really hope they’ll bring him back, he has such a great charisma, the show will be greater putting the old team back together even though it will miss Bill, but Tony Almeida deserves to be back in….

I’d rather have Renee Walker back than Audrey. Renee and Jack worked and were great together. To bad it’s not going to happen though. I’m Just glad the show is returning!!!

I have already started rewatching each season, and I am on Season 3 as we speak!!

That ole Jack Bauer! ;)

I think this will be the one where either Jack or Chloe dies. :(

Same old bullshit.

let me just hope that the storyline will be unpredictable, thrilling with alot of suspense with charismatic characters and new ideas and that whats make 24 great,i also hope moris obrien will return especially as one of the hacker he was very good and funny,and that psycopath mandy we almost forgot her after she was padoned in season 4 and she made a name for herself in the show