24: Live Another Day Promo to Air During Super Bowl

Update: Watch the 24: Live Another Day Super Bowl commercial now!

24 at Super Bowl XLVIII

FOX will air the first television spot for 24: Live Another Day next week during Super Bowl XLVIII (Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos) on Sunday, February 2, 2014.

The Super Bowl is the most watched American television broadcast of the year, attracting over 100 million viewers. The cost of a 30-second commercial this year is a whopping 4 million dollars. But that’s money well spent to get the word out that Jack Bauer is back!

The action-packed 24: Live Another Day promo was filmed on Cobb Street in London several days ago with series stars Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub. It features an exploding cab, Jack helping Chloe, and ends with Bauer getting into a shootout.

You can view pictures and videos of the filming on our website. Don’t expect to learn any plot hints from this commercial, though – it was filmed specifically for promotional purposes. As always, we’ll have this promo the second it drops, so be sure to follow 24 Spoilers on Facebook and Twitter.


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Love this! Just the exposure the return needs!

Hardly surprising – I think when the news first broke about the series returning, and filming beginning in January, most of us expected the first video clips to coincide with Super Bowl.

So in the clip it doesn’t feature really in the series? that’s a shame lol as would love a trailer to see what this new series is like.

Yes, it might cost $4 MILLION per 30 second ad, but this is a FOX show on a FOX super bowl. Doubt they charge themselves ;)

I assume they mean it’s a teaser then if it’s only 30 sec. & not the full trailer yet…. But at least it’s better then nothing. @ least will see something.I look forward to it!!!

I’m so excited, that in the absence of official images, I use this fund created with pictures from the filming:

24: Live Another Day ( Wallpaper )

Great..now I have to sit around and watch two teams I don’t like, just so that I can see Jack Bauer…

I guess I can try to survive that… :)

This might be a stupid question, but does FOX have to pay for ad space if it’s on their own channel?


Yes, one Fox Division (the 24 Production “Company”) will probably ‘pay’ to Fox’s Advertising Division (profit center) through an inter-company bookkeeping entry for the ad. Not ‘real money’, necessarily. But the ’24 Production’ (cost center) of the studio will keep track of how much it will cost in total advertising for 24, and the Advertising Division of Fox (profit center) will count it as ‘revenue’. Although I would hope they get a price break on the $4m per 30 second cost!!!
I’m a financial consultant for the various studios, and that’s the way it usually works, in general.