24: Live Another Day Promotional Video – Set Photos

Update: Watch the 24: Live Another Day Super Bowl commercial now!

We’ve got the first photos from the 24: Live Another Day set where big things are happening today. Check out this awesome car explosion, and Mary Lynn Rajskub/Chloe’s dramatic makeover. Super exciting!

Jon Cassar says this is from a promotional video shoot, and not an episode of the actual show.

Thanks Haley!


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Jack Bauer’s holding a gun.

Mary Lynn looks really different!

January 22, 2014 at 10:15 am
Why are they filming already? Is this maybe just for promos?
Because I thought Kiefer’s first day back as Bauer was next Sunday.

I love Chloe and her punk look and Kiefer…hummm never be so hot !!! It seems they work together…

Everything surrounding LAD hasn’t really given me raging wood with anticipation like with Day 5… but I must admit, seeing Kiefer Sutherland back in action as Jack Bauer complete with awesome threads (as expected) gives one a warm and fuzzy feeling. Takes me back to when I was 20.

Holy shit! That’s only 5 minutes from where I used to live.

Glad they’re being subtle with the fact it’s set in London…

Heh yeah, there’s the postbox, red telephone booth, Union Jack cab.. I’m guessing this explosion will be featured in all the promos and trailers so they probably wanted a scene that gets the point across quickly.

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t filming for any episode. Jon Cassar tweeted only this Sunday that filming doesn’t start till this coming Sunday and this week is the last week of prep. Add the fact Jon Cassar doesn’t seem to be visible – infact it seems to be a very small crew – and the fact that they are filming an upside down Black Cab, with a Union Jack, next to a Red phone box and a Red letter box. It clearly seems to be promo shoot.

Yeah Cassar just tweeted that it was for a promo not an episode

The Union Jack is a bit too much to be honest… unless they’re doing a ’24’ Day 8 type thing where Jack Bauer is standing on top of the yellow cabs.


Filmed with a potato though it seems.

I’m also anxious at how much Chloe’s look seems to have been based on Lisbeth Salander and am hoping the writing/storyline hasn’t also “borrowed” from the millennium trilogy

Chloe looks like a filthy, degenerate slut… I like it!

Morris O’Brien on line one, wants a word with you…

@Gerry Do you live in London or elsewhere in England, because you might be able to see the shooting ??

No, I live in the north east of Ireland, Catherine sweetie, so London is a little aways from me… believe me, i’d be SO there if ’24’ was filming anywhere near me, haha!

A pity Jack isn’t travelling to southern France either in this one, am I right, Catherine?

You bet !!! Besides the weather is much better in southern France than in England …Poor Jack, he’s goona be soaked lol

this is just for promo they did
the same in season 7 and 8