24: Live Another Day TCA 2014 Panel Photos

Here’s a bunch of high quality photos from the 24: Live Another Day TCA Panel straight from FOX. Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Howard Gordon, Evan Katz, Manny Coto, and Brian Grazer were in attendance.

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So will Tony Almeida be back????????

I don’t think Tony is coming back to be honest as we would already heard by now if Carlos Bernard is returning to he’s role as Tony.

Its such a shame as Tony is the best :(

Noooooo I want him to come back he needs a better ending.

Coto says in the panel that they don’t consciously think of giving the audience certain things they expect. I think he thought about Tony, but may be they keep the Tony’s return as an huge twist.

If Tony is returning, he won’t be part of the main cast. If anything, he will return as a Special Guest Star much the same way he was in Season 4 (which he appeared in 18 of 24 episodes). This allows the producers to keep his return more secret.

Tony’s Story is over, let it go

I’d like to see Tony back but I can’t think of what part he would play…. Besides with the story they got with Jack being hunted that’s interesting & different by itself & I look forward to seeing where that goes. Jack is literally on his own this time. & that in itself was & is enough to get me excited. Fitting in Tony would’ve have to of been plausible & it sounds like if he’s not in it it’s because it wasn’t plausible.

If you give the Tony situation some thought, he really should be dead now. There’s no way Wilson would leave him alive in prison after he tried to kill him. Then again, this is Tony we’re talking about here, it’s almost impossible to kill the bastard. God knows they’ve tried.

It wouldn`t be hard to fit him in given Chloe`s new attitude. She and her group could have broke him out to do the messy stuff while they sit behind the computer. Jack would never know as he`s been on the run. Plus she worked with him before season 7 in secret. So it is plausible to bring Tony back. They said there could be a huge rift between them as the episodes progress, feeling betrayed etc. Chloe teaming up with Tony after what he did could cause that feeling between her and Jack, assuming Jack really cares that much.

I realy like this idea…:-)

Nice one Pat!