24: Live Another Day Promotional Video Shoot – Filming Videos

Update: Watch the 24: Live Another Day Super Bowl commercial now!

Here are a few videos showing the filming of a promotional video for 24: Live Another Day on Cobb Street in London earlier today. We see a flipped-over burning Union Jack cab that explodes as civilians run through the streets followed by Jack Bauer helping an injured/limping Chloe O’Brian down the street. He lifts up his arm and fires off several shots from his pistol.

24 director and executive producer Jon Cassar confirmed on Twitter that this isn’t footage from the show, but rather a special promotional video. So although this looks very exciting, we won’t learn any plot details from this. It’s likely similar to the Jack Bauer in New York video that was mixed into many of the trailers and commercials for Season 8.

24: Live Another Day filming begins on Sunday January 25th.