24: Live Another Day Set Videos – April 27th

Here are three short videos of actress Emily Berrington as Simone (the daughter of main villain Margot Al-Harazi) filming 24: Live Another Day in Central London on April 27th. Even though it was filmed during the episode 7 & 8 pair, this scene most likely occurs towards the end of episode 6.

These brief clips are a bit spoilery so if you’re sensitive to that kind of stuff, you might not want to watch.

Emily Berrington is filmed lying on the road in front of a London double-decker bus and throwing herself back as if she has just been hit. Actors playing passers by are seen rushing to her aid before the director cuts the scene and she gets herself up off the ground.

The actors look to be taking a break from filming a scene where star Emily Berrington’s character has just been knocked down by a London bus. Church bells can be heard ringing in the background as the actors playing paramedics sort out some props.

Emily Berrington shoots a scene from ’24: Live Another Day’ whereby her character is being rescued by emergency services after being hit by a London bus. The scene features paramedics covering her on a stretcher with a blanket as they prepare to load them into an ambulance. Meanwhile, a witness can be seen describing what he saw to a police officer.