24 Prequel Comic releasing in April

IDW Publishing has announced a 24 comic prequel that bridges the gap between 24 Season 8 and Live Another Day. It’s set to release in April for $3.99. A 24 Omnibus will also collect all of IDW’s previously released 24 comics for $24.99. Check out all the info below:

24 #1

24 #1 Comic from writer Ed Brisson and artist Michael Gaydos
24 #1 Comic from writer Ed Brisson and artist Michael Gaydos

Ed Brisson (w) • Michael Gaydos (a) • Davide Furnò (c)

Jack Bauer lives again! Before the Emmy Award-winning drama returns to your television with LIVE ANOTHER DAY, find out what the heroic agent has been up to in the several years following the events of the final season. Re-starting the clock on the high-octane saga are writing sensation Ed Brisson (Secret Avengers) and Eisner Award nominee Michael Gaydos (Alias).

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

  • Jack Bauer returns ahead of the debut of the “Live Another Day” TV event!
  • Ask your retailer about the Paul Shipper variant cover!
  • Written by Ed Brisson (Comeback, Secret Avengers)!
  • Series covers by Davide Furnò (Scalped, 30 Days of Night)!

24 #1—Subscription Variant
Ed Brisson (w) • Michael Gaydos (a) • Photo (c)
For subscription customers only…a variant photo cover featuring Jack Bauer!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

24 Omnibus

J. C. Vaughn, Mark L Haynes, Beau Smith (w) • Renato Guedes, Manny Clark, Steve Bryant, Jean Diaz (a) • Davide Furnò (c)

An action-packed collection of comics based on the acclaimed TV show 24. Follow Jack Bauer’s exploits before President Palmer’s victory as he tries to eliminate a mass murderer in the former Yugoslavia, struggles with drug cartels and radical separatists, as well as economic and ecological chaos. This volume collects 24: One Shot, 24: Midnight Sun, 24: Stories, 24: Cold Warriors, and the prequel story 24: Nightfall.

TPB • FC • $24.99 • 340 pages • 6” x 9” • ISBN: 978-1-61377-903-3
• 5 great stories in one volume.

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Shame the cast and producers don’t do a 2 hour event movie again like Redemption instead of this Comic.

Don’t really read Comics/Books but I am 100% looking forward to the new series, I can’t wait for 24 to return again to our screens on Sky1.

I agree – even if it doesn’t air on TV, I hope the producers are planning on including in their filming/script some real prequels that will be part of the DVD when “24:LAD” comes out. That was a nice part of the DVD sets that came out in S3 – 6, even if one had to watch them after seeing the season unfold on TV first.

I don’t think the comic book approach is the smart or practical one.

The prequels made sense in the past since they were released a month or two ahead of the new season. I don’t think there’s much point in filming a prequel that comes out on the DVD months after the season has aired.

In my opinion the comic book approach makes more sense this time around. They’ll be able to tell a story with a much bigger scope since they’re not limited by budget or filming schedules (the seasons five and six prequels were essentially ten minute long car commercials).

So how do I subscribe to get the special cover? And where do I order it?

Good question Trevor, I’m planning on interviewing the author of this comic in the future, so this will be something I ask. Any other questions, just let me know!

I can’t help but notice the “#1” on here… Should I be excited about more comics following? :)

I love all the other 24 comics! I’ve been hunting down the very rare “David Palmer cover” issue of Nightfall #2 for a few years now… Still haven’t found it. :(

And another question that would be cool for you to ask is just how involved the producers of the show were. Did Howard Gordon or David Fury provide any input? Will any references be made in Live Another Day to something in this comic? Nothing big, obviously. Just some minor story point. I always wished they would do something like that…

Like when The House Subcommittee Findings at CTU came out, there was a great take on Nightfall and how it went down. Then as the series went on we learned more and all of a sudden the story in that book didn’t make sense anymore. I always thought it would be cool if they made it all work together.

@Trevor – see these posts by David Fury on Twitter:


By the way he’s talking, it’s as if he didn’t know of this comic? Or is this something completely different.

I gathered from his tweets that he did know about it… And he also says there’s talk of a novel as well.

That second link you posted I asked him about the gap on the DVD btw just so u guys know. with regards to the comic book I’ll pass don’t read much at all really. & according to the producers we will hear about where Jack has been for the past 4 years. Sounds like these comics are unrelated to 24’s return.

am just anxious and nervous at the same time i hope you wont let the fans down

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