24: Underground Issue #4 Released

24: Underground Issue #4
24: Underground Issue #4

Now that you’ve seen Jack Bauer’s return to television in LIVE ANOTHER DAY, read the story that sent the heroic agent spiraling into his darkest days as an international fugitive. In Odessa, Ukraine, Jack has found himself stuck between the CIA and a Russian mobster from his past. How will he get out of this one?

24: Underground #4 is now available digitally and in comic shops. We’ve got the first five pages of 24: Underground Issue #4 below.


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This comic is pretty great. I love how it’s a stripped back more personal season 1 type storyline for Jack. I really wish LAD had gone down this route instead of the old tired formula of ‘Save the President, Save the World’.

Are the comics considered canon? This show’s no stranger to playing on real world conflicts, and Jack being a Russian prisoner and having past association with people in Ukraine could make for a compelling Day 10 storyline influenced by real world conflicts.

Comics are not canon to the live-action series. Comics are canon to the comics universe.