24: Underground Issue #5
24: Underground Issue #5

24: Underground Issue #5 Released

24: Underground #5 is now available digitally and in comic shops. We’ve got a preview of the first few pages of 24: Underground Issue #5 below. It’s the final issue.

“Underground” comes to a fiery conclusion! With both the CIA and the Russian mafia hot on his heels, Jack Bauer must find a way to escape them and rescue his new “family” at the same time!


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Instead of trying to condense a whole 24 hour story in just one movie which I think will just not work they could make a film trilogy have the first one based over the first 8 hours 2nd one 2nd 8 hours and the third one the 3rd 8 hours.

With a 2016 release date for first one 2018 for the second and 2020 for the third.

Does any 24 fan honestly want the movie?

All it will get you is a cheesier score, some bigger names (not necessarily a good thing), and worse still they’ll make it like the do all tv/movie adaptations “for the fans, but anyone who’s never seen the show can still watch it” which means you can pretty much forget revisiting or even referencing old plots, character relationships or storylines. The only upside is that if they went the movie route they (probably) wouldn’t give Jon Cassar the directors chair – which would make me very happy!

I think they should do a full 24 season made over 2 years, rather than (what was essentially) 12:LAD made in 1.

If LAD is any indication (less time to play with to tell a story) a film would be garbage.

It depends on the story, Brad dude. We have no way of knowing at this early stage just what or how good the story idea in question is, but if it’s as good as Brian Grazer seems to think it is, making it as a television event movie to bridge two separate seasons – akin to ‘… Redemption’ – would be a wiser and more fiscally prudent move than the often protracted development process that comes with making a feature film in the studio system as it currently stands.

At the very least, FOX Television (not least it’s two new CEO’s) genuinely value ’24’ and want to do good by it, it’s obvious they were very happy indeed with how ‘Live Another Day’ turned out and are genuinely enthused about another limited series in the short-term future, Imagine should stick to where ’24’ has both rock-solid support and also where it’s natural habitat is… and that’s on television.

A television event movie in late 2015 and a new limited series from May 2016 sounds pretty awesome to me.

Redemption was fantastic. One of the best thing the show ever did, I daresay. I would actually be pretty keen for a ‘bridging’ television movie.

Redemption was bad, hollow and it wasted an interesting character for some black kids, which just dissapear after the movie.
Also, subtitle “Redemption” was way worse than initial “Exile” (which at least was relevant).

How about a movie and another event series with the movie as the prequel to the event series? The movie could be a rescue Jack from Russia movie. This frees him to return the US and rejoin CTU. The event series then occurs in the US. 24 Redemption was a great prequel to S6. It could work like that again.

You mean S7

I think the producers and Kiefer will only sign on and make the movie if the script is good and doesn’t tarnish the look and feel of 24. I see Jon Cassar being in the running to direct as Kiefer loves working with him, and Sean Callery HAS to score the soundtrack so this shouldn’t be ruined. Big names I think are fine as we are familiar with this… from Jon Voight to Dennis Hopper to Benjamin Bratt. If it is indeed for the fans then I really don’t seeing them not doing it in real time at this point, especially since they have set it up for this format well. I see it being Chloe, Belcheck and Kate helping Jack escape the Russian prison, and then Moscow, but getting caught up in a terrorist attack. You could either have a couple of time jumps in between locations to add up to 24 hours… or just do 2 hours straight like Redemption. But it really wouldn’t feel like 24 if it wasn’t real time, and that would really kill the franchise I think.

I think that Keif and the gang are only in it for the paycheck these days regardless of what they say about not wanting to tarnish the show’s legacy.
LAD was a lazy retread of previous stories and was slapped together for the sake of cruising off the show’s name. I normally wouldn’t be so harsh but I love the show so much that LAD was a massive punch in the gut for me to watch.

“Regardless of what they say about not wanting to tarnish the show’s legacy”.

Boy, that ship has sailed. LAD was garbage

Imagine Ent. having a potential pitch for a ’24’ movie is one thing, getting 20th Century FOX to greenlight it is a whole other matter… didn’t they learn anything from last time?

One of the reasons – I believe – that the studio ultimately balked at making the movie in 2012 was they weren’t convinced the audience that tuned in every week to the series would turn out and pay to see the movie in large enough numbers to justify anything more than a $30m production budget (+ advertising and distribution costs on top of that)… and they were probably right; when ‘The X Files’ made it’s first transition to the big screen in 1998, it was at the apex of it’s popularity, getting around 20 million viewers a week, yet the movie only made $189m worldwide during it’s theatrical run, clearly less than the studio hoped for, and a resounding confirmation that audiences won’t pay to see something they can get for free elsewhere.

No-one would love a ’24’ movie more than little old me, but that ship has sailed, that train has left the station, period. If 20th wouldn’t put a sufficient budget two years ago, why would they now? And besides, the justification for the movie has vanished with the limited series format, whereby ’24’ can have it’s cake and still get to eat it too… I’ve completely come around to the opinion that ’24’ is a televisual novel – every season a book, every episode a chapter – that simply works best on the small screen, where the real time format, the ticking clock, the split screen can all be maintained.

A 13-episode limited series for 2016 or 2017, that’ll do me just fine and dandy…

P.S. It would be more than a little perplexing for Imagine to try and push a seemingly blase (pardon my French) 20th Century FOX for a ’24’ movie when they have two pretty huge advocates and supporters of the series now running the television division of that studio… food for thought.

Is it odd that the news is all about Imagine wanting to make it with no mention of FOX involvement (at this stage)? Seemed odd to me but I dunno much about the mechanics of this stuff. The cynic in me wonders if FOX are dragging their feet so the movie alternative is being dragged out to try and get them to pull their fingers out. If FOX really are at all interested in there being more 24, could this movie talk in the media force them to step up and commit to it?

I doubt a theatrical release movie would be a profitable enough venture, doubt there’d be a big international market for it, let alone it being a blockbuster hit in America. If they have a movie plot in mind (real time or not), a Redemption 2.0 situation, TV movie to bridge the gap to another season, would be the smart way to do it IMO.

It seems that current events (i.e the rise of ISIS and Russia-Ukraine) is making 24 much more relevant again like it was in 2001-2003. They are worried that ISIS is sending people to the US via the southern border. This is fertile ground for new 24 plots.

Absolutely, especially as they have set up the next story of 24 to take place in Russia / Ukraine. They could also chuck in homages to the Cold War and Chernobyl.

I REALLY hope season 10 is something juicier than “Jack resurfaces in some major western city because; attacks”, but I’m not holding my breath.

LAD could and should have been the time and place to change it up from that formulaic structure but they decided to pass on it.
The writers have a nasty of believing in the old adage ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, failing to remember that 24 made such an impact in it’s first few seasons for being so groundbreaking and unpredictable in it’s story telling.

The days of hoping to see the show go back to it’s glory are long gone if you ask me.

Jack did rather conveniently fly off to a part of the world that’s actually currently war torn. Felt like the perfect setup for future story. They can easily use the volatile part of the world he’s in to concoct a story of how he ends up getting out of jail.

Whats going on with the site?

Yes, can we have an article about the movie and season ten talks please?

XAM- You seriously have an issue with Jon Cassar? Are you just a fucking troll?

No, he’s not.

He’s a bit of a troll.

XAM expresses dissenting opinions. I don’t see that as being synonymous with ‘troll’.

I guess the “big wait” is on……we are waiting for word that the FOX higher-ups have met with the 24 higher-ups to discuss or initiate a new project. We are all quietly waiting and waiting…and waiting.

I guess in the mean time when the 24 LAD Blu-ray comes out on 9/30 we all will start talking about 24 Solitary. Otherwise, it will be very quiet on this site.

I expect an announcement shortly after the bluray is released and 24: Solitary ‘bridges’ last season with the new one. Makes perfect sense really. I also recall that they announced 24: Live Another Day to the masses around October last year so fingers crossed they do the same this year so they don’t keep us hanging.

‘Live Another Day’ was officially announced in May last year not October, so don’t necessarily count on any big news within the next few weeks. Whilst I understand with the fervent desire among ’24’ fans for any news, we need to be patient in this regard, when they come up with something and the studio (be it the television or film division) sign off on it, we’ll know soon enough…

Been a month since there’s been any updates to this site… Feels so weird.