Extra on 24: Live Another Day describes filming experience

London360 news reporter Fez Sayed describes his experience of being an extra on the set of 24: Live Another Day. It wasn’t such a wonderful experience due to really poor weather conditions that had him standing in the rain and wind for over four hours. He reveals an interesting plot detail, though.

As a member of ‘Universal Extras’ – an extras agency for film and television; I was offered a paid role as an extra (along with 250 other people) to play the small part of a protestor in the new 24 miniseries I mentioned around 8 sentences ago, for a one day shoot, wreaking havoc outside a US embassy. Here I’d be chanting loud and proud phrases such as ‘No more drones! Stop the war! War is death!’ as the president (James Heller) and his daughter (Audrey Raines) made their way out and into a presidential limo, kitted up with the American flag and tinted, black window.

Check out the link below to read his entire writeup.

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