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Jack’s back! Did the premiere live up to your expectations?

What did you think of the 24: Live Another Day premiere (Episode 1 “11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.” and Episode 2 “12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.”)? Vote in the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments below. We’ll also be showcasing your Twitter impressions so tweet us your thoughts!

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If you missed the episode, you’ll be able to watch it on FOX’s website tomorrow or catch the repeat on TV this Friday at 8:00 PM on FOX.


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Absolutely awesome. To be honest, I think it’ll be better next week when we see scenes which weren’t in the trailer. We’ve been waiting a year and have had clips from episodes 1 to 2 for a lot of the time which has led us to know some of the outcomes of these episodes, but we won’t have that next episode. A bigger surprise factor I say!

Great job, I really loved it. Love this drone operator storyline.

Much better than I thought it would be! Will give in depth thoughts tomorrow but for now my faith is restored almost to season 5 levels.

What a good start to the season premiere.

So Kim had another Kid (a boy) didn’t see that one coming lol.
Such a shame that Holby Actor got killed of in the end, why so quick :(
Not looking good for James Heller, do you think he will be killed of by the end of the season due to he’s illness?

Shame Audrey didn’t find out about Jack, would have loved to see her reaction.
Is Chloe going to be a goth during the rest of the episodes? don’t really like her new look.

Brilliant start, can’t wait for next week’s episode :)

I’d say James Heller’s character will be killed off or he’ll resign as president. That dementia is pretty bad, especially for someone in such a high position.

Audrey will eventually find out about Jack – within the next 2 episodes I’d say.

Glad everyone else is enjoying it :)

Second episode wasn’t as good as the first, but still pretty awesome.

May 5, 2014 at 10:14 pm
Since I have watched this from the beginning, It is been apparent, Jack is very troubled. Putting that aside, It is the greatest show to make a come back of all time. A movie set up would have NEVER given the show the depth and detail that it deserves. It cannot end in just 10 more episodes. This must go on. Even if it is 12 episodes a year, I can live with that.

I am speechless !!! I am on cloud 99!!! Mondays used to be my date nite with Jack & 24. Sad and depressed since it ended! Now I am estastic!! More more more more than 12 episodes.
Jack you cannot quit. You know you love it !
Jack, this your purpose for being born!! Accept the call and DON’T STOP!!!

May 5, 2014 at 10:18 pm
I can’t believe it – this is way better then I expected – way better. I thought Heller’s heart condition (remember season 4 heart pills) would be front and center – never would have thought Alzheimer’s. I smiled when Chloe started to help Jack – just like old times. Kate is the new female Jack Bauer – can anticipate Jacks moves . That scene in the tenement building with Simone and the drone hijacker is as good as any in 24 -brilliant- you had 3 groups converging on one location: the bad guys, the CIA, and Jack and Chloe. Can not wait to watch it again at the encore presentation Friday.

Can it really end after 10 more episodes? it will come so quick all the weeks, be time we know it, it will be the series final and seriously hope Jack doesn’t get killed of. I want 24 to return next year for another 12 episode run.

I thought tonight’s episode was not bad, not great. I thought the scenes in the first hour would have worked a lot better if they were presented in a different order. In almost every season, ’24′ opens with a terrorist attack or threat and everyone including Jack is scrambling to stop the next threat. That ‘formula’ works better than what we saw tonight. Also, that lady from ‘Chuck’ doesn’t have the right presence for ’24′. And I don’t like what they’ve done with President Heller. On the other hand, I like the potential of where the series can be going. Time will tell.

May 5, 2014 at 10:23 pm
That was really good…I thought it was an awesome start, and can’t wait until next week!

Robert Vargad
May 5, 2014 at 10:24 pm
The best no one should complain

May 5, 2014 at 10:32 pm
Now the torture begins – waiting a week for the next episode.

Simply put – I thought it was excellent.

Does anyone have the preview uploaded yet? My boyfriend and I are having a debate about whether it looks like Jack is leaning in to kiss Audrey or Kate Morgan. I’m pretty sure it’s Audrey and so is my dad. Thoughts?

It sure looked like Audrey. I paused it, and it appeared to be her face and hair. I hope it is; it seems unreasonable to assume the two won’t pair up in one way or another this season.

I need to vent out here. I loved it, but there were many things that got me saying “whaaaaaaaaat”.

Jim Heller is going to resign by the end of the day, because of his condition, and because a lot of 24 POTUS’ have resigned. (Logan, Taylor) I’m also wondering, who was POTUS between Taylor’s resignation and Heller’s election?

In the promo for this season, I saw Jack and Audrey forehead-to-forehead, so that makes me all :)

Mark Boudreau = DEAD or in custody by end of season

Steve Navarro. I liked him, but I really feel that they could’ve put him to more use. I also feel that Kate is going to redeem herself by the end of day.

Erik Ritter annoys me, but the CIA makes it up w/ Jordan Reed, the new male-Chloe for Kate’s Jack.

And last but not least, Jack… :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Very solid premiere. I think (most) fans are pretty good judges of the show’s quality. Sure, the second hour wasn’t as good as the first, but it still hit a very high bar.

Simple question: think back to the premiere of season eight. Did you feel nearly as good about the direction of the season after that premiere, when compared to having just watched ‘Live Another Day?’ I think the answer’s obvious.

May 5, 2014 at 10:43 pm
We saw a new way to kill someone tonight – stabbing in the ear. Of all the spoiler information revealed on 24spoilers.com over the past months, this was the only scene that was spoiled for me. I knew Simone was Margo’s daughter which ruined the big reveal the last second of episode 2 “now come home to momma”.

What preview?

Does anyone else wish they kept in the shot from the promos and trailers of the drone strike? When the soldier is standing in front of the truck and flies back into the door?

Yes, I was looking for that. That shot worked so well it was a favorite of mine.

May 5, 2014 at 10:49 pm
Is this the first season of 24 when the tip top baddie is revealed by the end of episode 2?

Maybe she’s not the big boss?

Trust me, she is not the big BIG bad.

How on earth is this the first season? this is season 9, sorry but I don’t understand what your saying?

Ok. I know this is a 24 spoiler site so I’m going outright say this…and it happens to be real, don’t find me.

If this season is following a trend I’ve seen before…
Kate Morgan is really working undercover for Russia. The infamous mole. There are too many questionable things going on:

Her husband got caught selling secrets to China under her nose then he “committed suicide” in prison. If she’s as smart as Jack says she is, then she would’ve known.

She keeps insisting on staying around to find Jack. Russia wants Jack as bad as America.

this article http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/24-live-day-premiere-writers-701392 says they are telling this season through Kate’s POV.

Kate kills Jack for Russia and everyone is happy.

I read that interview and I just hope Manny Coto wasn’t implying that they have tentative plans to spin-off a new iteration of ’24’ with Yvonne Strahovski in the lead, because it would be a foolish and vain endeavour, look what happened to ‘The X Files’ when they tried to groom Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish to replace Duchovny and Anderson… it lost 30% of it’s audience on the first episode and went downwards, and was officially cancelled by season’s end, ’nuff said. Yvonne Strahovski may be a fine actress, but she’s not Kiefer Sutherland, and the audience has far too much invested in Sutherland’s portrayal to invest in a new lead at this very late stage.

On a more positive note, i like that they’ve dropped the “previously on…” recap at the beginning of a new episode, more time for the story that way, a wise and prudent choice on the producers’ part.

All told, a very impressive beginning overall, quibblers and nitpickers be damned, I was thoroughly engaged and entertained, we’re off to a good start…

Oh, one more thing. Not gonna lie, it bothers me that Mary Lynn Rajskub is the fourth name listed in the opening credits, after two newcomers. She should be right after Kiefer Sutherland, like it has been since season 6.

I agree with you 10000% about this one. It may be the only down point of tonight’s awesome episodes but it is bothering me to no end. As much as I love Strahovski and Donovan’s performance tonight, they have absolutely no right to appear ahead of Rajskub. And given the heavy promotion of Chloe this season as well as the fact she’s the second character to be casted, this makes no sense. Both Mary Lynn Rajskub and William Devane’s names should appear earlier. Kim Raver in the very end is fitting though.

Yeah, I was shocked to see Mary Lynn 4th, as they never bumped her down for other big named actors like Cherry Jones (a two-time Tony award winner!)

Okay, so I changed my mind and couldn’t stay dark, LOL. I thought the premiere was fantastic, and Strahovski was superb. What a HUGE improvement over her character in Dexter. Episode 1 was the strongest episode of the two. Great opening sequence and I was breathless by the end. Great job by Kiefer and Mary Lynn as well!

Also, I really loved Emily Berrington. Thought she was fantastic!

May 5, 2014 at 11:43 pm
Overall, it was a strong episode that was consistent with what 24 had always been, but I just wish there was at least one “Wow!”, other than maybe Chloe getting tortured. Yvonne is at the top of her game, and if there are any lulls this season, she can carry the show through them. Tate Donovan is going to be a strong love-hate, and I hope he and Bauer face off at some point this year.
I do wish there was something more of twist about why Chloe turned on the government, what Jack has been doing in hiding, and if there is a connection between Jack and Kate’s husband who committed suicide. (BTW, I hope there’s a good twist with that story.) Could be promising, but the show does have to show me something going forward. B-

btw..what happened to the guy Jack was working with. After they got the information, he just vanished.

pps: if you want to see a big botch. After Kate stuns the security guard, she takes her phone out and the time on the phone says 9:34. She didn’t even try to call someone. She just turned the lock screen on and put it to her face.

What a great way for 24’s return to TV and bringing back Jack Bauer into our living rooms. An exciting start for the best drama on the tube. Wonder how the remaining ten “hours” are going to fare. (CLOCK BEEPING)

I thought it was fantastic. Someone on here said that the order of the scenes in the first episode felt off because it didn’t “begin with an attack,” which messed with a formula that “worked.” No way. Most of the reason this show got bad was because the formula was too predictable. I think what I liked the most about this premiere was that it didn’t feel like a typical 24 premiere. Usually 24 kicks off an a way that makes it painfully obvious to the audience and the characters that it’s going to be another “24” kind of day. Things are awfully complicated for President Heller, but no one expect Jack and Chloe even realize there’s a terrorist threat. It’s great, because the characters actually have more time to be normal. The debate prep scene with Heller, Audrey, and Mark was a fantastic scene; the characters never would have had the time to do that if they’d known it was a “24 day.”

Also, thank God no one has resorted to that awful line “within the hour.” Here’s hoping we never have to hear that again.

I’m having trouble diggin Chloe’s new look… hahaha otherwise, AWESOME STUFF

First of all, Kate Morgan is everything I wanted from Renee Walker. So far, anyway.

I am kind of digging Chloe’s new look and I’m really glad they didn’t waste time getting her and Jack teamed up.

Best line of the night goes to Jack. “You probably think I’m at a disadvantage. I promise you, I’m not.” Three armed guys against Jack, that’s about halfway to being a fair fight.

Things I really liked:
1) Kiefer looking in better shape and more appropriately talking in his hurried, whisper-tone than what he brought to “Touch”;
2) the Morgan character – not only is she attractive but seemed more genuine a character than the dreaded Dana character of S8;
3) The drone plotline being the series focus – not only does it build off today’s technologies and headlines but it’s an original premise. I was kind of afraid that the entire season would be constructed around the assassination attempt of the President (a la S1 and S8) but it doesn’t seem Heller will last the full season in office because of the dementia angle they’re setting up;
4) The devotion to ’24’ staples in the show’s format (from the opening narration by Kiefer and on-screen graphics to Callery’s musical tones;
5) The London scenery actually played better than expected;
6) Benjamin Bratt is a solid 3rd IMO to the agency leaders, right behind Buchanan and Mason – he feels right for the role;
7) At least for the first 2 hours, the filmed footage felt appropriately focused 50% on Jack as it should be. In past seasons, it seemed like the other storylines were given equal face-time to Jack’s, which diluted the interest level at times.

Things I didn’t like in the premiere:
1) While her presence is necessary, I don’t buy the whole revamped Chloe look – it feels superficial like the producers did it for shock value. It was clear from her mannerisms in the studio and especially moreso in the field when she dons the com units and helps Jack – that was just like the “old Chloe”;
2) The Ritter character looks like this season’s edition of the annoying egomaniac, following in footsteps of Milo, Arlo and Cole. I guess the writers want an antagonist on the ‘good guys’ side that viewers can hope to hate;
3) While I don’t like Tate Donovan as an actor, he fits the need for a slimy politician similar to Walt Cummings and Rob Weiss;
4) The Adrian Cross character seemed like a ‘drive-by’ – not sure if he’ll play much of a role going forward but I almost wish they had cast him as the principal terrorist instead of Michelle Farley;

Overall, I loved the start like everyone else and am already hooked with anticipation of how the rest plays out.

I’d give it a solid 8/10. Loved the stuff with Heller. Really interesting take on the character and should make for a very unique President.

Bizarrely thought the action sequences were the weakest part of the 2 episodes. The Drone attack in particular I thought was edited really badly. Also it appears Chloes makeover was just a gimmick because she was back to normal and helping Jack within minutes

Just watched Ep. 1 recording, as it was on at 1am here in the UK last night.

THIS is the “24” I have known and loved for so long, back to its very best as we saw in Season 5 and it’s everything I hoped it would be. Yes, there are equivalent characters as seen in previous seasons; the dumb CIA boss who ignores the smart CIA agent who knows what is really going on, similar to what happened between Chloe and Brian Hastings in Season 8 between Jack and Erin Driscoll in Season 4.

Nevertheless, I love the look and feel of it, the pace and tension, the drive with which it is all portrayed. I’m saving Ep2 for later to savour!

Great thanks to all those who were responsible for bringing Jack back. This has so been worth the wait and it’s going to be very hard having to wait a week each time to see the next episode. At last, something to really look forward to on TV!

Am I the only one that thought episode 2 was leagues better than the still awesome episode 1? I don’t remember that level of character focus since season 3. Also, that had to be one of my favorite “big bad” reveals in the history of the show. The casting, acting and production value was also the best in the show’s history.

I enjoyed the second episode more as well. Especially the conversations between Chloe and Jack in the hideout, all the stuff surrounding their friendship, Jack doing this for Audrey (in a sense), Chloe tried to tell Jack what she’s been through but lost her voice, those scenes killed me. The first episode was good but the second has much more to take in IMO.

Forgot to mention that I loved the whole military & drone storyline… 24 is at its best with supporting subplots that are genuinely intriguing.

I love Jack Bauer! Nothing left to say. Will watch again on my DVR tonight….

Loved both episodes! Maybe it is because it was the season premiere, but the way this is going, this seems like it is going to be on par with some of the better seasons. Though time will tell.

Also, little factoid: The black guy who played the drone pilot has been cast as the lead or one of the leads in Star Wars Episode VII. John Boyega.

Guys, please help… now I can’t wait till next weak…. now this is a bad torture…. AARRRRGGGG

paul bonnici
May 6, 2014 at 8:58 am
really good start to the season next episode looks edge on your seat stuff.

I’m not trying to rain on everyone’s excitement of last night’s premiere but here is why I thought the show was just OK:

1. ’24’ works best when it opens with a terrorist attack or threat in the first 10 minutes of the season. It gives us an idea of what the season will be about. I would have much prefered for the drone attack to occur in the first 10 minutes to set the tone of the season.

2. I was hoping to see the tough strong minded Heller of previous seasons, not the one who is battling dementia. I think it’s pretty obvious now that in the upcoming episodes, Heller will make some weak decisions due to his illness. It’s too predictable.

3. We’ve seen a few times in previous seasons where Jack thinks that something doesn’t make sense, ignores his superiors, and marches into the interrogation room (or use force to get in) to interogate the suspect to find out the truth. When Jack does, it’s believable because that is part of his character. When ‘Chuck’ lady Kate did it, I didn’t buy it at all. And I surely dont buy her as a field agent.

4. It’s too neat of a coincedence that the guy (Derrick Yates) who Jack suspects of selling his Drone intercepting technology just happend to be Chloe’s former co-worker.

5. When Chloe asks Jack, ‘what are you doing here’, he responds, ‘I intercepted intelligence…’ Jack is supposed to be a convict on the run living a low-profile life. He doesn’t work for an intelligence agency now. We needed more explanation than ‘I intercepted intelligence…’

6. Yates just happens to leave his thumb drive behind? He couldn’t spend an extra 2 seconds grabbing it before he escaped the room.

7. How can anyone really believe that Jack Bauer in is England to assasinate President Heller; the guy who was Jack’s former boss, the guy who Jack idolized in many ways, the guy who is the father of Jack’s ex-girl friend. It stretches the imagination too far.

Everyone on this thread seems to have loved the premiere and thats great because ’24’ will always be my favorite show and I’m glad people are enjoying it. I guess my expecations are just higher because I’ve seen how good ’24’ has been in previous seasons. I give the 2 hour episode a grade of B- which isn’t bad, but I was hoping for better.

Interesting thoughts. Your first two complaints I felt were actually stronger points of the premiere. I liked the mystery and suspense of not knowing the threat until the very end of the episode.

I also like the dementia angle so far. It makes you sympathetic towards Heller, I found myself rooting for him often. I’m sure he will make some questionable decisions and I’m sure the Chief of Staff will try and take advantage of him, but that’s all part of the fun and should make things interesting. I just hope we never have to hear the words 25th amendment again.

IIRC, Jack broke in Heller’s house and threatened to kill him at the end of S6. That was the last interaction they had so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch if Jack was going to assassinate him.

If you haven’t read the comic, in the past 4 years, Jack has been part of a ruthless gang. This plot could’ve came out in a group chatter much like the one in S7 and S6.

Judy Hendrixon
May 10, 2014 at 10:50 pm
Interesting how two people can watch the same show and each have a different take on it. I see Heller as the aggressor. What I rememeber from that show was how Heller, Williams Devaine, tried to shred Jacks integrity and character to his face because of previousd actions he had taken in protecting the nation and Heller in the process. He was arrogant, condecending, and basically rude crude and socially unacceptable in his treatment of Jack. Devaine did such a good acting job as Heller that to this day when I see him in a advertisement I mute the TV and tell him what a jerk he was to Jack. As a matter of fact I was not happy with his return to the program, although I do like Kim Raven as Audrey.

1) I agree with that. Although attempting to apprehend Jack Bauer in a busy city can be pretty exciting as well, and seems to also set up the season (to some extent).

2) Also agree with that, although it seems a bit more serious (I was thinking Alzheimer’s). Heller is a strong character, but I’m not looking forward to seeing him be off his game.

3) I neither agree or disagree on that one. Time will tell.

4) There had to be some way to get the two together. I didn’t have to much of a problem with it.

5) I read somewhere that he has been part of some group over the past year or so (a really sketchy group). With all the contacts he has developed over the years, it’s not impossible to believe that he doesn’t have at least a few who owe him big time.

6) Since it quickly self-destructed, I think it’s a moot point.

7) They were apparently going with the “available intelligence” they had at the time. I agree though, some of the things that are pinned on Jack over the years is strange at best.

A “B” seems fair enough. I may would give it an “A”. Even the worst episodes/seasons of 24 is still better than the best of any other show out there.

Just wondering, and I would like others to reply as well; what did you think of season 8?

I thought season 8 was sub-par. IMHO, seasons 2 (assuming you fast forward past every scene with Kim in it) and 4 are the best followed by seasons 5 and 1. Season 7 was good until the ‘Tony twist’ towards the end. Seasons 8 and 3 are sub-par to me. And season 6 was horrible. I felt that this 2 hour premiere was about as good as season 7.

Wow. And I mean, wow. I agree with almost all of that. Seasons 2 and 4 are my favs as well. I felt 8 was a little more than sub-par, even worse than 6. That’s the only point where I differ in your post. I thought 6 got a little too much criticism, although the writing was questionable at best. Even the commentators on a DVD extra from season 7 talked about how bad the writing was in 6.

The more I watched 7, the more I liked it. It turned out to be a really great season, although I disliked it at first.
And yeah, the Kim storyline(s) in 2. Ouch. What were they thinking?

Every time the discussion opens on comparing the seasons, I feel compelled to chime in (who wouldn’t?). For me, S1 was the weakest – other than the Jack vs. Gaines showdown and then the last two episodes when Nina is discovered as the mole, the rest of the season dragged on with Teri’s amnesia; Kim’s infatuation with her kidnapper; and Palmer’s family scandal. I thought S2 (other than the Kim storylines) and S3 were strong; S4 and S5 really represented the pinnacle. I liked S6 for the first half of the season up until the part where Philip Bauer / Jack’s nephew come into the plot – and it nosedived from there. Likewise, S7 was really strong in the first half up until when Jack gets infected – then it started to become strained. As for S8, the first half of the season was really slow with boring characters in Taylor, Hassan and the new CTU staff. Once Renee was assassinated and Jack went beserk, the season dramatically improved to one of the best half-seasons IMO.

S1 was 30% solid…
S2 and S3 were 85% solid…
S4 and S5 were near perfect at 95%…..
S6, S7 and S8 all were 50% good, 50% bad.

Which is why I thought the 12-episode format would help the odds of a start-to-finish solid season.

I agree with a lot of that. Season 1 was really good though, IMO. It did drag at times, and I wanted to kill Jack’s wife myself. I swear, if I heard her scream or cry one more time, I probably would have went off the deep end.

Agreed on 2 and 3, and 4 and 5. 4 and 5 was a good as it got. When I think of 24, those seasons are usually the ones that enter my mind first.

6 and 8 were the weakest, IMO, but 7 actually ended up being pretty good. I didn’t appreciate the Tony storyline as much as I should have. I didn’t start watching 24 regularly until halfway through season 4 (I am deeply embarrassed, and puzzled at that; don’t know what took me so long).

Really looking forward to the rest of this season. I’m getting a little tired of Jack being on the wrong side of the law, I’m ready for a little bit of a change as far as that goes.

When you fast forward past the Kim scenes in season 2 as I do, the season goes from a B to an A-. IMHO, the best stretch of episodes of ’24’ is the 7 or 8 episodes leading up and including the George Mason sacrifice episode of season 2 (episode #15). Without caveats, season 4 is the best for me. marwan and the Araz family were the best villains. Heller kidnapping, Air Force One, nuclear football, chinese embassy, etc made the season the best ‘edge of your seat’ thriller that I’ve ever seen on TV. And then the season ends perfectly with Jack faking his death and walking into the sunset.

Yeah, I go back and forth between 2 and 4 being my fav season. One week it’s 2, the other it’s 4. I thought the Araz family was great casting. Dina and Navi are as good as it gets. The son Behrooz was good as well, but he didn’t have the chops his parents had (using character names instead of their real names, makes it easier).

2 was just all around a kick ass season, from beginning to end. Loved Palmer as POTUS, was very believable. The way they got Jack back into CTU was fairly plausible, no problems there. When Jack shot Goren, I was wondering why no one came into the room. I never figured that out.

I have about 10-15 questions I’d like to post on here sometime (similar to the one about Goren). They’re questions that have been bugging me over the years that never really received any closure or reasonable explanations. I’m going to get them all together and see what you guys think. Here’s one of them –

Do you think Sherry P. had an ulterior motive going into season 3, or did she act on the moment? Was she planning on bringing him down from the get-go?

I think Sherry’s motivation in season 1 was mainly politically motivated to do whatever it takes for David to be President.

Her actions in season 2 are sketchy. For the most part, Sherry just wanted to bring David down and embarras him. But it never really made sense to me how she thought working with Peter Kingley and Alex Hewit (the guy who fabricated the Cyprus recordings) would help her achieve that goal. And was she so obsessed with taking David down that she was willing to be part of a conspiracy for the US to go to war with 3 innocent middle-eastern countries? I think the ’24’ writers didn’t spend too much time thinking about whether Sherry’s actions and motivations of season 2 were plausible.

I really wasn’t that into season 3 so i dont recall all of the Sherry/David moments but I do think that Sherry was all about her political aspirations which is why (if I remember correctly), she blackmails David towards the end of the season.

I agree completely about season 2. I never could figure that out. I don’t think it was clear what her precise motivation was. The whole backstory there was a little confusing. Did she really want to set the others up to bring them down (so she could get on Palmer’s good side), or was the whole thing to bring Palmer down (which is what she confessed to Jack at Hewitt’ s loft). I think it was to bring him down, she seemed fairly sincere when revealing that to Jack.

As far as 3 goes, it seemed convincing early on that she genuinely wanted to help out Palmer. Then comes the Alan Milliken heart attack. She takes the pill bottle with her.

Was it a spur of the moment decision, or was she looking for any opportunity the whole time to bring Palmer down? I think it’s the latter.

Maybe she took the bottle for protection? Maybe she assumed Palmer might not go along with it and decided to take steps to protect herself. That’s what I always thought.


Thought the new cast was fantastic, and Benjamin Bratt, Tate Donovan, and Michelle Farley were standouts, in my opinion, even though we didn’t see much of Margot. I found myself feeling incredibly sad for Heller, and loved Jack’s disgruntled attitude.

Drone plot is very interesting, and Emily Berrington is awesome as well, not to mention attractive :)

Bring on next Monday!!!!!

Okay, I haven’t seen the premiere yet, and won’t be able to for a while (I want to kill myself) but I just wanted to check in and say that metacritic jumped from having 19 reviews to having 40 and I am gobsmacked people… it scored a 70! That’s really really good, I must say. Be proud 24 fans!!!

Just seen the episodes…really great ! When I saw the 24 logo and the first split-screen with the clock, I had goosebumps !!
Fast paced action, politics that looks very real (not imaginery countries, and actual problems: drones, wikileaks..), great cast (I love Michelle Fairley) humanity (I felt so sad for Heller) friendship ( what a beautiful scene when Chloe said to Jack “you were my friend…) and violence (the last murder..in the ear !!)
I thought the second episode is better, more intense
…and my Jack of course, badass as ever !

This has been bugging me all day: how ridiculous was Mark’s explanation of how Audrey recovered? It would not make sense that she was involved with him between seasons 5 and 6, because it’s unlikely she would have gone to China for Jack if she was. And while it’s plausible that they knew each other before season 6, I don’t understand why he would spend three years holding her hand if they weren’t even together before she went to China. I hate how the writers give such incomplete and nonsensical explanations for things that happened in previous seasons.

I am also disappointed that they appear to have had Audrey go from 3 years in a catatonic state to a full and miraculous recovery. From what I understand about PTSD, it doesn’t work that way. I was hoping that she would be mostly recovered but still prone to occasional flashbacks or panic attacks, to make it more realistic. But I guess they couldn’t do that and do the storyline about her father’s health. I think showing Audrey still dealing with her trauma would have been better than the Alzheimer’s thing.

@AgentRez you know that 4 years have been already passed since s08 right? and I think there were two years space between s08 and s07. (I could be wrong at the second part though)
But there’s this thing…. If Mark is right, and she recovered by the help of him, then I believe that Mark is actually very helpful to her. after all it was him who help her, we can’t simply ignore that.
And about Mark, till now I don’t think that he’s the beast and a bad guy. He tries to be protective toward Audrey. From what he has heard about jack, he thinks that jack is going to her her…

I love that scene which marks yells at the president for not recalling the names. it really invoked my feelings.
Is it only me who thinks that the president is actually very weak till now?

I know how long it has been. My point is that Mark made it seem as if he was by her side while she was in the state we saw her in after China, which simply doesn’t make sense unless they were together before she went to China. And that wouldn’t make sense because if she had moved on from Jack why would she have gone to China?

OK, let me try something.

Mark and Audrey were good long term friends. Mark always had a secret crush for Audrey which she never reciprocated before China. So after China, he swooped in, helped her out and won her heart.

That’s what I am thinking as well. But I feel like they need to explain that better. And I want to learn more about how she recovered. I hope they don’t just make her “all better” with no further explanation.

While there’s some appeal in seeing the “softer” side of Jack, relative to his past relationship with Audrey, I really don’t want the writers to make it a big focus this season – nor do I want to see Kim Raver get a ton of screen time. She tends to play the character the same way in every scene – either on verge of tears or becoming upset – and isn’t a compelling actress to watch beyond the few scenes here and there.

Pretty good. Pretty dang good. The season is setting up pretty good so far. A few comments and questions:

Chloe looks ridiculous. Sorry, but she does. I know she’s been through a lot (I also had a son to die). Would like to know about Morris.
Did Jack plan Chloe’s rescue in only 3 days? It seems that way.
Derek Yates (the terrorist who took over the drone) is also in “Survivors”, which was a great series from the BBC.
Jack’s partner seems pretty cool.
Chloe being “dead” when Jack gets to her was completely unnecessary. Would have been much better to leave that out. Seemed corny and cheesy.
Can’t wait to see Jack reunite with Audrey. They embraced during the “upcoming” section at the end of the show.

Anyone want to discuss “24”, email me anytime at [email protected]. I’m one of the biggest fans on the planet, and still watch/listen to all the seasons regularly.

Really good. I really liked it, much better than I thought. All of the storylines are engaging so far, works well.

A few tiny gripes, mainly with how they revealed backstory (felt a little too expository at times), and Kate Morgan’s “going rogue” moments, but apart from that, for me probably the best experience watching the first 2 episodes since season 1,2,3 sort of time.

Also LOVED the fan service towards Wiki 24 – they used our “jack’s kills list” and gave us a few more names and solved a few long-standing debates we’ve been having on our encyclopedia!

That was incredibly awesome fan service. I attended the fan screening in New York on Friday and that moment got by far the biggest reaction from the crowd, everyone was laughing and cheering.

Minor complaint though, I think they left out Marshall Goren which was one of Jack’s most memorable kills. (Although perhaps that could be explained as CTU trying to cover up the fact that someone was murdered in their building).

I liked the “kill list” being shown, even if it was so fast that one couldn’t even read most of the names without hitting the pause button. BUT, anyone notice that the list only started with S1 – and that a lot of the henchmen/villain cohorts only had their first name listed to match the screen credits of any episode? I.E., Fayed from S6 is listed just that way, instead of the full name “Abu Fayed”. Probably why the writers didn’t linger on that screen shot much…

But that’s a nitpicky observation.

Oh yeah…since the clock started late (11:06am) does this mean the late episode will go over 5 minutes?

That struck me as rather odd too – that the clock didn’t start on the hour. IIRC, they never did that in any of the first 8 seasons.

they took the stabbing of the ear from Dennis Hopper’s character in the opening scene of Speed

I loved the first two eps. What a great start.
Yes now we have to wait a bloody week


I have been looking forward to this since it was announced last May.

I understand a lot of the criticism focused towards the opening couple of hours, yet I honestly think they will be laid to rest as the series progresses. My worry would be that the show would run out of steam come episode 8, but the formula means now that rather than providing 101 subplots that are so irrelevant to the story that they are even forgotten in the following episodes recap will be a bonus.
Below is my personal list of what I think will keep me encouraged for the rest of the season.

1) The CIA, We haven’t got the ‘we need Jack to work with us now he’s proved he’s actually a good guy’ that’s usually resolved within an episode. The CIA is devoid of Jack supporters. Kate is doing a similar thing to Renee, yet she is still trying to stop Jack. She’s got her own motive which adds to a sense of intrigue. Nevarro doesn’t come across as pig-headish as Larry Moss or Brian Hastings. He seems genuinely in the dark with little or no motive to discredit Jack. His conversation with Bordereau, saying he doesn’t believe Jack’s here to harm the president is a good indication that he isn’t a simple ‘Jack is wrong till he saves the day’ guy.

2) Jack’s motives aren’t overtly patriotic. He believes he owes a debt to The Heller’s, and it tugs on the idea of the guilt for Renee and Teri he may feel. Letting them down he can at least protect Audrey from afar.

3) The location, maybe I’m biased as I live in London, but the new setting adds a brand new, fish out of water element. I think we have a president on a foreign soil. The desperation to plead with the British government over the drone attack shows that the American President doesn’t for once have the power to do what he wants. He is in a situation where actions have immediate repercussions, being on the back foot adds a interesting new dynamic.

4) Jack, I know he is essentially what makes 24 the program it is. But I feel this season we’ve been presented with a Jack who is unhinged. I know season 2, season 6 we saw a broken Jack, season 7 we had a humble Jack. But now we’ve had four years on the run, we have a man who is now started to blur the lines of morality. I get this from the lack of trust of Chloe, the Czech mafia companion and his cavalier attitude towards blowing up and endangering the members of the CIA.

I think this season has started strong and as long as it maintains its direction and doesn’t fall into the mole/bad guy upon bad guy structure of old we could see a season that really reinvents the show.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this draws out.

Some thoughts on some of your points:

RE: 1) I think there’s a lot of common parallels between how Jack was treated by the FBI (Moss, Renee) in S7 and how they’re opening the season with similar CIA reps. I could (and would actually find it appealing) see Kate bonding (either as trusting comrade or even romantically) with Jack by the end of the season in similar way that Jack/Renee developed a connection.

RE: 4) I like very much that the unhinged Jack we saw in the latter part of S8 is now the same one we’re seeing open the season. He basically transformed into a lone wolf after Renee was killed and his “I have no friends” comment in the 1st episode of the current season suggests he’s the same loner.

Well, its been announced that 24 is not returning after this new series. such a shame :(

Really wanted it to return next year, oh well better make the most of the rest of 10 episodes as this could be the final ever we see of 24 (Jack Bauer)


A BBC article states differently – I think that article is using the same source as what we’ve been discussing the past week or so.

This BBC article is a bit more upbeat. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-27305188

May 7, 2014 at 7:22 am
When I saw the scene where Jack sneaks up behind Kate Morgan and tells her she is going after the wrong guy, I would have sworn that was the Kate Warner character from S2 – very strong physical resemblance in my opinion.

Kate (Yvonne) almost looks like a combination of Sarah Wynter and Elisha Cuthbert, IMO. I wish they had given her a different character name to avoid confusion.

yeah if ratings are high then I hope the writers have a bit more creative goodness to keep this going

At the same time, I think it’ll be good to close it off as Jack Bauer needs a rest or could be killed off – which will confirm how much his life was a tragedy

Great rating on IMDB with over 2,000 users giving it an average score of 9.5/10.

Nobody has mentioned him yet but I really like the Belcheck character played by Branko Tomovic. When I first reported on him being cast in 24LAD back in February I was thinking to myself that he would be playing a villain, and that seemed to be the case with all of the promos showing him shooting a grenade launcher.

It was a very nice surprise to see him be Jack Bauer’s right hand guy instead. He’s good with guns/explosives, good with tech/hacking, being the getaway driver… We don’t know how or where Jack met him or why he’s so loyal to Jack. He barely says a word. When Jack spoke to him in the hacker’s area, he was speaking in Serbian so the audience doesn’t even know what they’re saying. Just a really cool, mysterious, and intriguing character.

I agree. I mentioned him in my post. Pretty cool when Jack spoke to him in Serbian (which he seems to be fluent in; Remember Ted Cofell from season 1)?. He is very mysterious and intriguing. Chloe didn’t seem thrilled about him, though lol.

Chloe said , watching his tattoos, he was in the Serbian mafia, nice wink to the season 1

Calling it now, Kate was in on the China thing all along with her husband. The threat will be over, she’ll take jack away and instead off the cia right to cheng .

May 7, 2014 at 3:11 pm
I have always thought we have not seen the last of Cheng, he swore his government would not let him rot in prison so my guess is he got out.

You might be right Pat, I find it interesting how they specifically mentioned the Chinese when they didn’t really have to. That along with giving her husband a name and showing us the photograph of him just seemed like more backstory than necessary, so I have a feeling that might come into play later on.

I’m kind of tired of Cheng though personally, so I sort of hope that doesn’t happen.

Yeah I am tired of Cheng too. I mean what more can he do?

But with the whole backstory more than necessary, the chinese outright mentioned and Audrey being back, it makes sense it could happen.

Didn’t Cheng basically say in season 6 that he had no interest in a prisoner who wouldn’t break? I mean… there’s really no reason for the Chinese government to want Jack. He paid his price for invading their consulate. He was released via the proper diplomatic channels… I just think that story is done (unless we hear more down the road about Audrey and Jack’s shared experience being tortured). If this IS the route the writers go down, I’ll be disappointed.

I think the show invoked China mostly just to seem relevant and play on present fears. Kate’s back story is just a response to criticism about poor characterization in the past.

Truthfully I hope you are right, as I wouldn’t want to see a China rehash. Cheng could only be back for payback for himself if it were so.

Anyone think there could be a twist where Kate’s husband was actually innocent, and set up by the “real mole” in the CIA? Eric perhaps? He’s after Kate’s job, so getting rid of her would be a way to do it.

I hope there isn’t a mole this season… Please don’t let Kate be a mole.

Agreed. A mole is the last thing this show needs.

The mole formula in past seasons seemed to be a product of finding multiple storylines for a 24-episode season. I just don’t think the writers will need to add that kind of “filler” into a more condensed 12-episode season.

But, it wouldn’t surprise me if the writers reverse the roles of Kate and Ritter, where she goes from outcast to CIA hero while Ritter goes from the 2nd in command to switching sides. They’ve already planted some seeds of him being outspoken and ambitious – seeing the villain recruit him wouldn’t be shocking.

It’s 24 and it’s back. The Bauer power hour in full affect. After a 4 year wait the best program to come out of sky 1 and the fact it’s in the uk as well. What more can you ask for

does anyone else think there’s something going on with the opening shot of the east london mosque?

or is it purely coincidental?

That is the best screenshot. Ever.

Who else is getting tired of seeing Jack on the wrong side of the law? I’m ready for him to be pardoned, and start playing for the “good guys” again.

I agree Doug. He’s been on the wrong side of the law almost every single season, and gainfully employed by a government agency for a measly 3 out of 9 days.

If 24 continues beyond LAD (which I suspect it will) then for the love of God, give Jack a damn job!

That was something I really loved about season 3: Jack actually employed by CTU, several characters from the past 2 seasons returning, the reverse mole twist with Gael, a single threat for the entire season, and great villains.

That’s why season 3 is my favorite season, with IMO the two best scenes ever: Jack kisses his worst ennemy Nina and Jack kills Chapelle.

I have to disagree with you guys about season3. Yes, Jack was employed by CTU but do we really want to see him in a suit and tie like he was at the start of the season. One minute he is addicted to drugs and the next minute he’s not. The writers of ’24’ have said that they wrote themselves into a corner with the Mexico stuff. If you really think about the motivations of the characters in the first third of the season, the plot makes absolutely no sense and the ’24’ writers came to realize that which is why they abruptly dropped the storyline (with Jack trying to explain his motivations to Palmer and the TV audience via video teleconference). And then we had the Chase baby…

Also, Saunders was a weak villain and the way he was killed off was laughable. I enjoyed the hotel scenes and the Chappelle moment (though I found his character really annoying) but overal the season is very sub-par to me.

Season 3 seems to be the season that people are the most divided on. I’ve seen it ranked anywhere from the best to second worst on season ranking lists. On IMDB, it has the highest average episode rating of all 8 seasons.

I’m enjoying this. NO ONE I know watches 24, so I’ve been wanting for some time to find this type of forum. If you guys are members of other forums relating to this, let me know and I’ll be glad to chime in from time to time.

Season 3. Agreed, a very weird season, that many people disagree on. I usually watch the seasons in order, but there are times where I just pick one. I never pick 3. Although, when I get into the season, I find myself enjoying it very much.

I think the biggest thing people have a problem with is the “ruse” that is revealed in episode 7-8. It leads to all types of unanswered questions, that I’d like to ask a little later.
So the first 7 episodes meant….crap? It’s almost like a show that has a long dream sequence in it.

Also, I agree, predictor32. The Chase baby was ridiculous. The way Saunders was killed was ridiculous. Kim was overall annoying. She was constantly moaning/groaning about something, and sticking her nose where it didn’t belong. 4 came along, and I was more than glad that she wasn’t in it. But she is/was hot. Really smokin’.

I wasn’t crazy about the Chappelle killing. I thought it was a little ridiculous. It was well done, but I thought the whole premise was weird, to say the least.

XAM, I think it’s been confirmed that these 12 episodes are it. No mas. I hope not, I guess time will tell.

The sting operation ruse was my main complaint with season 3. It sort of makes the first third of the season completely irrelevant. I tend to skip those episodes on rewatch.

I feel the second half of the season is absolutely incredible though with lots of amazing moments. Very underrated season in my opinion.

Gerry Mander
May 8, 2014 at 8:27 pm
I love Season 3, it’s more akin to another divisive season, that being the eighth season; the first half of both is thoroughly solid but it’s the latter half where the writers really find their footing and the season in question soars thereafter!

And personally speaking, I thought the manner of Saunders’ death in Season 3 was pure WTF! ’24’ genius… would you rather he lived?

I thought Season 3 was perhaps the most unconventional in all of ’24. Like Season 8, I thought it was meticulously plotted and well paced.

Not me. There’s something far more appealing in the underdog that lives by their own code than the government agent/soldier following the rules – and, especially with the elite skills/training/experience Jack has, seeing him use those in innovative, “out-of-the-box” ways is more captivating than to see him always struggle with protocols of CTU/FBI agencies. There’s a freedom in letting him operate under the “do what’s right” rule – watching him get frustrated with the red tape and bureacracies in the past only made me frustrated as well! LOL

As far as how Saunders died, it just seemed cheesy. Mainly for this reason.

We’ve seen it before. In 5, Jacob Rossler’s sex slave, Inessa Kovalevsky, disarmed a CTU agent and killed Rossler. I think it’s happened before as well, although I’m drawing a blank now.

It would be incredibly difficult to do that. A decent holster has a strap that snaps over the hammer, securing it in place. You’d have to unsnap that, pull it out, load a round, aim and fire, very, very quickly. From a……..15 year old? Ridiculous.

Same with Gael’s wife. And both shots, center chest. Perfect shots. Just thought they could have polished it a little better. Actually, she found the pistol in the desk, I stand corrected, so maybe it wasn’t as ridiculous as I thought. The Rossler killing was way worse.

I’m not a fuddy-duddy, but I don’t mind pointing out a few things here and there. It doesn’t alter the way I feel about 24 in any way. As I said before, the worst show and season of 24 is still better than the best of anything out there, by a country mile.

Lastly, as far as Saunders living or dying, I thought how Marie Warner ended up in 2 was pretty satisfying (her last scene, in the ‘cage’). Much better way to end it, than Jack or someone else blowing her away. That was actually a really cool scene.

“Death by unstable woman” I always called it.

Victims include:

Alexis Drazen
Stephen Saunders
Sherry Palmer
Jacob Rossler
Charles Logan (almost)
Dubaku (kinda)
Bonus Hodges
Vladimir Laitanan

I don’t think I could classify Dubaku under that list…

I don’t think Inessa disarmed an agent, did she? I thought she found one of Rossler’s guns.

No, I’m pretty sure she took it off one of the agents. Led me to think she was a little more than what she was claiming to be. I’ll check for sure when I get time.

Did anyone else notice that in Monday’s premiere Chloe refers to Jack as the former director of CTU. I thought that description was a bit odd because I think Jack was only CTU director for less than a handful of episodes (I believe in season 3).

No predictor, he was director in season 1, until Alberta Green took over (somewhere around episode 10-12 maybe). He was director in the last couple episodes of 3, after he demoted Tony.

Inessa had the gun hidden in her dress the entire time and pulled it out as she exited the room

Man, I just got owned on that one. Just watched it, and sure enough, she had it the entire time. Not sure where I got the idea from that she took it from an agent. Sorry, 24Nathan, you and Acer were right.

So… Anyone got a logical explanation as to how Chloe got out of that van in time? Lol

Was wondering that myself too lol.

Man, big time flub. The show’s in real time, right? I’ve watched it several times now, and she literally has 2-3 seconds to get out of that van. She’s…..a miracle worker I guess :)

It was not as bad as the second episode of Season 5, when Jack and Derek Huxley somehow managed to magic themselves out of a moving van after it crashed into a parked car for less than a second then drove on

You must mean when Chloe peels out after Jack gets back to the van (after speaking with Wayne Palmer in his apartment after D. Palmer’s assassination). I always thought they were never in the van to begin with. When Chloe started to drive, they stayed behind and hid. With Chloe being the distraction, they were able to exit the parking deck and steal the car. That’s how I understood it.

You are remembering the scenario wrong.

I just watched it, and was posting as I watched it yesterday. Watch it, and if you can give me a different scenario, I’ll certainly be receptive.

Jack enters the van, asking Chloe about what she found out about Chevensky. The Feds come looking for them, Chloe peels out, the next time you see Jack he is smashing in a car window.

Time for me to get my review out.

4 viewings later and things are still looking good.


First of all it was so good to see the Heller’s back. My initial preference would’ve been for no president at all (fat chance of that happening) but if there absolutely had to be a president then James Heller would’ve been the only choice.

Wayne Palmer and Daniels were “meh” and I absolutely loathed Alison Taylor who – thesp or no thesp – rendered massive chunks of seasons 7 and 8 boring as shit and unwatchable – in fact I’ve not rewatched 7 or 8 in large part because of her. So thanks to Heller I’m enjoying the White House plot for the first time since Season 5.

Back in season 4/5 I thought Heller was destined for the oval office at some point, but I always thought it would be seasoned, hardass Heller, but the Heller we have now in LAD losing his mental faculties is very hard to watch – in the best possible way. It’s created some of the best human drama I think I’ve ever seen on the show. *THEORY* Heller could be faking/exaggerating his condition to lure conspiring members of his cabinet into a false sense of security – shit theory come to think of it, but possible. Tate Donovan I’ve never particularly rated, but here he’s doing a great job. He manages to pull off being both a great husband and chief of staff, but also an underhand schemer. I feared they’d make the character a complete and utter abusive dick who regularly batters Audrey with planks just to appease shippers, but thankfully Tate Donovan and the writers have made him more human and layered than that.

The drone hijacking threat. Like all threats in 24, I never feel them till they get beyond the usual tired old “millions of people” nonsense and get personal, but when they make good on their intention to use the drones against Heller I could well be on the edge of my seat then. Major props to John Boyega whose accent and acting so far has been impeccable, the scene of the drone hijacking reminded me of a less gay and silly diamond laser satellite scene from Diamonds Are Forever.

On the strength of only 2 scenes, Michelle Fairley’s Margot is almost assured a grade a certificate for villainy. She has an utterly chilling onscreen presence and a voice worthy of Satan’s mistress. Even though we were all spoiled that the dumb blonde Czech whore was actually Margot’s efficient redheaded henchdaughter, the reveal at the end of episode 2 was no less impressive, and the strength of that scene has convinced me to go spoiler free from here on out.

As for the main man Jack. I think Howard Gordon said it best when he said “it’s like seeing an old friend again” and it certainly was. Hard to think that the one thing I didn’t want to happen (Jack being captured) happened in the very first scene, and I ended up thoroughly enjoying it, especially with the evil smirk on Jack’s face which really lets you know he’s got something planned. The silence throughout the episode, the kill list on his profile, the breakout – all perfectly done! And already, Jack has given us another contender for his most badass line of all time (you know what it is). Most important of all however – and I breathed a huge sigh of relief here – was when Chloe was quizzing Jack on why he came back, and “why him specifically”, and him wanting to make things right with the Heller’s… and more specifically Audrey was fine by me, in fact it was perfect. I’m no shipper by any stretch… in fact I don’t want Jack and Audrey back together at all, but I’m eagerly awaiting the scene when those 2 meet again.

All the above considered, I definitely have more than enough to keep me glued to the rest of the season. It’s not all good however…


I’ll be honest, there’s not much of what I’d call bad in either episode, but the one thing that REALLY fucked me off and summed up my frustration about 24 over the past few seasons and my reasons for wanting Chloe dead – it was the scene where Jack got the Ealing address, and Chloe just had to come along and be his computer cheat codes yet again (I was violently screaming at the TV at that point). Chloe having eyes everywhere completely saps the tension that would otherwise be there if Jack would just figure his way out of situations on his own like he used to in the old days.

The lack of any British characters – that is lack of any British characters that aren’t villains or toffee nosed, foppish fuckwits.

Shakeycam has found its way into 24, and I hate it! People have been trashing it for over 10 years, pretty much NO one likes it so fuck off with it! The opening and Ealing council block raid would’ve been so much better without it.

“The actors all give brilliant performances but the REAL star of the show is *insert location of the show here*” you hear that often about other shows, but never 24. They sure as shit won’t be saying it now either. They might as well have stayed in LA the way they’re making use of London so far, hell even the scene where Heller and Audrey were in the limo, (even though it wasn’t) the scenery looked like back projection. I don’t expect to hear Rule Britannia as Jack chases terrorists around Big Ben and Buckingham Palace but Jesus they can do better than this surely?! British 24 competitor Spooks/MI5 always made London feel like a living, breathing part of the story.


The CIA. While they’re not bad, they’re certainly not great either. I’d much rather they weren’t there. Back in the day I would always defend the writers decisions to kill major, well loved characters, but now I’m wondering what the point was if all they ever do is replace them with inferior copies? How would Friends fans have felt if they had a new Chandler every season? And all this talk of a Kate series – before properly gauging audience response to her- is utterly laughable. Also I can feel the whole Jack chases bad guys/CIA chases Jack setup will get very stale very quickly.

All things considered though, both episodes are a solid 8 for me.

I agree with the majority of your points but I think that they’ll slowly but surely let the viewers know that it is London that they’re filming in over the remaining course of the series. The last thing we want is red telephone boxes everywhere, post boxes everywhere & Union flags everywhere. I think the subtle touch is the best touch.

At least one long scene this season has to be shot in rain – afterall, it’s England, right? I can’t recall any significant scenes from the first 8 seasons occurring while it was raining……contrary to popular belief, it does rain in LA.

The only one I can remember is the Mandy in the apartments storyline in Day 4. It started to rain when she had Tony, and from then until they moved on Marwan it was raining.

It was raining when Curtis and the crew apprehended Joe Prado from the boat in season 4. It’s not obvious, but if you listen to the commentary, they mention it.

The “shakeycam” is an attempt to keep the show at a more frantic, fast pace. Makes it seem like things are happening one right after the other, ‘supposedly’ keeping people on the edge of their seat. I neither like nor dislike it. It works well, but I can see how some may feel it wears out its welcome.

I’m a little surprised about your level of dislike for Taylor. I actually thought she did a pretty decent job as POTUS. No where near the level of David Palmer, though. I didn’t really have too much of a problem with her, thought her and Ethan made a pretty good team.

Although I detested 8, it was very interesting to see her transformation from good to bad (with the help of Logan, of course. I don’t know if it was deliberate by the producers or not – but they made it seem like Logan was a literal ‘devil’; always whispering in her ear improper and immoral advice). In the series finale, after she confesses her sins at the UN, the way she was shaking and breaking down in front of Tim Woods was pretty good acting, IMO.

I think your score of 8 is a pretty fair score. Time will tell. 24 is always at its best when it brings back somebody from previous seasons. That’s part of the reason I hated 8 so much. When you have people like Nina Myers, David Palmer, Tony Almeida, etc coming back during the season, it’s always completely awesome. I really hope it happens this season.

It’s official, I am going spoiler free. No more promo photos, no more clips, no more press releases. I’ve seen a tad bit for hour 3, but I am now done. The only spoilers I will see are the ones I have watched since Day 1: the promos right after the episode!

Same here! I think I’ve looked up far too much already.

I am never left feeling anything other than completely fulfilled when I watch 24. I have strong feelings about bad language that seems to infect most adult tv in modern times ( especially British drama programs) 24 in 168 hours of tv does not have one f word, but is adult and hard hitting. Well done to everyone that has brought this brilliant, brilliant 24 to our tv screens

May 10, 2014 at 9:02 pm
I agree. I have seen Homeland season 1 and 2 and while I like the show, I wish its language was not so bad and the overt sex scenes are not needed to tell the story. Like you said, 24 is adult but because it is on over the air TV, it does have standards it must meet.

Maybe so – but in the heat of action / frustration / anger scenes, the profanity as used on cable with ‘Homeland’ does seem more realistic than the network edits ’24’ has to live by. Afterall, who would argue that the one deleted scene on the S3 DVD, where Erin fires Jack but offers him help with finding work elsewhere, that Jack replies, “Thank you very much but I can find my own fucking job” isn’t totally on target and life-like in it’s use of the profanity? I think some of Jack’s confrontations with villains in the past would have been enhanced if the characters would have been allowed to curse.

Judy Hendrixon
May 11, 2014 at 12:30 am
Ya gotta love the various points of view! I liked most of Season 6 and thought Season 8 was the pits, although I did like it when Jack smooshed the face of our treasonous mole right into the table while she was in holding, geez she had that coming. While President Taylor in Season 7 held strong in some places that had to be hard for her, i.e. her daughter going to prison, she sure became a treasonous evil witch in Season 8. All she had to do was put distance between herself and that snake in the grass Logan. Dang doesn’t she know you don’t try to make friends with rattle snake? And I agree with you tez1 language does seem to have become questionable at best and unnecessarily crude at its worst not just on TV but across the public board. The “F” word is used as anything from a verb to a wannabe prepisitional phrase to that of a pronoun for pity sake. Once upon a time the standards for TV truly left the family hour as a safe haven for families, and good acting doesn’t require a sewer mouth to make a point, just note carefully how the intensity of Bauer’s body language and facial actions are his trash talk. Heller as president is not my favorite at all, in Season 6 he seemed to forget that Jack once saved his life in a daring rescue, then was arrogant and condecending as he reamed him a new one for wanting to be with Aundrey. Frankly I can’t help but wonder is this play on dementia a bit of a slap at President Reagan? Sure seemed like it was to me, Anyone else notice this besides me??

Season 8 is terribly underrated and grossly misunderstood by a vast majority of 24’s ‘fanbase’. The final run of episodes in particular honored the very essence of the show in thoughtful and provocative ways by echoing the sentiments raised by Jack Bauer in the Pilot and again in the Season 7 finale:

“You can look the other way once, and it’s no big deal, except it makes it easier for you to compromise the next time, and pretty soon that’s all you’re doing; compromising, because that’s the way you think things are done.”

“It always starts off with a small step. Before you know it, you’re running as fast as you can in the wrong direction just to justify why you started in the first place.”

The actions of so many characters throughout the series (especially Jack’s and Alison’s at the end of Season 8) become immensely more compelling and fascinating when examined through this lens.

Season 8 holds a very strong place in my heart, particularly that last stretch of episodes. I wish more than anything that it hadn’t been so easy for Chloe to talk Jack down from assassinating Suvarov. 24 gained notoriety as the only primetime drama that was willing to take real risks when Nina killed Terry in the season 1 finale. The writers should have pushed Jack over the cliff and had him execute Suvarov. The episodes before were incredibly dark and, more than any stretch of the show, really looked at moral issues in shades of grey (on 24, it’s usually black and white). I can’t help but feel like the writers blew it at the end.

I also really appreciate season 8 because the parallels it drew between itself and season 7 were extremely compelling. I really hate that season 7 resurrected Tony, but by God, I loved that they sent Jack down Tony’s path at the end of 8. Jack, who had the audacity to judge Tony, basically went on to do the exact same things.

I also have a soft spot for season 8 because it delivered two extremely memorable episodes that I sum up as follows: “The EMP at CTU” and “RIP Omar Hassan,” Even though I kind of expected Hassan to die at some point during the day, the time delay on his execution video really caught me off guard. I’ve watched 24 “as it aired” since season 4, and I think Hassan’s death, for me, is up there with the Logan reveal as the most shocking scene I watched (I was slightly spoiled when I went back to watch the first three seasons on DVD). I also think it provided for one of the most effective silent clocks in the series.

In general, season 8 just feels very tight and quite well-planned. Obviously the Dana stuff is unforgivable, but the way the season picks up steam and takes time to float from one plot to the next was great.

I’m very conflicted over the final episode of Season 8. On one hand, I likewise feel that it was too ‘safe’. Both Jack and Taylor are able to restore their moral compasses to an extent where they’re somewhat salvageable. I feel like it undermined some of the very dark and ambiguous drama that preceded it.

On the other hand, there would be no coming back at all for Jack if he’d assassinated Suvarov. As Chloe rightly points out, doing so would spark a war that would result in the deaths of countless innocent lives. Jack would have irrevocably crossed the line, becoming even worse than Tony who he openly condemned.

Now, maybe this could actually have worked and proven to be quite powerful if Season 8 had been designed to definitively close out the series. But, as we all know, a film was initially in the works. The writers, therefore, had to show some level of restraint.

I’ve thought about other possibilities the finale could have explored that might have increased the dramatic impact of Jack’s descent into darkness. Would Jack have gone too far in executing Charles Logan instead? I’m not sure. Logan’s always been a snake and a coward and his failed attempt to take his own life was, I think, a master stroke totally befitting his character.

What about Jason Pillar? Again, that might have been a step too far. Jack obviously considered it, but Jason was begging for his life while mentioning his daughter. Executing him might also have made Jack irredeemable.

In any case, Jack’s 180 left *something* to be desired. I’m just not sure what that was. I’m interested to see what, if anything, ‘Live Another Day’ will do to continue this.

By the way, Clayton, were you ever a member of a forum called the ’24 Community’? Your views strongly remind me of someone I remember from that forum.

I was! In fact, Tanker, the admin, relaunched the site a year ago when news of the reboot broke. It’s nowhere near as active as it was (and if the admin here doesn’t want me plugging another forum, I totally understand), but it’s neat to see some of the old crew. I never wiggled my way into the clique, but it’s a decent enough group. A quick google search of “24community [no space] zetaboard” should get you to the site.

I’m kind of bummed the original version shut down. We were working on a season 9 group fanfic that could have been neat. I doubt it would’ve come to fruition, but the ideas we had been tossing around were great (we set it a few hours after day 8). Now I forget most of our plan and it’s lost forever. :(

I remember signing up for that fanfic. A shame the site shut down.

I’m completely fine with commenters linking other websites here, especially “24” related ones, as long as it’s not totally unrelated to the subject or spammy in nature.

I wasn’t a very active poster but I used to be a member of that community myself years ago, during the time that “Kuja” was leaking everything about the sixth season.

And if I remember correctly during the seventh season there was a leaker that went by the handle “Spongebob Squarepants” or something? They used to do fill-in-the-blank puzzles and anagrams and stuff, making the community speculate and solve for the spoiler. That was really fun.

Those names ring a bell, yeah. I joined up as season 5 was airing, and I remember the big spoiler kingpin was an elusive poster named Czar. I believe that’s where Spongebob got his ideas for riddles and whatnot. I can promise you though that Czar’s riddles were a million times more involved. We’d go on internet hunts through youtube, myspace… you name it. It was intense. Good times.

Yeah that’s probably around the time I joined as well since I remember Czar’s name now that you mention it.

I believe Czar is the one who gave us three different outcomes to the sixth season finale. Everyone was expecting the surprise ending with Tony showing up and most were disappointed when that didn’t happen.

Fun times in that community. It’s a shame that message boards have kinda died out over the last couple of years. Stuff like Twitter just isn’t the same.

Man, I hate people who think they are the only one clever enough to understand something when everyone else got it wrong. People who disliked/hated S8 understood it just fine, we don’t need some people’s condescension really.

One can throw seemingly intelligent but ultimately trivial quotes as much as he\she want just to dress the naked king with imaginary clothes, the story in S8 is still the usual

“poor boy losses the girl, doesn’t get his way, so he goes out and butchers his way up the food-chain”

which is as imaginative and creative as a regular trip to a supermarket.

There was hardly anything edgy in 24 anyway, even the much overrated Teri’s death is quite a cliché if you look at 24 not just as a part of Television but part of the action genre. Hero with a dead wife has always been bread and butter in Hollywood if anything, 24 should be accused for bringing that tired sexist trope (which reduces the role of the female characters to being disposable angst devices instead of being independent individuals) and making it mainstream on TV. No one gets shocked when hero’s love interests gets killed and then he goes and kills people without any mercy or remorse. There is nothing edgy about it. Edgy writing is not making stuff dark and violent because you are some nihilistic cynical bastard who just wants to pull the strings of your viewers
by gratuitously dragging the “most miserable person of the world” shtick ad nauseum.

On a side note, as much I hated that last arc, if you are going to do it, at least, do it properly. There is no point of doing that arc if you are just going to pull a quick 180 in the end. If the writers don’t respect the direction they are taking the characters themselves, why on earth should I even respect them?

i don’t think it was that cliche…I think Teri’s death was wonderfully done and the defining moment of the series. If the best of 24 is cliche and a rip off…then why watch any of it?

I was mostly watching for a bunch of government agents led by Jack chasing terrorists. jack’s miserable existence ranks really low in my interest list. Especially after s6, when that aspect turned into a total parody.

A few quick points on season 8, as I’ve hammered it a few times here. I’ll list a few problems I had with 8, and maybe later list what I did like about it.

Where were the returning character(s)? Yeah, I pouted a little when it was apparent that Aaron Pierce wasn’t coming back. Almost every season has that “primal scream” moment when the wife and kids jump out of their seat because I’m celebrating a return of a beloved character.

Cole Ortiz and Dana Walsh. I could pretty much stop there, and most 24 fans that read this would shake their heads saying “Yep”. Dana’s storyline rivaled that of Kim’s in 2, and Cole just didn’t cut it as a field agent. He was terribly awkward at showing strong emotion, and Dana was fairly unconvincing with a gun.
That storyline went FAR too long (Dana’s identity, Kevin Wade, etc). It went all the way past the EMP, for cripe’s sake. Too long.

Never really could get a good feel as to what CTU looked like. You always got pretty good looks at it in previous seasons (when Jack enters CTU in 4, he stops to gaze around, checking out the renovation). I never really got a good feel of what the place was like.

I never really liked how Chloe got CTU up and running so quickly after the EMP. Everything I’ve heard about EMP’s (and it’s even talked about in 4, obviously) is that the equipment and data is “lost forever”. It just seemed a little cheesy that she was able to resurrect it so quickly. The EMP blast was kind of cool, but if you can’t dig your way out of it, kill it and go another route.

Jack loses his mind, and goes on a violent rampage over a woman that he’s known for….2 DAYS?! Let’s see, in 7 he chokes her out at he FBI, and shoots her in the neck and buries her alive a few episodes later. Not exactly the best way to start a relationship lol. Yes, they end up making love, but if you think about it, they really don’t know each other that well at all. Just seems unreasonable that he goes berserk like that over someone he knows very little.

I’ll probably end up listing a lot more positive than negative about 8. Although it was my least liked season, hey, it’s still 24. What a great show. I felt for a while (and God forgive me for typing this) that the writers and producers sort of ‘gave up’, and were waiting for their paycheck. I don’t really feel that way anymore, but I do wonder if it did happen to some extent (let’s get it over with?)

BTW, near the end of 8, when Chloe needed someone to go to Ricker’s place, and Arlo says “There’s no one to send” and Chloe responds “There’s one”, who did you think it was going to be? With 24 winding down, I really thought it was going to be someone significant.
My first thought was Chase Edmunds from 3. Sounds silly, but I always liked him. Anyone else have any crazy thoughts back then on who it might have been?

In relation to your final point – once you say that, I do remember thinking when Arlo said “There’s no one to send” that it was going to be a previous, significant character and I was a bit disappointed when Chloe said Cole, lol.

Ha! Yep, my mind started racing, trying to figure out who it might be. I’m pretty sure I even paused the DVR, and took some time to think about it. I’m also pretty sure I became enraged when it turned out to be Cole. I just can’t figure out why they weren’t a little more risky in 8.

I agree with most of your points and remember thinking the same thing re: Chloe’s line.

The thing is, I do kind of like that season 8 ended up being the most “standalone” season. It worked for me, but I can see why it wouldn’t work for everyone. I think the lack of callbacks to everything Jack has been through gave the impression that his dark turn was just about losing Renee. I always saw it as a reaction to everything Jack has been through and everything Renee symbolized. That’s why I hates his redemption at the end… If it’s just about Renee, it’s easier for Jack to have some sense talked into him. If it’s about some kind of payback for everything (Teri, Nina’s betrayal, Claudia, Palmer, Tony, Michelle, Audrey, Bill)… It should have be a bit harder. I suppose maybe I’m disappointed because Jack’s failure to kill Suvarov discounted my theory and reduced his revenge spree to “small things.”

About season 8 failing to bring back returning characters… I do think it was a bit of a bummer, but who’s actually left? I’ve been thinking how great of would be to see more returning characters in LAD, but we’re at the point where any surviving characters are jut bit players who most of the audience wouldn’t recognize. The only biggie is Allison Taylor, but there’s no reason to bring her back. And while she’d be recognizable to the fan base, I doubt she’s very popular. I could see Kim returning (and possibly Morris), but other than that, our cast of possible returning characters includes Ethan Kanin, Aaron Pierce, Noah Daniels, Karen Hayes, Tom Lennox, Mike Novick, and Chase Edmunds… not an especially inspiring group. It would be great fan service, but that’s all it’d be.

Jack doesn’t have any right of payback from Suvarov except Renee and Hassan. Jack already got the revenge or justice for the other characters. He should not be starving for revenge for his previous loved ones.

And as a big Renee Walker fan, this straw-breaker excuse does not make me all gooey inside. The writers treated Renee Walker like cheap trash all season long with overdone female victimisation and disempowerment. They did not give her any redemption either. We did not go through all that heartache just to be a straw-breaker in the end.

I understand that logically speaking Jack does not need to avenge everyone else’s death by murdering Suvarov, because you’re right: He killed Nina, he killed Christopher Henderson, Cheng was arrested… The list goes on.

I suppose I just think emotion and revenge aren’t that straightforward. They are chaotic things that effect everyone differently. At one point during day 8, Jack just realized that his life has basically sucked. Regardless of the revenge he has gotten in the past, he’s been to Hell and back. It’s enough to do crazy things to anyone, and it finally caught up to Jack Bauer.

In that regard, I think a key theme in that last arc is that revenge doesn’t satisfy.

>>> In that regard, I think a key theme in that last arc is that revenge doesn’t satisfy.

You are right, revenge doesn’t satisfy. That is why I am unsatisfied with that arc.
It was a pointless pursuit. It was not like Renee was gonna come back from the grave or the early season peace treaty would be back on track. My heart was certainly not in it because of lack of tangible personal and professional stakes.

And with Suvarov, I know he was not gonna get killed. He was the president of real world country. That is why Hassan the president of Fakistan was killed and Suvarov lived on.

@ Clayton – 3 and 8 were definitely the 2 standalone seasons. I think 3 a little more than 8, though. As far as Jack’s motivations, I think I made it sound like Renee was the only reason he went to the dark side. I thought it was a combination of a lot of things, but I was taking Jack at his word. When Ricker was grilling Jack about why he was doing what he’s doing, Jack finally admitted that his motivation was Renee. I don’t remember him mentioning anything else.
When he made the recording for Kim, seems like he mentioned a few extra things; can’t remember what those were right off the bat. But it seemed apparent that his main motivation was revenge for Renee, and that was the point I was trying to make.

Good list of possible returning characters, btw. I’m not expecting someone to come back and play a major role; it would be nice to see a familiar face, though. I realize it would have to gel with the plot, and be relevant. That might be a tall order. But, as a fan, I can’t help but be selfish and have them pander to me a little :)

I’ve seen a few negative comments about Taylor, but I thought she did a pretty good job. I think she’s a great actress, and did a good job as POTUS. Not as good as Palmer or Logan, of course, but definitely not bad. Just my opinion.

Oh, I love Taylor myself. I think she had more of a spine even than Palmer, but I know that’s not a very popular opinion. :P

I just get the feeling that she never really attained the “legendary” status that is sort of a prerequisite for a return. I’d love to be wrong if they could find I viable way to work her into the plot.

I agree with all of the comments about the revenge spree Jack did. I thought it was wonderful and I attributed it to a combination of everything he’s been through over the 8 days, rather than just Renee. Because really…he seriously knew her for 2 days, and she was at odds with him for half of Day 7 as it was. And then in Day 8, they mention how she dodged his calls and that she hasn’t seen him since Day 7…just seemed highly unlikely that her death alone was enough to push him that far.

The more I rewatch Season 8, the more I dislike it.

Jack Bauer being completely uninterested in the main threat for the first ten episodes or so (all of the “I’m done” talk) was a big mistake. Why should the audience care when even the main character doesn’t?

And speaking of the main threat, the nuclear rods never really felt like something to fear. Right off the bat they tell us the shipment won’t be ready for another five hours which instantly zapped all of the tension. And even after that, they had to be armed too, which was another couple hours. It never felt like an imminent threat.

I could list a dozen other things I hated about the eighth season but those were the two biggest flaws of the first half IMO.

On the contrary, I believe that the decision to let the otherwise formulaic ‘terrorist threat’ take a backseat for the first time in the series was a master stroke, and just one of many interesting subtleties and deviations Season 8 played with.

Brad is spot-on when he stated that Season 8 remains one of the most misunderstood seasons of ’24’ to date, and some opinions here prove that;

Jack was trying not to get involved because he wanted a life, he was fighting the better angels of his nature and eventually he gave in and joined the fight, that wasn’t a mistake on the writers’ part, it was a natural and understandable character beat, and one that gave that season genuine pathos, and as for the supposed ‘backseating’ of the imminent threat, I agree again with Brad on this one, the story became more procedural and methodical in nature as opposed to the ‘ticking clock’ story motif used before, it made for a refreshing and engaging change in the paradigm, watching Jack and CTU chase up and investigate potential leads without knowing for sure in advance they would bear fruit, that’s how actual counter-terrorism works more often than not, and I thought it worked like gangbusters in that season.

Jack didn’t go bezerk just because of Renee’s murder, on the contrary, her murder and the subsequent cover-up of the Russian involvement in that and the day’s events by President Taylor was the straw that broke the camel’s back, Jack was already a shell of the person we saw in the first episode of Season 1, but he always believed his country was on the side of the angels, Taylor represented to him everything good and noble, and when he discovered her ready to sacrifice everything that made her such on the altar of political expediency, and on the grave of Renee of all things, something that had clearly been building over the years within Jack finally snapped… his incremental transition to that point over the years parallels Taylor’s incremental transition over the latter half of that day; Jack intent on tearing down the blood-soaked treaty with Taylor intent on keeping that treaty alive whatever the cost… and it ended up destroying them both.

That’s how I always saw it, although I do acknowledge and respect those who just don’t like Season 8, you can’t like what you don’t like, but personally, I thought it was a very, very strong season overall (Kevin Wade notwithstanding but even that eventually fed into the wider plot in exposing Dana Walsh as the mole)… but that’s just me.

P.S. So sorry for the length of this post, but it just struck a nerve in me…

Those are really well-articulated points, Gerry.

Jack’s reluctance to get involved with C.T.U again was indicative of an interesting shift in the character. He becomes more selfishly driven. During the events of Day 7, Jack experienced a restoration of sorts. He came as close to death as he’s ever been which, through a process of self-realization and catharsis, allowed him to come to terms with what he had done in life. As a reward for persevering, he was able to get some semblance of his old life back. More importantly, he was able to have a family again.

When he is inadvertently pulled back into the game, he understandably rejects it. In one particularly powerful moment, Jack even turns down Chloe’s pleas for help – the person who has risked everything time and again to help Jack when no one else would. I think it’s very telling that the only thing that ultimately keeps him on board is Renee. He sees himself in her in a way he hasn’t with any other person. There’s a connection there that transcends the merely physical or emotional. He stays on board initially because he wishes to ensure her well-being and later to stop her from being persecuted. Here, Jack is less concerned with saving the lives of thousands or millions and is motivated instead by saving the life of just one person – a person whose descent and suffering he feels responsible for.

It seemed like a natural evolution of the character to me which, as you said Gerry, gave the season genuine pathos. After the redemptive story of Season 7, it makes sense to me that Jack’s quest for restoration would only be complete once those who were brought down with him (in this case, Renee) are restored as well.

I also agree that it was President Taylor’s decision to cover up the Russian’s involvement, rather than Renee’s death specifically, which caused Jack to snap. It’s a moment that echoes something Stephen Saunders said way back in Day 3:

“I was abandoned by the people I worked for…as you will be some day”.

“Jack didn’t go bezerk just because of Renee’s murder, on the contrary, her murder and the subsequent cover-up of the Russian involvement in that and the day’s events by President Taylor was the straw that broke the camel’s back, Jack was already a shell of the person we saw in the first episode of Season 1, but he always believed his country was on the side of the angels, Taylor represented to him everything good and noble, and when he discovered her ready to sacrifice everything that made her such on the altar of political expediency, and on the grave of Renee of all things, something that had clearly been building over the years within Jack finally snapped… his incremental transition to that point over the years parallels Taylor’s incremental transition over the latter half of that day; Jack intent on tearing down the blood-soaked treaty with Taylor intent on keeping that treaty alive whatever the cost… and it ended up destroying them both.”

This is the best description of Day 8 I’ve ever read! Thanks so much.

I thought the second season accomplished the same idea in a much more intriguing way with viewers not seeing the nuclear bomb for twelve episodes or so (correct me if I’m wrong on that). The main threat in season 2 sort of took a backseat, but it still remained scary and tense because the audience was left in the dark.

One of the big problems I had with the writers rehashing a nuclear threat again in the eighth season was that they had already explored the different outcomes in previous seasons – the nuke going off in the empty desert (Season 2) and later in a crowded city (Season 6) by the fourth episode. The writers sort of set themselves up for failure since there was no topping that moment.

Except I don’t think there was any intention on behalf of the writers to set up the ‘dirty bomb’ as much of a threat in and of itself. It was merely used as a device to further the plot against Hassan and the peace agreement. This set-up paid off in spades when Hassan surrendered himself to the terrorists to prevent the loss of life and was shortly afterwards killed for maintaining his conviction (in what is without question one of the most powerful moments of the entire series).

Well, Renee went from a character who was given an awesome character development in S7 to a mere ‘motivation device’.
Her story started with the question ‘How will a woman with psychological issues deal with her problems’ but unfortunately quickly descended to the usual ‘Can the white male hero can save the damsel from herself?’. As if a woman cannot deal with her own problems without the guy, and most annoyingly it should ultimately Jack’s penis who would supposedly be the cur(s)e for the character. Renee’s tragedy quickly stopped being her own but Jack’s instead. One should only look at episode 17 where Renee was treated like an extra even in her death episode, camera constantly fetishising Poor Jack instead. Where was Renee after all the hardship she endured in this season, well she was just a bunch of hair.

But silly me, a woman was never more important than Jack’s angst in this show anyway.

And Allison Taylor’s material was just a terrible character assasination. President loses her family, so she begins to live for a peace treaty, then snaps and commits all kinds of illegal acts. It was too weak for such a drastic change especially because the writers did not commit to it from the very first episode. She was never written as a weak desperate person clamouring for a peace treaty in two thirds of the season, but of course when the plot called for a convenient scapegoat to direct the blame away from Jack, she had to turn into the stock woman who could not keep her emotions under check during tough times.

Honestly, I really wished Jack died in S7. He just dragged down everyone around him in S8.

Utter codswallop, Ozgur dude. Season 8 had the mighty Jurgen Prochnow in it… what more else is there to say… WINNING!!!

It also had the Scooby Doo Freddie Prinze Jr. LOSING!!!

24 isn’t a feminist commentary. It’s a story about Jack Bauer. It has always been about Jack Bauer. When it’s not, it fails (and the writer’s produce tripe like the CTU Soap Opera from season 6).

::::: It’s a story about Jack Bauer. It has always been about Jack Bauer.

And that is why this show went down the drain creatively. They made everything about him and the characterization and plotting suffered because of that.
No one is that important in life for everything to revolve around him.

They turned Jack into a character who desperately needed over-the-top plot devices or shock deaths just to milk stories for him. Such a great proactive character really. If Jack were really that great by himself, he would not need any of that in the first place.

I missed the good old days when this show had at least some ensemble feel. We don’t have that any more because of Jack’s neverending misery.

“No one is that important in life for everything to revolve around him.”

Except we’re not talking about life. We’re talking about a fictional character which has perhaps unintentionally achieved an almost mythological status. That I said, I do also miss the lack of a genuine ‘ensemble’ as well. I think Season 7 was the last to provide that.

In all fairness, Ozgur, I actually find it hard to argue with your point about Jack overstaying his welcome. Maybe he has. I don’t really know. I’ve always thought his story could have come to a good and definitive end in Seasons 3 or 4.

I just think it becomes immensley more complicated when a fictional character transcends into the realm of myth. I think that happened very quickly following the show’s inception and I don’t think it was intentional. Among other things, 24’s emergence in the post 9/11 world along with Kiefer Sutherland’s magnetic performance would each have contributed enormously in the decision to focus the show around Jack.

For better or worse, both Jack and Kiefer became an inextricable part of ’24’s DNA and I think that the series should be analyzed through that lense in acceptance of it rather than in spite of it.

Even though it may have came across as feminization, I don’t think Taylor’s story was supposed to be that. I think it was supposed to be a story of how Logan is a total weasel and can manipulate a lot of people if given the opportunity.

I’ve watched the premiere four times now and I just absolutely love it more and more with each viewing. Already off to a much better start than the last 3 seasons. It feels like classic 24 while still feeling very fresh. Also, Sean Callery’s music is probably the best it’s ever been. The music that plays when Jack finally speaks for the first time is just fucking awesome. Can’t wait until we (hopefully) get a full Live Another Day soundtrack.

The second episode was definitely the better of the two, but I absolutely loved both of them. Excellent opening, loved the choice to do a 5-6 minute intro before the title card, and had a feeling they would. What a great way to start the series – the CIA tracking an unknown suspect and then the great reveal that it was Jack. And how does anyone not love seeing Jack take each guy down one by one? Jack was as badass as ever there. Also, not having Jack say a word for the first 30 minutes of the show is one of the best decisions the writers have ever made. He was about as cold as ever, and it was a joy to watch. I also thought Benjamin Bratt was fantastic in the interrogation scene – loving his character so far. Bratt fits in great, can’t wait to see more of him.

Jack breaking Chloe out will now go down as one of my favorite moments of 24 history. The way they revealed Chloe was being held there was excellent as well. It was just painful to see her being tortured! The most satisfied I’ve been in a while over Jack beating somebody up was when he gave Dean a nice punch in the face. Nobody does that to Chloe and gets away with it. The whole sequence was just awesome though. Nothing on TV has made me cheer that much in a while. Moments that I couldn’t resist clapping during:

“Take me to her NOW.”

“You know who I am. Trigger an alarm and I’ll blow your head off.”

“Did you do this to her?”
“Nothing you haven’t done.”

“Jack, what are you doing here?”
“We gotta get outta here.”

These are now some of my favorite moments of 24.

I loved Belcheck, Jack’s sidekick. Jack pushes a button on his hand and this guy just does what he’s told right on time. The guy was awesome. The character barely has any lines, but you can tell he means business just the way he walks down the ladder so casually after blowing a hole in the CIA building. :D Can’t wait till we find out more about this character, and also how he and Jack came into contact. Chloe’s realization of his tattoo was very interesting, and the way Jack completely ignored it was even more so. I have a feeling we’ll be finding out a lot more about him in the coming weeks, and also in the new comic series 24: Underground. I’ve read the first issue, and nothing that would connect them yet, but looking forward to the next ones.

So I went from being very happy with Jack to very disappointed with him in a matter of minutes, the way he used Chloe. Belcheck and Chloe were right. If he wanted her help, he should have just asked her. Not used her. She’s done more for him than any friend he’s ever had. That was a very touching scene though when Jack said to Belcheck “I don’t have any friends.” Very sad and depressing.

Now before I move on to how much I love, love, loved the second episode – just a few more reactions from the first hour. So far I’m loving Heller as President and the whole political storyline. Very sad to see Heller like this, and how far he’s fallen since his season 4 glory days. Very interesting to watch though, and as usual, William Devane knocks it out of the park. I love Tate Donovan, and am having a hard time deciding whether I like Mark or not. I can understand all his motives, and I truly think he has the best of intentions for both Audrey and Heller. So he’s not a total dick.

Love the way they are coming at the drone issue. It’s always great when you get excellent action as well as some topical political commentary. And what Heller said is basically how I feel – “I’m uncomfortable with the drones as well. But the ugly truth is what we’re doing is working.” A necessary evil.

“When you retire as my Chief of Staff you’ll make a great guest on Jeopardy, Mark.” – first LOL of the night.

Love the way they changed up the formula. Typically, a season of 24 starts with a terrorist attack of some sort to kickstart the day. The mystery surrounding the threat until the very end was a great choice. I only wish they kept in that fantastic shot from the promos and trailers of the missile hitting the convoy. Not sure why they took it out, it became one of my favorite shots from the promos and I was really looking forward to seeing it.

LOVED the TWO shout outs to the fans and http://www.24.wikia.com for both Chloe’s profile and Jack’s profile/kill list. That was about as cool as it gets. Great fan service.

Now, episode 2… WOW. From start to finish, this episode was just truly exceptional. I definitely disagree with the poster a few back from me. I thought both episodes were outstanding, especially this one. The scenes when Jack were at Chloe’s hacker group HQ I thought were fantastic. Michael Wincott as Adrian Cross = fantastic. Love his line delivery, his mannerisms, everything about him. Watching him, Kiefer and Mary Lynn together was some of the most fun I’ve had during 24. All three were at the top of their game.

I said… WHICH ONE OF YOU IS DEREK YATES?” – One of my favorite Jack Bauer moments.

Seeing Jack argue with Chloe and Adrian about the morality of what they do was definitely a highlight of the night. The thing is, I just don’t know where I fall on this issue. While I agree with Jack, that some things just have to stay secret, is there also a truth to what Chloe said? “Government agencies keep secrets because what they’re doing is illegal.” Can’t wait to see this story explored more. Jack and Chloe’s conversation was a top-notch scene. I’ve never seen Mary Lynn play Chloe like this, and I’m loving every minute of it. Her bitchiness towards Jack was very pleasing to watch. :lol: Can’t wait to see more of Michael Wincott, though. He was excellent. Who else laughed so hard when Chloe told him Jack Bauer broke her out, and he immediately sighed and got ready to leave. :lol:

The debate prep scene was another standout for me. Just when it seemed like Heller was about to shut Mark down and pull of some inspiring speech, he screws up the number of people that died and then forgets their name. Painful to see. Heller’s story came damn close to bringing me to tears. Sure, Mark was hard on him, but he was right. Heller will be eaten alive out there if he isn’t prepared for it. But this scene was a favorite of mine.

And of course, more excellent action. And an instant Jack Bauer classic:

I can tell you think you’re a pretty intimidating group. You probably think I’m at a disadvantage. I promise you, I’m not.” :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

The only thing that truly bothered me during this, and continues to do so, was Chloe pulling off her magical vanishing act within 2 seconds. That was laughable. And annoying.

Jack giving Kate a nice little headbutt – now THAT was something! How does everyone feel when Jack Bauer beats on women? lol

“Where’d you get the car?”
“I stole it. I hotwired it.”
“Good job.”
‘Nuff said.

Great reveal at the end of the episode, I only wish they didn’t show us that Emily Berrington was playing Simone beforehand, or it might have surprised me. That was disgusting though. She could have just slit his throat or something… What we saw was disgusting!

So bottom line: As has been said, this is the best premiere since season 5. Intense. Great writing, great acting, great action. The new cast is great, I only hope they tone down Gbenga Akinnagbe’s character’s dislike for Kate and his arrogance in the coming episodes. Other than that, everything is looking very strong for the remaining 10 episodes! Michelle Fairley was fantastic, I have a feeling Margot will go down as one of the show’s best villains. Very excited to see more of here. And while I miss Rodney Charters as Director of Photography, I think Jeffrey Mygatt is doing a great job. The cinematography and production value is looking as great as ever. Can’t wait for the scenes in The Tube tomorrow night. Should be fantastic.

My main gripe though? And one that truly bothers me more than anything else in the premiere… is Mary Lynn Rajskub being listed fourth in the opening credits, behind both Yvonne Strahovski and Tate Donovan. I get that Kate Morgan may be playing a bigger role this season, but come on. Mary Lynn has been the leading lady since season 6. She should be second after Kiefer. It’s very shitty and insulting, if you ask me.

Sorry, I copied and pasted my reaction from another site I frequent, and the “:clap:” on that site actually makes a little clapping smiley appear. Here it just looks foolish. :D

Great thoughts… can I ask what forum it is?

Nolan Fans. We have a 24 discussion thread over there, and I just copied and pasted my post, forgetting to take out those parts.

Can someone put up a picture of Chloe’s profile that they used on the premiere? I wanted to see what that looked like.

Here’s some 1080p screencaps of it (might be a bit hard to read since imgur converts to JPG and compresses): Photo 1, Photo 2.

First pic is basically lifted from the sidebar of Wiki 24’s Chloe page and the second pic is about Chloe’s warrants (interfering with arrest of Bauer and distributing classified information) and three “confirmed sightings” of her.

Thank you!

The only complaint I have about this season is Chloe. I think Mary Lynn does a fantastic job, and I like Chloe’s character, but I just don’t think it is believable that she moved from city to city with Jack…the thing about 24 is that nobody is safe, and Chloe living through season after season and having story lines forced onto her character is just too much. She was only ever just an awkward techie, and in my opinion, that’s as far as her character should’ve gone.

I don’t like her look this season (especially that eyeliner). She looks like someone who is trying to make a fashion statement rather than a truly broken person.

I’m genuinely curious, Ozgur. What *do* you like instead?

I really really liked the Heller and Mark dynamic. But apart from that, yeah my heart is not really in it. I am just watching to finish this off.

That’s a shame. Hopefully things will turn around for you.

Yeah, I never understood the deification of Chloe O’Brian. The only person who should have God status on this show is Jack. The only person who should be “safe from death” is Jack.

Unfortunately, Chloe is just too much a part of the show to die. At least in the eyes of the writers. If 24 really wants to get back some its edge, it’ll kill Chloe off. I’m not holding out much hope.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve never understood why Chloe has so much of a pull over the audience. In so many of the recent interviews with the cast, there’s this notion that she has become an intrinsic component of the show’s DNA, and I just don’t understand it.

I like Chloe, but I don’t think she’s been very interesting (until now) and, as XAM consistently points out, she’s used by the writers as a ‘cheat code’ that zaps the tension that might otherwise be present (Episode 13 of Season 8 is evidence enough of that). She’s low on the list of long-running characters I care about.

There’s only ever been one other character who could conceivably avoid death like Jack has and even carry the show, and that was Tony.

Yeah I’d be glad if she died. But then all they’d do is replace her. They like having that “easy out” it seems

Something’s been really bugging me. Why did the writers/producers find it necessary to have Jack revive Chloe when he gets to her? Why? Seemed completely unnecessary. Would have made a lot more sense if he was to jostle her around a little, then escape.

Either her torturer (can’t remember his name) meant to kill her, or he’s completely incompetent. That scene didn’t make any sense. Nevertheless, only a few hours to go, can’t wait to see what happens tonight!

I don’t think she was dead, I thought she was just semi comatose? Correct me if I’m wrong.

I don’t think I could correct you, it may be left to our interpretation. He had to inject something (I’m assuming epinephrine, or adrenaline. 24 has used both) into her chest. Either way, it seemed unnecessary. Less than 3 hrs to go!

I was under the initial impression she had suffered a cardiac arrest. But I suppose she could also have been semi-comatose.

:::To be perfectly honest, I’ve never understood why Chloe has so much of a pull over the audience. In so many of the recent interviews with the cast, there’s this notion that she has become an intrinsic component of the show’s DNA, and I just don’t understand it.

Because the majority of this fanbase evaluates the characters in their relation to Jack rather than their intrinsic dramatic values. Since Chloe is Jack’s most loyal friend, she is the greatest character ever.

I always find her quite two-dimensional before. It is ridiculous only after 7 seasons, they have finally decided to come up with a character development material for her.

Ah!!!! That was sad…