Review Roundup: 24 Live Another Day Premiere

24 Live Another Day Review Roundup

With 24: Live Another Day just a few days away, reviews are starting to pour in. We’ll be compiling all of them here for your convenience. If you plan to read the full reviews, be aware that a few of them contain spoilers. So far the reviews have been largely positive with the most common complaint being that it feels like the old show.

Forbes: “Jack will return to television screens everywhere thanks to the limited-series event, 24: Live Another Day, and the best part? It’s good, really good. In addition to an improved Bauer, the series also managed to breathe new life into all the characters that aren’t Jack. From the now promoted James Heller to the latest no holds barred agent of the season, Kate Morgan, every supporting character in the series matters again.”

TIME: “If you want a 24 very much like the show that went off the air in 2010, it will please you; if you’ve forgotten much about the show in the intervening four years, it might surprise you. Otherwise, 24 is very much 24, even if this one only adds up to 12.”

NY Daily News (4/5 stars): “At its best, “24” has always had the soul of a Western. Now it’s riding back into town and that’s exactly what it delivers.”

SFGate: “Because “24” was so far ahead of its time during its first go-round, the new incarnation doesn’t feel at all dated.” “Jack Bauer may have appeared on the pop culture scene as the man we needed to be a hero but he’s transcended that to reach mythological proportions. I half-expect him to join the Marvel Universe.”

Alex Strachan, Postmedia TV columnist “I can honestly say that, by heaven, they’ve pulled it off. It’s smoother, slicker, less silly. They’ve obviously used the extra time well.”

TV Tonight (4/5 stars) “Tate Donovan, as the man sandwiched between the President and Bauer’s former flame, looks to be one of two strong additions – the other being Yvonne Strahovski as an agent chasing a deepening mystery without ever really knowing where it will lead. […] I’m encouraged by this strong start.”

San Jose Mercury News: “The revived “24” is still instantly involving and packed with a dizzying rush of suspenseful crescendos. The new Jack, meanwhile, is the same as the old Jack, which is to say he flips the bird in the face of terror and squirms his way out of major messes like a gun-toting Houdini — all while managing to make a man purse look good.”

Slant Magazine: “The result is a leaner, scrappier 24 that is both firmly within its comfort zone—the unstoppable Jack, unflinchingly facing interrogators and taking down three guards while handcuffed—and somehow outside it, with Jack and the other returning characters more readily showing the wear and tear of their profession.”

The Detroit News (B+): ““24: Live Another Day” cuts right to the chase. Not that the chase isn’t still dizzying, far-fetched and filled with calamity, but it’s looking like the show is going to lose a lot of the flab that weighed it down in previous seasons.”

Variety: “The opening two episodes are characteristically entertaining, and snap along pretty briskly (the first is in real time), but it’s hard to escape a sense of creative malaise around all this. Essentially, the limited series became the consolation prize for a proposed movie that never came to fruition, while offering Fox — coming off a season where its ratings have experienced their own countdown — a highly promotable title heading into the upfronts and summer.”

Entertainment Weekly (C+): “Despite the high-grade action, the premiere is more a showcase for everything that was bad about 24 than a reminder of everything that was good.”

Las Vegas Weekly (3/5 stars): “For better or worse, the producers of the new season of 24 (subtitled Live Another Day) have delivered the exact same show that went off the air four years ago. […] For fans who stuck around for all eight original seasons, Live Another Day offers more of what they loved. For everyone else, there’s no reason to start now.”

Salem’s Lot: “Having previewed the first two hours, I can assure you that this half-life 24 is well up to standard, and indeed, in this new truncated form, potentially well above.”

Columbus Alive (2/4 stars): “While the first two episodes have strong action and the plot moves faster than it would in a 24-episode season, there’s still not enough originality for me to get on board.”

The Herald-Dispatch: “The casting here is incredible with a great mix of “24” veterans and familiar TV faces. But it’s Sutherland and Rajskub who are the heart of “24: LAD as Jack struggles with the guilt from the hurt he caused his only true friend, Chloe and Chloe struggles with whether or not to help Jack after everything that’s happened to her.”

Uncle Barky (C+): “24 is still fast-paced for the most part, although a little slow off the mark in its first hour. And the 47-year-old Sutherland remains trim and limber as an aging Jack of few words, most of them downers.”

Washington Square News: “Director Jon Cassar is fully aware that this issue’s resolution should be delayed as long as possible. Along with screenwriters Robert Cochran and David Fury, Cassar slowly builds suspense, giving Bauer no dialogue until 31 minutes into the episode. In effect, the audience is constantly wondering about his motives and what other plans he is concocting while he is being interrogated.”

Just Seen It (video review): “Kiefer Sutherland is reprising his role as Jack Bauer in the most perfect way ever. He fits right back into his shoes, the character is just so badass.”

The Sun Herald: “It’s been awhile – really too long – since Bauer has saved TV at least one day a week with his reluctant hero antics. Even if he’s only back for half the time, the series is still twice as good as most of the action shows on network and cable television.”

HitFix Firewall & Iceberg Podcast – The 24 discussion occurs from 9:25 – 27:10 in this podcast. A brief summary of comments: “It’s a good start, now do it for ten more hours” said Daniel Fienberg. Sepinwall says that he’s “mostly happy” to have 24 back and will try to write about it each week. The two praised John Boyega’s performance, said Tate Donovan and Gbenga Akkinagbe’s characters aren’t likable, Chloe’s new look was ridiculed, but “Jack Bauer saying Damn It still has some of the visceral pleasure that it once had.”

Huffington Post: “Perhaps because of its London setting or maybe because it’s just been too long without Jack Bauer, I had goosebumps, and it wasn’t from the first five crazy minutes.”

National Post: “And now it is back. 24: Live Another Day returns to a television landscape in which it no longer feels the least bit remarkable.”

Wall Street Journal: “Jack will have his work cut out for him, and audiences will be as enthralled by “24” as they have ever been, if not more, and they’ll have good reason.”

TV Guide Magazine (8/10): “And all we can hope for are more moments such as the one in which Jack is outnumbered and outgunned and, after assessing the situation, remarks, “You probably think I’m at a disadvantage. I promise you I’m not.” We never doubted it for a minute. Welcome back, Jack.”

New York Post (4/4): “In no time, Jack is kicking major butt and reminding us why he is one of TV’s greatest action stars. “24: Live Another Day” has the kind of heart-stopping suspense that makes it impossible to look away to tweet.”

Washington Post: “In the long run, Jack’s unyielding race to prevent disaster mostly just prevented viewers from getting attached to him on a human scale. In that very crucial regard, it’s hard to welcome back a man you don’t really know.”

Associated Press: “Bottom line, there’s comfort for us viewers with Jack Bauer back on the scene. It’s pretty much guaranteed: On “Live Another Day” he’ll have another bad day. But we’ll all have a blast watching.”

Toronto Sun: “Having seen the first two hours of 24: Live Another Day, I found myself glad to be worrying about Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer again. The constant peril, of which Jack is both the victim and the instigator, seemed kind of fresh.”

The Hollywood Reporter: “The action-packed but still mostly brainless thriller is back, and as long as the series has no pretension to greatness, it’s a lot of fun.”

IGN: “In a welcome return, 24 doesn’t disappoint and kicks things off in style with an intense, fast-paced premiere.”

Cleveland Plain-Dealer: “Although Jack looks considerably more world-weary and haggard in “24: Live Another Day,” the need-for-speed storytelling style is as sharp as ever. Jack is back, all right, and with a purpose.”

Buzzsugar: “I worried the event series wouldn’t be able to live up to the previous eight seasons of nonstop, pulse-pounding action and drama. Well, like it or not, Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) is back, and guess what? He’s still amazing.”

Vulture: “Even when Jack is using his own handcuffs to strangle a man, there’s a fastidious grace to his movements, and when Jack politely tells six gunmen who’ve got the drop on him that they shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking he’s outnumbered, you laugh, because you know Jack’s not bragging or trying to psych them out. It’s the gunfighter’s version of compassion.”

Collider: “For those who were lifelong fans of Jack Bauer and 24 up to the bitter end, 24: Live Another Day will sufficiently offer the ninth season they always wanted. However, if you’re looking for a revived quality spark or unique spin on the 24 formula, Live Another Day is a disappointment.”

Cinema Blend (4/5 stars): “24: Live Another Day gets off to an exciting start, introducing new characters, new threats and a few great twists in its first couple of hours.”

Twitter Impressions

Special thanks to everyone (especially Chlojack) who helped out in compiling these reviews. If you see any more reviews please post them in the comments below and we’ll update post.


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I think LAD is more for the hardcore fans of the series like myself, (and many of the people on this site) rather than those who may have just watched a few seasons or critics, and honestly that is fine with me.

When Season 6 went off, I never watched a full season on TV again until I bought all 8 seasons on DVD. I realized how much I missed this show when it went off, and I came to accept the final three seasons more than I did at the time, (especially Season 7.)

I have vowed to never miss any 24 related media again, which is why I’m more excited for LAD than ever, and definitely more excited than I would’ve been if it had come out as ‘Season 9’ immediately after Season 8.

Thanks Chlojack – you have your eyes on the ball the past few days! And 24 Spoilers too.

Ah, thanks! I’ll keep looking out for new reviews. Can’t wait for Monday! Great idea starting a thread for the reviews.

Just saw this encouraging tweet from Kim Raver. Looks like Audrey is still in the show and very much alive!

Kim Raver ‏@KimRaver 3m

Just landed HOME in NYC for the big premiere for “24”! So exciting! At customs was instructed to wait in line 24!!! Hahaha LOL

Good to hear Colin Salmon’s character being described as “a badass” by one of those tweeters there.

I’ve read a few of the reviews and I think it’s interesting that of the 8 reviews has compiled so far, there is an even split between those who really liked it (75-80 score range) and those who thought it was just ok or average (40-60 range). The aggregate score on metacritic is 63 which isn’t very good but it also isn’t representative of people’s actual reactions to the first two episodes. Because 40-60 is pretty bad, but 75-80 is actually damn good! So us fans will probably be more than satisfied.

What’s frustrating is there are a lot of positive reviews not being counted towards the score. But all the negatives seem to be counted.

Metacritic also assigned weird scores to two reviews without scores: Variety and TIME both had relatively complimentary things to say (other than the fact that they thought it wasn’t original), but Metacritic assigned scores of 50 and 40.

I noticed this! I found it extremely odd.

Yeah, I thought the same thing. I didn’t think those reviews seemed negative at all.

Amazing review. One awesome spoiler: they go straight into 5 minutes of action before Kiefer says “The following takes place between 11:06 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.” and “Events take place in real time.” That is AWESOME!

“The following takes place between 11:06 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.”

Kind of weird to me…

I’m going to the 24 premiere screening tomorrow night. Not sure if they’re showing both episodes or just the first one, but I’ll let you guys know what I thought.

Fantastic work Chlojack! Really good job getting all of these together.


Glad you’ve been recognised!

Jack doesn’t say a word for 31 minutes? Oh, this is sounding absolutely excellent!

Apparently this is a bad thing to all of these pessimistic reviewers.

63 on Metacritic…give me a break.

LAD may not beat Season 5, but it’ll still be amazing…

Ugh, that frustrates me quite a bit. Since the start of Season 8, there’s been this gradual process of Jack moving further and further away from the audience. Live Another Day seems to be continuing this idea. Jack’s silent for over half of the first episode and his exact motivations are, for the first time ever, unclear (and potentially sinister).

It is a bad thing because it is a gimmicky way of writing of character ambiguity.
I totally disagree with you, Brad. Jack has become so one note in past seasons that you can predict what he wants to do from a mile away.

I’m not sure I place much value in your excessive pessimism, Ozgur. On the contrary, Jack was quite a different character in Season 8 and for reasons other than the one mentioned above.

Even though I think that it’s predictable what Jack will do in LAD, (want to save Heller and stop terrorists) I still like how he is a little distant to the audience, and I think if they trick us into believing that Jack wants to save a Heller and then we find out halfway through that his real goals are different, that would be really awesome.

I suspect that will actually happen.

Do TV reviews really weigh as much in viewers minds as movie reviews do? I don’t think so – ultimately, what matters are the ratings the network sees for the show. And for fans of the show who have lived through all 8 seasons, they’ll know whether it lives up to the standards the show set before; what some reviews say is of little importance IMO.

I agree, and from what many screeners of the premiere have said on Twitter, LAD could be one of the best seasons yet.

That last one you sent, (FW Business Press) is a PERFECT example of how the negative critics are judging the entire series rather than LAD.

“It’s hard to welcome back a man we never really knew.”

If the WP writer never formed an emotional attachment to Jack then I just feel sorry for them. I’m not sure how it’s possible to watch show and not feel for this character. I also hate how people conflate bush-Cheney and Jack. So much.

Never really knew? Well, that’s just absolutely ludicrous.

I think (tell me if I’m wrong) the New York Post is a more popular newspaper than the Washington Postl. Anyway it’s pretty poor to judge a fiction with his political opinions.

Gerry Mander
May 2, 2014 at 9:05 pm
The Washington Post (or Washington Compost as some on the right dub it!) is the epitome of left-leaning establisment media whilst the NY Post is a right-leaning tabloid… so take all that as you will.

Who cares what critics say about ’24’, their opinions didn’t matter then and they certainly don’t matter now… Jack is back on our screens, FOX are going to get boffo ratings, all is well with the world, reviews – whether positive or negative – be damned!

Most of the reviews are good, but you’re right, what matters is the rating !!

I have written an article for my site about the political aspect of 24 (as an history teacher I often use the show to explain some situation with my students): “Why Jack Bauer returns just in time” I’ve made an English translation, if you want to have a look..

Gerry Mander
May 3, 2014 at 9:29 pm
Nice article Catherine (from one history buff to another).


So here’s my quick spoiler free impressions… Fox only screened the first episode for us, but I absolutely loved it. I would rank this up there with Season 5’s premiere.

It’s very fast paced: starts with a great action sequence right off the bat (a five minute foot chase/combat/shootout scene that’s been shown in all of the promo footage). The first commercial break is at the eleven minute mark and a ton of stuff had already happened by that point.

Jack doesn’t say a single word for the majority of the episode, with all of the new characters referencing his past and discussing how badass he is. In one scene a character is browsing Jack’s file and it zooms in on all of his confirmed kills (dozens of names) which was hysterical fan service.

The Presidential storyline has a very interesting hook with Heller hiding a massive secret. William Devane’s portrayal is fantastic, Heller is so laid back and unlike any other president on the show before. In his very first scene he cracks a funny joke that had the crowd laughing.

Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau is an interesting character. They first establish him as nice dude and good husband to Audrey. Then when he hears about Jack Bauer, he turns into a scheming asshole, but for a good reason – he’s being super protective of his wife. He blames Jack for everything that happened to Audrey and her years of suffering. Now that she’s happy and healthy he doesn’t want her to ever hear the name Bauer again. So he starts abusing his power to get rid of the Jack problem.

CIA cast:
– Jordan Reed is essentially a male Chloe, a super loyal dude that breaks protocol for good reasons and the only one that has Kate’s back in this first hour.
– Erik Ritter is an arrogant jerk, but he just captured one of the most wanted fugitives so can you really blame him?
– Steve Navarro is a good, calm boss (most similar to Bill Buchanan) although he did ignore a piece of evidence that bit them in the ass later.

I was a little surprised they didn’t play up the fact that they were in London more. So far it’s mostly being shot in alleys and stuff rather than showcasing any landmarks. They even have British actors like John Boyega (who’s great) playing Americans. Stephen Fry and Michelle Fairley didn’t appear in the first hour.

Sean Callery’s music is amazing as always.

Whether you enjoy this new season or not depends on what kind of mindset you go into it with. If you’re hoping for a complete reboot or something totally fresh, this isn’t it. But if you’re a 24 fan and happy to see Jack Bauer back after four years and all the false starts on the movie, this looks to be a great time.

I think that covered most of it but if you have any questions about the first hour I’d be happy to answer them.

Thanks for the report. What was your impression about Kate Morgan? Is she similar to Renee or Michelle? I’m really curious. Thanks .

Also, was Audrey back to her “old self” in the premiere, or did she seem different? Is Chloe similar to her old self as well? Thanks for the review!

Kate is much more similar to Jack Bauer than either of those characters really. (But of those two, she has more in common with Renee than Michelle).

Her storyline starts with her packing up her belongings after being fired/transferred cause of her husband selling secrets to the Chinese. Then as she’s watching the CIA live feed of the Bauer chase, she predicts he’ll head to the roof as his escape route but gets it completely wrong. So at first it would seem that Kate has absolutely terrible judgement on both a personal and tactical level.

The “cliffhanger” of the first commercial break is her theorizing that it was far too easy to capture Bauer and that he’s up to something (getting caught on purpose). She tells her theory to the boss, but due to all the things mentioned above she has absolutely zero credibility and understandably gets completely ignored. So without spoiling things, much like Jack, she kind of takes things into her own hands and forces her way back into things.

I like the Kate Morgan character, although I feel that Strahovski’s performance could’ve been a little better to be honest. At times it feels like she’s simply reciting her lines. Nothing too bad, but you would expect a bit more emotion. A lot of this stuff was shot on the very first day of filming though, so I expect she’ll ease into the role and get more comfortable over time.

Thanks for the info. She did mention playing the character with a deliberate coldness and detachment, which would explain the lack of emotion. She was so good on Chuck , so I’d hate for this to be a repeat of Hannah McKay (who was hated almost as much as Dana Walsh by most of the fan base).

Audrey appears to be back to her old self, happy and healthy and smiling (most similar to the fourth season premiere – before she got kidnapped of course!). If I remember correctly, Mark said it took her three years of psychiatric care to recover from her catatonic state. I don’t know the exact “24” timeline off the top of my head, but that would suggest she’s been healthy for a couple of years.

Much like Jack, Chloe didn’t have a whole lot of speaking parts during this first hour so it would be hard to say whether she’s similar to her old self or not. Just visually though she looks completely different with a goth/punk rock haircut and tattoos all over her arms. The viewer is supposed to wonder what happened to Chloe and then presumably we’ll find out all of the details in episode 2.

Thanks for such a detailed report. I can’t wait until Monday!

I attended the same screener and was impressed—and I’m a critical viewer (hardly a fanboy). Maybe it’s because I haven’t watched much ’24’ at all in four years, but a lot of the ep felt pretty fresh to me; not so much in the way that everything was new, and there were no formulaic elements (of course there were), but more so in the way that the show felt like or had a new energy.

Hard to explain, but I walked away with few complaints, most of which were echoed above. Also, I thought Bauer was a little *too* quiet and too serious in the first hour. But none of these are anymore than nitpicks in what is a pretty great premiere. Certainly the best IMO since season five’s premiere in terms of pacing, writing, etc.

I think everyone here will have a good time Monday.

Thanks for your impressions, I agree with everything you said. This first hour reminded me of the fifth season: still following the same formula, but extremely confident and firing on all cylinders.

I’ve always said the odd-numbered seasons of “24” were superior and so far 24LAD seems to be following that trend.

Very excited to second hour on Monday, especially since most critics agree thats the better of the two.

“If you’re hoping for a complete reboot or something totally fresh, this isn’t it. But if you’re a 24 fan and happy to see Jack Bauer back after four years and all the false starts on the movie, this looks to be a great time”

That’s exactly what I am looking forward to – reboots, prequels, etc. bore no interest to me. I just want to see the ongoing saga of Jack’s life pick up where the first 8 seasons left off. And all of the footage, clips and previews seem to confirm that’s what we’ll get.

Now, all I want like most, is confirmation that this 12-episode arc is not just a last gasp or deliberate swan song but actually a revival that will lead to more chapters in Jack’s life!

That said, none of us can ignore Kiefer’s age. Even though other actors are still playing action heros past their 50’s, few pull it off convincingly – so if Kiefer does want to continue on for several more season arcs like this, I could see Jack becoming less physical and more tactical in how he does his work.

Thanks for all this infos

So I’ve been toying with the idea for a while, and I think I might go dark and try to experience a season of 24 without seeing what others are saying. Just to try to judge it for myself and enjoy it. It’s been fun talking about spoilers for a while. Can’t wait for Monday!

An utter joke of a review (and not even a particularly funny one at that!) from Collider;

Not only does the reviewer sound like he already had his mind made up before he watched it – and calls the opening episode ‘”slow moving” when just about every other review says the complete opposite! – not only does he trot out the tired (not to mention inaccurate) old ’24’-lost-it-after-Season 5 mantra, but he goes on to criticize the new series for being like the old series… shock! gasp! the horror! I knew and predicted that some reviewers would criticize ‘Live Another Day’ for not reinventing the ’24’ franchise (even though they actually kinda have, vis-a-vis the new 12-episode format), but it’s still irritating nonetheless, why should HoGo and team dump the real-time and visual language of the series when that’s exactly what gives ’24’ it’s distinct identity?

Screw the critics (good and bad), Jack is back on our screens and it’s gonna be GREAT!!!

Man, the insecurity of 24 fanboys is truly disturbing. How dare these reviewers criticize the show for rehashing the old stuff over and over, how dare they? LOL.

::: why should HoGo and team dump the real-time and visual language of the series when that’s exactly what gives ’24′ it’s distinct identity?

No one complains about that. All the negative reviews stem from the tiredness of plotting and characterization, not from the technicalities of the show. Enough with this irrelevant straw-man, really.

Gerry Mander
May 4, 2014 at 4:31 am
Sorry Ozgur dude, coming from someone who has trashed the show virtually non-stop on this site, I’ll take no lectures from you, if it’s all the same! And I’m no fanboy, I don’t say ’24’ is great just because I’m a fan, I’m a fan precisely BECAUSE ’24’ is genuinely great, period.

And the majority of reviews so far have said the opening two episodes are the show firing on all cylinders, only a couple have been outright negative, and most of that negativity is likely political in motivation.

In support of Gerry, I don’t think many people here will delude themselves into thinking 24’s eight year run was anywhere near perfect. He’s right in saying that a majority of the reviews (including the impressions of several people here who have seen a screening of the first episode) have been highly positive.

There’s a difference between feeling cautious about this new series (while keeping an open mind unburdened by expectation) and the kind of excessive cynicism which Ozgur exudes in spades.

Except, the validity of an argument cannot be determined by majority vote. A negative POV can only be refuted by showing the invalidity of a POV. If someone complains about the lack of freshness of plotting or characterisation, that POV can only be refuted by actually showing 24 LAD offers some freshness in those aspects, not by hiding behind the “I don’t mind the formula”, apologism.

And guess what, none of those positive reviews actually manages to counter the “lack of freshness” argument.

Of course, I am in complete agreement. Consensus does not equate truth. That said, I don’t at all believe that anything should be condemned according to a single parameter within an otherwise much larger criteria. There is absolutely a case to be made about the lack of innovation in the show’s formula over the years. A particularly strong case could be made about the lack of innovation in this new miniseries. However, this *alone* does not reduce the quality of what may otherwise prove (and certainly appears to be) a competent and effectively executed new story in the ’24’ franchise.

Furthermore, as the premiere is designed to pull viewers in (both old and new) I don’t expect we’ll see any sign of deviation from the formula until we’re well into proceedings. The judgments being made here are simply premature. Come back in several weeks.

Gerry Mander
May 4, 2014 at 8:55 pm
“And guess what, none of those positive reviews actually manages to counter the “lack of freshness” argument.”

Actually it does, Ozgur good sir, many of the more positive reviews for the opening two episodes have directly mentioned that the show has a renewed freshness and a confidence in it’s stride, so you’re wrong there too.

And in defense of the ’24’ writers, they are locked into a tightly constrained narrative whereby things have to happen in tandem and be accounted for in real-time, that by default eliminates varying storytelling techniques used by other series’ and films, meaning the ’24’ writing team are locked in to an intensely linear story that has to play out virtually in onscreen real time (ad breaks notwithstanding)… that was and is an extraordinarily difficult thing to write over 200 episodes for, and thus I cut the writers a lot of slack, because they’ve done a quite extraordinary job overall thus far!

And I say all that not as a ’24’ fanboy but as a ’24’ fan… here endeth the lesson.

Mary Lynn has said in an interview with Yahoo when asked about the future of ’24’:

“Now that we’re up and running, and we’re doing this, everything’s felt really great so far. It feels like the effort that was put into it, to keep it going — how could you only have 12, you know? It seems kind of crazy now. My instinct is that, of course, we’re going to do at least a few more seasons [of 12 episodes each].”

Mary Lynn also said the same thing about the eighth season also and her prediction didn’t turn out so well (both the quality of show and renewal odds)..

God, I really do feel sometimes like I’m the only person who would rank Day 8 among the show’s best.

Brad dude, keep doing what you’re doing. I’m in full agreement with you that Season 8 was bloody good and sorely underrated… we’ll convert the heathens yet!

Glad to know there’s someone who’s like-minded, Gerry! Always loved reading your posts since I found this site.

People who are criticizing should wait for more than one episode. Jack is back
and that’s great.

I’m sure there will be much more and some better explanations as to what had happened, especially to Chloe