John Boyega, Charles Furness, Mandeep Dhillon cast in 24: Live Another Day

John Boyega, Charles Furness, Mandeep Dhillon
John Boyega (left), Charles Furness (center), and Mandeep Dhillon (right)

A trio of young up-and-coming British actors – John Boyega, Charles Furness, and Mandeep Dhillon – have recently joined the cast of 24: Live Another Day.

Boyega starred in 2011 monster movie Attack the Block and BBC’s television movie The Whale. In a recent interview with Interview Magazine he said “I just joined the TV show 24, which is filming when I get back to London next week. I’m playing an American, but it’s based in London, so I get to be at home and mess around with Jack Bauer.”

According to Variety, Boyega plays a computer tech who flies drones for the military. That seems to point to him being a CIA Agent.

Furness is playing a character named Peter which is described as “small guest part” by TVWise. No further details on his character are known.

Mandeep Dhillon currently stars as Saz in the hit BBC Three comedy series “Some Girls.” Details on her character are also unknown, but we speculate that she’ll be part of the hacking group that Chloe O’Brian has joined.

Source Variety


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Way too much info is coming out about the plot and it’s characters.
I feel like I’ve already seen it !!!

Incidentally the plot and it’s characters seem to range from nothing special to shite.

What I’m hoping for ultimately is a killer villain, every season so far (even the worst seasons) had at least ONE. The only performer so far I’m not familiar with is Judy Davis, so my hopes of a great villain are resting on her – because judging by the rest of the casting, there certainly isn’t another viable candidate.

Bloody hell, a lot of cast is Joining, at this rate this new series will be full of cast lol, oh well I think that is better since we get to see new characters :)

Looking forward to this new series of 24, Can’t wait to see Jack Bauer back in action again.

XAM is right about not knowing who the major villain is yet. I honestly hope it’s not Judy Davis. Why are people complaining about the too much info being released about the plot. You are on a website that say 24 spoilers. Don’t read it if you don’t want to know.

Sorry but maybe I am been a bit thick here but this site is for 24 spoilers (SPOILERS) so if anyone is moaning about the plots been ruined then you have yourself to blame because why visit 24 site when it clearly states 24spoilers, the clue is in the title, so don’t have a go at this site/Admins !!!

Never heard of these youngsters, but welcome to 24. I’m so excited.

P.S. Quit your whining 24 fans. If you don’t want to know about any plots, please feel free to not click on the sight.

Great to have more British actors joining in. Huge cast list, will there be enough room for character development though ?
Does anyone know how long will the whole series take to film in total ? I understand, they are more than half way through filming the 2nd episode.