24: Live Another Day Preview in TV Guide Magazine

TV Guide Magazine's Spring Preview Issue - 24: Live Another Day
TV Guide Magazine’s Spring Preview Issue – 24: Live Another Day

TV Guide’s special “Spring Preview” issue has Jack Bauer on the cover and includes a writeup on 24: Live Another Day. Check it out below.

The clock never stops. 24 was dead. Now it’s not. In 2010, after eight seasons chasing suitcase nukes and dirty bombs, Kiefer Sutherland said goodbye to counterterrorism agent Jack Bauer. But a new spy world has apparently proven enough to draw him out of retirement.

“Jack wasn’t quite done saving the world,” Sutherland says with a half smile. “Jack’s a guy with a strong moral compass, and that compass pointed him back to the center of the fray.”

24: Live Another Day opens four years after Jack slipped away on a New York street while operations analyst Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub) watched tearfully on her Counter Terrorist Unit screen. Much has changed, even as key players return. The action is set (and filmed) in London. The drama is compressed into 12 episodes instead of 24. Jack is leaner, meaner and a bit crinklier at the eyes. And he and Chloe – now a hardened goth type – are on opposite sides. She’s joined forces with a Julian Assange-style secrets bearer (Michael Wincott). “At least that’s where things begin,” says executive producer Jon Cassar.

Naturally, it’s a global threat that brings everyone back. President James Heller (William Devane) is in the U.K. to broker a treaty with Parliament. When national-security leaks fall into the wrong hands, Jack comes out of hiding, pointing his gun first and asking questions later. “Jack’s in a more aggressive mode,” Cassar says. He’s not answering to anyone.”

Sutherland admits he’s “cautiously optimistic” about the new season. “We had such an incredible run and an enormous fan base. You don’t want to mess with that,” he says. And yet it’s the audience that’s driving the return. “For so many people, 24 never really ended,” Cassar says. “People around the world still watch it on DVD or stream it, so these characters are still alive in a big way.”

Case in point: Kim Raver – who hasn’t been seen since Season 6 – returns as Audrey Raines, and she’s now married to White House chief of staff Mark Boudreau (Tate Donovan). The major thorn in Jack’s side is Kate Morgan (Yvonne Strahovski), a CIA agent whose ruthless tactics in pursuing him might best be described as Bauer-esque.

As the only actor to have appeared in all 192 episodes of 24, Sutherland can anticipate Jack’s moves. He jokes, “The No. 1 secret after all these years? If you can’t remember what to do in a scene, just duck.”


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The last time they saw each other was with Audrey in a coma, arguing very badly…

International treaty signing… check. Tough female agent… check. Audrey with a husband… check. Jack effectively forced back into the fray… check. Shall I hazard a guess now and predict that Jack will be given provisional status (unofficial of course!) at some point and that there will be scene(s) of tension between Jack and Heller over Audrey as well as scenes between Jack and Audrey wherein they look at each other longingly, lamenting the fact they can’t be together!

Stop me if any of this is familiar at all, and I wouldn’t want it any other way… #JackisBack!

No it’s all familiar, too familiar. Obviously the writers have never heard the saying “familiarity breeds contempt”, and my contempt for them is at an all time high. Give us back ballsy, fresh and exciting 24 instead of this repetitive bollocks!

*Sigh*… I was being tongue-in-cheek, XAM dude, not entirely serious, so just relax! And you don’t think the latter half of Season 8 was ballsy??? Jack literally tortures someone to death, goes on a rampage, and wages a one-man war against Russia and his own government… if that wasn’t ballsy then I’m missing something, because I personally thought ’24’ was ON FIRE for those latter nine episodes!

I’m giving the ’24’ writing team the benefit of the doubt – moreso now Bob Cochran and Jon Cassar are back on the team – and I would strongly urge you to do likewise… watch the new series to it’s conclusion and then make a judgement, that’s what I’ll do (as most people will), but I think it’s worth noting that the overwhelmingly positive and genuinely palpable excitement from 99.9% of people (judging by online comments) since the announcement of ’24’s return indicates clearly that people have missed Jack Bauer on our screens and are welcoming his return with open arms… I know I am!

Again, just relax dude, kick back and enjoy ‘Live Another Day’ for what it is and intended to be; great television, nothing more and nothing less, period!

Yeah go ahead and complain when YOU HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN THE SHOW YET. Grow up you child.

I could just as easily turn around and say you’re praising LAD without having seen it. I did the same with Season 5, but there was one huge difference between then and now. The plot details that were surfacing gave people actual, tangible things to be excited about, as opposed to just “Jack is back on our screens”. And yes, I will go ahead and complain, because the creatively bankrupt showrunners have given me plenty of reasons to.

And Gerry, yes I agree from Hassan’s death to episode 22 was some of the ballsiest 24 yet, but it all boiled up to nothing and the finale let them down massively, as did the one before it.

Anyway guys, go ahead and enjoy it, Christ I’m not stopping you, in fact I hope I’m proven wrong so I can enjoy it with you.

Based on the bits of info that have come out so far, I don’t think Jack is going to be given provisional status in the opening episodes like previous seasons. There’s a video from day 2 of filming where Jack escapes from the CIA and gets in a car with Chloe (episode 1 or 2). Kiefer and Mary Lynn were also photographed in a car together during episode 3/4 filming, and AD Nick Heckstall-Smith tweeted that he was feeding Jack’s lines to Mary Lynn during Tuesday’s filming (episode 3 or 4). It’s possible Jack may be a fugitive for the duration of the season.

two months left for television’s main event,i’m thrilled to see the BAUER POWER

Here’s a funny story: Yesterday I was in a home theater showroom looking to upgrade our home theater equipment. They said I could bring in my own DVD/BD to try it on the various models. Well I brought in 24 S4 episode 1and skipped to the last scenes where Jack shoots Sherak in the leg to get him to tell what the primary target is and then the kidnapping of Heller and Audrey with the rocket blowing up Heller’s limmo. When the salesman saw Jack shoot Sherak , he exclaimed ” Oh my God”, and turned and walked away. I guess he had never seen such a thing before and just couldn’t stomach it. Later my wife said I must have offended him. But I thought it was pretty funny.

hahaha!! That was hilarious. You have to spread the word, my friend. He MUST know Jack Bauer.

I agree with Jon & bob back it should be one heck of a season. Besides we’re only two months away from the premier & there’s still a lot we don’t know. We only know a few things about it. Heck the trailers aren’t even out yet. Season 8’s ending was just the tip of the fugitive idea for Jack. We don’t know how the season is going to go until it airs. So there’s nothing to judge yet. I also agree Jack almost started ww3 & went against his government. Every year Jack has been in a different frame of mind. There’s a lot of potential behind these new ideas we haven’t seen & have only heard. Give them the chance to show that in the trailers. Before you judge what you haven’t seen.

Jack has been a fugitive before, and they’ve never fully committed to it and the VERY FIRST of LAD shooting we see is Jack being cornered by the CIA who are obviously going to be his CTU (on a provisional basis… naturally), so it doesn’t look like they’re going to commit to the fugitive idea now. Coupled with the fact Heller is Prez and Audrey has his ear, just sounds a little too cosy and convenient.

On the plus side, I’m looking forward to Jack getting another earfull from Heller, god knows he’ll deserve it if he goes on another tirade about being an under appreciated, self-sacrificing government pawn again.

On the even plusser side – the season 5 Jack Pack is back… in black.

Also, when did Bob Cochran first leave the show?

I actually think Jack may remain a fugitive for most, if not the entire season. There’s a video clip showing Jack escaping with Chloe after the showdown with the CIA, and he’s still interacting with Chloe during the second episode pair.

And even more promising was Howard Gordon’s comment comparing the Jack/Kate dynamic to Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive (and also downplayed any similarity to the Carrie/Brody dynamic in Homeland).

I believe Bob Cochran’s contract with FOX officially ended with Season 6, but he apparently stuck around to help the writers hammer out the premise and early story developments for Season 7 – as it was such a problem coming up with a suitable premise to begin with and they were already seriously behind schedule – he subsequently stayed on until they came back after the WGA strike and left very soon after Joel Surnow did in early 2008, his name subsequently disappeared from the onscreen executive producer credits a few episodes after Surnow’s.

Hope that helps, XAM sir.

Well, I think that explains alot actually. Interesting to have him back.

Nice one Mander!

Yea I agree there are certain story-lines they didn’t play with a little longer. Like the shoot on sight story. When Moss & the FBI thought Jack shot & killed Blain Mayor. Larry’s orders were to shoot Jack on sight but that never happened. The same in season 8 when piller basically gave the same order. But in the last few episodes Jack was determined not to get caught. But there was other things to. like he was framed in season 5 as the sniper who shot Palmer. So he was either framed or he was coursed into committing a crime because the enemy had leverage. Like the kim thing or Audrey. He was never in a official capacity branded a fugitive. Jack totally went on a rampage in season 8.

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