24: Live Another Day “The Clock Starts Ticking” Promo

FOX has released the first promo for 24: Live Another Day featuring all new footage of Jack Bauer’s return.

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Holy crap!!! I cannot freaking wait!!

This is too good!!


Okay, anyone not excited beyond all human reason and rational thought about this new series please kindly and quietly exit the building if you would… ’cause that was just plain AWESOME!

Welcome back Jack, it’s been way too long dude…

No, I’m staying ‘cos that looked fantastic! I’ve not analyzed a trailer frame by frame like that since day 5.

”There is no going home for me”WOW!!! is this the trailer

Amen to all of the above – I can’t wait either. I can’t believe how great Kiefer looks now compared to the pasty-faced, aged version he looked like in “Touch”. I guess the enthusiasm of a part he was born to play has revitalized him, along with a training regimen.

March 8, 2014 at 3:17 am
You have to watch this in slow motion or frame by frame. It is hard to do with the regular you tube viewer but when you do it shows some scenes that you can’t see at full speed.

March 8, 2014 at 3:21 am
Slo mo viewing reveals that the US is trying to renew leases on bases used for launching drone strikes and that there is protest against the use of drones but an angry crowd.

Very cool promo, really kind of seems like Jack vs the world. Being hunted by the CIA, President hates him and the new White House Chief of Staff is calling him a “psychopath,” his former girlfriend is married to another guy, and his only friend left (Chloe) isn’t on good terms with him.

Since some of the scenes flash by so fast, I took a bunch of screencaps and attempted to explain stuff. Check it out on the Facebook page.

WOW!! Looks absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to see Jack Bauer and Chloe again!!!
The trailer looks absolutely thrilling. Btw does anyone know what role Branko Tomovic is playing (at 0:18) in 24?

Trailers was awesome & for those who don’t know Kiefer mentioned recently that he’s in pretty good shape. Not to mention he said he got in shape again for Jack that could be why he looks looks pretty much the same. Like he looks the same like to seasons ago.

Awesome promo! Anyone know who Jack is slamming against the wall? Also, in the clip of Jack surrendering, it looks like the other person might might Kate (looks like a blond). Also, RIP in advance to Audrey’s husband. :D

I’m praying they show some restraint with Audrey’s husband. To make him a complete and utter dick or an outright villain would just be pandering to the shippers – who are complete and utter genetic trash and lowest form of scum on the planet. It would be much better to make him a decent man who is good for Audrey, rather than a plot device to give Jack another shot at happiness through his inevitable death or villainy. I hope they show some restraint with killing Audrey too – kill Chloe instead!

Looks like Ross McCall.

Thanks, I’m really curious about Ross McCall’s character, as they haven’t even revealed a name for him. They mentioned Kate has a traitorous ex-husband, but he’s probably in prison (unless he escaped or received immunity).

Just found this tweet from Maxim Wrottesley. It appears his character is the one being slammed against the wall by Jack in the promo:

Maxim Wrottesley ‏@MaxWrottesley Mar 9
First peek at @24fox @24LAD if you look carefully at 10secs in Agent dean makes a brief appearance

I love the bass when Jack appeared and Steve Navarro says “Stop it right there…”


Jack breaks all the schematics.

March 8, 2014 at 11:19 am
I’ve read this elsewhere and now I’m wondering the same:
Will Jack still refer to President Heller as Mister Secretary? hahaha
I don’t think he’s ever called him anything else.

From all the clips and photos they’ve released, it doesn’t look like they’re repeating the “Jack working for the government on a provisional basis” storyline. Looks like he teams up with Chloe and they’re going to work together without the help of the CIA.

Some clues from the clips and photos so far:

Episodes 1/2:
-The CIA hunts locates Jack at an apartment complex
-After a shootout, Jack escapes in a car with Chloe (possibly the end of episode 2?)

Episodes 3/4:
-Jack and Chloe are together in the car.
-They part ways, but stay in contact (AD Nick Heckstall-Smith tweeted about feeding Jack’s lines to MLR on Tuesday).
-Jack goes to Kennington Station (likely in contact with Chloe).
-CIA locates him at Kennington Station, Jack escapes.
-Jack shows up at the location where Heller is targeted for assassination (the Walton filming location from Wed/Thursday, where the protesters are shown).
-Kate catches up to him there.
-The assassination attempt likely occurs here (as there were several reports of gunfire during the Wed/Thursday filming).

Excellent summary, Chlojack!

I believe Howard Gordon already hinted at Kate Morgan and Jack Bauer working together, though. I want to say it was part of that IGN interview from two weeks ago but I could be mistaken.

I’m guessing Jack will prevent the assassination attempt on Heller in ep 3/4 and then he’ll be pardoned or something and work with the CIA. It’d be cool to see Jack as a fugitive the entire season, but I don’t think it will last that long.

Yeah, I think that’s the likely scenario, and a good way to end “act one” of the season. Episode 5 could potentially be Heller’s pardoning of Jack for saving his life. Could be a pretty amazing moment involving Jack, Heller, and Audrey.

it looks like another presidential assassination attempt except this time mixed with technology and computer hacking instead of a bomb/nukes. mix that with bauer being hunted and the audrey-mark-jack love triangle and you’ve got 24LAD.

Just wondering if this is the same thing they are talking about here seeing as they haven’t yet advertised this “The Clock Starts Ticking” promo on their Facebook / Twitter channels.


Yeah, it’s almost certainly going to be the same promo. I’m fairly sure the announcement is going to be that FOX will debut this first footage on television during the premiere of “Cosmos” at 9:00 PM tomorrow.

You think? I think it seems so pointless to advertise that and hype it up when they have already put it up on YouTube… I was thinking it was going to be for a full length trailer.

Yeah, I think Fox is hinting at an official trailer for tomorrow. Hope the trailer isn’t completely Jack-centric and shows a bit more of Chloe as well as the new characters.

If they were planning on releasing a full-length trailer, I’m sure FOX would’ve posted this promo to their official Twitter or Facebook accounts as a “teaser” of sorts (like movie studios often do).

They did not, and it wasn’t uploaded to their official website either, which leads me to believe it will be the exact same promo.

Keep in mind that most people didn’t see this yet – they uploaded it to YouTube at 10:30pm on a Friday night, not exactly the best time for news coverage. For the vast majority of people, they will be seeing it for the first time when it airs on television.

I don’t think so anymore. FOX just tweeted that we’re gonna see a preview during NASCAR and that they would post it after it aired. If they already posted it, that wouldn’t make much sense.

I agree with 24 Spoilers in that it’s the same thing posted above. They must not know that someone in the department in charge of their YouTube channel has uploaded it already.

March 9, 2014 at 4:09 pm
Yes, the above trailer was just shown during NASCAR race.

Dear gerry (or someone else) could you write me what Jack says in the end ?? I’m not English speaking, I understood the rest but not the last sentence ! thanks !

At the end Jack says “There’s no going home for me.”

He’s most likely referring to his status as a fugitive and how he’s unable to return to the United States.

Thanks so much !

Dammit! The mod beat me to it, haha… sorry about that, Catherine sweetie!

Anyone here notice Jack has tattoos now… how much more badass can one person be?

Jesus, does this look fantastic !!! I’ve replayed this promo several times already ! Simply can not wait for the clock to start ticking ! THE BEST SERIES EVER TO AIR ON TELEVISION !!!!!

Even though they’ll be played by different actors, anyone else think that the assassin Branko Tomovic is playing in this trailer might really be Jonathan the Sniper from Day 1?

No problem Gerry, I’m going to need help in the next months, Jack is always whispering at full speed :)
Yes I notice Jack has now the same tattoos than Kiefer !!! I liked that, the trailer is very promising.
I think Chloe and the character played by Wincott are behind the protest against drones we see in the trailer as Mary Lynn said Chloe is become a sort of Assange/Snowden character. May be that’s why she confronts Jack: he wants to save the president and she is against the american gouvernment for personal and political reasons.
Another thing: it seems Audrey plays a sort of First Lady, as Heller is not married (widowed ?)
But I still wonder how the authors will explain that Audrey has dropped Jack to marry another guy who besides, hates him !

Hate I missed this on FOX, but glad to see it here!!!

Jack Bauer has been hiding in Eastern Europe for the last years (perhaps Serbia, he has connections there?) and the assassin(?) shown in the promo is played by Serbian actor Branko Tomovic.
So I’m guessing the Drone Base is located somewhere in Eastern Europe, and the terrorist wanting to kill heller are from Eastern Europe as well. And Jack got hold on info about the threat when he was on the terrorist home ground so to speak.

It works nicely together with the fact that he comes to London to prevent a terrorist attack (probably to save Audrey).

Love it!

How much you bet that at the end Jack saves the day (as usual) and Heller grants him a full pardon so he in fact can go home. I also hope they resolve the fact that he is wanted by the Russians. A pardon by Heller only resolves half his fugitive status.

Hm I don’t think he’ll get a pardon…… The rest of your post sounds like that things would get easier for Jack. & for Jack nothing ever gets easy for him.

Yes, but America’s greatest terrorist fighter can not stay estranged to his country forever. At some point he must come home and be reconciled.

Hope Jack gets to talk to Kim in the finale.