Manny Coto: 24 Live Another Day being treated as “one-time miniseries event”

Manny Coto at the 24: Live Another Day 2014 TCA Panel
Manny Coto at the 24: Live Another Day 2014 TCA Panel

24 executive producers Evan Katz and Manny Coto discussed the upcoming season with the press on a conference call this Thursday. Hypable and Business Insider have some of the details.

Hypable has the most detailed writeup:

Just as the political landscape has changed in the four years 24 has been off the air, so has the television viewing landscape, favoring shorter TV seasons.

“People’s viewing habits have changed, Katz said. “Asking people to devote 24 weeks is a bigger ask than it was years ago. This is more inviting. It’s not going to happen all the time. It’s not taking place over a year and it gives the network an opportunity to put more oomph beyond the launch.”

Coto also said that while more seasons are possible, 24: Live Another Day is a complete and self-contained story with an ending that could serve as a series finale if need be. Business Insider has the full quote:

“It’s possible certainly,” said Coto. “Obviously, it will depend on eyeballs that tune in, but one thing to keep in mind is that we all came back to tell this one last story — this one last day of Jack Bauer’s life. If there’s more beyond, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

At the moment, Coto says there’s nothing planned past the mini-series event, but “24” fans can still hold out hope.

“Nothing is impossible,” added Coto. “We are treating this season as a one-time miniseries event. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The ending could be the end of ’24’ for good if you look at it that way.”


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“one thing to keep in mind is that we all came back to tell this one last story — this one last day of Jack Bauer’s life. If there’s more beyond, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

Does that quote imply that Jack could be killed at the end of LAD? Not sure they have the guts to do it though.

I don’t really want Jack Bauer to be killed off, because I just can’t even imagine a death epic enough for his character…

If they do kill him though, wouldn’t be kinda ironic since it’s LIVE Another Day?


On the other hand, I can’t see the character living ‘happily ever after’ either. The Day 8 finale found a near perfect middle ground – one that was thematically appropriate for Jack and for the show at large. Unfortunately, they can’t do the same thing again. Not without conceding creative bankruptcy. So there’s an interesting issue in just how you go about closing Jack’s story for good.

Season 4’s ending would have been perfect for the series, Jack is dead to all but still out there. Killing him off now would be redundant.

That’s how USA Network’s “Burn Notice” ended.

True, and I bet that will get a tv movie or something one day too

It does kind of sound that way, especially with his following comment that the ending “could be the end of 24 for good if you look at it that way.”

One way to interpret that comment would be Jack Bauer being killed off with the possibility of Kate Morgan (Yvonne Strahovski) taking over as the lead.

But I don’t think they have the guts to kill him either, and even if they do, I doubt the network would allow it.

I agree that Fox would have a difficult time approving of the death of Jack Bauer. A happily ever after would be amazing, but I don’t see that happening either.

I doubt it, if a possibility of more seasons exists, they’ll never kill off Jack Bauer.

Isn’t it obvious what will happen to Jack? One word: Lumber…

I think I would be perfectly content with this being the only encore for 24,

If they can make a good profit on 24LAD, Fox will want to do another 24 event series. One every 2 years would be fine with me. Networks are always wanting money making shows. There are so many networks now doing original shows, profit making shows are in demand. He is just saying what he said as a way out if 24LAD is a flop.

It will be interesting how many people tune in. Also, how many new viewers tune in who did not follow the classic 24 when it was broadcast. 24 has a lot more fans now than it had 10 years ago due to word of mouth and DVDs and Netflix. Just read the comments on amazon. Lots of people discovered 24 after it ended in May 2010.

Article about today’s filming with more photos of Kiefer, Yvonne Strahovski, and Emily Berrington. Looks like Kate and Jack are trying to get Simone out of the hospital. So that means Audrey probably wasn’t part of the hospital scenes and is safe.

I’m of the opinion that the saga of Jack Bauer should end with his death. Seasons 5, 6, 7 and 8 all provided, to some extent, suitable stopping points for the series, but there’s always been this tragic quality to Jack which I would like to see brought to its fatal conclusion.

I actually thought Season 4 with Jack Bauer being “dead” to all but four people was the perfect end point for the series.

Agreed. I just rewatched the season 4 finale and it would have been the perfect series finale. Amazing episode. Got goosebumps.

That’s true, the season 4 finale is genuinely amazing but the show was very young back then, and it was still building in momentum. Season 5 was it’s peak in popularity and that’s also an appropriate if grim finale. But I guess I’m glad we still got a couple more seasons because they had their own great moments.

I’ll probably be proved wrong (again), but I’ve been getting the distinct impression of late that is could really be the last hurrah for Jack, a few examples;

* Jon Cassar mentioning “closure” when he returned to ’24’ last year.
* Kiefer Sutherland saying “this LAST series” in an interview.
* Manny Coto saying “this one last day of Jack Bauer’s life” in the above mentioned interview.

Sure, they’ve been understandably coy and somewhat cagey about further ’24’ after this upcoming series, but what else could they say? If they just came right out and said “this is the end”, that would automatically set alarm bells ringing as to Jack’s potential ultimate fate, so they’re just saying “could be… maybe… might do…etc” when asked if there will be more ’24’ after this one. If they knock it out of the park with ‘Live Another Day’, it would definitely be a good time to end it, in their time, on their terms, close the book on a high by choice and not have it closed on them by force because of dwindling ratings.

They just better not try and keep ’24’ going with a new lead should this be Jack’s swansong, that would be so misguided and wrongheaded for any number of reasons…

The only other character who could conceivably have carried ’24’ as a new lead was Carlos Bernard. That ship has sailed.

I personally think James Badge Dale was the best candidate. He’s got that rugged and gritty look and is a capable and talented actor. The storyline they had going with Jack being Chase’s partner and mentor felt like it was building up to a “pass the torch” moment eventually.

It doesn’t seem like Chase really connected with the “24” audience though. Sometimes I feel like the only person who liked that character.

No, I’m in agreement with your liking of Chase. I thought he was a solid character. I’m not sure James had quite the same…presence as Kiefer though. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had initially toyed with the idea of Chase taking over as many cast contracts were coming to an end that year (hence the Season 4 ‘reboot’ before the old cast started returning).

Tony would have been a natural choice. He carried a lot of the action in the second half of Day 7 extremely well and he’s a complex character with several interesting parallels to Jack.

Never liked Chase, I liked Freddie’s character more than Chase, even with the stupid mountain man thing in 8.

Could do a whole “in the line of fire” storyline with Aaron as the lead, but only for 12 episodes I’d say. Tony would have been great at one point, but now not so sure, he could still work if say Wilson escapes and he has to go stop him.

I did like Chase a lot and his character was one of the reasons why season 3 was my favorite of the entire series. It would have been awesome to see him in later seasons.

I don’t know why some people don’t like Season 3; it’s personally in my top three…

It’s very good! It’s certainly in the top half of my personal ’24’ season rankings. For others, I think it lacks something…memorable. It doesn’t have the kind of groundbreaking moments which elevate Seasons 1 and 5, for example.

K as much as i I’m excited the show is returning, I’m getting really sick & tired of the writers giving these teasing answers. You got Howard who was more positive & open about doing further seasons. He said if successful. Very possible. Coto’s answer seems to be a wait & see answer. The said all of this about season 8 before ending the show. Now they’re constantly recycling old answers for this new season. They said season 8 had a beginning middle & an end. But what it really had was a beginning middle & a cliffhanger. & I’m sure in there heads it’s being treated as a single season. But some how I really don’t think this will be it. & the audience will tell them. I’m sure season 9 will have a beginning middle & cliffhanger. NOT an end. You can only listen to the same story some many times before people stop buying it. Like the boy who cried wolf. So stop with the teasing a answers. & that includes fox & agree on an answer they can all collectively agree on before they give it. As I said I don’t think this will be especially when they said it’s possible for more seasons. So please stop teasing the audience & just be straight with them. If they’re implying this show has a long franchise potential why not just leave it at that. Why the continuous teasing…… Sorry don’t buy there responses with regards about 24 continuing because after this I believe it will. & the whole beginning middle & end answer. ect.

24 doesn’t do spin offs you guys…… When Jack Bauers done so is 24…… As for ending on a high note??? Are you serious if they make a touchdown with this season people are going expect more seasons not less…… & they should do more. 24 is a show well deserved of a long franchise. Honestly think about what you guys are suggesting before you suggest it.

’24’ not only deserves but in reality is already a long-running franchise, Joshua dude, it has been going thirteen years, encompassing nine seasons and one television movie to date… it’s not that I want ’24’ to end, it’s more that I want it to end when it’s still in it’s prime and to go out on a high. We’re all aware of television and film franchises that clearly have went on past their sell-by date, I want ’24’ to end at the top of it’s game, whilst it’s still both relevant and rip-roaringly great!

I’ll be sad when ’24’ does ultimately end and Jack hangs up his man-bag for good, but I’d be sadder if it ended with a whimper not a bang… I want ’24’ to go out akin to ‘Breaking Bad’ and not akin to ‘The X Files’.

I just hope HoGo and Kiefer know when they reach that point…

First I don’t want Jack die, he’s now an American hero, it would be really depressing, as if the Jack’s and America’s enemy had finally won, even if he dies sacrificing himself or something like that.
On the other hand, if the audiences are good and the fans happy, I don’t see Fox refused to make more money. And they know that people watch the show because of Jack Bauer, and not for real format or action… So, I hope what says Coto, which is very ambiguous anyway, is just to push the fans to watch the mini-series.

“real-time format” I mean…Sorry for my bad English :(

Gerry Mander @ I get your point & lot of people feel that way about T.V shows & movie’s as well. With that said it’s not for the fans to decide how long 24 should run. I think if they can always come up with new material There can always be more story to tell. Now eventually Kiefer is going to reach a certain age where he will feel it’s time to stop & that’s fine. Season 8’s ending didn’t end on a high note it ended on another cliff hanger. Which you can not expect the audience to not ask for another season…… These 12 episodes will allow the writers to be more free in there stories… Now there was a lot they did in eight seasons & that includes the T.V movie…… But this global concept they have with Jack a fugitive…. If they choose to do more seasons they could have Jack travel. or fake it I suppose if they choose. & Technically a decision about a a show depending on the success of the show of course doesn’t get discussed until after a series is over…… If they all collectively agree after season 9 that there’s more story or stories they wanna tell that is there choice. or if they end it with a theatrical version that is also there choice. This season also depends on if it is successful they may do more….. & if not they may end it. But they clearly have things they may wanna try & ideas they are considering. Like a movie version which they said was very different from the 9th season. I think win they are truly truly done people will know it… & it hopefully WONT end on a cliffhanger… As I said in a previous post I don’t buy responses about 24’s future yet because they don’t sound like they have there minds made up…… & they are also implying ideas they may want to try or are considering…… Why it is a concern for the viewer who is only watching of how long a show or any show goes on. Is a bit crazy for however long they choose to make it just enjoy it or move on. but again it’s not up to the audience how long it may or may not get made

Umm, actually, it is up the audience. No audience = no show.

@ Brad I meant as far as the show continuing. Perhaps I didn’t clarify myself very well so let me rephrase that one. If the new season is successful & the ratings sky rocket Of course they will most likely do more seasons. But now they ended the series with season 8 the ratings went down but fans still wanted more 24. The loyal audience are of course going to be happy if they do more seasons….. obviously how many people watch will help them decide. But my point was for how ever long they choose to make more seasons of 24 is there decision. So I don’t understand how people can say I’m so glad 24 is back but I hope they don’t screw it up by letting it run to long & I hope they recognize when it’s time to stop…… If your excited 24 is back just be excited it’s back. & leave it @ that. Don’t be concerned when if or how long the show should continue. & yes I say again just rephrase myself the audience will hopefully be a big factor in that….. As long as people enjoy watching it they will enjoy making it until they’ve felt they have got all they could outta Jack Bauer. Perhaps I should’ve said DON’T personally decide for them when Jack Bauers story or stories should end. As the writers of the show they will decide this. As long as there enjoying themselves the fans should to. Don’t assert yourself in there decision about when you yourself personally think 24 should stop. We will help the decide on more seasons but when it stops it’ll stop. But the writers will decide how many stories there willing to tell.

I’m one of those people who can watch a great movie or series over and over…that being said, if this is the end of 24, I would be okay with that as long as they don’t kill off Jack! No one wants to see the hero die! I prefer to think of him working his magic and using his incredilbe skills in various parts of the world, like in 24: Redemption and finally settling on some remote island to live out the rest of his days. I have the entire series on dvd and periodically I need my Jack Bauer fix – and I get it every summer – I watch another season. For me, it’s like watching it for the first time. There’s always something I missed or re-living a favorite scene. I have enough “24” to last me for years to come! Thank you Keifer Sutherland for bringing one of the most exciting, exhilaratng characters ever to televison!