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Kiefer Sutherland: It’s very exciting to be Jack Bauer again. Jack has been out of the United States since the very end of season 8. He’s been underground for four and a half years and has resurfaced in London, England.

Jon Cassar: James Heller who is now the President is also in London, and Jack Bauer shows up. So is there a connection? Is he here to harm the president, is he here to help the president? We don’t know.

Benjamin Bratt: I play the head of the CIA branch in central London. I’m tasked with tracking down and capturing Bauer.

Tate Donovan: I play Mark Boudreau and he is the Chief of Staff to the President of the United States. He’s also the President’s son–in–law. His wife Audrey has been in a relationship with Jack, so he really does not like Jack Bauer.

Yvonne Strahovski: I play Kate Morgan, a CIA agent. She’s the only one that suspects Jack is up to something. She’s the first one to actually figure out that he was trying to get caught.

Mary Lynn Rajskub: Chloe’s back. She’s had it with keeping the governments secrets and trying to do the right thing all the time. And Jack comes out of nowhere and wants her to help him stop this plot against the President. Which of course the CIA believes that he is plotting himself against the President.

Jon Cassar: We’re not doing 24 episodes, we’re doing 12 episodes. So those twelve episodes are still going to represent one full day, but we’re going to skip an hour or two. And so things happen pretty quickly.

Manny Coto: This season starts fast – the train is already moving and you’ve gotta run to catch up. And you’re on for a ride from episode one all the way through. There’s not one let up.

Kiefer Sutherland: We’re going to push this as hard as we can.

Evan Katz: Lots of things blow up. There’s secrets, there are twists that you don’t see coming. London will never be the same.

New Footage

These are mostly quick glimpses and/or very minor observations, but thought they might be worth pointing out as the video moves quite fast.

  • Jack is being chased by armed CIA agents through Shepherd’s Bush Market. He runs up to an armed agent and gives him two quick knees – one to the stomach and another to the face. Totally badass.
  • Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau and President Heller talking with General Colburn (played by Colin Salmon). Another scene has Mark Boudreau placing a necklace on his wife Audrey.
  • Jack being placed into the CIA interrogation “interview” room.
  • Jack Bauer and CIA agent Kate Morgan (Yvonne Strahovski) engaging in a firefight in a narrow hallway as Chloe takes cover behind Jack. He was clearly missing his shots on purpose and allowed himself to be taken into custody.
  • A brief glimpse at the hacker room with Adrian Cross (Michael Wincott) and Chloe O’Brian. Actress Mandeep Dhillon can be spotted on a computer behind them suggesting that she is part of the hacker crew.
  • The “Simone” character played by Emily Berrington appears to have a ripped stocking and blood on her face indicating she was in some kind of scuffle (the briefcase she is holding seems to be sought after). She comes face to face with Jack Bauer after stepping off a train and causes a public scene by screaming “Somebody is trying to kill me, help me!” before running away.
  • Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau (Tate Donovan) talking to a character played by Ross McCall. Most likely scheming and up to no good.
  • Jack gets the jump on CIA agent Kate Morgan (by sneaking up on her in the shadows “Batman” style) and tells her she’s “going after the wrong guy.”
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This really looks fantastic. Love seeing Yvonne back in full Sarah Walker mode.

I used to be obsessed with 24 until around Season 6, when I kind of gave up on the series and didn’t want to watch it that much anymore. It took me a while before I truly appreciated the last three seasons, mainly Season 7.

With that said, I haven’t been this excited for a new season of 24 since Season 5.


Yup, same here! This is the same level of anticipation I had for season 5.

It really does look fantastic.

My only concern at this point is that the cast seems absolutely enormous. Kiefer said the CIA, MI5 and MI6 are all after Jack. Then you’ve got a whole hacker crew, military seems to play a large part, the political aspect, the villain(s).

I’m not sure how they can cram all that stuff into half the amount of episodes while still doing justice to the characters, but I hope they pull it off.

I’ve always felt like Season 6 in particular had too many villains, probably due to the fact that they were trying to top Season 5. In S6, you had the Arabs, Russians, Chinese, Jack’s family, Americans trying to assassinate Palmer, etc.

I do think they can pull it off with LAD though; this new season would appear to have more direction than Season 6 did…

The trouble with Season 6 is they had a fantastic premise that they didn’t know how to fully develop and follow through on for the season at large… plus they killed some of the best characters (Curtis, Hamri al-Assad, Graem) far, far, too early, leaving them with a lot less meat on the bones thereafter!

That doesn’t appear to be the case with ‘Live Another Day’ though (at least I hope not), the tight 12-episode format means the writers are forced into being very mindful and both concise and precise in their overall plotting, they simply don’t have either the time or latitude for superfluous subplots or mistakes in the story, and that’s a good thing! If ‘Live Another Day’ turns out like gangbusters, both in ratings and reception, and FOX orders a new series for 2016, I really hope they stick with 12 episodes, tightness and brevity is their friend and should be embraced…

The thing that facilitated Season 6’s collapse, I think, was that it peaked too early. A nuclear bomb was successfully detonated on American soil at the end of the fourth hour. That was it – the apex of the season. You couldn’t possibly top that. What do you do with that for 20 more episodes? The first quarter of episode 5 was fantastic, but the potential thereafter was squandered and, perhaps, not surprisingly.

Those first four episodes of season 6 are some of the best 24 has ever done. I’ve seen them probably about 5 times at this point and they hit me every time. Perfectly calibrated suspense-wise, character-wise and emotion-wise.

I actually think there was a lot of good stuff in season 6, especially what they did with Jack as a character, but also a lot of the action sequences (Fayed’s death is a prime example of great 24) and much of the Wayne/Noah conflict despite the rehashing of the 25th amendment.
That was all just sandwiched between plenty of bad stuff unfortunately. But I still like watching it. Karen Hayes and Tom Lennox for example, are two really great characters. And I love the premise of the Al-Assad/Fayed antithesis (I agree with Gerry, they probably killed Assad too early in the season).

The cast size was my biggest concern too. I hope this is one of those seasons that starts out big and becomes more personal as the season goes on.

Were going to push this as hard as we can that’s great. I have no complaints hopefully whatever they don’t do in this season. will be left for hopefully another season. Yes it’s 12 episodes but 24 always seems to put layers on top of layers of stories. 24 has just about always as had a big cast this season is no different. These writers have remained consistent & there smart.

No, Seasons 1-4 had very intimate cast lists.

Well that’s true but apparently from interviews there are a lot of story elements in play…… I’m not sure why the cast list is a concern for the viewer that all there doing is watching…. Apparently there going to try & give this season as much potential as possible. Even if it is in 12 episodes kinda silly to jump the gun on a season that is not only a month away but a season we haven’t seen yet. for me personally I can’t wait for 24 like most of everyone here….. But with that said there’s not really any reason for concerns as there’s nothing to draw from….. I mean were all watching the show not making it…..

About Kate Morgan: “She’s the first one to actually figure out that he [Jack] was trying to get caught.”
This is a new thing… and I think the show is about to move forward to show Jack’s cunningness.

Jack trying to get caught sounded pretty interesting. Maybe that’s part of his plan for stopping the assassination attempt Heller. I bet Kate winds up going off grid with Jack for part of the season.

So they’re still shooting outdoors during the daylight hours, so either they haven’t skipped any hours yet and this is the 6PM/7PM block, or they skipped all night episodes completely.

If there’s a slight chance that Jack’s objective might be to hurt Heller (as much as I love the old codger), then that’s the first genuinely interesting piece of news about this day. Nice one!

i have a very good feeling about this season and i dont know why

That’s kinda what they implied @ the beginning @ the TCA 2014 They said Jack resurfaces & has a mission weather it’s a dark mission or not we dunno.

Season 2 of LAD will take place almost directly after the first. The threat will be small scale, original and deeply personal, Jack will be on his own with no help from anyone because Jack’s convenient, miserable potato faced sidekick (and the writers’ trusty cheat code) is now worm food.

Here’s hoping.

I was curious as to how many of you view ’24′ as their all-time favorite TV show. Even though there are certain seasons which I dont think are that great (seasons 3, 7, and 8 were subpar; season 6 was horrible), ’24′ is still far and away my favorite show (seasons 2 and 4 are my favorites). I’ve recently been watching The Wire, Game of Thrones, and House of Cards because my friends have been raving about these shows, but IMHO they aren’t nearly as entertaining as ’24′. What do others think?