Mary Lynn Rajskub on 24’s future: “I’d be very shocked if they didn’t keep going”

Mary Lynn Rajskub at 2010 Teen Choice Awards
Mary Lynn Rajskub at 2010 Teen Choice Awards

Mary Lynn Rajskub comments on the future of 24:

“I would be very shocked if they didn’t keep going based on the experience of making [Live Another Day] and the excitement for the show,” she said. “Originally they had planned for these twelve [episodes] to wrap up the entire story and franchise and then the seed of the idea they had grew and everybody involved got really excited about how good it was turning out.”

The actress – whose character is now working underground for high-profile hacker Adrian Cross (Michael Wincott) – cryptically added: “We’re on episode nine and ten and I still don’t know what’s going to happen with any of the story lines in eleven and twelve.

“If my character manages to live through these twelve then I would be on board.”

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So I just listened to Sepinwall and Feinberg’s latest podcast and they weren’t as positive towards LAD as some of the other critics. To summarize, the said it’s not much of a change from previous seasons, and the new characters are similar to old ones. One of them (I think Sepinwall) wasn’t fond of Tate Donovan and Gbenga’s characters, and said Yvonne Strahovski is pretty good, but prefers her in roles with a comedic side to them. Interesting.

Here’s the link:

“Originally they had planned for these twelve [episodes] to wrap up the entire story and franchise…”

Well that explains what Jon Cassar meant with his “closure” remark last year, interesting they had every intention going in that ‘Live Another Day’ was indeed going to be the swansong for the saga. I would respectfully suggest to the ’24’ writers (should they ever read this) that they be very, very careful in deciding how to proceed further with the franchise; if they genuinely feel they have another story in them that is as good as anything before, then hopefully we’ll have another limited series in 2016, but if they’re not sure they can better ‘Live Another Day’ then for goodness’ sake, let it go gracefully, and either call it quits altogether or alternatively explore the possibility of a two-hour+ ’24’ feature film, of which would have a much shorter and more compact story than an eight-and-a-half hour limited series storyline… food for thought at least.

Thanks chlojack, of course I never had to see it to know that would be the case. This is definitely looking like the dullest new character lineup of them all, not to mention the awful plot. I hope more critics call the writers out for their repetitive storytelling, maybe they’ll think twice next time before laying down the same old “Jack back because attacks” template.

I really, really don’t see how this cast lineup looks any worse than the characters introduced in Season 8 (Arlo Glass, Rob Weiss, Cole Ortiz, Dana Walsh, Brian Hastings). Cole and Brian were serviceable, but only Hassan was the true standout. I don’t see that being the case here.

Season 8s new cast list would be second worst on my list, saved only by Hassan. LAD is worse because most of the new characters are copies of copies of shit copies of previous characters, as opposed to day 8s copies of shit copies of previous characters.

Unless you’re a screener who has seen the first few episodes before everyone else, it’s ignorant to judge the new series without a basis other than press releases, photos, and trailers.

That’s like saying it’s ignorant to judge watching paint dry or prison rape till you’ve tried it. We’ve got plenty to go on to make a sound preliminary judgement, and to me at least the plot is tired and boring, and so are the “new” characters, also I’ve seen enough of the actors playing them to know they won’t be anything special (aside from perhaps Michelle Fairley).

Your analogy is humorous. I never would’ve thought 24 would be compared to prison rape.

My point was that the majority of us haven’t seen the series yet, and most of the content that has been released is from the first two or three episodes. So how exactly can it be god awfully bad when none of us know one hundred percent yet?

To be devil’s advocate to my own point, we don’t know for sure that it will be good either.

I personally think the character Simone looks boring, and it looks like she’s in a lot of LAD…

The cast they’ve assembled for LAD is excellent, and I’ve seen most of the actors in other projects, although I didn’t see Gbenga in The Wire, where I heard he was fantastic. The new characters do kind of fit the usual 24 character template, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But for people who want something completely different, it might be a problem. But I think the majority of fans and even critics will just be looking for an entertaining, action packed, storyline, so hopefully the positive reviews will outweigh the negative ones.

Sepinwall didn’t say it was bad, just that the new characters were similar to the old ones. He also admitted it was too early to judge the quality of the season this early on. Plus, I think it will take a few episodes for the new characters to really develop. How well developed and interesting were Tony, Michelle, Nina, Renee, Chloe, or Bill in their first two episodes? It took time for their characters to really develop.

Those characters had the opportunity to develop across seasons though. I’m not sure these new batch of character will have that opportunity. That said, I don’t mind some of the new characters. Morgan, Navarro, Donovan and Cross look interesting to me.

I suppose we’ll see how they hold up once the next 11 weeks are over.

Here’s a positive, 4-star review from The New York Daily News.


The interviewer is a complete and utter bottom.

And pretty wrong:

“Moreover, there’s the little matter of Jack’s history with both him and his daughter (Kim Raver)”

There is nothing wrong with what the critic wrote. It is actually you who have misread the whole paragraph.

I tried typing this a few days ago on my tablet but chrome crashed. I don’t think this the end for Jack. The whole “Live Another Day” motto could be used in an emotional scene near the end of the season. There’s one person who understands Jack and has had a lot of misfortune come their way..and it’s the person in the picture up top. I could easily see Chloe sacrificing herself to let Jack live another day. If the press release is true, Chloe already lost her child so it’s not a reach she dies to save the only person left in her life. This changes Jack from being cold and alone to realizing he still has people that care about him.

How this is set up…no idea. I’d figure the terrorist plot would be wrapped up in ep 10 or 11 with 12 being Jack being chased by the government.

sekweyama ben kenneth
May 1, 2014 at 2:57 am
Was of da view since 24 omprises of hours in day lets go on&make up 2 tweleve episodes so wrap ,finalise bauer,s ending story otherwise dint see wat happened to tony almeida,kim bauer,are Russians goin to relitaliate after da murder of thr diplomats who had hand in murderous of president hassan…..[see many gaps if 24 closes up on dis season!!!

sekweyama ben kenneth
May 1, 2014 at 3:04 am
Lastly is counter terrorist still in active,what happened to president palmer stil alive or incapacitated ,former national security adviser karen hayes &da burial of bill buncanan,da problem is jon cassar is sidelining most of directors who made 24 to live up i.e brad turner,milan cheylov michael klick ,ian among others!!!!its one showman event lets us involve co directors &appeal management of fox entertainment please thnx

Well I appreciate Mary Lynn’s comments much more than Kiefer’s, that’s for sure!