Gbenga Akinnagbe video interview: “it’s going to be a ride”

New 24 cast member Gbenga Akinnagbe sat down for an interview with Screenjabber and discussed his character Erik Ritter and the return of the franchise.

Gbenga hadn’t watched the series prior to being cast. Despite his best efforts to catch up, he had to pack for a six month trip to London and only had time to make it to the second season. He appears to have been a fan of what he saw, since he changed his personal cellphone ringtone to the famous 24 clock ticking sound.

“Jon Cassar who directs most of the episodes… Him, Kiefer, and Mary Lynn – this show is in their blood. It’s cool to come into this world that they’ve built and see how it’s changed. It’s gonna be intense. You get thrown right into it – Jack is back and he’s in better shape than ever. It’s going to be a ride from start to finish.”

A very funny moment occurs halfway through the interview, where Gbenga recalls the infamous hacksaw scene from the second season premiere. “I saw him do an interrogation and it hadn’t gone one minute before he shot the dude in the head and cut his head off. I was like ‘What the fuck?! How are you gonna get any information from him then!’ [laughs] This guy, he doesn’t mess around.” and followed it up with a nice 24: LAD tease “so, is he the same person? I think maybe a little crazier.”

Source Screenjabber


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