Mary Lynn Rajskub: 24 Live Another Day Episode 9 is ‘outrageous, can’t believe’ what happens

Mary Lynn Rajskub in 24: Live Another Day
Mary Lynn Rajskub in 24: Live Another Day

Yahoo TV has an interview with Mary Lynn Rajskub and she teased that the ninth episode of 24: Live Another Day which is being filmed now is outrageous, over-the-top, and super exciting.

Are you still filming?
We’re still filming. I’ll be [in London] until June 15, and I’ve been here since January.

Oh, right before the finale. That’s always an extra-intense time in a “24” season.
Oh, you hit the nail on the head, because I read Episode 9, and I emailed [producer] Howard [Gordon] and all the writers and I was like, “Oh my God, I can’t even believe what is happening right now!” I’m on the show, and I know, but this is outrageous, so exciting, so over-the-top. All the scripts have been really good, and it’s exactly what you just said: the intensity with Jack and that last block of the season, and now it’s happening even more quickly in 12 [episodes], so that’s just upped the ante on the excitement, and the adrenaline.

Read the full interview below.

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This has me extremely excited! Episode 9 features the first time jump in LAD which could mean formula-breaking stuff.

Do we know that for sure yet?

I know they’re shooting episodes at night now, but it’d still be getting dark out naturally at 7:00pm if there was no time jump.

Well, I’m only going off what has been revealed so far; that the first 8 episodes happen across consecutive hours. I took it to mean that Episode 9 would be the first to jump forward.

Less than two hours until the premiere!

Wonder what happens in Episode 9? I am so excited, anything big going to happen lol.

Just read the full story and Mary Lynn stated we could have more seasons of 12 episodes after this one, brilliant if it happens.

I don’t want this new series just to be a one of, I want 24 to return every year lol :)

They have to skip 12 hours total throughout the day. If the first 8 episodes are real time, that means we will see everything from at least 1100 to 1900 hours. This means that if they were to jump those 12 hours from episodes 8 to 9, they’d be catching up at 7 am and going on until 11 am. I don’t see how they don’t do that. How are you gonna jump 12 hours with only four episodes to go unless you do it in one go? Four episodes would really be the bare minimum to set up the end of LAD.

Imagine that on the 24: Live Another Day finale come July, wonder if the ending was going to be a Breaking Bad series finale-like ending.

The hype is real.

I must admit, 24: Jack Is Back is on, LAD starts in 12 mins and I have a raging stiffy. Bring it on Sky1!

I’m really excited too – never thought I’d be like this! Buzzing. Hope everyone enjoys. 10 mins guys.

Peace broseph! Enjoy the show.

Will be interested to hear your impressions XAM!

You’ll get my full thoughts tomorrow, but I’m going to bed happy with what I’ve seen which I never thought would happen.

Happy to see you speaking like that!


I thought tonight’s episode was not bad, not great. I thought the scenes in the first hour would have worked a lot better if they were presented in a different order. In almost every season, ’24’ opens with a terrorist attack or threat and everyone including Jack is scrambling to stop the next threat. That ‘formula’ works better than what we saw tonight. Also, that lady from ‘Chuck’ doesn’t have the right presence for ’24’. And I don’t like what they’ve done with President Heller. On the other hand, I like the potential of where the series can be going. Time will tell.

Well that was a damned impressive start to the new season, it has to be said! It took me a bit to get used to the different feel – being shot in London as opposed to Los Angeles – and aesthetic – the fact it was shot on digital not film – but once I cleared that, it took off like a rocket and never let up!

I’m not going to spoil anything here for people who have yet to see it (Catherine sweetie, prepare yourself, haha!), but colour me thoroughly and very impressed indeed, kudos to all involved for that was just plain AWESOME! Ladies and gentlemen, we have lift-off…

P.S. I think Kate is gonna need some aspirin… ouch!

Thanks Gerry !! I’ve seen the 2 episodes in the afternoon…and you already answer to my question: I thought something was different in the images, the aesthetics of the show but I couldn’t tell what, it’s because is shot in digital !!

I’ve my feelings in an other topic, so I don’t want to repeat myself, but I did like very much, but I think the episode 2 is better, more intense…

And for Kate, don’t like her too much, she’s a copy and paste of Renee

Dorothy Noel
May 6, 2014 at 3:31 am
I was so excited for 24:LAD and it didn’t disappoint.. It seemed like the sane 24 but a fresh feel to it.. Can’t wait till the next episode. I hope it did great in the tv ratings demo too.