Branko Tomovic: Belcheck is like a Swiss Army knife

Branko Tomovic in 24: Live Another Day
Branko Tomovic in 24: Live Another Day

It was even only for one episode in the beginning. I was just about to fly to Los Angeles for five weeks for pilot season for the first time and had just paid for flight, hotel and car. Three days before I was supposed to fly out, I received the offer for 24 and cancelled the L.A. trip as the new season is completely set and shot in London. I was thrilled and excited to be part of this series, but it’s the first time I accepted a part without really knowing what the character really was. But because I was a fan of the show before, I trusted that 24 will be something great and cool, so really wanted to do it.

Belcheck is like a Swiss Army knife. He is good with weapons, explosions, vehicles, demolition, speaks different languages… probably much more than we have seen yet. Belcheck is very useful. I have been told that some people tried to reach him and call the number which was listed on his van in episode 1, but sadly it’s out of service!

Belcheck with grenade launcher
Belcheck with grenade launcher

On my first filming day of 24 already, I suddenly found myself holding this rocket propelled grenade launcher in my hands and blowing things up. We have specialists for every department on set, and the armory guys came up with some really cool and inventive stuff. I also met the great stunt team. I have done quite a few action projects recently and really enjoy stunt driving! The make-up team and I decided to keep my red birthmark which works great for Belcheck, and to extend the scars that I already have on my eyebrow and the back of my head, and roughen him up a bit more. The tattoo with the slashes for each killing is fake, of course. He is very mysterious, silent but deadly, only opens his mouth when he has something important to say and is only loyal to Jack.

We receive the scripts as we do it, so we don’t know what will happen. Each time I’m scared to read the next script because I don’t want my character to die! Anyone could die at anytime in such a series. It’s exciting to work like this. It’s like real life. You never know what’s around the corner. The whole 24 experience has been nothing but fantastic in every way for me and I’d be thrilled if they asked me back for more.

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Really love this character, he is very mysterious. I enjoy the dynamics between Jack and him very much.

May 31, 2014 at 1:57 pm
Belcheck is a very interesting character and it’s unfortunate that he’s had so very little screen time so far this season. Hopefully, he’ll have a bigger and more meaningful role as the season goes on. Belcheck has had so very little dialogue so far this season and we know that he is a loyal friend of Jack Bauer. Belcheck has mentioned in one episode that Jack had previously saved his life. I think that Belcheck will most likely be killed by terrorists very late in the season.

Maybe Belcheck is the one who save Jack and Kate in the next episode? (6) And if not in the next episode, it’s gonna happen sooner or later. He is just that guy that come to resque when “all hope is lost”

Hopefully it will be more like in the premiere, with Jack already planning it out with Belcheck, rather then him just being a Deus Ex Machina.

He reminds me of Jean Reno from The Professional all the time, but Branko is damn awesome! I can’t wait to see what badassery he has in store for the last half of the season!

I always get super excited when he says even one minor line…wish he had more! He seems like someone who would be an awesome partner for Jack in the field.

He’s literally the best sidekick in the field Jack’s ever had.

A promising character, but he needs more character growth; not enough screen time in my opinion.