What did you think of 24: Live Another Day Episode 6?

24: Live Another Day Episode 6 Discussion
What’d you think of 24: Live Another Day episode 6?

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Thoughts on 24: Live Another Day Episode 6?

Tonight’s episode was written by David Fury and directed by Omar Madha.


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Best episode so far. I loved how visibly angry I was when MI5 was fucking things up.

Are you freaking kidding me? Navarro as a mole?

After eight seasons AND being off the air for four years, they STILL reuse the mole plotline?!

Even if he’s not working for Margot, it’s still redundant.

Try not to make such an absolutist statement when there are 6 episodes left.

What’s a CIA plot without a mole?

More like: What’s a 24 season without redundancy?

If you want them to get rid of the moles, then you’re asking for something that doesn’t work. Explain to me how all government agents are always good and that creates tension and drama? Without a mole, that’s what you’d have. It’s no different than having terrorists with wobbling senses of right and wrong– should we get rid of the Simone-type stories, too? The morally grey stuff of Jack doing nasty stuff for Karl Rask for a greater good of stopping bad guys?

Because you can have government agents that disagree with one another on policy, like real three dimensional people. I would’ve rather had Navarro be like Ryan Chappelle than have him be just another mole…

It’s not like just a few seasons of this show had moles. In fact, every season has had some type of mole except for Season 2. Granted, there were different types of moles, such as Gael in Season 3 and Spenser Wolff in Season 5. But there was still the suspicion in all but one season, “Is there a traitor in our midst?”

If Navarro is working for the Chinese, or Adrian, or has a motive that has more depth than, “Allahu Akbar,” then I’ll accept it more than I do now, and I’ll admit I was wrong.

I understand that I can’t fully judge this season yet since it’s only halfway over, but so far, this season as a whole has been disappointing to me…

Okay, I see what you mean. I agree that generic moles (ugh, Marianne Taylor) are a waste of plot but the twisty ones like Gael and Jamey and stuff… I enjoy those stories, too. I feel like Navarro isn’t cut-and-dry because he already does seem to care about his agents but he has something else going on. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t hire Benjamin Bratt to play a generic mole so am curious to see where the story’s going. I agree, though, that if it’s bland, it’ll be redundant.

I miss characters like Chappelle, too– I hate that Division more or less died at some point in the last few seasons and we had whoever was in charge of the unit reporting to the White House Chief of Staff. The debates kind of stopped after that and it wasn’t as much fun.

I think I will rewatch the first half of the season tomorrow and maybe seeing all the episodes at once will make me like them more…

There’s no doubt about the viewing experience being so much better via DVD than enduring the commercial breaks to disrupt the action.

As far as missing Division to interfere and/or bungle the game plan of Jack, it seems to me that the writers are going to use the British goverment/MI:5 in that capacity this season. Watching them screw up Belchek’s and Jack’s plan brought the same reaction as in the past whenever the bureaucrats of Division (or CTU/FBI) got in the way.

TJ– I think you’re right. I’m excited that the PM is doing more now than showing up, exclaiming disbelief in the plot, and leaving again.

Agreed! This is a little different from what it seems as well. Why is Navarro doing this? Was he ordered? Undercover? Was he (they) trying to get rid of Adam, or simply get Kate fired, or just sent back to the US?

If we’re ditching everything repeated on 24, let’s also scrap the Jacksack, the phrase “open up a socket”, Chloe scowling, “dammit!”, a bad guy having some decency, a good guy having a little bad in him, any and all Russians because they’re always up to some dastardly shit…

kiki vanderway
June 2, 2014 at 10:32 pm
If they didn’t pay homage to the mole ploy it wouldn’t be 24! But I have a feeling this will turn out to be more complex and I am thinking Navarro is mixed up in something deeper than the standard Moles-R-Us

Like I said, if Navarro has a deeper objective that it would appear, I would accept that more and admit that I was wrong. But since we’ve seen them repeat themselves in the other eight seasons, I just don’t have that much faith in them as I used to.

This episode did have some great moments, but why does the CGI look incredibly bad this season? I’m not one that cares too much about graphics, but this season’s CGI has been exceptionally bad and worse than the other seasons by far.

Which part of tonight’s episode are you referring to?

These last two episodes have been ON FIRE (like Season 5 level of flames). Three weeks ago, I was complaining about how redundant and stale everything felt. How things have changed…

If you’re talking about the specific CGI scenes that I think look bad, here are some examples:

-All drone scenes
-Jack slicing Bashir’s throat and the blood splatter
-Naveed getting shot and the blood splatter
-The mansion explosion
-The blood expanding out of Naveed’s sister after being stabbed looked awful, and Simone getting hit by a bus looked even worse
-Blood splatter in the legs of the protestors Jack shot

Just some off the top of my head. Like I said too, I don’t mind graphics too much as long as everything else is good, but I just think the CGI this season has been “eh.”

The blood leaking out of Naveed’s sister from a knife wound did look pretty cheesy and amateurish – almost like those paper towel commercials showing how quickly the product absorbs the liquid.

Simone getting hit by a bus was actually not CGI – it was a stunt performer named Casey Michaels.

I agree with the rest of your list, though. The CGI hasn’t been that great, but luckily it only takes up a few seconds per episode.

I would rephrase by just saying that “what’s 24 without its popular formulas?:
1. Jack’s frantic, hurried whisper mode of talking.
2. Jack’s favorite lines: a) “I give you my word” / “damn it” / “hurry, Chloe..”
3. The mole.
4. Jack willing to give himself up to the authorities – but only after he accomplishes his mission at hand.
5. A torture scene that uses a) electrocution; b) acid on a knife wound; c) gunshot to a limb or fleshy area.

Dude go back to reddit or 4chan if you want to be an ass, this isn’t the place for it.

yes the mole again can’t Howard Gordon get original

But if everyone at the CIA group were squeaky clean, then you’d hear the anti-mole plot people complaining that everyone was too boring and what they seem. These guys can’t win…

I don’t think that’s true. In fact, I was really liking Steve’s character until the big reveal.

Agreed – Ben Bratt brought some integrity to the role that rekindled memories of Bill Buchanan. The fact that he seemed a goody-two-shoes type that works by the book makes the writers’ selection of him as the mole even more predictable yet anti-climactic.

We don’t even know what his f’king motivations are or who the hell he’s even talking to yet. Calm your farm, detractors, and make your judgement in several episodes time at the very least!

Agreed, Brad. All we’ve got is a scrambly phone call. And he’s probably not a mole because he didn’t make the call in the bathroom! :)

You really thought he was a super-swell guy? I’ve thought since the first episode that he’s condescending to Kate and Ritter and even worse to Jordan. He didn’t remind me of Bill at all. I’d been trying to add up how his moments where he doesn’t seem so bad (willing to talk to Jack before sending him off to be tortured, attempts at comforting Kate, even if they were passive-aggressive) add up to everything else. He didn’t give me the same decent guy feeling as Bill, who walked in the door and was awesome from the start.

But he’s not a mole. Kate’s husband was busted for selling secrets. It’s clear now that he was framed and that Navarro was a part of that. That doesn’t seem to be related to the terrorist threat at all (if it is I’ll be disappointed). So if it’s not a mole situation, its inter-office politics that in previous seasons have been used to eat up time between the main story line points. The writers have done a nice job stripping down the Kim and the cougar type crap given the 12 episode run, so I don’t think this is just petty CIA backstabbing either.

So it isn’t the overused mole, and it’s not the soap opera office drama. It is a very clever positioning between those two clichés. My money is on Navarro selling secrets to Adrian to make a little extra scratch and framing Kate’s hubby. it will serve to bring Adrian back into the story to redeem both him and Kate.

Come to think of it, Mark is very similar in that regard. He isn’t the evil political henchman like Pillar. Nor is he an outright traitor. He’s just a guy making selfish decisions that are going to bite him in the ass. The writers have found new ways to draw on old archetypes this year. It makes the series feel familiar yet fresh. I like it.

I think it works this season because the White House side plots involve characters we actually care about. Most viewers didn’t really care whether Olivia Taylor was going to get busted for having Jonas Hodges killed, but we all care a lot what is going to happen with Mark’s forging the rendition order, because it directly affects Jack, as well as Audrey and her father.

That said, I am no longer convinced that Mark is just a slick politician/jealous husband. I am thinking that maybe there is some connection between him and this Chinese subplot we have going with Kate’s husband and now Navarro. Mark has been going around peddling this story about how he brought Audrey back from her ordeal in China that makes no sense, especially now that we know from his conversation with Jack that he met her after she got back from China. So I am thinking, what if he either had something to do with her capture or had something to do with keeping her in such bad shape for so long? I know Mary says this would be too predictable, but I don’t think so. I think everyone is supposed to think he’s just a jealous husband/scheming politician, and nobody is expecting him to have been involved with the plot going back to season 6.

I cared about Olivia. Not so much some other political plotlines (Daniels and his aide from Season 6? Really? lol) but I did like the Taylors. I agree that this one is engaging because it has returning characters. It’s always better with a mix of old and new, I think.

I think Mark would make a super villain but it wouldn’t be anything we haven’t seen before. Logan locked Martha up in a mental institution. Kim and her creepy psychiatrist on Day 5. It’s just… he’s too that guy in desperate need of reminding you he went to Harvard (or the like) by throwing “fait accompli” into his everyday conversation and making you want to punch him in his perfect teeth. He’s the guy that drives you crazy when he’s not wrong about something because his approach is so terrible. I just don’t see this character as a sinister type of villain and even if he was? What does that say about Audrey? If the plot is Jack rescuing poor hapless Audrey from her big bad husband, why do we want her to be with him when she’s nothing more than a damsel in distress? Can’t Jack do better for a challenge than a guy who is a villain? That’s a little bit of an easy win for Jack. I think he can handle more than that.

I think the funniest thing about this plot is how they’re both ending up in the same boat. When Jack said to Mark that if he lived through the day, he’d be going straight to prison, Mark’s all silently ‘Uh, me too. Great talk, Jack.’ Before these two can duel for Audrey they have to stop the drones and keep the Russians at bay. That’s just kind of a hilarious plot. I feel like though they’re obviously never going to be best friends, they’re rapidly having more in common, despite getting in one another’s way in every way possible, whether it’s for Audrey’s affections or Heller’s regard or stopping the drones or anything to do with the Russians. At some point, they’re either going to be forced to work together or both drown.

I think Mark is slimy enough as is and agree with your take Mary. Jack needs somewhat formidable competition and it’s a disservice to all three characters involved in this triangle if Mark turns out to be pure cartoon bad. I think he could still make some really bad choices, worse than he has already, but he can’t have always been irredeemable.

Also meant to say that I also think the Chinese are going to play a bigger role towards the end of the day for the same reasons you said. Dropping in that bit in the premiere too about mentioning the Chinese fleet expanding near the Diego Garcia base was another hint to me as well.

Normally, I would have hated this mole reveal really really much, but something (even desperate) has to be done with Navarro’s character urgently because he was easily among the most bland agency-directors ever in the show. If this is the way to salvage the character, so be it. Though I still would have preferred him blown to pieces instead with that drone strike.

Agreed. He was so boring and yet played by such a name actor that you could see something had to be coming down the pipe… :)

He might be a mole, but then again, the voice of the caller was distorted. I won’t jump to any conclusions as of yet. While it definitely has to do with Kate Morgan’s husband’s treachery, maybe Navarro might not be the mole. He might not be working for Margot Al-Harazi, but for someone else who just wants Kate Morgan out.

There could be a twist that we haven’t seen a million times. He could be a counter mole like Gael in season 3. At the very least, it’s intriguing because we are left guessing about who he was talking to – we don’t know yet if that person is a terrorist or what their agenda is. Usually moles are revealed by talking to someone we already know is bad.

I was pretty annoyed by this too. Maybe they did learn something and we are just not in on it yet. But, for now, it seems pretty lame.

Kate’s husband was innocent. It’s Navarro.

kiki vanderway
June 2, 2014 at 10:06 pm
Wow….just wow. Where to begin….Kate! –the best field agent of the series awesome! no b.s. getting it done…. Simone didn’t see that coming….Mark -!holy hell he’s in a world of trouble….Navarro— is he really? And who is the voice on the other end of the line?

I’m dying to know why Navarro is involved. The Simone thing was so great and Kate Morgan wow. Wow. Wow…. :)

Stunning episode. Yvonne Strahovski FTW.

Best episode of the season yet! On the edge of my seat all hour. Intense torture and shoot-out scenes. Didn’t any of the MI-5 survive?? Thought the little girl was done for, glad it was Simone who got hit. Who is Navarro talking to?? Can’t wait until next week!!!

As soon as Simone got hit by the bus, I could only shout with with glee, “Good! Finally!”. It was the same reaction I had in S8 when Jack killed Dana Walsh – for the same reason: I was glad to see a pathetically boring, overacted character get eliminated.

Of course, my joy was shortlived as soon as the preview clips of next week showed Simone alive in a hospital and being rescued by Jack. Dammit!

How much u wanna bet that the voice on the phone with Navarro is Chloe’s hacker boyfriend.

You know, that would be interesting. That’d almost set it up so that there’s circle in the plot, and help explain some things.

Is so obviously him

Fantastic hour of television.

How cool was that Kate Morgan kill? Yvonne Strahovski was great this episode.

kiki vanderway
June 2, 2014 at 10:35 pm
Well Kiefer said he wanted to knock our socks off….well played! thanks David Fury!

Maybe it’s the rumors of a spinoff featuring Kate Morgan that tainted my view but the entire torture scene of her seemed recycled from S8 – from the electric shock treatment that we saw which was identical to how Jack got tortured by Bazaev’s men to the way she used her legs to choke the villain, just like Jack did in both S8 and in the S7/”Redemption” movie after being burned by a sword.

Well when your hanging by your arms theres really only one way to skin a cat! ;)

June 2, 2014 at 10:27 pm
How many of you saw the big reveal at the end coming from a mile away? It is similar to previous end-of-episode reveals that involved a cell phone call such as S5 with the Henderson-Logan call and in S4 Marianne-Marwan call (I think it was Marwan?). Only this time a new twist: we do not know who Navarro was talking to. Brilliant.

Agreed. It also reminded me of “It’s Yelena” and how Nina was worried then that her cover would be blown.

June 2, 2014 at 10:41 pm
Oh yes, I forgot about that one.

So wonder who he’s talking to…

Ok, time to admit I was wrong. Within less than…what is it, like 12 hours? LOL.

Okay, so I was pissed off yesterday, (as many people on here saw,) because I thought that Navarro was just another mole, and at the time, I didn’t care who he worked for or what his motives were. I think that I was fearing the idea of another mole for so long, (I didn’t really want Mark or Navarro to be moles, in particular) that I was very close minded to the idea from the beginning of Season 9.

Well, I just re-watched the episode, (specifically the final scene like, at least five or six times now,) and I can say without a doubt that Navarro is working for Adrian, which I actually think is freaking awesome.

Even though the voice is scrambled, it is clearly obvious that it is Michael Wincott’s (Adrian’s) voice on the other line. If you listen to some of his earlier lines in the previous episodes, it is easily recognizable. Plus, Navarro never mentioned anything to do with drones or Margot, which could make his search for Margot legitimate, making him exclusively involved with Adrian, and that’s freaking awesome!

Also, did anyone else notice Adrian wasn’t present in this episode? I know Open-Cell left Chloe at their hideout in Episode 5, but I still think that is an indirect way of telling us that it’s Adrian. I mean, the first episode besides EP1 that Adrian’s not in and we see that Navarro is a mole? I think it’s connected.

I have always loved 24’s three dimensional characters that might use the wrong methods to achieve great goals; Charles Logan, Walt Cummings, Christopher Henderson, and even Tony, to name a few. But one thing I don’t like is a mole that is just in it for money, because we have seen that so many times before. After re-watching this episode, I have a whole new idea about Navarro.

What if Navarro isn’t really good or bad like the characters I mentioned above? Sure, there’s a scale that says who leans more towards good and evil, but what if Navarro is trying to help the free information movement by being Adrian’s government contact? That would be an entire sub/side plot in itself, which would actually make this original.

I look like a foolish boob as I re-read my comments, but I also do stick with some of what I said earlier. If Navarro IS just another mole, or Adrian and Navarro are working for Margot in the end, then a great opportunity will have been destroyed by the writers. If not, then this might actually be one of the best seasons!

Completely and utterly agree with you, 24fan24.

Agreed too, 24fan24. This also explains how Michael Wincott is a series regular but Adrian Cross appeared to have left the plot in 9.05 without a reason to really return to it for the foreseeable future. And, yeah, it’s undoubtedly Cross on the phone. So much so that I’m wondering if the only point of having it be scrambled was so that we’d all remember that Cross isn’t stupid enough not to have a voice scrambler. Otherwise, they might as well have just told us outright, though it was more fun that they didn’t.

I would be inclined to agree with you both on that voice being Adrian. There’s just one little snag with that theory: When Chloe was being held by Special Activities, Adrian did not know where she was. It was obvious that Navarro was in contact with Adrian, if that was Adrian on the phone, so why wouldn’t he have told Adrian where Chloe was? Just wondering, I’m sure they could make it make sense, but on the surface, it doesn’t.

If Navarro and Cross have been up to information exchanging shenanigans (which I absolutely believe they have been) then it’s a bit too coincidental that one of Cross’ people ended up being captured by his buddy Navarro’s people. And then Cross is still taking calls from Navarro even after what happened to Chloe at the hands of the CIA. So I’m wondering if Cross actually sold out Chloe, and he’s why she ended up captured in the first place.

Of course, then Cross needs a motive for that. Well, Chloe being captured was part of what kicked Jack back into action, got him in contact with the CIA, meaning that now Navarro has a means to get to Jack. If Cross has dirt on Navarro (due to the framing of Adam, and Navarro being the one who sold info to the Chinese in the first place), that’s handy for blackmailing him into doing his dirty work where Jack is involved. If Cross is orchestrating this big WHATEVER and part of his plan involves using/eliminating Jack, several story elements could tie together nicely.

And to take this speculation one step further, if Cross always wanted Chloe as bait to help draw out Jack, he could very well be behind the death of Morris and Prescott, because it was that loss that put Chloe in a mindset where Cross was able to snatch her up. (If this is the case, could we pretty please get a scene of Chloe holding Cross at gunpoint. She doesn’t hafta kill him, but a confrontation between them over him murdering her family would be warranted.)


I’m having trouble buying that Cross is an evil mastermind, even though you don’t get much more “bad guy” than being the scrambled other end of a mole call and played by Michael Wincott. He’s obviously up to something but I think his personal feelings and his politics are pretty much exactly as we’ve seen them so far. He’s not into taking direct action because that’s not what Wikil–err, Open Cell– does, that’s not his (and their) politics, but those politics are born out of a kind of uberpatriotism. Adrian Cross is a “power to the people” kind of guy– he wants citizens informed and regaining control over the corruption in their governments. The biggest shock of the Navarro call isn’t that Navarro is a mole, IMO, it’s that Adrian Cross is helping a CIA agent cover his tracks without a gun to his head.

I believe that Cross is in love with Chloe. I think he would do anything for her. Looking back on it, Chloe was missing for three days and Cross had to assume the worst but he stayed, even though her disappearance made his whole organization vulnerable. He was obviously happy to see her when she returned and was okay. Like everyone else on this show, Cross can be dragged into doing something he probably would rather not if it means protecting someone he cares about. I think you’re right in that it connects to Chloe but I don’t think Cross set her up.

What’s weirdest is that Cross wasn’t angry that Navarro was going to get caught and he would lose a source for Open Cell. It doesn’t seem like Navarro is giving information to Open Cell at all– this is all about Adam Morgan and the stuff Navarro framed him for leaking to the Chinese. Cross and his group are protecting Navarro. They did the tech stuff to help him cover his tracks. Why would Cross lift a finger for Navarro? What favor does he owe him?


I don’t think Navarro knew Chloe was down there. They told us that “Special Activities” operates under its own charter (in the same building) and keeps its list of who they have down there classified. Jordan had to hack into their systems in order to find out who might be down there that could connect to Jack and it’s only then that he and Kate figured out that Jack would be there for Chloe. It’s kind of like two offices sharing a building and, occasionally, they let each other make photocopies when the Xerox machine is down. They wave hi to Agent Dean in the morning and bring him a donut from time to time, but the CIA people don’t know who he has down there.

Which actually makes the whole Navarro and Adrian thing more interesting. Look at how much Navarro flipped out when Kate started suggesting that Jack had wanted to get caught and was coming for someone in the building. Navarro’s not dumb– he’s aware that Kate has great instincts as an agent, which is why he had her husband framed and is doing everything he can to get Kate out of his office before she figures out that he’s the mole. But, in retrospect? It’s as if Navarro panicked that Jack was there *for him*. It’s only after Jack escapes and it’s clear that he doesn’t know what Navarro is up to and was only there for Chloe, that Steve relaxes a bit… and reinstates Kate.

Jordan’s reaction to Navarro’s command, the music (and mood) also gave it away.

June 2, 2014 at 10:34 pm
Also, did anyone notice a similarity between Jack reaching up to hit the enter key in the heat of firefight and the scene in S4-ep4 where during a firefight the terrorists reaches up to throw the switch on the suitcase nuke. Or maybe I am just a little too much of a 24 Asperger type.

June 2, 2014 at 10:35 pm
Sorry, I mean S6-ep4.

THAT’S why that seemed familiar! Thank you! :)

-Farah on Day 9: sister of a reluctant antagonist (Naveed); Farah on Day 4: Dina’s sister. Both Farahs not aware of terrorist threat in their family, nor were they terrorists themselves.
-Simone kills parent of a young girl who idolizes her; they are running in the streets; Simone gets hit by a bus. All inverses of Kim Bauer on Day 2– Kim kills Gary in self-defense later in the day, after running around trying to save Megan. At one point, they both take a bus to CTU to get to Tony. Kim was rescuing Megan from an abusive parent while Simone was trying to get away from her abusive mother.
-The obviousness of Naveed having Debbie Pendleton’s phone in his pocket. :)
-The guy the camera lingered on who was moving Naveed’s body who looked a ton like Morris O’Brian. Morris was held hostage by terrorists and forced to help them on Day 6. Naveed refused to help in a somewhat similar plot and died. Morris got kidnapped in the first place because he thought his brother was in trouble; the plot that happens after we see Naveed’s body and Guy Who Looks Like Morris involves Naveed’s sister.
-The key to Jack conning someone is a bank account that needs to be accessed containing a couple of hundred thousand dollars of money missing from a terrorist stolen by Jack. Somewhere in the 24 afterlife, George Mason is laughing really hard at this plot.
-MI:5 getting attacked because of the mission is like MI:6 offices in LA getting hit on Day 6, especially because Jack needed info from their computers that he was scrambling to get and said info was related to a redheaded coconspirator of the terrorist they were trying to get to. Simone = Diana White; Margot = Saunders.
-That guy coming after Kate with the drill is like Fayed & Morris on Day 6.
-Kate strung up and tortured that way– white shirt, side wound, electrocution, the whole nine yards… too many parallels to count that have some/all of those. Chase on Day 3. Jack with Bazhaev’s goons on Day 8. The Day 6 Debrief/Jack in China. Jack on Day 2 with Kingsley’s men, etc..
-Russian embassy guy = the Cheng Zhi of that consulate but the new Mikhail Novakovich in terms of how wrapped up he is in the White House story.
-“She said you were good, a good man…” Kim on Day 1 to Andre Drazen: “My father is a good man.” (Andre: “No, he’s not.”)
-It’s possible that Heller might have forgotten that Jack was a traitor in that scene in the beginning where he forgets the circumstances surrounding Jack’s play. If that’s true, he might have gotten behind Jack so much because he thought it was back in the old days. This is similar to Jack on Day 7 thinking David Palmer was the President.

err: MI6 attacked on Day 3, apologies.

I have a funny feeling Navarro was talking to Cross.

If that’s the case, it would be a bit too convoluted to an already loaded storyline that is trying to hit all the angles (Beaudreau turning Jack over to the Russians / Audrey falling all over for Jack and a jealous husband like S4 / the entire wicked witch and her two tortured kids as the villain). Cross made sense to set the context of what happened to Chloe (even though see seems to be back to her normal self by Ep6) but making him into a bigger role seems a stretch.

But we don’t yet know what that role is. I think we’re going to see that a lot of this stuff is going to quickly begin to overlap. We learned early on that Adrian Cross can only be prompted into direct action if it affects someone he cares about or if someone has a literal to the heads of his Open Cell family. Otherwise, it doesn’t gel with his politics or his character. He also is pretty indifferent on the phone with Navarro. He doesn’t sound like he has some big mastermind of a plot, more that he was helping Navarro out when it came to the tech of covering Navarro’s tracks, which fits because one of the few things we know about Navarro so far is that he is *terrible* with computers. He relies on Jordan entirely where the tech stuff is concerned, so it would make sense that if he was the one leaking secrets, he’d have to have someone cover his tracks for him and help him frame someone else. But why Adrian Cross? Yeah, he’s insanely good at computers but so are a lot of people. What’s the personal connection between Cross and Navarro and why is Navarro leaking secrets in the first place?


The preferred choice of for Al Qaeda and the US Government

Whenever Simone and that kid were playing chase, I could just see that bus coming. Remember seeing it from a video caught by passer-bys a few weeks ago.

And I think there’s something more to this than Navarro just being a mole. Perhaps they’ve held him at ransom? “Otherwise we can’t protect you” – what’s that supposed to mean?

My favourite episode yet, well done ’24’ team.

That probably means they can’t protect him from having his role exposed.

That said, there could be more to it than Navarro being a bad guy. We don’t know who he was talking to, and there could be some sort of a counter conspiracy. He could be playing the role that Gael played in season 3. But the fact that Kate’s husband was framed and either driven to suicide or murdered makes that less likely.

Btw wasn’t this episode supposed to go into detail about Jack’s past? Didn’t Cochrane say that in an interview?

They did reveal what Jack’s been up to, working with Karl Rask for the last two years. He left the group when he discovered the threat on Heller.

I thought we’d get a possible explanation about the people Jack killed, which Jack alluded to when he spoke with Audrey last week. There was some talk that Jack might not have been referring to the Russians from the end of Day 8, but something else that has taken place within the last four years.

I think the people he was referring to were the Russians from Day 8.

Yeah I seen that but kinda expected a bit more detail since the 4 years.

And to be honest – I don’t think the Prime Minister’s adviser would address him as ‘PM’.

We should have known Jack was Batman since William Devane is the President. :)

I hate that everyone treat Bauer as a bad guy……even the PM dislike him when they have no idea the truth

Still holding out hope for an Aaron Pierce sighting. As if the show isn’t already awesome enough…just imagine.

Don’t think so to be honest. On Twitter he seems to have been in the US the past few weeks.

Kiki Vanderway
June 2, 2014 at 11:39 pm
Last week I kept thinking why is Tom guarding the hallway ? Where is Agent Pierce? Wouldn’t it have been awesome for Heller to have pulled him aside and had a tête-à-tet like David Palmer in Day 2– if we are heading into a 25 th Amendment issue you gotta give us Pierce

Kiki Vanderway
June 2, 2014 at 11:48 pm
Sorry wasn’t clear — a tête-à-tet with Pierce about his read on Jack Bauer since Pierce has known him so long and would be a good sounding board-/ not because I think the writers should drag out the old 25 th Amendment -/ been there done that

Even though I was/am one of the biggest Jack/Audrey shippers in the 24 webiverse, I was trying very hard to give Mark Bordreau a fair chance and not hate him automatically because he’s Audrey’s husband. Until tonight I actually found myself hating him less than some people on here. Last week I actually felt sorry for him. But he was such a douche tonight, that I have officially decided I don’t like him and am hoping Audrey dumps him.

What really pissed me off tonight was the way he not only acted like a douche to Jack,
but then he goes and tells Audrey that he told Jack to stay away because he was concerned what Jack’s presence might do to her, but never does it occur to him to ask her how she is coping/feeling with Jack being there. Given how hard it must be for her she could use some support, and he should be asking if she’s okay rather than acting like she did something wrong by going to talk to Jack.

Meanwhile, did anyone notice how Jack lied and told Mark that Audrey said that he was a good man who made her happy, even though Audrey noticeably didn’t say that? That broke my heart, because I know Jack was just trying to avoid causing any more problems for her.

Also, I noticed that Mark said to Jack that Audrey was in bad shape when he met her. Now his explanation of how he helped bring her back makes even less sense. I figured they must have known each other before she went to China…why would he have stood by her and loved her when she was completely nonresponsive and lifeless if he didn’t even know her before?

Kiki Vanderway
June 2, 2014 at 11:44 pm
Yes that was my exact reaction– Jack lied to Mark!? Man Jack still has it so bad for Audrey! And Audrey must know Jack is trying to diffuse the situation but she isn’t rushing to reassure Mark in any way.

Jack lying to Mark was a classy move, no doubt. I was so surprised that Mark met Audrey after she came back from China– like you, Kiki, I thought he had known her forever. But it kind of makes me more suspicious of Audrey than it does Mark. I felt like on top of the obvious jealousy, Mark was starting to wonder about Audrey a bit. She went to see a guy designated as a traitor whom she used to sleep with, all in the middle of this on-going threat that Jack’s in the middle of, but she didn’t tell him? She’s pushing Mark away now that Jack’s back in town? Mark’s done something insanely stupid and illegal for this woman and he’s going to be in insane amounts of trouble and I sort of got the vibe that he might be wondering if he’s done it for someone who has been using him all along. He totally knew Jack lied to him about what Audrey said and he was like ugh… maybe I’ve been backing the wrong horse here.

sorry like you AgentRez*

Seriously? Audrey hasn’t seen Jack in years, she probably has so many unresolved questions, she never had any closure and probably doesn’t know why he left, and suddenly here he is and you are going to fault her for wanting to talk to him? I could see how it might make Mark feel threatened but to those of us who know what happened in season 6 I have no idea why her going to talk to Jack would make you suspicious of her.

The fact that Mark first met her when she was in such bad shape makes me more suspicious of him, that maybe he was, as you put it, ‘backing a horse’ by using her to get in with her father. It makes sense if you think about it: she is the daughter of a potentially powerful politician whose political career was probably put on hold by her condition. By taking care of her and helping her recover, he probably earned her father’s trust and made it possible for him to run for president, thus putting Mark in a position of power.

I think either I misspoke or you misinterpreted what I said. I don’t find any fault *at all* in Audrey wanting to talk to Jack. It makes total sense! I meant in terms of Mark’s POV. In the previous ep, she made that weird comment about her dad needing Mark now more than ever that left Mark with this ‘wtf was that expression’ on his face. Mark already doesn’t trust Jack– he doesn’t know him well enough to trust him at all– and we learned in this hour that he didn’t meet Audrey until after Audrey got out of China, which means he never knew the old Audrey. He really, in effect, has no idea who his wife used to be. That’s a big revelation for a guy who has been married to her for a few years. Realizing you don’t know your spouse at all, really, means that anything is possible. And then, if you’re Mark, you start considering that spouse’s history and well… maybe you’ve got it all wrong but maybe you don’t. Maybe it’s suddenly a little convenient that she’s pushing you to be there for her father, in any way possible. Maybe it’s not. But you don’t *know* because you don’t know her and in the meantime? You’re going to jail for a long f-ing time because you’ve been forging her dad’s name in an effort to protect her and the President and the kicker of it is you’ve done it to hand over a guy to the Russians whom you’ve just realized is decent enough to lie to your face about your wife being happy with you. I think it’s Mark growing suspicious of Audrey. And when you have Mark growing suspicious of Audrey, it does something kind of neat of making Mark a little exempt in terms of being suspicious himself. It’s like Jordan growing suspicious of Navarro– it tells you that Jordan is not the mole. It doesn’t mean Jordan doesn’t have his own agenda. At the moment, that agenda is at least the fact that he’s sweet on Kate and wants her to notice him and may or may not be more than that. But it tells you that he isn’t the one who screwed over her husband. I’m starting to think a similar thing is happening with Mark and Audrey. The more Jack illustrates Mark’s own marriage for Mark, the more Mark might realize that, in some ways, he is, uh, a “mark”.

I think the idea that Mark pushed his way into the Heller family is exactly what you’re supposed to think right now. If it’s that, then there’s no further twist here and Mark’s a villain. Mark’s too complicated to be a straight-up villain– they’ve already made him the most complex new character this season. And they’re being really cagey and restrained with Audrey in a way that could give everything another meaning if they pull a twist later where she’s up to more than she seems to be.

Poor Mark is going to get killed by the russians.

My heart is still racing an hour later. I can’t get over how great this episode was. I love the direction they’re going with pretty much every storyline — even Boudreau and the Russians and Heller’s symptoms. Margot and the drones feel like a real, tangible, ticking-time-bomb-esque threat and at this point. That b*tch is making Dina Araz look like Momma of the Century. Yvonne Strahovski — a.k.a Jacklyn Bauer — just gets hotter each week. Jack and Heller are working together again (I loved that subtle look Jack gave him when he asked him about picking Karl Rask up for questioning/to broker a deal…the little things!). And Last but not least: “Jack wants her; Jack needs her; Jack gets her!!!” There was never a moment in Season 8 I was as excited for next week as I am right now. They are KILLING it!

hopefully Boudreau warns Jack about the Russian as he would have to disappear again…….this Russian Subplot is not going be able to involve to resolve this fast.

Maybe that’s when the big time jump takes place. With the threat neutralized, the final couple hours will be all about Jack and the Russians.

You know, when Simone was chasing that girl, I was thinking, “That little girl’s gonna get hit by a car.”

I wasn’t too far wrong.

So, I groaned out loud when I could see that they were setting up the final scene to be a Navarro mole reveal, and I’m not going to defend this trope of the show (“it’s not 24 without a mole” is the stupidest way anyone could ever justify lazy storytelling), but… the way they’ve done it is compelling. I was so expecting him to be calling Margo, and I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be someone else. Obviously it’s shady, but it could honestly end up turning into anything. I’m very intrigued.

I’m also liking the way the Russian story is bubbling to the surface. I don’t know where it’s going, and I’m quite liking it. The fat Russian guy on the line actually seems like a very interesting character. I wonder if he’ll get the Russian president involved (will Suvarov show up with a reign on 24 that parallels Putin’s RL reign?). All-in-all, I’m glad things are taking an upward turn. All the characters are starting to find themselves in a jam (except Chloe; she has become a human prop, as usual)… I can’t wait for next week.

we are assuming that Suvarov is still president in day 9…….I wonder how they plan to resolve the Russian plot against Jack…..they will likely not stopped until he is taken to Moscow and tried for murder

And now we know Kate Morgan Husband is not a traitor but framed to take the fall…..wonder if the two subplot will merge

Not sure how Suvarov could still be in office when he was the President in S5 and still in office by S8….

I loved the Russians popping up suddenly and the British, too. It was nice of them to give the British something to do. That lovely blonde lady who has spent, like, three episodes walking behind the Prime Minister got lines! :)

June 3, 2014 at 12:06 am
I’m not sure where I saw the clip, and haven’t been able to find it again, but several weeks ago there was a shot that looked like Navarro was being handcuffed.

Ah shit, you’re right. I assumed he had just fallen to his knees after hearing some devastating news, if I’m thinking about the same picture. Damn. Your idea makes way more sense.

Well I have to admit I rated it poor mostly because of the ending, I believe that the show didn’t needed a mole and also, the way the issue came about is just laughable. You’re telling me that in the middle of a crisis an agent had nothing better to do than to check code from an old investigation? Then out of the blue he founds legitimate evidence of there being something missing?

This was obviously an introduction to the main villain of the season, who is most likely Adrian Cross, I mean, missing code from a program that can’t have missing code (sounds like very high profile hacking), the crime was stealing government secrets which sounds a lot like open cell, so yeah, most likely Adrian Cross, or his boss if he has one. Nevertheless even if it was an introduction I believe that the matter could be handled a bit better without the need of Navarro being a traitorous person.

Other thing I didn’t liked at all on this season in general, is the Al-Harazi family plot. I mean, really, the brother worried about Simone just an episode after he himself was the sword that slayed Naveed by reporting the video (ok, that was ok since Naveed brought that upon himself) and saying “Yay Mothaaar, you can kill an Arab (sorry for the stranger / the cure pun) because I can drive this dronezies” … So yeah, overall I feel nothing with this terror family and I feel their sideplot was somewhat a bit of a miss at parts, like simone’s change of heart this episode. I mean she didn’t even grasp or anything at Naveed’s death come on…

Finally the good points of this episode were both Kate Morgan’s kick ass kill, and also Mark’s call with the russians. He is so gonna bite the dust because of that, and not because he is bad, but his bad judgement will come and bite him in his ars-, so bad luck for him and good luck for Audrey (?). Nevertheless the political crisis could be really awesome despite

A very intense and suspenseful episode. Lots of action, pure suspense, shootouts and explosions galore, a scary torture scene and a shocking twist: Navarro is the mole (GASPS). I’m shocked that the CIA Station Chief is the one who’s responsible for implicating Kate’s husband who sold secrets to the Chinese and how will Kate respond to all of this before the limited series comes to an end. Don’t know why MI5 got into this but I have a feeling that the Russians are still gunning for Jack after the incident in New York after the events of Season 8. I’m wondering whether Jordan Reed is going to play hero or face the ultimate sacrifice if he’s going to survive to the end or not. What’s going to happen in the second half of the 24 reboot? Is Mark up to no good? Would Jordan become the unsung hero? Would Kate go face-to-face with Navarro? Would Chloe be forgotten? Will Margot be stopped? And will Jack become the ultimate sacrifice for the Russians? All I can say is DUN-DUN-DUN!!

Don’t think Steve is in discussion with Margot in any way – surely she would’t have let him go into that drone trap? But then again, it’s Margot…

He’s in discussion with Cross, I’m sure of it, who was inexplicably absent this episode. The person on the other end alluded to having advanced hacking skills.

June 3, 2014 at 7:27 am
Maybe Navarro was talking to Cheng.

That’d be ridiculous. It’s Cross. Listen to the phone call. The intonations has Cross written all over them.

It was totally Cross.

Rewatching the episode again and one line that’s sticking out for me is Jack saying “Mr. Boudreau, if I live through the day, which by the way is highly unlikely, I’m going straight to prison. I’m the last thing you need to worry about.”

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but could the writers be foreshadowing Jack dying?

the producer said they won’t killed him and I doubt he going to prison either…….he may get a pardon from Heller

That would be nice, but I can’t see how that could happen. My hopes for that were pretty much dashed when Heller said that the Russians would have his head if they let Jack go. Not to mention the potential political scandal that could result from Heller pardoning someone who had a close personal relationship with his daughter.

Agreed that it’s really hard to see how this is all going to play out in terms of pardons and what not but I’m still feeling like *somehow* Jack is going to make it back home to Kim.

Jack goes to prison and meets Tony there!
Unlikely, but then again…

Those two crazy kids are destined to wind up together somehow :)

How many times in the past has Jack offered hto turn himself in as bargaining ploy to get the politician at the time to agree with him? A lot!!

Don’t they write sth like that every season? Yet he is still living.
Jack will probably die when he begins talking like “I have my life back. I want to live now.”

This whole Russia subplot could get complicated. With that said I’m interested in the what Jack’s fate is at the end of this half day. Jack said he’s going to end up dead or arrested when this whole terrorist plot if over. He is never right about these assumptions.

Hopefully Russia takes in Audrey’s husband for forging Heller’s signature. I guess Jack has to reveal the only reason he came out of hiding was to protect Audrey with his life. While her husband’s idea of protecting her was to troll Jack.

I don’t see the US would be stupid enough to trade Jack to the Russian…..he likely get torture or killed. There has to be some way to end this.

LOL. He is totally trolling Jack.

Oh yeah. I think the guy on the phone is the ringleader of Chloe’s group. The talk about how it was possible for someone to recover data gave it away. He’ll end up killing her or something because he was against this whole operation at the start. He probably had Chloe arrested because she was snooping. Navaro gave secrets to the hacker group who in turn gave it to China. Evidence planted against Kate’s husband so they have a reason to boot Kate….for what reason…I can’t wait to find out.

June 3, 2014 at 2:17 am
This episode was explosive, exciting and brilliant. I’m very glad that Steve Navarro is the mole from the CIA this season since he’s the man in charge of the CIA in London. I would have been very disappointed had there been no moles at the CIA this season. This CIA mole reveal builds the drama, intensity and adrenaline for the rest of the season involving the CIA. This is classic 24. Jordan Reed’s life is absolutely in severe jeopardy now and Navarro will either have him killed or try to have him killed. I have a very good feeling that it was Adrian Cross that was speaking to Navarro at the very end of the episode, that would be a very interesting twist indeed. A twist like that would give the Adrian Cross character more attention and more drama than ever before. Adrian Cross has been a stale character in the first half of the season, but a villain turn would definitely change that. Kate Morgan’s torture scene was intense and powerful and the way that she killed that bad guy was amazing. Yvonne Strahovski was spectacular in this episode. Kate Morgan is such an awesome CIA agent and a magnificent 24 character. I fully expected Simone to kill Naveed’s sister and Simone did just that. When I saw Naveed’s niece running across the street, I had the feeling that Simone would very soon get hit by some type of an automobile and it turned out to be a bus that hit her. It’s also terrific that the British Prime Minister and his female advisor now know about President James Heller’s recent diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. Heller’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s should have never been kept a secret from them in the first place. I would imagine that someone from Heller’s administration leaked Heller’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis to the British. It’s very possible that Mark Boudreau is responsible for that leaked information. It’s so obvious to me that Audrey will break up with Mark before the season ends and become Jack’s girlfriend again. I’m so excited to see where this Russia versus Jack Bauer situation is exactly headed. I rate this episode 10/10. This has been a truly phenomenal season of 24 so far.

I guess we can consider a mole but not in the tradition sense..Since he is not the mole for the drone plot…it obvious the Adam Morgan is likely going to second half of season. I could see Kate go rouge and target Navarro for framing her husband……maybe Jack like in season 8. And now this complicated Russian subplot…..I wonder if Mark would protect Jack somehow and blackmail the Russian to avoid a international incident
Cross has to be involve somehow since he tried to set up Jack to get arrested…..and I don’t Navarro committed treason. it might be a third party not associated with any country. I love to know why Navarro is doing this……maybe he been blackmail by setting Adam up

June 3, 2014 at 2:41 am
Hopefuly, Kate Morgan’s husband Adam is still alive and makes an appearance later this season in an episode. It would be an atrocious twist if Adam committed suicide or was murdered. I want Kate to be happily reunited with her husband Adam in the season finale. I want Kate and Adam to both have a very happy ending in the season finale. Adam being framed isn’t a surprise at all. I always suspected that Adam was framed by someone at the CIA, it now turns out that it was Steve Navarro that betrayed him. If anyone kills Navarro, it should be Kate that kills him.

June 3, 2014 at 2:48 am
Hopefully, we’ll all know exactly by season’s end why Steve Navarro has turned to the dark side. His days at the CIA will be permanently ended before this season ends no matter what happens. He’s either being forced to do these evil things against his will or he’s just pure evil. I’m leaning towards Navarro being just pure evil at this point.

Kate’s husband died in prison. Allegedly a suicide. See newspaper article at Open_Cell .org

Personally, I hope the series ends with Jack dissing Audrey and ending up with Kate.

kate is half of jack’s age and probably same age as his daughter kim. and he is a grandfather. so ewwww. no

Exactly … thank you.

The Scene where kate killed the man who torchered her was awsome. i think she is much better suit for the Candidate of Female Jack Bauer than Renee. I never seen an action scene like that from Renee. it’s only 6 episodes of kate we watched yet i think she is the best Agent in the whole series already.

secondly i thin it’s from now on Mark going to get big trouble. i think russians somehow knows it’s Mark who signed the Jack’s Extradition order. so there are going to use that against Mark and blackmailing him into take forward Russians Agenda in US Government.

I am glad Renee did not have some stupid action scene whacking a tough guy with skinny legs after getting tortured for 20 minutes. And you know Kate will be up and running in the next hour as if nothing has happened.
Renee at least felt like a real agent with plausible strengths and weaknesses. Kate on the other hand feels like a feminist fantasy. Are they going to bother writing a flaw with the character or is she going to stay a two-dimensional Agent Perfect for the rest of the season?

Wow. Could not disagree more about Kate. She is incredibly realistic to me, and no more a feminist fantasy than Jack is a macho fantasy. What’s real to me about her is her conviction to prove herself and the fact that she keeps a grip on her emotions. It is believable to me that she could keep a job like this with her personality.

Yeah, I find her very realistic. She’s tough, but she also has a vulnerable side that we’ve gotten to see. Yvonne says we’re going to see more of that in upcoming episodes.

sprite– “no more a feminist fantasy than jack is a macho fantasy”. YES. YES. YES. YES. Thank you.

Well, Jack Bauer is one of the biggest macho fantasies ever created in TV. I am already fed up with one fantasy, I can’t handle two in the same season.

Then, ummmmm, don’t watch??

How is she Agent Perfect? She missed the fact that her husband was apparently innocent and her boss was a traitor. She has a great mix of cool professionalism and personal pain. She’s alone in the world and instead of crying over it and trying to slash her wrists, she gets up and does something about her redemption. If Kate’s a feminist fantasy, count me in. She’s heads and tails above Mary Sue Renee Walker already.

If she saw all of that, she wouldn’t be Agent Perfect, she would be Agent GOD.

And yeah because Renee never bothered with redemption in S8 when the opportunity presented itself. She just ran away from that undercover mission after all. Geez.

And if you are even calling Renee Walker as Mary Sue, you don’t even know the meaning of the term at all, in which universe was Renee Walker a perfect agent who never made a mistake and handled everything the life threw at her?

Not to disrespect Renee fans at all, but she really did read as something of a Mary Sue to me. I think in part though, that had to do with Annie’s performance. She had a ton of charisma but didn’t resonate with me on an emotional level. I love Kate, she could refresh the whole franchise.

Then read something about Mary Sue in the internet. You and Mary are trying to use the terms you know nothing about.
And Kate Morgan pretty much fits the Mary Sue stereotype better than anyone else in the show due to her ‘awesome perfection’ in her last six episodes. Sure things may change in remaining episodes but when the writers always choose the best decision for the character regardless of the situation she is in, it is hard to be optimistic.

I think the essence of a Marysue character is that they are contrived for a purpose and that the purpose has more life than the character. For me, that happened a bit with Renee. I am very familiar with the Mary Sue trope. Kate isn’t a Mary Sue. She’s a hero, if she doesn’t attain some level of awesomeness there’s no reason to root for her and if she doesn’t have flaws she’s not believable. I think she’s by far the most credible hero next to Jack the show has ever introduced. Part of that comes from great casting, part of it comes from smart writing. When we meet her she’s cornered and has nothing to lose, a great place to meet a character. It leaves her open to really being influenced by Jack’s situation and we see what they already have in common. Jack became Jack by being in desperate circumstances over and over, that’s how they’ve positioned Kate. I’m totally buying it. And I think it’s working so well become there isn’t a romance angle as there was with Renee. I’m thrilled to have that angle occupied by Audrey.

Though I understand your criticism with Renee (that she is created for a purpose), that is not being Mary Sue.

The essence of Mary Sue is an author writing his\her fantasy character into the story by giving one awesome trait after another to him\her without writing any significant flaw that affects the story.
And that is my problem with Kate, there is no flaw with her. She is absolutely perfect, as Jack says she is someone who can handle anything that is thrown at her regardless of the circumstances. She is analytical genius, physical hardass, gun toting badass, she valiantly defies authority without any significant consequences and I am really getting tired of this perfection.

Well, the difference between you and me is I am absolutely not buying Kate. She is obviously created with a purpose of continuing the show without Bauer, and I don’t like the ‘in your face’ approach of attributing qualities of Jack to her.

Ozgur, I don’t know how sprite and kiki mean the phrase, but I’m using Mary Sue in terms of how the fans see her– as the do no wrong, perfect agent– perhaps more than I am how the writers saw her which, admittedly, is not strictly definition of Mary Sue. But in terms of a character whom some fans consider practically perfect in every way, Renee is it. I do not understand how you agreed with me when I listed all of the flaws of Kate that we have learned so far but then still called her perfect and said that those flaws are not enough because then she’d be “Agent God” and not “Agent Perfect.” You’re contradicting yourself, here. You just admitted she’s not perfect so not what you’re calling her and then you said she was perfect?

What I did like about Renee Walker was that she was complicated. She was, frankly, an enormous mess of a woman, which was interesting. What I didn’t like about Renee Walker is that there seems to be a significant part of the fanbase of 24 that then hold every woman in the series up against Renee in terms of complexity and epicness and what a “strong female” character should look like. I feel like that undersells the strong female characters this show has *always* turned out, who were complex and complicated long before Renee Walker showed up. Just because she had a gun and slept with Jack doesn’t make her this infallible barometer to which we should hold up all other female characters.

You’re also judging Kate Morgan on six episodes when Renee was around for a season and a half. And, let’s be serious here? Renee only truly got interesting when they started playing around with her sadistic, rage-a-holic side. Until then, she might as well have been Curtis or Doyle for all the character development she had.

Because what you are stating are not flaws at all. Navarro had highest security clearances, he had all the tools to sell those secrets without getting detected and definitely not in front of Kate. And When Navarro forged the evidence blaming Adam, there was no way Kate would find out. She would have been arrested with her husband, interrogated, released, demoted and her security clearance would be revoked. She would not be in a position to prove her husband’s innocence because she would be nothing but a desk agent. You are just blaming Kate for not being omniscient and that is pretty much God territory. Kate is a pretty much a tragic victim of sth that is not even her fault which is a very Mary Sue trait.

:::strong female characters this show has *always* turned out,

No, actually, the show really had a weakness of creating complex female characters because these male writers were either using cliches or were too safe without taking any risks. You have Sherry Palmer who was complex but unfortunately a total bitch. You have Michelle Dessler who was written in a very straightforward manner, a model agent who couldn’t do any wrong (except maybe once). At least, she was not a superagent like Kate. You have Chloe O’brien, who is nothing but a deus-ex-machina. The rest are your usual damsel and distresses and love interests like Audrey or Teri or your cartoonish villains like Nina and Mandy. And we have Kate now whose character can easily be summed up with just one sentence ‘Badass CIA Agent who can do no wrong’. A very safely written character who would always make the right decision in any situation she has found herself and someone who would not pay the consequences of her impulsive behaviour dearly (well you know because she is the spin-off chick).

:::: And, let’s be serious here? Renee only truly got interesting when they started playing around with her sadistic, rage-a-holic side

Yeah, of course if you say so. Actually, the most interesting part I found about Renee’s character was that she was trapped between two different worlds, and she was trying to find her way between what had to be done urgently, her morals, and her conscience and her evolution to the dark side. And that was already established within the first 10 episodes of S7. You may not find that interesting, but I really did find it compelling and I am pretty confident a lot of viewers did as well. So, yeah let’s be serious here.


re: blaming Kate for not being omniscient & realizing it was Navarro.

I don’t blame Kate for not knowing the plot. I’m saying Kate is not perfect because she has yet to even *suspect* the plot. At no point have we gotten any indication that Kate thinks her husband was set up. She married a man whom she thought she knew and she when it looked like he was a traitor, she never thought maybe *others* were wrong– she thought *she* was wrong. That’s a flaw. That makes Kate imperfect because she didn’t trust her own gut where this was concerned. Kate is a spy who seems to have never considered that someone she works closely with could have been responsible for setting up her husband. Right now? Jordan Reed is a better intelligence agent than Kate is. He’s at least wondering if Adam was set up and it would seem like he’s been wondering this for awhile. Jordan has the outside perspective of being able to see this where Kate can’t because she’s too close to the situation. Letting your personal relationships get in the way of your judgement (a theme of this season across the board) is a major flaw and Kate has it. That alone makes her far from Agent Perfect.

re: complex female characters

OMG you think Sherry Palmer wasn’t complicated? A woman who’d do anything to protect her family and her husband– Sherry was the original complicated female character on 24. And not just complicated female character but first one down the rabbit hole that many of the men followed later. Joined a conspiracy to stop a conspiracy? Sherry did that long before Tony. Of course she was a bitch– and it was WONDERFUL. :) Being a bitch doesn’t make you not a strong, female character.

Michelle Dessler was a better agent than Tony was. Michelle and Tony reversed the stereotypes of gender roles in a typical tv romance. He got held hostage, he did the cooking, he wanted to get out and start a family. Michelle was the one who would sacrifice him for the greater good, whose career came first. There had never been a more subversive romance on t.v. when it came to gender than Tony & Michelle.

Chloe O’Brian “nothing but a deus ex machina”? A woman who sasses off to the male protagonist and has some kind of clear personality disorder? A mother who didn’t put her son above the greater good– when do you see *that* on television?

Nina was far from cartoonish. She was the one who outsmarted the very male lead character of the show. She outsmarted *everyone*, consistently. Teri Bauer was raped to save her daughter and beat a guy up with nothing but a rock. Audrey, no matter what you think of her China story, held a high ranking position in several different administrations and made a lot of tough calls unusual for women on television. I dislike that character but that’s because I dislike her choices, not because those choices didn’t make her tough.

Mandy not feminist? A lesbian (maybe bisexual) woman who uses sex like a weapon in the way men typically do on television, who in her first episode detonated a bomb from a trigger she got on board hidden in a rather freudian looking vibrator in her makeup case? The miniskirts and the boots made for walkin’ that walked all over everyone? Mandy kidnapped *Tony Almeida*– she took the show’s male sex god, beat him up, gagged him, made him take his clothes off (thanks, Mandy!) and had him on his knees for the better part of the penultimate episode of a season but no, that’s just something a lot of shows do… *eyeroll*

re: Renee’s story and what was compelling about it and when

To each his/her own on what you find compelling but Renee trapped between The World She Used To Live In and This New Bright and Shiny Jack Bauer World! is a plot given to anyone who has ever encountered Jack Bauer throughout the series. It wasn’t terribly original to me and for the first few episodes, Renee is largely a victim of the circumstances surrounding Jack & Tony’s reunion. She gets buried alive, she gets choked out and left behind, she’s just kind of there until she goes to torture the sniper. That and torturing Vossler’s wife and baby were really the only unique things they gave her to do. Even when she starts to cry and wonder if Jack “feels anything”, she’s slapping him just like Audrey did before and it’s an indicator that Renee might not be as mentally stable as we think she is. But those indicators are kind of few and far between early on, so she’s just Jack’s sidekick for awhile. It took awhile, IMO, for them to really begin pursuing who she was in her own right and until that kicked into gear, Renee was just kind of there for me. I found her a lot more interesting towards the end of Day 7 and on Day 8 than I did at the start.

MARY! AMEN. And I particularly appreciate your right on defense of Audrey even though you are not a fan. Thanks for that from an Audrey fan. haha.

kiki vanderway
June 5, 2014 at 5:09 pm
And Mary is just giving you the top notes of strong, wonderful female characters– although missed Martha Logan who I thought was quite twisted and unexpected.

Even the minor ones stay away from stereotypes: Elizabeth Nash in S1; Lynn Kresge S2; Dr. Sunny Macer S3/S7; Kate Warner S2/S3, Marie Warner S2; Claudia S3; Evelyn S5; Karen Hayes S5/S6 just to name a few. Admittedly there were some misses– but overall by populating the show with men and women portrayed as competent, committed, intelligent and simply allowing them to be good at what they do and well rounded characters even in small parts the writers elevated the whole show. And the fact that they did it without overtly screaming out– hey this one is not just as eye candy! Please give us a pat on the back for being progressive! makes me even more appreciative of the work.

Kiki Vanderway
June 4, 2014 at 8:08 am
ABSOLUTELY! Sprite you are dead on regarding this issue.

Its not only that the circumstances are desperate but also that Kate is struggling to validate her worth as an agent to her co-workers as well as to remain confident in her own gut instincts despite what happened with Adam. Jack’s reaction to betrayal really didn’t influence the character until Day 2 and beyond so when we meet Jack he is well on the way to getting it all together and over the series it falls apart in many ways which has been fascinating to watch. Here, she starts out so completely broken personally and professionally but somehow able to tap a core faith in herself.

I think Kate is open to influence by Jack but what is fabulous is how clearly she is also calling her own shots, working in tandem with him but not just towing the line or following his footsteps.

Yvonne Strahovski is killing it and she is such an unexpected, wonderful gem that I am buying in hard this season and so hoping they will bring it back again.

Yes Ozgur, I think we just have to agree to disagree on buying into Kate. The synergy of Kiefer Sutherland and Jack Bauer is the only reason a character that is so larger than life has managed to resonate with so many of us, and i think they’ve found a complimentary synergy with Yvonne and larger than life Kate. I can’t believe it and I’m really impressed.

Kiki, I’m right there with you. Like… exactly there. haha. LAD has shown me that I would absolutely watch more seasons after this one with Jack at the helm, which hasn’t really surprised me because Kiefer as Jack Bauer is one of TV’s greatest characters bar none. What has surprised me is that I would definitely eventually be happy to watch an incarnation of 24 that centers around Kate Morgan. Provided Jack is not in prison or dead and has finally gotten the respite he deserves living somewhere with Audrey and visits from his grandkids. And that he could pop up once in a while when Kate is in a jam.

Kiki Vanderway
June 4, 2014 at 10:35 am
Oh yes sign me up for that as well.

I think they do recognize how lucky they got with casting Kiefer — he’s good in many roles but he is magical and riveting as Jack Bauer and I would watch him in 24 forever.

I really hope they know how rare it is for lighting to strike twice and are able to see that Yvonne as Kate is very similar and what a fantastic opportunity they have to run with it.

Fingers crossed!

Me too!

My favorite performances of Kiefer’s outside of 24 are always the villains. He’s really truly oscar worthy in Freeway, a B movie masterpiece. But I’m off topic! Forgive me.

The Navarro storyline will be what brings tony back into play… Just my prediction

Yeah, Tony knew Navarro was a mole when he pronounced “a’right” with a L during the premiere.

+ 1

He is the one on the phone.

Adrian Cross on the phone. Tony’s sitting around in a prison cell somewhere waiting for someone to tell him what’s going on so he start laughing hysterically.

So uh, If mark didn’t contact the Russians, They wouldn’t know jack is there, dam it mark you are terrible.
Also you guys know that chloe is alone now right, and cross knows her location…. R.I.P :( please don’t kill chloe

I think chloe will die, RIP. she is alone there and cross knows where she’s located. oh god nooo

“Jack Wants her. Jack needs her. Jack gets her.”
I loved the way Heller delivered that.

I wouldn’t mind a Kate Morgan CIA show spin off if they don’t bring 24 back, or if 24 doesn’t come back on a yearly basis. She has earned her stripes all season, but cemented it with that amazing knife kill in this episode.

As for Navarro, I really wish they would’ve avoided using another mole story line, but I’ll hold judgement until the end of the season to see what they do with it. I really hope they use this mole story line to bring back a character from the past (the other person on the other line of the phone conversation) and to introduce another party into the mix.

Navarro should be ruled out that he’s not working with Margo, since he would’ve known about the ambush from the previous episode and almost got killed from it. If I had to guess I would say he is working for either that mysterious group that Alan Wilson was working with (the other Co-Conspirators from that anonymous internet video chat he conducted in Season 7) or possibly he is working with the Russian government and was the one selling them secrets, but placed the blame on Adam Morgan (Kate’s husband) when he was on the verge of getting caught.

The 24 viral marketing website (www.open-cell.org) named after Chloe’s activist group does mention in a newspaper article about Adam Morgan, and that he was caught selling secrets to the Russian federation. Somehow I also feel the Russian’s are involved or tangled up somewhere in this mess to implicate themselves in something bad allowing the U.S. Government to make a deal with them to pardon Jack Bauer at the end of the day so he can be allowed to be a free man and live another day (pun intended).

Love this season so far! I hope they keep 24 around after this season. It really has been injected with new life after being away for 4 years, and going to this fast paced adrenaline 12 hour episode format.

Good analysis, Tony. I agree that Navarro and Cross (the man on the other end of last night’s conversation) aren’t working with Margot. They’re involved with a group large and powerful enough to murder Adam Morgan while he’s in federal custody. I also think there’s a Russian connection somewhere.

As moles go, Navarro is a pretty good choice. Isn’t he the first CTU/CIA agency chief to be a traitor? Some of the other bosses were bad in their own way, but he seems more despicable. Plus, it’s interesting that he acted like a good guy who appreciated and sympathized with Kate.

i hope simone plays a bigger role in the second half of this season

She’s been a cliche from the start and had too much screen time IMO – I’m hoping her nutty mom eliminates her soon.

pls ur a faguette

that’s classy. *eyeroll*

Me too. The character and the actress are top notch.

So many positives from this episode:

The PM finding out about Heller’s condition
The MI5 mucking things up
Kate kicking ass (and loving it – did you see the relief on her face?)
Margot getting more evil as the season goes on
The Jack and Mark meet
Navarro’s phone call (which I agree could be with Cross now that I’ve read thru all your thoughts)

Brilliant 24 and I personally love the inclusion of the mole…this is what 24 is about people. Moles, terrorists, torture etc. Love it or leave it!

Tony Almeida is up to something! He is mixed up in this some way or another, I just know it!!! I’m hoping he and Jack can team up one more time for old time sake!!

Why did Jack look so shocked when Kate injected herself?

Cause it was so badass. I don’t think he expected her to do it herself with no hesitation.

June 3, 2014 at 3:02 pm
I thought that was such a great scene– poor Jack gone a few years and Chloe is hot wiring cars and the CIA has unbelievable agents who are every bit as committed and out there as he is….and special note to the writers for upholding the 24 tradition of delivering wonderfully complex roles for women– we are also a bankable demographic and we notice!

I think I’m a little confused on something…

So if Jack and Nils The Unseen Dead Guy went to a buy two weeks ago for Rask and Nils wound up dead and this is also the same amount of time ago that Jack learned of the Margot threat, safe to say that this buy was with Margot, right? That Jack & Nils were supposed to deliver arms to Margot and return to Rask with his money? But Jack learned about the threat against Heller and split from Rask to try to stop the Margot threat. So, for the last two weeks… he’s been working with Margot?

This would explain why Simone (who had been away from the family for three weeks) doesn’t recognize him. It would also explain why Margot wasn’t terribly concerned about the American following Simone but then was shocked that someone knew what they were doing when the drone recall happened. In order to stop the threat, Jack got Margot to bring him in on the mission, which is probably how Nils wound up dead. He was loyal to Rask, so Jack killed him to prove allegiance to Margot. But why does Margot need him and why would someone so insular and so very not stupid just let Jack in on this mission in the first place?

And why then did Jack just do this whole run around with Rask? He told Heller he was going to get Rask to contact Margot but that’s not his plan once he’s got Kate in the car. Instead, his plan is to get into Rask’s computers and follow a money trail to find someone else who can connect them to Margot. If Jack’s been working for Margot, then he could have just called her this entire time. He might not know where she’s hiding but he could know how to contact her. So what’s he *really* doing besides trying to stop this threat? He has to have another play here or else his own story to Kate and Chloe and what we’ve seen with Rask makes no sense.

So maybe he isn’t working for Margot…

I don’t think he was working with Margot. I believe he found out about the threat, killed Nils, and disappeared. He said he was taking down all of these bad guys (presumably with Belcheck) so they couldn’t do their business anymore, maybe this is his way of doing it. He couldn’t be so discreet with such an imminent terror threat.

I could be wrong but I believe he simply said that Rask was in contact with Margot, not that he would use Rask to contact her. Perhaps he just meant all along that he would exploit the connection, which he did.

But if he’s not working with her (which is obviously totally possible) then how did he find out about the threat?

Complicating all this is David Fury tweeting that Rask and Margot haven’t had contact in over a year. So Jack staked his whole play on being able to have a current connection between Margot and a guy she hadn’t talked to for over a year?

Ajay Chand ‏@AjayCnyc Jun 3
@TheDavidFury David, One question, so Rank and his org sold things to Margot but had no idea what she ws up to?
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David Fury
@AjayCnyc The business she did with Rask was more than a year earlier, and had nothing to do with the drone plot.

LOL. That is confusing. What were those transactions then? I’m happy to concede that maybe I’m just missing something…

I’m also happy to concede that, sprite. lol

I’m starting to think that it’s not possible to make what Jack is up to make sense if he didn’t also decide to take down Margot at some point and began to work alongside her (while playing her) in order to get closer to what she was up to. If we know Rask & Margot haven’t had contact in a long time, then the only way that makes sense for Jack learning of the threat to Heller is if he learned of it from Margot herself. She’s desperate to keep it all hidden and is very insular so the only way Jack could have known is if he was working with her.

I’m a little suspicious of “this time, I’m doin’ it for me”. I love Jack as a kind of Batman, doing what he does with no government affiliation, and the enormous amount of morally grey that is being a bad guy to take out bigger bad guys. It’s awesome. But it also doesn’t entirely add up if it’s *just* this. Jack’s still so angry, still so pissed at the government, and maybe he’s doing something else for himself. Maybe he has some kind of personal end goal here. I still think there’s a personal mission involved so that this’ll pan out more like Tony on Day 7– he’s stopping bad guys left and right and seems like the biggest damn hero and gets everyone on board with what he’s up to and then they realize that’s not *just* what he’s been up to.

If you buy into the idea that maybe Jack faked those bank transactions– faked a more current link between Margot & Rask– which you sort of have to buy into because David Fury is telling us that they couldn’t have been real, then it’s back to why? If Jack’s been hanging out with Margot while trying to stop Margot, then *he’s* the guy who could have contacted Margot all this time. Obviously, Jack doesn’t want a bazillion innocent people to die and is trying to stop that but why this other plan running alongside just stopping Margot? He lied to Heller a bit– he said he could get Rask to call Margot and locate her. Then, he goes into the field, and what he’s really doing is getting Rask to log into an online banking site, to access faked banking transactions linking him recently to Margot, beside which is a mobile phone number belonging to Simone. So, we are to believe that Margot Al-Harazi is dumb enough to have never heard of burner phones? That she used her daughter’s phone to move money? Even if we didn’t know from David Fury that those transactions were faked, this would be a leap. And Chloe’s buying it– the same woman who said the IP address thing was a dumb mistake that Margot couldn’t possibly have made and that it was a trap is now believing that Margot had financial dealings with Rask and left a cell phone number in those transactions that just so happens to be in London and lead straight back to her.

Jack started the day chasing Simone down to get the override device. Maybe this is his Plan B because she escaped. Maybe Jack’s really been trying to get to Simone all along because he knows who she is but she doesn’t know who he is and he wants to use her against her mother to get whatever it is that he needs from Margot for his own personal plan. General Useless in the political plot reminded us that the drones are equipped with the latest in stealth technology. Does Jack want to get his hands on that for some reason and sell it to someone else for something? Or someone? Is he trying to buy his freedom from the Russians?

OMG. Please let it be that he’s trying to buy his freedom from the russians. Cause that makes his line to Mark about “I’m the last thing you have to worry about” (when it comes to your wife) even more hilarious and satisfying because not only does the audience know it’s bull but Jack does too and he is basically lying.

That was a great analysis. I’m so curious. It makes me wish there were more episodes this season. Maybe not 24 as there is so much room for filler, but 18 perhaps?

I wish there were more eps too, sprite. If this were an old school day, Karl Rask would have been a whole plot arc, and that would have been fun.

It would make what Jack said to Mark a hilarious lie and an ironic one at that, since it’s Mark who, if he lives through this day, is looking at a prison sentence at the rate his plot is going. Though I did think Jack wondered if he was going to make it through this day or not. He seems to usually wonder this, because he’s not aware that the rest of the season can’t continue if he dies. ;)

Jack working with Margot also makes sense when you consider that Jack needs Chloe to help him stop Margot, which could explain why it was Derrick Yates who was contracted to build the override device. Jack got Margot to get Yates to do it without Margot realizing that the whole reason why he wanted it to be Yates was to create a reason for Jack to involve Chloe & Open Cell in the threat. This gets even fishier when you consider that Chloe was randomly grabbed three days before Day 9 and taken to the CIA black site… and Jack knew where she was. We saw that Jack set Chloe up early on in the day– he got her to lead him and Belcheck to Open Cell without realizing it was a trap. Did Jack make it so that Chloe got picked up by the CIA, just so that he could go rescue her and get her to trust him if that trust had wained in the last 4 years? We keep forgetting how damn clever he is.

yes kiki yes! haha. You should read the recaps on grantland.com. I think you would love them. T

I hope I don’t get flamed for this, or maybe I am just on the wrong board, but like in the previous 5 episodes, I happen to enjoy everything…the general story, the sub plots, the characters, the acting, and the production. I have zero complaints. Wow…how unusual. I guess I am the 180 degree opposite of a few folks here who only complain. I do agree that this show is not The Voice or The Blacklist…it’s only crappy, poorly-written 24. Oh well…I will just have to live with it.

Why would you get flamed? Nobody who’s enjoying the show is getting flamed here.

If you DON’T like anything about LAD… well that’s an entirely different matter isn’t it?

We’re not complaining. We’re deconstructing and evaluating.

I believe Navarro is a double or even triple agent.

Not sure how I feel about the twist, but out of all the episodes this season, this was without doubt the best so far.

Great episode, one of the best of this season without a doubt. I loved the interaction between Mark and Jack. It was riveting. I also liked the twist implicating Simone’s volte-face. The way she turned against her mother was unpredictable. I did not see that one coming, not by a long shot. After I saw her reaction to Naveed’s death, I thought to myself : we have a mother-daughter terrorist combo this year. I was a bit disappointed, but then again, the way Emily Berrington portrayed that was flawless.

To me, the most intense moment was the shootout between Karl Rask’s crew and the MI6 agents. I liked how the action displayed itself progressively and how Jack had to fight in order to do one simple action: logging into a bank account on a laptop while he is surrounded by gunfire. Unbelievable!

As far as the “mole” goes, I have my own theory. Steve Navarro isn’t working for Margot Al-Harazi, but someone else who wants to cover up Adam Morgan’s treachery and death, either in order to protect Kate or to misdirect her. That’s just how I see it. It’s too soon to say that he is a mole. We don’t know that yet. I have my own theory as far as the real mole goes, but we will see how things develop. I might speak out loud too soon.

Your Navarro twist idea is awesome. Something complicated like that would be very fun.

Okay, so, who leaked it to the British that Heller’s being treated for Alzheimer’s?

Kiki Vanderway
June 3, 2014 at 3:47 pm

June 4, 2014 at 8:18 am
Mary, I would guess that it was Mark Boudreau that leaked President James Heller’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis to the British.

June 4, 2014 at 12:42 pm
I don’t think that would serve Mark’s interests. What good could come of it? If Heller’s authority is undermined internationally, Mark’s power is gone– as CofS he only wields power for as long as Heller is taken seriously as POTUS. Plus it seems to me that he is a proponent of the drone program and losing the base would harm the continued viability of the drones to deploy world-wide.

LOL it’s always Logan. :)

I agree, Kiki, that it doesn’t serve Mark’s interests to leak that info. They all seem to be doing everything they can to keep it under wraps. Audrey? Ron Clark? General Useless?

General Useless is a good bet I think. I have no suspicions of Audrey. I really think she is meant to be a port in the storm whose motives you don’t have to second guess. She may be confused about what to do about her feelings at times and has been in the past, but I think Audrey’s unconditional love for Jack (even when logically she things maybe there should be some conditions) has become one of the few constants of the show.

Your reasons for not suspecting Audrey, sprite, is basically why I do suspect her. I think 24 likes destroying their ports in a storm and we fall for it because we think it can’t possibly be that we don’t know these characters anymore. Some things have to stay the same. We can’t lose real time, we can’t lose Jack wanting to save innocent people (even if he might have a more complicated agenda right now), we can’t lose exposition dialogue at the top of the hour and twists after that final splitscreen. But if they don’t destroy some ports, there’s not really a lot of tension. Audrey’s one character right now with the history to be perhaps the show’s best port that didn’t make it through a storm, IMO.

Ugh Mary, that is a very convincing interpretation but I hope you’re wrong. My gut says from a storytelling perspective that Audrey is more valuable if she does make it through the storm. But nothing or very little is sacred on 24. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Hey, who knows *shrugs* Could go any way. It’s always possible, too, that this is why Ron Clark exists besides his awesome hair. He’s got to do more than bring Mark folders and phone calls before the day’s out. :)

Oh, and for what it’s worth, I wasn’t saying that Audrey doesn’t love Jack and hasn’t loved him consistently since we’ve met her. That’s a given, IMO. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have another agenda that could come into conflict with seeing Jack again.

Yes to Ron Clark’s hair haha. A conflicting agenda on Audrey’s part that complicates the dynamic but doesn’t derail the love for Jack is a really interesting prospect. But there’s only six episodes left!! Single tear.

Yeah, it’s gotta come together somehow…

Perhaps Audrey.

The scene with Kate who is tortured and manages to escape, is exactly the same scene as the season 8 when Jack is prisoner of the Russians and escapes the same way !!

It seems to me the authors want to make a spin off with Kate instead of Jack … it will be without me! No Jack= no watch

Shows she’s every bit as badass as Jack. I feel like Jack doing this over and over again for all of eternity is about to become really old. Bring on more Kate Morgan.

24 could not exist without Jack. It’s been going for 9 seasons now with him as a lead. I think the writers know it would never be as awesome without our favourite character.

Disagree. They’re in the home stretch of Jack’s story and if they don’t wind it down at some point relatively soon, they’ll tarnish the show’s legacy and turn Jack into a parody of himself. It’s time for Jack to get the peace he needs and pass the torch and meet his grandson already.

Amen Sister, AMEN! As we say here in the south, “Now you’re preachin’!”

My Massachusetts self always wishes I could get away with saying stuff like that ;)

Rose Marie Sirianni
June 3, 2014 at 5:59 pm
Please make 24 or Live Another Day a regular program. I just love this show & can’t wait for it to come on Monday nites. I would love for it to be back on Audience with no commercials. Kiefer Sutherland is excellent in this part but don’t like the change for Chloe. She looks much too harsh. Please make this a regular show.

kiki vanderway
June 3, 2014 at 6:53 pm
It is back on Audience but just one episode at a time starting Day 2 now.

24 keeps geting better and better

Did one of the producers hint at a possible mid-episode time jump recently? I’m starting to wonder if that’s going to happen during the finale, because they’ve still doing night shoots through the 10th day of 11/12 filming.

Best freakin Episode!!! Best excitement since Jack was chasing Marwan back in S4!!!
Sorry FOX but you need to start planning Season 10!!! This is badass 24 returning to its best! Even if we get a spinoff with Agent Kate Morgan….I’d be happy too..she was sensational! a female Jack Bauer in the making!

I’m really sorry to say that, but I didn’t like this episode. The best scene is the Boudreau / Jack confrontation that is filled with drama tension. Otherwise it’s repetition of previous seasons , and less well .

Jack has infiltrated a group of arm dealers and returns saying he wants to help the leader: same as in season 2, he enlisted Kate as a bait same in season 8 with Renee. . And exactly the same torture scene as Jack in season 7 with the Russian mob: Kate is suspended, tortured with electricity, and escaped in the same way , choking the guy with her ​​legs and stabbing him .

I don’t like this Kate’s character, Renée copy and paste, but at least between Renee and Jack there was tension , she didn’t approve of his methods, they argued (she even slaps him in a episode) but gradually became like him . Here is just a Lady Bauer, when she pricks herself the Jack’s look is ridiculous: “Oh look what a bas ass !!!”

And Kiefer said in all his interviews that Jack was harder, angrier … I did not see anything . As for his opposition to Chloe, a good idea, it lasted one episode and Chloe regained her usual role !

Otherwise there is a caricatural villain (far from such a villain with the sense of humor like Hodges in season 7) a president without personality , a character who is useless: Erik , and a maule, Navarro, obvious, from the beginning, he doesn’t stop repeating ” Kate ‘s husband is a traitor ”

But especially since the beginning no surprise, no WTF moments

If there were 24 episodes I would not worry about, but here we are in the middle of the season…I hope to have some big surprises, and complicated/impossible decisions for Jack to make, and more dramatic intensity.

I disagree that all women who are badasses are a copy and paste of Renee Walker. Renee Walker is the ultimate copy and paste of practically every previous character on 24. She looks like Teri Bauer. She gets faux-shot like Nina Myers. She even dies a combination of how the two of them died– the bit in Jack’s arms evoking him picking up Teri’s body, the way she was shot echoing injuries sustained by Nina, and shot threw a window like David Palmer. She dies trying to leave to go back to CTU… just like Michelle Dessler. Her plot with Laitanan? A rehash of Jack in Mexico with the Salazars. Her trip to a mental hospital? See: Audrey. Her penchant for stabbing men who have wronged her? See: Martha, Elizabeth Nash.

All 24 characters evoke one another to a certain extent. You’re supposed to see parallels between them– that’s what leads to discussions about the relative morality of what you’re watching. But to call Kate a ripoff of Renee is laughable. At least call her a ripoff of Michelle Dessler-meets-Kate Warner– actual strong female characters whose response to the hell they’ve been through wasn’t to cry that they were sooooo alone and try to slash their wrists and need their poor, maligned souls healed by Jack.

Agreed. I see almost no similarities between Kate and Renee other than they are female agents. Their personalities couldn’t be more different. Renee was far more emotional and far more reluctant to do what needed to be done. Kate is much tougher and seems like she’s willing to do whatever it takes without hesitation. The writers have done a great job making Kate very distinguishable from Renee.

I personally feel like Renee had more likability than Kate because you could relate with her more, like Jack in season one when his family was kidnapped and he felt lost inside. With Kate, we haven’t seen nearly as much of her back story as we did with Jack, or even Renee, even though Kate is frequently compared to Jack Bauer on Day 1. I don’t feel like Kate is too much like Renee; I feel like she’s too much like Jack.

I feel like the writers think they’ve technically already established Kate as a character in the new season because they’ve spent eight seasons establishing Jack, and since they’re so similar, it is clearly obvious that they’re trying to make us slowly forget about Jack so that we can see the Kate Morgan Power-Hour premiere after LAD.

Just my own personal opinion, though.

I think the only problem with Kate on a personal level right now is that while we know what happened to her husband, this plot has been dead in the water since the first episode. It’s only now just heating up (thank you, Jordan!) and her relationships with the characters she knew before this morning are on the vague side. Jordan has a crush on her but she’s not into him and their relationship is kind of cordial. She’s going to flip when she finds out what Navarro’s done but we don’t really have a good grasp of the history there. Is he just her boss? Was he her mentor? What is this relationship? And Erik Ritter just walked into her life not long ago. They’re kind of hot for each other but we know nothing about him other than he seems to be a good guy who wants to stop the threat and will protest but then do everything she tells him to do. Once a few of these start get going in any direction, I think Kate will start to feel a little more fleshed out because she’s just very isolated with Jack right now.

I don’t think the writers have decided that Kate is Jack though and that’s it. They’re planting the direction for the spinoff for sure but that’s all the more reason to make Kate Morgan the most fully realized, individual character they can make her, otherwise the spinoff will not be very interesting.

Some people seemed to get stuck forever with S7 Renee, there was no reluctance with S8 Renee Walker. S8 Renee would have stabbed that needle just like Kate this past episode. Renee was never portrayed as someone who would run away from danger anyway.

Besides, they haven’t even written a morally ambiguous decision for Kate yet unlike the stuff they did with Jack and Renee. So there isn’t really anything for Kate to feel morally reluctant about so far.

I think the best thing about Renee when it comes to the reluctance stuff that you are talking about is that once we learned her backstory on S8, we saw that throughout all of S7 she was struggling with the same things, and it gave Renee on S7 more meaning in retrospect. S8 shows us that Renee Walker was almost a cover identity for Renee Zadan, instead of the other way around like it was on paper. The real Renee is the one we meet in S8, who she was trying to be in S7 was like repressing that part of herself. It made Renee more compelling as a character and definitely more complicated, if not necessarily more likable to everyone. A lot of people found her more likable (as she is obviously very popular.) I wasn’t one of them but it for sure made her more interesting.

Kate’s made a couple of smaller morally grey choices already. She tazered that security guard and roped Jordan in against orders to try to figure out what was going on with Jack, for one. She attacked a guy and put a friend in a spot where he could be fired for her own agenda. Even though we haven’t spent a lot of time with her yet, those are some questionable moral decisions she’s had to make already.

I always felt like the reason Kate didn’t cry was because she was kind of a terrible actress. Her lack of emotion in the face of that day cracked me up. Love your take on Kate.

Excuse me for replying to myself but I meant to say also that a huge reason Kate is not a rehash of Renee and that this is not a rehash of that story is that there is no romance. That’s a huge welcome distinction in my book.

No Jack-Kate romance is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Hook her up with Ritter. He’s following her around like a puppy, he’s hot, and he needs a break from getting injured every hour. :)

Or poor little Jordan who really does have her best interests at heart! Though if Kate is truly being groomed to be Jack 2.0, all potential love interests should clearly run quickly away from her.

lol good point, sprite!

Agreed about the lack of Kate/Jack romance being a good thing. Kudos to the writers for bringing in a strong female character who isn’t also a love interest for Jack or one of the other major male characters.

Forget Ritter (and Jordan). Let Kate hook up with Belcheck. Now that’s a killer couple!

Belcheck does need some love.

What is it with comparing the Katebait story with Day 8 Renee? Jack never wanted Renee in the field, Hastings ordered it, and it wasn’t to deliver her for supposedly being Nils’ contact, but rather to reestablish her cover with Red Square. That’s like saying LAD is too much like other seasons because they both contain living people.


Marry me, 24Nathan.

Kiki Vanderway
June 4, 2014 at 8:21 pm
And please invite me to the wedding!

Haha, I don’t know what to say.

I sadly saw this mole reveal coming after coming across the filming in Liverpool street so knew that Steve would do something questionable.
However what I think is this isn’t a straight up simple, ‘I’m working for the bad guys’ trope that has been seen in previous seasons (Dana Walsh ergh)

Lets not forget that Tony was essentially a mole in season 3, doing the wrong things for the right reasons. I have a feeling this will be more than the typical storyline with limited motivations that we’re used to.

I think it will boil down to Kate and her husband’s involvement in selling secrets. This will not be as it seems, maybe Steve fabricated his involvement to cover up what he was doing? Maybe there’s some greater reveal yet.

Also, call me crazy, but I don’t think we’ve seen all the returning cast from the previous seasons.
Logic says it’ll be Kim, but I am still holding out the notion that Tony could make an appearance. It would be a tough sell (no tougher than bringing him back from the dead). But having Tony as no longer being in custody (escaped, back hand deals), could be tasked by the Russian’s to bring Jack in for them. With the time jump and the fact that the Russians are aware that he’s in London, it could be their way of avoiding political fallout, Tony was an American prisoner, Jack is a fugitive, it would keep both governments with a sense of denial. Just an idea.

Tony easily could have been pardoned by Allison Taylor. Some of us (myself included) think it was him who saved the guy from the old Salazar mission at the beginning of Day 8 and sent him to Jack’s apartment. He had a pocketful of diamonds like the ones Tony wound up with on Day 7. It’s possible.

24 is awesome!

Almost as awesome as getting $200 free for signing up for the Chase Freedom Card using this link. No APR 15 months.

Do it. DO IT NOW! Damnit!


24 is awesome!

Almost as awesome as getting a real job… or better yet killing yourself.

Do it. DO IT NOW! Damnit!

I’m really excited for how this season will end. There’s been so many rumours, some saying Jack will die others saying he definitely won’t be killed off…and a lot of cast members are saying how shocked they are with the last few episodes.

If Tony is to return, they better get his butt on a plane to London pretty quick. There are only 18 hours left on the clock, and it takes 12 hours on the clock to fly from the east coast to London. Logically, he cannot already be in London…he must be in a prison somewhere on the east coast. My guess is that you will not see either Tony or Kim in season 9. And since there will not be a season 10, it would make sense to have a spin-off with Kate Morgan. Her character has been universally praised, and if a pice of crap show like the Blacklist can get high ratings with one of the worst acting jobs playing a female in a lead role, then a show with Kate Morgan as the lead character, developed by Howard Gordon, will do just fine.

This is if Tony is still in prison in the U.S.. What if, say… Allison Taylor pardoned Tony after Day 7 and he was free for a little over a year. Jack shows up after Day 8 and Tony helps him get out of the country. Either Tony is caught or he turns himself in after finding out that Chloe’s been arrested. He cuts a deal to shorten Chloe’s sentence so that Prescott doesn’t have to grow up without a mom and he’s been in prison for the last four and a half years, explaining why Chloe served time according to Kate in the premiere… but not really a lot of time because then Chloe starts talking to Jack about having had another job and Prescott’s soccer practice schedule. This is all before she took up with Adrian and Open Cell, who she’s been with for awhile. She couldn’t have served more than six months to a year for that kind of math to make any sort of sense, especially since the Russians probably didn’t wait around forever before exacting revenge on Morris and Prescott. She somehow got a reduced sentence and was then let out, despite Jack having never been caught. If she was let go because of Tony and the Heller administration then handed Tony over to the Russians in lieu of Jack, he could actually have not been more than a couple of hours away this whole time.

Wow. I absolutely LOVED this episode. I had one gripe and it was the mole reveal. I’m just so sick of moles. HOWEVER, after reading that it may be Cross on the phone and that Navarro was open cells government contact, I’m totally open to it now. As long as its handled well.

Besides that this episode rocked! Great action and suspense, some great character moments, love the Simone stuff (don’t get why her story is getting so much hate) and overall really well paced.

At first I hated that MI5 came in to screw it up. And although it does seem way too convenient as a writing device to create conflict, I also think its believable given the circumstances, and think it’ll lead to an interesting confrontation between heller and the PM

I liked your point on Simone’s story. I actually find it very interesting. I like how Emily Berrington portrays such a confused daughter to a radical terrorist like her mother. I was actually surprised about the twist of her story in this episode. Very well-written.

On this note, I think it’s safe to say that 24 is headed in the right direction once again.

Jeremiah Grande
June 4, 2014 at 10:36 pm
Jack & Kate kicked butt! Best so far. “24” still keeps me glue d to the TV & can’t wait until next week!

I loved episode 6 and suspect the same as most people about the Adrian Cross ending I have another theory remember Gordan stated that he had an idea for this series and then Michael was the first new actor casted. It would be unusual for such a minor character to be casted that early so I think they have something big planned for his role.

I think you are right. So far Adrian hasn’t had much to do, but I think he’ll factor in heavily during the second half of the season.

This was broadcast last night on Sky1 at 9pm and all I can say, wow. what a brilliant episode. this new series is really getting good.

So, Steve is the mole? maybe not!! we will just have to wait and see, I think Adrian is on the other end of the phone but I could be wrong?

The part where Simone got run over by that bus, well that’s wasn’t a surprise since some pictures were realised a few months back on here so I knew that was coming.

Jack and Kate were brilliant kicking ass :)

Looking forward to next week’s episode, looks brilliant from the preview trailer with many explosions and a car chase.

Mary…it would be nice if Tony was out of prison via a President Taylor pardon. But one of the many reasons that he was in prison was because he murdered a federal agent. There would be zero reasons for a presidential pardon. Furthermore, he never had a close relationship with Taylor. Now, keep in mind that the last time anyone saw Tony was when he was being taken into custody at the end of day 7. And, if I am not mistaken, his name was never mentioned during day 8. Therefore, Tony going to federal prison is nothing more than a logical assumption by the viewer.

There is a reason for a Presidential pardon built into the canon of Day 7. Tony outed hundreds of moles within the federal government. It was his early warning that let the FBI to know the White House would be targeted. At the end of the day, Allison Taylor’s last scene has her saying to Ethan “his name is Alan Wilson”, in this whole “let’s go get the bastard!” voice, implying that she’s totally on board with taking out Wilson. No one would have known about Wilson if not for Tony. Wilson? Also ultimately at fault for the destruction in Allison Taylor’s family, as he was the guy behind Jonas Hodges, whose murder of Roger’s son causes all the problems in Taylor’s family. By the end of Day 7, Tony is the only person left alive who can corroborate anything Renee might have gotten from Wilson… if she got much anything at all, since Day 8 tells us that she tortured him nearly half to death. That leaves room for Tony to be pardoned for everything– including Larry Moss, whose death was as much a part of his mission as Ryan Chappelle’s was for Jack’s, ultimately– in exchange for information on the prion variant cabal.

I believe that Tony is in prison right now. I thought so even before Carlos Bernard was saying it at the Chicago Comic Con recently. What I think is up in the air is how long he’s been there and why he’s there in the first place and even where he’s imprisoned, all of which they could make work in the story with the other breadcrumbs they’ve been dropping.

Mary…I like what you just said and hope that you are correct. However, here is where you are off base. As I mentioned in an earlier post, no one saw Edgar Styles’ mother actually die. She turned into a bitter bad woman after Edgar did not rescue her. My belief is that she is alive and, being a long time widow, met and married Alan Wilson, and knew all of his secrets. Also, a little known fact is that Henry Taylor was mama Styles childhood sweetheart, and they always kept in touch. Through Henry, Allison hooked up with mama Styles and learned everything about Alan Wilson. So because of this, President Allison Taylor had no need for Tony whatsoever!

Isn’t 24 just a fabulous show. I recently wrote an article about why 24 is so enduring and why we need Jack Bauer. Maybe I will re-print it on this site. Also, before it was announced that 24 season 9 would return as 24 LAD, I started to write a novel called “24. Day Nine. The Final Hours.” The story was fantastic. I told Glen Morshower (Aaron Pierce) my story (I have met him through one of my close friends) and he thought it was fabulous. Depending on how LAD ends, I will probably change much of the beginning and finish the book.

Edwin Alexander
June 5, 2014 at 8:02 pm
wow thats cool Ronnie, in my opinion 24 is the best tv show i have ever seen, it makes you wonder what will happen next


Love your theory but you’re forgetting that Danny Dessler is still out there and he wants revenge for his sister but unlike Tony, he blames Jack for Michelle’s death because everything under the sun is Jack’s fault, ya know? Only Kim introduced Danny to Aunt Carol at the family picnic one year awhile back and they’ve been secretly in love, which complicates stuff ’cause now Danny can’t kill Kim in revenge, ya know? This family stuff makes the morality shit complicated. Anyway, the big twist is clearly that Shari Rothenberg once sued Mark Boudreau and the Russians find out about it and threaten to out him as her baby daddy so he has to kidnap her, naturally… I don’t want to say too much more because it might spoil the plot for everyone, but it’s all there!. :P

(Tongue-in-cheek aside, I would like to read your 24 stuff! Hook me up? Am @ItsMsM on Twitter.)

Oh my goodness Mary! I go away for a few days, get all involved in my own book I am writing and while proofing a new chapter (sorry guys nothing to do with “24” as much as I like it) I’m also pondering the back and forth of our last post sharing’s, and Shazam! The next thing I know I’m thinking Mary’s made some valid points countering my dislike of President Heller and I need to consider rethinking the whole thing! I think I got stuck on his treatment of Jack in Season 6, (which I liked) I mean I was seriously P.O. with the man. I still think he has some elitist inside the “beltway” thinking and needs an attitude adjustment. So in extending an “Olive Branch” I am willing to only call him “Daddy Dearest” on rare occasions because I could tell it was a bit of hot button for you.

So I decide to catch up with you in the new thread since it seemed pointless to continue on the old one and this was available. Then I got a reality check; good grief there are over 250+ to “thread” (pun intended) my way through. Geez Louise I can only imagine what the Lurkers, which I too was at lone time, are doing in trying to keep up with this and say something.

When I came across your complete character analysis of Renee and all of the other women in Jack’s life I wanted to stand up and cheer because you nailed it Mary! I am glad to say it was brilliant! So “scuse” me while I take this can of concentrate and add 3 cans of water to it and try to do some more proofing on the last chapter as it needs some serious re-working. Geez there is a lot of good stuff here from you and several others to consider; and yes put me in the it would be great if all of the “Tony” folk would get our request to bring him back.

In between proofing and pondering I’ll check in to see how things are going here especially since the weekend is upon us and I am sure there are more who will join in. Besides even if the calendar doesn’t say it yet we are into the hot days of summer here in Texas so staying out of the sun is a good idea/excuse.

LadyJ, you’re a fellow writer?! I totally need to read your stuff, if you’re okay with sharing! I’m drowning in coursework and my own book…

lol no olive branch needed over (in some eyes) Daddy Dearest. Everyone has their own opinions. He does have a beltway bent, I’m in total agreement. I just don’t think he’s evil or controlling and would bet the farm (if I had one) on him actually being the ultimate good guy on Day 9.

Good luck on your writing! Enjoy the Texas heat. :)

Yeah Tony never was evil like say Marwan who just wanted to blow things to bits and take down the US. Although both seemed to have a plan for everything lol he didn’t want to kill Larry, but he did. So he has that and the almost setting off the bomb in the subway thing, everything else he did really isn’t so far gone. He was just willing to go farther than Jack for revenge, revenge was number 1 for him. Jack just waited and then got his revenge, i.e. Henderson and Nina.

Plus he could be in jail or he could have got a pardon, I mean Logan got one and did far worse, as did many other bad guys. Or he could have escaped, he did have a plan for everything, so who’s to say he didn’t have a few guys waiting to spring him when he was moved. Renee went nuts, Jack was just about dead and everyone else that knew him directly was dead, besides Chloe who was no longer with anyone officially. So no one would have known.

But yeah, I’m only 25% sure he will be back now, I think it is like a season 6 thing, they had an idea for him to show up right at the end, but it didn’t work. The rumors got out there and now people think he is coming back.

Be nice, but doubting it. Aaron should have been used too.

ermagherd why cant fox release sneek peeks earlier

I really really want Tony to return, but I just can’t see it happening. If they do another series then it’s gives them for leeway for his return. But since season 7 it’s like everyone’s forgotten him. I at least want a MENTION of him

Kiki Vanderway
June 7, 2014 at 2:31 pm
No one has forgotten Tony. There is a massive fan base that wants him back. I personally think her went too far off the deep end for a plausible extrication but I know I am in a minority among the die hards. This has nothing to do with the wonderful sense of play Carlos Bernard brings to the character but sometimes the writers paint themselves into corners and I’m just not seeing it (of course I also thought he was dead in Day 5….)

Yeah, I agree with you. Tony was always a good guy. He always did what he thought was right or to protect Michelle and his turn into a terrorist, then working undercover, then actually a terrorist was a little unrealistic. I doubt Tony would ever go that far. But, then again, we don’t know exactly what went on between day 5 and 7 so it is possible for him to have changed so drastically.
As for him returning, I’d love to see him back, though it would have to be written very well for it to work, contrary to day 7 where everything with Tony didn’t seem to fit perfectly, in my opinion. I doubt he’ll come back in this season, there’s only 6 episodes left but if they did do more, his return would certainly satisfy a lot of fans and bring a new storyline into play so it’s possible. I also think if he returned, he’d have to stay for more than one season for it to work well.

They could bring him back in many ways, if they could use the lame henderson stabbed him there on purpose thing, they can easily bring him back. But I am doubting it, unless he shows up at the very end, don’t think he’ll be there at all.

So a friend and I were just chatting and we realized that we think that they keep waving Heller’s pill bottles in our faces for a major reason:

On Day 4, we learned that Heller has a heart condition. He had a heart attack sometime prior to us meeting him and when he and Audrey are held hostage, Audrey starts talking about his heart pills to their captors. It’s something they don’t really mention again after early Day 4 but it wouldn’t just disappear completely– Heller would have to take regular medication to ensure his heart functioned properly.

Cut to Day 9, when we keep seeing Heller taking pills but we’ve also been told he has rapidly progressing, early onset Alzheimer’s disease. We immediately think he’s taking medication to try to combat the Alzheimer’s. (Medication that seems to be consistently failing, should that be the case, as he’s still frequently exhibiting symptoms.) But say he’s not– say these are Heller’s heart pills that he believes he’s taking. But say someone switched those pills with placebos. Now, Heller’s heart condition is being left untreated and the symptoms of advancing heart disease are… temporary memory loss, switching around of nouns, repeating yourself, disorientation, fatigue… basically the same symptoms of early onset Alzheimer’s. If you were Heller, you’d believe that you were developing Alzheimer’s because while this is also what would happen to you if you stopped taking your heart meds, you take your heart meds every day. Only, you don’t realize that someone’s been switching them on you.

Enter: Jack Bauer. He worked with you when you were taking heart medication. He knew about it because you don’t bother to hide taking pills in front of him on Day 9. Only, he’s left scratching his head when you take your pills, then reveal in conversation that you don’t remember details about what the two of you were talking about mere minutes ago. If your heart pills were working, as Jack would know intimately, you’d be sharper than you are.

Was the reason why Jack had to see Heller take his pills was so that he’d start to put together that someone is trying to slowly kill the President?

Mary, you think waay too much about little details like that, much more than the writers do.

I mean that as a compliment by the way.

XAM, I appreciate the compliment but I think you’re wrong. It’s not even just that they keep showing us the pill bottle on the show itself but Jon Cassar posted a photo about it and another one turned up in those photos of the set from eh I can’t remember where it was now but it was awhile back, before the premiere aired. It’s a prop pill bottle. If it weren’t important, it wouldn’t keep showing up.

Kiki Vanderway
June 8, 2014 at 8:35 pm
Funny you say this I was rewatching it today and wondered if Mark had switched pills or convinced him to take a drug that actually was making him more confused,…

Also unrelated and I am sorry if this has appeared in earlier threads before but right before Kate was called up to work with Jack she is reviewing video on her computer watching someone in a suit hand something to Ritter– what was that about?

Ritter suffered burns from the drone strike, Kate was watching the medics work on him.

I don’t think it was meant to hint at anything, it was just a way to show the audience why Erik was absent from this episode.

Kate looked concerned. I think she’s into him.

But yeah also like you’re saying 24Spoilers, they’re probably paying the actor for x number of episodes or something so they had to get him in there somewhere or something.

It’s a great idea, but I think it’s too far-stretched. But I agree with you that they’re literally waving it in our faces, as they did with the Kate’s husband, which means they’re could be something bigger involved that we’ll find out later