David Fury discusses 24: Live Another Day Episode 6
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Behind the Scenes of 24: Live Another Day Episode 6

Writer David Fury discusses 24: Live Another Day Episode 6 in this behind the scenes featurette.

24 is more like a movie than a TV show. The level of quality of the stunts and special effects just raises the bar. And Kiefer has really grown in the role of Jack Bauer. The level of dedication and professionalism that that he puts into the action, the stunts… He immerses himself; he doesn’t like to use doubles, he likes to do it himself. It just makes everything that much more exciting.”

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Did David Fury lose some of his weight?

“24 is more like a movie than a TV show”

No, it used to be. Movies don’t usually look like they’ve been filmed by a spastic on a mobile phone.

It’s really not *that* bad, XAM. I’m not sure why you’re insistent on the emotionally charged hyperbole.

It’s not that bad in a literal sense, but it is easily the worst 24 has ever looked.

Sadly, he’s right.


June 9, 2014 at 6:27 pm
The worst looking scene (i.e. fake looking) was those drones in S6 that were supposed to carry the suitcase nukes. Those were so small and dopey looking, don’t think they could have carried a cherry bomb.

Very interesting but I was far more interested in Kates Torture/killing scene as it clearly was Yvonne suspended from the ceiling, I have not seen someone held in that type of almost crucifix but with the arms bought up behind them before. I also loved the Kill with Yvonne showing that she could get enough force into the Stab to kill the guy.