24: Live Another Day Episode 9 Sneak Peeks

Here are all five sneak peek clips from 24: Live Another Day Episode 9.

First Look

via Fox Broadcasting / YouTube

Michelle Fairley, director Milan Cheylov, and Yvonne Strahovski discuss the episode. They reveal that Margot is still targeting London (this time Waterloo Station) but her location was discovered by Chloe O’Brian. Jack, Kate, and Erik team up to stop Margot but they’re completely outgunned and have to find a way in.

The Drone Closes In On London

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Jack and Kate pursue crucial leads in an attempt to gain the upper hand on the incredibly intense circumstances.

Explosion At Wembley

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The British Prime Minister attempts to comfort Audrey in the wake of the most recent terrorist attacks. He tells her “Audrey, your father was a courageous man and a dear friend. To sacrifice himself in such a way was an act of bravery that my nation will never forget.”

Immediate Evacuation of Waterloo Station

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The British Prime Minister takes matters into his own hands.

No Time to Spare

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Margot learns that the drone will be within striking distance of London within five minutes. Kate gets to be badass with grenades. Awesome remix of one of Sean Callery’s older tracks.


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With President Heller (definitely) blown away by a drone at Wembley Stadium, can’t wait for this Monday’s episode of 24 with only four episodes left and what would Jack and Co. do to stop Margot’s reign of terror once and for all.

Haha oh yes… heller… dead….

“With a vengeance” Yeah, I can live with that :)

It seems like Margot will just plot different targets, and then they could potentially destroy the override device, and even be captured or killed by team jack, but nobody* would be able to stop the drone.
*Chloe can of course save the day.

It’s funny that Kate has a rotating set of outfits: one for CIA HQ, one for the field, and a nice white shirt just for the torture scene.

My guess. Silent Ron spilled the beans that Heller is still alive.

New West Virginian
June 21, 2014 at 6:08 pm
Even if Heller is alive Ron won’t know it. The last time he sees Heller is when he gets on the helicopter with Jack and flies away, Ron was not at the stadium.

New West Virginian
June 21, 2014 at 6:08 pm
Most likely there is a leak or a mole either in CTU or the White House staff. Maybe Navarro or Open Cell.

What if Margot survives and gets away? New season…?

Margot is not compelling enough to warrant inclusion in a new season… no disrespect to Michelle Fairley because she’s pretty great, but she has the unfortunate disadvantage of playing a simple bacon-dodger villain, and those are the least complex and interesting villains you could have, because you always know where you stand with them – which is why the bell curve will always show that people in general preferred the odd seasons with bacon eating villains.

Nina and Logan for example deserved multiple seasons. Cheng though absolutely did NOT.

New West Virginian
June 21, 2014 at 6:12 pm
What do you mean by the bacon eating villains? What would you consider a complex villain besides Logan? Mandy and Nina Myers were the least complex I think Nina just seemed to be evil for evil’s sake and Mandy was just a highly paid mercenary but people find them so memorable. I think Charles Logan was the most complex villain, and Dana Walsh was kinda complex too along with Dina Araz. I would also include the Salazar brothers and Gaines as non complex.

June 20, 2014 at 6:24 pm
There’s no doubt that Naveed’s disc drive found hidden underneath some boards inside Margot’s previous house is the sole reason why they know the exact location where Margot is staying at in next week’s episode. Margot obviously didn’t ever know about the disc drive that was hidden away by Naveed in that house. Margot will definitely be taken by complete surprise in Episode 9 and I don’t think that she’ll live to see Episode 10. I hope that Belcheck has a lot to do in Episode 9, he’s been so very underused so far this season.

re. Belcheck

I don’t think we’ve seen a character so underdeveloped and doing so little have such a compelling screen presence. Not since Aaron Pierce anyway.

The day Aaron Pierce is underdeveloped and doing so little is the day Allison Taylor was killed by Gen. Benjamin Juma in her own White House… Oh, wait: THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN, BC AARON WAS THERE & HE KINDA SORTA*** SAVED THE DAY

w/ jack and bill and taylor herself what w/ the explosive gas

or the day that he didn’t help Palmer and war was launched on the Middle East… Oh, wait… Or that he didn’t help Jack in DAY 1… oh, wait…

New West Virginian
June 21, 2014 at 6:13 pm
The thing is Margot probably didn’t even trust Simone with the location of the office building hideout which was why she didn’t have it, but she had trusted Naveed more than her daughter before Naveed betrayed their cause?

And btw I don’t think Margot is going against her word by planning the next attack, I think Heller’s death now was probably faked and she discovers that, maybe through traitors in the government.

Jack, Kate, and Erik working together should be fun……….I would think they would bring a CIA tac team along or British support no?

President heller is very much alive and being looked after by belcheck

When I try accessing this website using VPN to watch US-only videos, Chrome keeps crashing…

I keep reading comments of people saying that heller faked his death… HOW? WE all saw him walk onto the stadium and margot sent a drone right on his location. So unless he used digletts dig attack to bury himself underground hes a goner. How can someone fake their death like that? No comeback for William Devane… Bye.

Read the spoiler post by 24Spoilers

Yeah, as if that would clear anything up.

He says ”No comeback for William Devane… Bye.” and that is what I am replying to.

The clips are awesome except clip #2 where Audrey, Mark, the Prime Minister and others watched the tragic loss of President James Heller. With only four episodes left, I’m hoping that it may very well be the end for 24 if Jack Bauer heads back to L.A. reunited with his daughter Kim and have a “happy ending”.

24 doesn’t get happy endings…

New West Virginian
June 23, 2014 at 7:56 pm
If its the finale it should have a happy ending. Jack deserves one after everything he’s done and been through. Especially given that Mandy and Mitch Anderson probably got happy endings, Miles Papazian too.

Miles probably went to prison after Logan was arrested, Mitch Anderson was left ambiguous, although I thought he would show up in the desert afterwards, and I really hope Mandy comes around in the last few episodes to be killed off for all the shit she’s done.