Will Chloe side with Adrian or Jack?

Chloe O'Brian and Adrian Cross
Will Chloe side with Adrian or Jack?

Did Chloe really side with Adrian over Jack on 24, or is she just playing him? After the President Heller fake-out, I don’t trust anything! — Jake
While it seems Chloe picked a side, don’t be surprised if Adrian’s nefarious dealings with CIA Chief Navarro end up changing Chloe’s mind. In other words, she’s totally going to go back to Jack, right? “Adrian and Chloe have a bond, and that bond is now going to be tested,” executive producer Manny Coto teases. “Chloe’s going to come to a position where she must choose between her loyalty to Adrian and her loyalty to Jack. What side she comes out on will be part of the fun of the episode.” Yeah, totally Jack.

The last time Jack and Chloe spoke to each other, she refused to come to the CIA station to examine the override device, saying “Margot’s dead, it’s not my problem anymore.” She then hopped into Adrian’s car and drove off. The episode ends with Chloe kissing Adrian as he drives off to get the override device from Steve Navarro.

Is Chloe up to no good or is she completely unaware of Adrian’s mischievous ways? Will she side with her boyfriend Adrian or her old friend Jack?

Who will Chloe side with?

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for me i thick Chloe is on jack side but she no what she is up but i dont thick her new boy friend know abt it

Beautiful conflict of loyalties

She’s been on Adrian’s side since episode 9-1. She was able to use Jack to get access to CIA computers (Cross in later episode had access to CIA computers). They have used Jack to track and gain control of the override device.

You might be right but I hope you’re not (as there would be a pretty sizeable plot hole). There was an episode where Adrian tried to get Jack arrested (by purposely giving him a phony ID badge). That would seem to be counter-productive if the plan was for the CIA to get a hold of the override device (since the CIA wasn’t even aware of the override device at that time). It would also be fairly convenient that Adrian now has something to blackmail Navarro with (Adrian couldn’t have possibly planned that the hitman would get killed).

The plan COULD have been for the CIA to get the device since Navarro, the HEAD of the CIA London department, is a double agent. Even if Navarro didn’t know about the override device, he’s working for Adrian, who seemed to have either found out about the device at the same time the CIA did or knew about it sometime prior to that.

You simply can’t resist the power of Bauer.

For Chloe, she’ll always be with Jack and not Adrian “double” Cross.

That moment of choice for Chloe whether to return to the CIA substation and help Jack or go back to Adrian and Open Cell is going to prove a pivotal moment for Ms O’Brien… and maybe even a fatal one by the end!

Nina turned bad. Tony turned bad. Anyone can be bad. (I think Kate is a bad guy, thinking she’s kinda a new Nina since the start)

I hope so because her character “Jack Bauer 2.0” is not really interesting so far !

I feel that Chloe is going to help Jack by fooling Adrian into thinking she’s helping him.

Chloe’s on TeamAdrian only until she discovers what game he’s really playing. Once she realises that he’s actually a tad insane and is willing to threaten innocent lives with his plans for the device, and that he used her with this endgame in mind, she won’t be so cool with him. It’ll be a rough realisation because everything she believed in will be crumbling. But she’ll still have her belief in Jack to fall back on after Adrian fails her.

Just last night I rewatched the end of Day 8, so my Jack-and-Chloe’s-undying-devotion FEELS are in full effect right now. After all they’ve been through, at the end of the day, Chloe will always be TeamJack.

I think the real question is: Who will side with her?

There’ s never been a season without a silent clock…..have a feeling Chloe is a goner in episode 12.

New West Virginian
June 30, 2014 at 1:33 am
There was no silent clock in Season 4. There was a sort of silent clock in Season 7 but no major characters died.

Incorrect. There were two silent clocks in Season 7. One was used immediately after Bill sacrificed himself.

Nobody deserved a silent clock in season 4.

It would’ve been effective after Paul Raines’ death. Not because we cared about Paul, but because it would’ve been effective in the “oh shit, that just happened” sense that they’ve sometimes used the silent clock for.

That was some powerful shit actually. Kim Raver nailed that scene.

I think the bond between Jack and Chloe runs deep. Besides, he broke her out of the CIA torture chamber at the start, where she could possibly have been tortured to death. That’s got to count for something. There has always been this unbreakable trust between them so it’s hard to imagine she would switch allegiance now.

I can’t help the nagging feeling that Morris and Prescott are not really dead. Maybe it was Cross’s plan all along, so as to get Chloe into his group, knowing what a genius she is. It had to be something really drastic to get Chloe to turn against the government.

I just hope to goodness they don’t kill her off. I would hate the writers forever if that did that!

There is going to be a WTF-moment in episode 11! Probably Chloe’s death! :(

Well, if they do then that would appear to be that for any chance of future series. It would follow the policy of all the people Jack cares for (well almost all!) getting killed off. So much depends on whether they have any plans at all to do further series, in which case anything could happen – and probably will.

But it would be such a miserable ending! I would feel VERY let down and angry. I felt that at the end of Season 1 when they killed Jack’s wife off – I rarely watch that season because it’s so miserable at the end. But it was a clever twist in that it defined so much of what Jack did subsequently.

Anyway, viva Chloe I say!

Angelika Kanis
June 30, 2014 at 2:35 am
I still think Chloe just went back to Adrian to stop his machinations.

Chloe may die in the next episode.

I suspected since episode 3 she would die in this season she will say something like she wants to be with her husband and son and doesn’t mind dying

I think that Chloe will probably end up at Adrian’s side, for the time being.

I really do not want Chloe to die. I’ve never been so scared for her death in my life. With every episode I fear it more and more. It just… can’t happen. Nope.

So I’m not the only one worried that Chloe will die this season. Based on the promo for tonight, it looks as though Chloe was unaware of Adrian’s plan involving the override device. But it’s not certain what she’ll do after she finds out. I think if she went along with Adrian, it would undo most of what she’s been doing the entire day, seeing as she seemed to be helping because she wanted to save lives, not because she wanted to help Adrian get the override device.

I also think Chloe will die and save Jack. And I agree that she will say something like he still has his family and she wants to go see hers :(

I think somehow this is a sort of aftermath of Jack’s first action in the season, not trusting Chloe and acting like they are not friends anymore (and he has no friend, claimed to Belchek). Actually this was non sens when you rewatch the end of 8 and his very last words looking at the drone she sent him.

Part of her quit is connected with that. And Jack growing anger, cerainly made worst spending years working with criminals he hates, will be confront with a kind of limit. All this situation may drive him to come back with human people and calm down in his mind. If he stick with her, and i am sure he will, it is going to prove how wrong he was about this.

Saw the guy who played Adrian walk down Sunset Blvd tonight, haha. As he walked past, I thought “I recognise him from somewhere!” Then it clicked 5 seconds later, haha