Evan Katz and Manny Coto Reddit AMA: “no plans to continue” 24, but ‘open to possibility’

Evan Katz and Manny Coto at the 24: Live Another Day Premiere Screening in NYC
Evan Katz and Manny Coto at the 24: Live Another Day Premiere Screening in NYC

24 Executive Producers Manny Coto and Evan Katz did an AMA (“ask me anything”) on Reddit and have answered dozens of fan questions. We’ve compiled all 68 question and answers below, categorized them, cleaned up the formatting and fixed some typos, so hopefully it should be a lot easier to read. The questions range from serious to very funny and many of them aren’t the type of questions that other publications ask. Definitely worth a read.

24: Live Another Day Related Questions

What drew the project to being London Based?
Manny Coto: At the end of season 8, Jack was a fugitive and seemed like a great idea to take him out of the country. We felt it was in-line with this season being a special “event series”

What was the biggest challenge in this new season of 24?
Evan Katz: Coming up with a threat we hadn’t done before.

Do you think that the 12 episode format was more difficult to work with, being that you had more time in previous seasons to work through a particular storyline?
Evan Katz: Not more difficult, maybe more exciting. It challenged us to cut out all the flab and make sure every episode was special.

What exactly happened in the 10 seconds while Heller is walking out to the field?
Manny Coto: This is what happened: Jack was notified by Chloe that she had broken into the video feed. Jack quickly convinced Heller that he didn’t need to die and he rushed him off as Chloe was cloning the footage.

How did Cheng know where Audrey was?
Manny Coto: Cheng has a network. He has planned this very well.

Why hasn’t Jack Bauer really tortured anyone this season? You guys seemed to have toned it down. He twisted Simone’s thumb in the hospital bed, but that only lasted 5 seconds and he then apologized for that. My family was really hoping Jack would torture Mark Boudreaux with a taser or lamp last night.
Evan Katz: We try very hard not to do things we’ve done before and Jack has had his fill of torture. We try to challenge ourselves to tell the story without it.

Jack has been much more lethal this season, the eclipse being having thrown the Al-Harazi’s out of the window. Is this a natural progression given his status as rogue operative or is it more following the “must make things crazier” formula?
Evan Katz: We think Jack’s behavior accurately reflects where he is in his life. His character is farther outside of society than he ever has been and seems to have little time for finesse or legalities.

What has been your favorite cliffhanger you’ve ended an episode on?
Evan Katz: Not sure if it qualifies as a cliffhanger, but we really liked the idea of killing Heller at the end of episode eight this season only to reveal he was alive in the next episode.

What was the wildest/craziest serious idea that was floated for this season that ended up not making it to the episodes?
Manny Coto: Actually all the wild, crazy ideas ended up in the season. We’re glad you loved the chase sequence, for us it’s the most amazing action sequences seen on television and it’s a testament to our amazing crew.

Do you imagine current pop-culture as existing in the show world? Or has the effect of a couple nuclear bombs detonating on American soil altered the world of “24”‘s pop-culture to the point that it has diverged from ours? For instance, would the show Game of Thrones exist in Jack Bauer’s universe?
Manny Coto: 24 definitely kind of exists in an alternate universe. We rarely use pop culture references, but we made the exception this year for Madonna because we love Belcheck.

Is Jack’s son a crewman on the USS Massachusetts?
Evan Katz: Jack doesn’t have a son unless you know something we don’t…

I think Jack didn’t yell “DAMN IT” enough this season. What’s your explanation for that?
Manny Coto: I would beg to differ. I think Jack yelled “Damn It” way too much. Do you have numbers? Can you prove this?

Does it bother you when your foley guys put clicks, rattling, and cocking sounds for firearms where they don’t belong?
Manny Coto: Yes. Drives me crazy.

Finale and Future of 24

What deceased 24 character was the hardest (personally) for you guys to kill off? Also, are there any characters in the 24 universe that you had planned to kill off, but decided to give a last second reprieve (or vice-versa)?
Evan Katz: We can’t answer that question until the finale airs on Monday.

How is the finale going to work with the real time aspect of the show? you haven’t skipped any hours along the way yet, and it seems like it will be a little strange to suddenly skip 12 hours in the next 42 minutes of television.
Manny Coto: All we can say is, “Give it a look.” We think it works pretty damn well.

How on earth are you wrapping this up in a single hour?
Manny Coto: Because we’re awesome.

Do you think Jack can ever have a reasonably happy ending?
Evan Katz: We don’t understand the word happy. > happy en

Can we hold out hope that Tony and/or Mandy may return to the show (or at least be mentioned)?
Evan Katz: We’ll go on record as saying hope is a good thing.

Is the description of the final episode of this season on IMDB accurate?
Evan Katz: It’s an accurate description of the finale and almost every other episode.

Is 24 going to continue next year? If so, will it be in this new format again?
Manny Coto: As of now, there are no plans to continue the show next year but we remain open to the possibility. We had a great time doing it this year and would love to take another crack at it.

After your big London adventure, if 24 was to return, where ideally would you like it to be set?
Manny Coto: Personally, I think 24 should return to Los Angeles for at least one more season.

Evan Katz: I would like it to be set in Italy because I’d like to live there for six months.

What was it like coming back to 24 after such a long lay off? Are you happy with the ratings?
Manny Coto: Since we feel that everyone on the plane, we’ll never be satisfied with the ratings.

Have you considered doing a 12 episode season, followed up by a 2 hour feature film to end the day?
Evan Katz: We are open to the idea. Let us know if you can get the financing.

Would you ever consider jumping ship in favor of the Netflix formula, should this whole network TV thing not pan out?
Evan Katz: We remain believers in network television, but the Netflix platform is exciting.

The Writing Process

If this was produced for HBO or Showtime, what would we see differently?
Evan Katz: It would be a challenge because we use the commercial breaks to the story’s advantage, frequently allowing characters to transit from one place to another. There might be more explicit violence and as much as we are personally in favor of nudity, the show has never really been a particularly sexual or erotic experience. It would be nice to be able to be more realistic with language. The way we look at it, every time Jack says “Damn It,” he’s actually saying something else.

Do you think of “political agendas” when writing? Or do you just aim for a good story with a lot of conflict?
Manny Coto: We always just aim for a good story which could come from the left or the right.

Could you please elaborate a bit on the writing method in 24? Are the processes like storylining and dialogue kept separate, or are there different people on charge of different shows but they do everything on it? Also, please tell us any other details of the processes or method that you can share. Thank you very much.
Manny Coto: Basically, all the writers sit in a room and figure out verbally what the episode is going to be about in a general concept kind of way. The next step is for all the writers to start figuring out the various scenes that will go in each act. When we’ve figured that out, we move to an outline which usually runs from five to eight pages and from there one of the writers takes the outline and produces a script. That’s when the fun starts. We proceed to take that script apart, re-think it, throw out most of it and start all over again.

How hard is it to keep all the facts straight so there are no errors from one episode to the next? Do you have a favorite error?
Evan Katz: All of our staff and crew keep track of continuity between episodes so we have many people to catch our mistakes. We don’t have a favorite error because we’ve never made one.

I’ve read that because of the network TV schedule, you guys have had to spend most of the seasons writing some of the last episodes even after the first ones air instead of being able to write everything before it is all shown. Is this style of writing kind of a nuisance or do you like it (ie you can change things based on audience reaction and it keeps you thinking quickly on your feet). And do you normally think of all the season’s general arcs before you start writing the season, or do some of the arcs get thought up after you’ve already written some episodes?
Evan Katz: We like writing the show in this way. In fact, most American network shows are written while the show is in production. We have a general idea of the story arcs and know the first few episodes when we start writing. But, we make the rest up as we go along.

If given the opportunity, would you make a series not based around Jack Bauer or even do one where you see the workings from the view of the antagonist instead of a protagonist like Jack Bauer?
Evan Katz: Each season usually features multiple points of view including that of the antagonist. Because of the real time format, we can’t ever limit the season to one character’s point of view – antagonist or otherwise.

Is there any reach of technology that you just throw your hands up and say “that’s too outlandish for even us to pretend THAT it exists”. What would something like that be? What would it take for you to go “Nah…” It seems like you guys just invent stuff up on the fly. Don’t get me wrong, I love it…
Evan Katz: We feel all the threats that we feature on the show are based on real technology and the real world.

Manny Coto: The idea of hacking drones is a very real fear in the defense department. It’s not made up.

Would Kiefer automatically veto Bauer revealed as the villain in a twist? what twists are off the table?
Manny Coto: I would say that twist pretty much qualifies as a twist that would be off the table.

How much do you enjoy driving us crazy with cliffhangers every week?
Manny Coto: Intensely. It’s one of the great aspects of the show.

Evan and Manny, how do you both feel about integrating your characters from 24 in a TV series crossover with Homeland?
Manny Coto: 24 and Homeland exist in two completely separate universes. They are two radically different shows. That said, Jack would have no patience for most of the characters in Homeland and they most likely will end up dead in short order.

Previous Seasons / Character Fates / Misc 24 Questions

Complete series Blu-ray release with exclusive extras for each season?? Possibly? Blooper reel?
Manny Coto: I personally would love to see a deluxe, beautiful Blu-Ray edition of the entire 24 series. It’s long overdue and it should be packaged in a large nerve gas canister.

There are so many unanswered questions. What happened to Martha Logan? Aaron Pierce? Allison Taylor? Tony?
Evan Katz: Martha Logan is alive and well. She’s being tended to by Aaron Pierce. Allison Taylor did some jail time and Tony Almeida is still in jail. There will be a DVD extra scene on the box set coming out soon that tells you more about Tony Almeida’s fate.

I have to ask about Aaron. The guy made it through 7 seasons being the only other character to be in them, and then he was dropped in season 8. Was it a scheduling conflict with the actor or could you not find a place for him? Also, did you try to get him in somehow for Day 9? I just hate seeing a streak like that broken.
Manny Coto: We love the character of Aaron Pierce and the actor who played him but it started to feel like he was the only secret service agent on the planet.

Evan Katz: It was discussed to bring him into Day 9 but we felt it was hard to get an additional american character believably based in London.

With so many conspiracy plots abandoned and left up in the air. Will we ever find out what happened with Wilson’s group?
Evan Katz: Who’s Wilson?

I am a new 24 fan because of this current season! I have heard that Jack does some pretty crazy things in the previous season and am interested in watching the older ones. What do you guys believe is the best old season of 24?
Manny Coto: I’m delighted you’ve found the show. Seasons 2 and 5 are the best seasons.

What choices, if any, have you made on the show that you regret looking back? Killing off a character, not killing off a character, including a storyline, etc.
Manny Coto: Season 6, Episodes 5-24. In all seriousness, there are great moments in season 6. Jack torturing his brother is one of the highlights of the series, but we do think that it went in a bit of the wrong direction. If we had to do things over, I think we would have changed course.

What is your favorite episode of the show?
Manny Coto: My favorite episode of the show would have to be Jack flying a nuclear bomb into the desert in Season 2.

Whose idea was it to bring Tony back as a bad guy in season 7?
Manny Coto: It was my idea to bring Tony back and in a moment of sheer desperation and that’s no joke.

Evan Katz: We talked about bringing Tony Almeida back. We love Carlos Bernard and felt his character deserves a third act.

What creative twist or plot line are you most proud of in the whole series (24 and 24LAD)?
Evan Katz: Season 5, President Logan turning out to be bad.

Who do you guys think was the most successful villain on the show?
Manny Coto: President Logan without a doubt.

Favorite character on the show?
Evan Katz: I think Charles Logan is my favorite character. But we don’t all want to be Charles Logan.

Manny Coto: For me, it’s Jack Bauer. We all want to be him secretly.

What ever happened to President Keeler?
Manny Coto: Personally, I think he’s no longer with us.

Nobody wants her [Kim] back, she is just trouble everywhere she goes.
Evan Katz: Little known fact, a Mountain Lion / Cougar in season 2 actually bit the actress on the hand.

Why did you kill Renee? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHYYYYYY!!!??

I hope you both know that if Chloe dies, your entire world is going to come down. So, please, don’t kill her off?
Manny Coto: What do you mean about our entire world coming down? Should we be scared?

What does Kiefer Sutherland bring to the role of Jack Bauer that differentiates him from others who may have potentially played the role? Does Kiefer bring a lot of his own personality into the role of Jack?
Evan Katz: Kiefer is a very intense and intelligent man and a lot of that shows up in Jack Bauer.

I have watched from episode one, season one. I have noticed that Jack seems to be getting more brutal as the seasons go on. Is there a reason for the progression of violence?
Manny Coto: Jack as a character has been on a definite dark trajectory. The more he sacrifices for his country, the greater the toll on him and the greater his reaction to being challenged. Jack’s character in 24: Live Another Day is not the same man from Season 1 and that’s by design.

Fun Stuff

Does Jack have tone of voice between whispering and yelling?
Evan Katz: He has a third verbal strategy which is to repeat what he just said, but louder.

President Jack Bauer?
Manny Coto: He has my vote

I think it is really cool that 24 cast Mary Lynn Rajskub, a comedian in a dramatic role. What is it like working with her? Does she ever make you guys crack up on set?
Manny Coto: Like most comedians, Mary Lynn is just angry and unfunny in person.

Why does everyone says NUCULEAR?
Manny Coto: I don’t know, but it’s driving us crazy as well.

Could you make a 24 Short film that’s 24 Minutes long?
Manny Coto: The way commercials keep encroaching into our episodes, I’d say we’re getting pretty close.

Should I take the over or the under on 7.5 dammits in the finale?
Evan Katz: We’d like to know what half a dammit sounds like.

What’s your favourite Jack Bauer fact? And thanks for the show, here’s a few photographs of my car at the front and back.
Manny Coto: Jack Bauer has been to Mars, that’s why there’s no life on Mars. And your car is awesome.

Have you guys ever seen someone in line at the grocery store and feel the need to make them a star?
Evan Katz: No, and please don’t bother either of us at a grocery store.

Did you ever consider calling the new series, “24: Terror took a half day?”
Manny Coto: No. Never considered that, which is why we’re still getting paid.

Why does no one ever believe Jack?
Manny Coto: Because if they did the series would be called “1”

What’s the secret to stay awake for so long?
Manny Coto: When the camera’s not on you, you take cat naps and go to the bathroom.

At any point did you feel that Jack should be seen shooting and/or blowing up a thesaurus? It would be very symbolic of his (obvious) hatred of synonyms!
Evan Katz: We’re not aware, cognizant of, wise to, or familiar with Jack’s hatred of synonyms.

Have you guys seen the episode of South Park titled “The Snuke” where they spoofed 24? If so, did you enjoy it and was it flattering to have South Park do that?
Evan Katz: Yes, it was a great honor. We particularly liked that they set everything in battered old warehouses like the show.

How does Jack get around so fast in that LA traffic?!
Evan Katz: The same way he gets around in London traffic.

Why are the countdowns so LOUD?
Evan Katz: My mother watches the show and we make the countdowns loud to keep her awake.

Live Another Day seems to be a few episodes short of 24… What’s with that?
Manny Coto: If we find the missing episodes, we’ll send them to you.

I meant to ask…do you like guacamole?
Evan Katz: We can’t answer that question without giving away the end of the season.

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This was very entertaining. :D

Thank you SO MUCH for compiling all of this. I scrolled through the AMA a couple of times and even I didn’t catch some of these (including them FINALLY admitting S5 was one of their favorites!). You are awesome.

Again more teasing answers We plan to stop here but were also open to return. SO WHICH IS IT!

As much as they may want to continue, at the end of the day it’s not up to them, it’s up to the network execs.

Granted we don’t know how the current season ends yet, but that shouldn’t stop the writers/producers seeing the *ahem* writing on the wall, pre-empting whatever the studio may or not decide in future, and just declare that ‘Live Another Day’ is a very definite end to the show… close the ’24’ book by choice guys; in your time and on your terms, you were gifted with this shortened season which you went into with closure in mind, have the courage of your convictions and just END it.

And with that, I’m done.

Agreed wholeheartedly. I have little respect for writers who are unwilling to end the story on their own terms and choose to recycle their ideas (or be desperate in creating new ones) for a continuation. Sadly that goes for most of the TV industry, but it’s saddening to see when it comes to a show I actually care about.

Kiki Vanderway
July 8, 2014 at 10:12 pm
That was awesome — like C I also tried to scroll through it and just got frustrated. You guys are the best!

XAM, I’m shielding your eyes from their response to a certain antagonist-related question here and hoping they’re just being as snarky and sarcastic as they usually are. :)

I was thinking the *exact* same thing.

Also, I was thinking you, Mary, with the ‘Tony deserves a third act’ statement. :P

Aww :) And he does. And the moon and the stars and the damn mug that I doubt they let him have in prison. *sniffle*

When I got to the Alan Wilson question I immediately started thinking of XAM too, haha.

Sadly I don’t think it’s a joke either, these are the same writers that thought Heller was dead until they checked Wikipedia :P

Some great replies, sadly the Wilson thing was probably true indeed.

Only on this show can they forget about a character played by one of the best character actors around and who wound up being the Big Bad of the entire damn series. I swear they’re all drunk when they do these interviews ;)

Thank you for putting this all together. I got dizzy trying to read it on Reddit.

too bad Alan Wilson is unlikely to resolve………they should have conclude it in season 8 like the second half on the season would be perfect

M +1

It was supposed to work like that afaik.

“Like most comedians, Mary Lynn is just angry and unfunny in person.”

Best quote in the entire thing.

lol, I told her about this. She laughed

That’s awesome! She seems like a pretty funny person in reality.

Wait, you talk to her regularly?

Almost daily on Twitter. No phone numbers exchanged between us or anything lol, but she follows me and responds to basically every tweet I send her, even for conversations.

Two weeks until I get to meet her in person!!! :D

Even *has* conversations, I meant

HI Trevor ! You said you are meeting Mary Lynn in person ? Is that a public appearance ? Where will she be at ? I met five 24 alumni ( Carlos Bernard, Louis Lombardi, James Morrison, Tony Todd, and Michael Massee )at Chicago’s C2E2 Convention recently ! Time of my life ! I’m looking for more public appearances of any 24 actors, near the East Coast preferably ! Does anyone have any 24 appearances info to share with me ? THanks !!!!

I think Fox should do one more season of 24 if it ends up being its last and it should headed back to Los Angeles where the series first started. Don’t know if Kate Morgan and/or Chloe O’Brian should join Jack Bauer and possibly some new and returning characters into the fray even if Kim Bauer decides to join Jack and the team. If Tony Almeida re-appears and somehow stays alive, wonder if he’s willing to go back for being the good Tony Almeida that we once knew since Day One and not being the bad guy he was in Season Seven.

If they are serious when they say the IMDB preview for episode 12 is correct then the following will happen:



That was the fake/troll synopsis from a few days ago, IMDB has the proper episode 12 information now (and had it when Evan Katz replied to the question).

Thanks for update.

I don’t think some of the answer were serious answer………and I think cote lied about Heller being alive……….and I guess no resolution to the Wilson Conspiracy

Thank you for editing this all together, you rock! :-)

Complete 24 set packaged in a nerve gas canister. LOL

Wish they would’ve been asked about Max and Trepkos, who were infinitely more interesting than Wilson.

Trepkos especially. Sherry’s “Alex at the Pentagon” from Day 3, much?

Holy…wow. Never even thought of that. That’s brilliant. See? Way better than Wilson and his group.

Franky, if they didn’t remember Wilson from 5 years ago, do you think they’re remembering specific, smaller-time bad guys from the season that aired in 2003?

No way they remember them. But I wouldn’t say small time…these are Nina Myers’ employers, the ones that were willing to kill tens of millions of people with a nuclear detonation to raise their oil prices. And hired Mandy to attempt to kill Palmer to make whatever their second mission was, happen. (NOT THE GAME).

Max had his closure in 24: The Game.

someone should have asked what happen to Suvarov……..is he still the Russian president or not?

Please don’t cancelled 24 – continue in 2015, please another 12 episodes please with kiefer.

los rantings les favorecen, no lo cancelen, por favor en latinoamerica sigue liderando la audiencia por favor temporada 10


New West Virginian
July 9, 2014 at 2:29 am
I’m still wondering if Behrooz and Simone managed to find one another!

New West Virginian
July 9, 2014 at 2:30 am
Is Behrooz mentoring Simone and helping her deal with their shared experiences?

bull crap theres no political agenda with these storylines

the storyline for the second half of the season is the typical US propaganda bs where all of China/Russia are bad and the Americans/Western people are the good guys

I really used to ridicule the notion that 24 had a political agenda. But with LAD you really can’t deny it!

They’re spelling out 2 things quite clearly this season.

“What Snowdon is doing is wrong – and he’s probably trying to sell defence override systems to rogue Chinese operatives working for the Russians – who by the way are evil”

At least when Logan was the villain, they spelled out quite clearly that he was a traitor to his country, and not the country himself.

Maybe some see it as a political agenda… I see it as accurate commentary. :)

Why are the countdowns so LOUD?
Evan Katz: My mother watches the show and we make the countdowns loud to keep her awake.

ha ha

July 9, 2014 at 7:53 am
The only part of this article that I didn’t like reading was Evan Katz’s response to the question “Will we ever find out what happened with Wilson’s group?”. Evan Katz gave such a dumb reply by saying “Who’s Wilson?”. Evan acts like he has forgotten all about Alan Wilson from Season 7. I’ve wanted to know for many years of what exactly happened to Alan Wilson’s group. But, obviously we will never be told.

You misunderstood his response. By saying “Who’s Wilson” he [probably] meant that no records on Wilson were ever disclosed to the public, which means Wilson’s organization remains in the dark.

That’s a convenient interpretation if I ever saw one…

I actually thought of it this way as well, it was a clever reply in my book.

The reaction to the Renee question had me in stitches!
I liked the character a lot too, but some folks go way overboard with such things…

So, Martha and Aaron are still together and well, Keeler is dead, Taylor is probably in home jail, Tony still is in jail… I’d like to know whatever happened to Lynne Kresge, Behrooz and Logan (if he died or is still in a coma).

Regarding Aaron & Martha – was there not a scene in season 7 with Olivia where he said he wasn’t with Martha anymore, and that he did not want to discuss it?

Theres a DVD extra (which I’ve not seen) that apparently shows Curtis saving Behrooz…

We’ve got that Curtis/Behrooz scene on the site if you want to watch it (go to 24 Series > Season 4 > Deleted Scenes in the main navigation). It’s not really that great of a scene so it makes sense they would cut it.

I too would like to know the fates of Aaron/Martha, Presidents Taylor, Logan and Suvarov, and Lynne Kresge. Behrooz, I take the deleted scene at face value as what actually happened.

Also, a Keeler response is nice. Now about Wayne Palmer…I know we had that glimpse of the newspaper headline somewhere in Redemption, was it? But still a concrete answer as to if he is alive would be nice. I hate loose ends like this.

I think Olivia’s words were something like, “It must be hard for you, what happened with Martha Logan.” They left it ambiguous, but you’d think she probably got some sorta jail time for stabbing Charles. Her mental health probably got her a lighter sentence, but does a plea of temporary insanity get you off the hook completely?

Thank you so much for doing this, and not just this, whole site is amazing for 24 fans, you kept us here for 4 years after show ended, thank you :)

Hope we’ll see each others here next year again with new season

I really loved this season, it was my first season that i watched like this episode per week

Some interesting answers. They pretty much confirmed that someone will die given the answer about killing off someone. The casket scene is during the day time and so is the Chloe/Jack scene. Fox has that rule about killing sitting presidents.

Jack told Kate that he won’t make it through the day alive. The promo shows the casket then Heller falling. I think all of those are put in our head to sike us out. It’s not much of a surprise twist when you show Heller falling and Jack saying he’s going to die. We expect it.

About the time skip…it would work well IF the threat is over within the first 20 minutes of the episode. With someone dying high up, I can see a skip for the body being flown back to the states.

I wish someone asked why didn’t David Palmer get a silent clock in S5. Considering the first 3 season revolved around him, he was just an afterthought while Edgar got one.

I don’t care about Tony. Anyone with a grasp of the show knows he’s in prison. If Tony didn’t try that attack on the subway, maybe he would’ve been a free man. Even in the world of 24, releasing Tony would be stupid. Tony hates Jack because Jack stopped Tony from killing Wilson.

This is a question that may not be resolved and it’s going to be sad….
How the hell did Jack get communication devices implanted in his body that only 1 person can read? Wouldn’t those devices set off a metal detector alarm?

July 10, 2014 at 4:27 pm
David Palmer not getting a silent clock was most definitely the correct decision. Why:

1. His death happened about twenty minutes before the first advert break. Where would the silent clock have gone? During the opening credits?

2. His death was a shock and along with the explosion at Tony’s house a key part of the absolute chaos the viewer is treated to at the start of the episode. The impact of it was in no small part down to the relentlessness of the pacing. A silent clock would have killed it. The silent clock for Edgar made sense and fit the pacing of that scene in question.

Besides, David Palmer got a six rifle salute in S5 whilst Logan was being taken into custody. That’s better than any silent clock would have been.

Given the LAD impact of FOX ratings, if I were the network honchos (or even one of them) I’d want to book a season of ’24’ filled with 90-minute shows. That would given them 16 90-minute shows and allow further development of plots each week. However, I’m sure if this had been broached to Manny and Evan there would have been some kind of witty, quick answer that may have included something about ‘talk to the network’ or such (if I were lucky) or something more dismissive (if I weren’t).

I very much enjoyed their answers; nice to hear someone responding other than actors who for the most part don’t know much beyond the next script or two, no matter how central they are.

And, yes, a 90-minute ’24’ would take us back to an earlier era of 90-minute TV dramas. I, for one (and maybe the only one), would like that. Two hour shows would also do it for me, but perhaps not the schedule-makers.

And if FOX picked up the ‘Intelligence’ that was dropped by CBS I could even see them put in the same universe with a little cross-over or perhaps plot baton pass… but I dream.

24 has been the greatest show,and ihope you will renew it for many more seasons. i cried last monday when they announced that monday will be the finally,we need 12 more episodes to make a full season. jack is [the man]. i will look forward to mondays show,and should the series end,they should make a box office finally that will gross 100million/1st week. i would love to be an extra if this occurrs! please let me know how to get a sovienre hat or t-shirt no matter of cost. Congradulations to all of the 24 family! Zane Babston

I’m under the belief that there will be another season of 24. They’re not saying it until perhaps ComiCon to draw in more viewers for Monday’s finale. Give the faint bit of realism that Jack is going to die and everyone must see how it ends. If we know another season is coming, then they* wouldn’t be as interested in how this story ends. *(they as in the casual fans not the hardcore 24-ites).

Why wouldn’t you want to make another series. I think it’s the best show on TV. I’ll watch anything that Kiefer Southerland is in. He is probably the best action actors there is bar none. We need more shows like this period.

The way the story ended, with Jack being taken by the Russians, I think the story beckons a continuation.