Critics React to the 24: Live Another Day Finale

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Early impressions of the 24: Live Another Day finale have been fantastic

We’ve been keeping track of all the reviews for every single episode of 24: Live Another Day, and the finale will be no different – look for our roundup post Tuesday morning. But in the mean time, here are some early spoiler-free critic reactions to get you hyped for tomorrow’s finale.

Orlando Sentinel’s Hal Boedeker:

Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) concludes this rousing 12-hour miniseries by battling through more breakneck action sequences. The finale also packs an unexpected dramatic punch. William Devane, playing the U.S. president, pulls off some of his finest moments in a long career. Will there be more “24”? We can hope.

TVLine’s Matt Mitovich:

“I screened the finale on Thursday afternoon, and it is no less than fantastic. Your heart will race, your eyes will well up, your fists will pump, you will wish it lasted longer. (And yes, it accounts for the 12 “missing” hours.) All told, a gripping, emotional finish to one of the TV season’s great comeback stories.”

Huffington Post:

The season finale is spectacular, packed with loads of bloody fights (don’t underestimate Chang; dude’s like Jackie Chan) and grisly deaths, not to mention an unprecedented time skip that caps off the episode 12 hours later. It’s action-packed, politically charged, brutally sad, ferociously mad and incredibly sweet. It’s absolutely perfect.

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Sounds great!


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“We’ve been keeping track of all the reviews for every single episode of 24: Live Another Day, and the finale will be no different – look for our roundup post Tuesday morning. But in the mean time, here are some early spoiler-free critic reactions to get you hyped for tomorrow.”

24 Spoilers, I’m sorry to say this, but your name is 24 Spoilers, so why is it spoiler-free. You should have a huge warning sign at the top of the page saying SPOILERS!!! I mean, someone has to have posted a spoiler by now.

There’s no spoilers out there for the finale Bruce, just vague teases and speculation. It’s been kept under very tight security with not even the cast members receiving the script until it was filmed. And select critics were only given the episode screener two days ago. The closest thing we have to spoilers on the finale is what they’ve shown in the promos.

While I love me some spoilers, frankly, this is the way it should be. They’ve done a killer job of ramping up the speculation, in my opinion.

You can clearly see that Kate Morgan dies in the USA promo. Jack turns himself into the Russians, but probably escapes. Me and my brother literally out-predicted everyone on earth by watching two trailers.

Go to the USA promo, and pause at 0:16. The sniper moves from Audrey and aims directly at Kate. Jack hears of her death and cries.

Please respond 24spoilers and tell us if you think we are right.

And for Jack handing himself over to the Russians? Look at the UK promo where Chloe says “You don’t have to do this Jack.”

Jack probably wouldn’t cry for Kate; he doesn’t know her that well.

But he knows her back story. He knows about her husband who was framed and committed suicide. And now she dies? Jack doesn’t really sob that bad anyways. But if you pause the USA promo at 0:16, you can see the sniper’s reticule move towards Kate.

No one would expect Kate to die.

The majority of people probably think Audrey dies, and Heller collapses after hearing about it.

Well, if Kate ends up being taken out, at least the crazy theory some were endorsing of a spinoff would end as well.

am I the only one that saw the IMDB synopsis before they changed the other day? it listed at least two or three deaths.. I went back to look at it again today and it’s been edited down.. I remember being angry and warning all of my FB friends to avoid looking at the finale synopsis ..

“The majority of people probably think Audrey dies, and Heller collapses after hearing about it.”

I personally think Chloe will sacrifice herself some how… she feels responsible for a lot of things .. She helped Adrian Cross build this horrible device, she didn’t know what he was up to but she realizes it was her knowledge that got it built which now has resulted
in a near nuclear war.. I’m not sure if Kate dies, but I did see the sniper turn his rifle to her before it shut away.. I don’t think she dies, but I think her action may result in getting Audrey shot.. the sniper will realize he’s out of time and take Audrey down.. or maybe they will make Kate the hero

I do fear Jack won’t make it this time

By the way – I do like that they gave her the last name Morgan .. almost as if it was a nod to Dexter..

You were wrong. But your cockiness was amusing.

Yeah you guys really out predicted everyone on earth…

David St. Hubbins
July 15, 2014 at 1:57 am
Well, you certainly nailed that one.

the early critic seem to love it………so fan should too?

You’d think, but some people won’t be satisfied regardless of how good the finale is.

This news bodes well for the future of 24 as they both have a long standing relationship with the show!

“a gripping, emotional finish”
“Unexpected emotion”
“I have a specific emotion”.
“Pick an emotion other than joy and it’s in there”
“Bad ass action & violence, emotion”

I think we will see some sort of emotional ending like we’ve never seen.

Omg I’m so excited! Not yet seen a bad comment about the finale!

Kiki Vanderway
July 13, 2014 at 7:15 pm
…..every emotion other than joy????? Bill Devane gives best performance in years!!!!! Kiefer pulls off elite effort in some if his best work!!!??!


Audrey is burnt toast….

Now I’m going to have 4 shots of something and try and get thru until tomorrow

Hankies for Kiki… STAT!

Kiki Vanderway
July 13, 2014 at 8:01 pm
I think I need a truckload!

And before this day started I wasn’t necessarily a J and A shipper……but I have forgotten just how much chemistry these two have together….

I’d be more than happy for tomorrow night’s finale to be the very final episode and for ’24’ to leave the stage swinging and on top form, but it has to be said, I LOVE the idea of returning to Los Angeles for a final 12-episode run… L.A. is the show’s spiritual home, it’s where it began, it’s fitting that’s where it should end.

Kiki Vanderway
July 13, 2014 at 8:28 pm
I’m in!

It’s not looking good for Audrey. :(

Kiki Vanderway
July 13, 2014 at 9:05 pm
I know and Kim Raver has been mum…Mary Lynn has at least been doing some press….the fact that the critics are effusive on Devane and Sutherland and silent on mentioning all the ladies is not good it’s bad…so bad…

Yeah the lack of press by Kim Raver might not be a good sign. I think Annie Wersching was pretty quiet when Renee was killed.

Stocking up on tissues and lots of chocolate tomorrow.



Very reassuring I must say.

“Pick an emotion other than joy and it’s in there”


Here’s another one:

Red Carpet Crash ‏@redcarpetcrash 3h
I got to see the @24fox finale tomorrow night and all I can say is have a box of tissues handy! @24LAD @joncassar @RealKiefer @rajskub

RIP Audrey it seems….Heller too.

July 13, 2014 at 8:44 pm
If joy is not an appropriate emotion for the finale, then to me that means Audrey dies.

The only critics that matter are already on this site.

24 hours to go!

Zack Handlen ‏@zhandlen 1h
Yeah, the #24LAD finale is excellent. Whole season is one of their best, and—I _may_ have sobbed a bit at one point. Maybe.


Fazil's Beard
July 13, 2014 at 9:01 pm
I’m very confused. I think it would make poor sense for the series to kill off Jack, Chloe, or Kate, and I get a strong sense that the writers fully intend for Audrey to be Jack’s woman going forward, so I don’t see her dying either; however, it’s hard for me to imagine how everybody is going to get so emotional without one of those four getting killed. I would be very disappointed about somebody like Belcheck getting killed, but I don’t see him as a character that most womenfolk would be likely to shed tears over.

My first thought was that Heller would be the one in the casket, but he is the sitting president, and that promotional photo of him at CIA headquarters also makes me think he’s going to survive.

Since they’re describing the finale as super emotional, I think it has to be a returning character who dies. All signs are pointing to that character being Audrey.

That does seem to be the most popular opinion. In fact, it’s so popular, one might even say it’s expected.

That’s another thing that makes me think it isn’t Audrey.

And I’m not in denial because I would actually love for Audrey to die. I don’t mean any disrespect to Kim Raver, but I don’t like to watch Audrey very much.

Agreed – it’s become monotonous and tiresome to watch Audrey have some emotional tantrum (either berating her husband; pleading with her dad; or crying at some flashback).

Kiki Vanderway
July 13, 2014 at 9:11 pm
Some people are more comfortable in hell… and that’s our boy Jack. If Kiefer had the input Giles said on the script then he probably would want it dark and emotional it’s where he works best.

Only way I can see it being emotional with Audrey surviving is Jack failing to save Heller after giving Audrey his word that he would see him thru if Jack had to trade Chloe for.Heller maybe we get there but I am also aware that I’m ationalizing and grasping at straws

Just found this interview with Manny Coto, which talks a little bit about the time jump:

“At a certain point we kind of realized where the season was building, and…given [the finale] ending, we knew we wanted…a sequence after [some of the big events], that would take place after people had processed what has happened. We knew that that would be a good place for a 12 hour time jump, and it felt right to do the time jump at that point.” And while the time jump allows for a degree of closure, in true 24 tradition, every single storyline won’t be neatly tied up.

“Some things are definitely wrapped up, and I think the things that you want to be wrapped up
are wrapped up,” Coto teased. “But there are also individuals whose stories aren’t completely closed, if that makes any sense.” –

New West Virginian
July 13, 2014 at 9:49 pm
That could mean anything. I guess we might know what happens to Mark. And I guess Simone’s story is probably left open.

Yeah, I’d agree on Simone since we didn’t see her die on camera. She might have hemorraged into her brain or went into a coma, but she wasn’t dead when we last saw her. I could see them bringing her back, and her possibly being worse than her mother was.

“Pick an emotion other than joy” also indicates to me that Jack doesn’t reunite with Kim or his grand-kids either :( Can’t Jack get even one iota of happiness?

Audrey does die.

Kiki Vanderway
July 13, 2014 at 9:42 pm
Having Audrey not survive the day also.makes LAD the perfect bookend for Season One because in that season Jack got roped in to everything to protect his family so it was personal. Kiefer has said this season was bringing Jack back to a more personal story.

LAD has Jack surfacing because– he tells Audrey — he wanted to protect Heller for Audrey and because he is a good man, too. It’s a huge hit to have blown his cover in an attempt to protect the one person he ends up losing. I would expect for Audrey to have a hand in killing Cheng perhaps even trying to save her father or Mark (that rat weasel)

It also echos Jack being cursed everything he touches one way or another ends up dead….exactly right for this set up….. :-(

Should Ms Bordreau not survive the day, I think it’s fair to say the ’24’ writers are sadists… SADISTS!

I think I might need to borrow some of your hankies if you don’t mind Kiki… this is gonna be emotional.

And seriously lacking imagination…

Well, bookends are typically poetic in nature. A more “classical” bookend would be Jack sacrificing himself in order for Audrey to live. Do I think that’s what the writers are going to do? Certainly not if it leads to Jack’s death—he could sacrifice himself without dying. Audrey is probably a goner.

Glad you thought this as well :-)

There’s a very spoilery interview with Evan and Manny which gave something huge away in the finale. Is it okay to post?

Please don’t. I know what you’re talking about and it’s simply too big. Even with the addition of spoiler tags the trolls would be running rampant and discussing it without spoiler tags and posting in other comments / social media and it’d be a nightmare to moderate and keep it under wraps. It’s only less than a day left until the airing now :)

Okay, thanks for the heads up. I really hope more people don’t find this article. I will refrain from posting on this site again until the episode has aired since I know too much now.

Ack, this comment chain is making the wait even more agonizing!

Thanks for understanding Chlojack. I was debating whether to make a “spoiler warning” post for that news (similar to the Heller survival twist post from a few episodes ago), but decided against it since not everyone followed the warning notice last time (to keep discussion contained in that post) and discussion spilled over into other comments.

Would prefer that doesn’t happen again especially since this might end up being the series finale, it’s a much bigger spoiler (a real death), and the episode is just less than a day away from airing now.

Dude, I’m pretty sure I know what happens.

You can clearly see that Kate Morgan dies in the USA promo. Jack turns himself into the Russians, but probably escapes. Me and my brother literally out-predicted everyone on earth by watching two trailers.

Go to the USA promo, and pause at 0:16. The sniper moves from Audrey and aims directly at Kate. Jack hears of her death and cries.

Please respond 24spoilers and tell us if you think we are right.

And for Jack handing himself over to the Russians? Look at the UK promo where Chloe says “You don’t have to do this Jack.”

If Jack didn’t cry for Ryan Chappelle (or almost everyone else he’s ever killed or seen killed), he ain’t cryin’ for Kate.

Also, we’re not discussing that interview.

You’re missing the point. It doesn’t matter that Jack cries. The clues point to me being correct. Watch the promos again. And I have no idea what interview you’re even talking about.

Jack wasn’t even sobbing that bad. But, I do think Jack would cry over hearing about Kate’s death. I mean, her husband died because he was framed, and now she dies? It just points to the fact that you haven’t been watching this season closely. You really need to know more about Jack.

I have been watching this season very closely (as I always do), and I know what the twist is. And that’s all I’ll say.

No one “knows” what the twist is.

If you do, tell me.

24spoilers, people know. Some over-zealous knobhead spoiled it for me. Best option is damage control, a big warning sign on the banners to stay away from here.

Could you post what that was after the episode Aires because I’m sure lots of other big stuff will happen just so we know what you were talking about?

can you sent the link to me

[email protected]

Are you regretful that you seen this Chlo? Have no idea what it is! Wondering whether I should read it or should I hold off?


I just wanted to reply to your post before leaving the site until tomorrow. I would have preferred to find out when the episode aired. For those people who don’t want to find out, I would advise not reading any 24 related articles or go on any 24 forums until the show airs.

Great, thanks Chlo. Whenever I open my browser one of the few tabs I immediately open are 24Spoilers and the IMDb message board. I won’t be doing that tomorrow till I watch 24 tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the show!!

This site will be safe to visit as long as you avoid the comment section until the episode airs. I always try to be on the safe side with article titles and images so you won’t be spoiled by reading the homepage or anything.

But once it airs on the East Coast it’s fair game however. So for those of you who watch via DVR afterwards or are in other countries where it airs a few days later, might want to avoid this site (and the internet in general) starting tomorrow night until you catch up. That’s common sense stuff though.

Keep the discipline Jack, you’ll only regret it if you don’t.

July 13, 2014 at 11:15 pm
Chlojack, I didn’t even know that this 24: LAD spoilery interview was anywhere online until I saw your post. I then searched the internet for that spoilery interview and I finally found it a few minutes later. I’m not going to post on here what the major spoiler from the finale exactly is even though I now know exactly what the major spoiler is. But, I will say that there won’t be anything that happens in the finale that will surprise me. So, the writers of 24 will fail to shock me at any point during this ninth season finale of 24.

Can you send me a link through hot mail?

My account is [email protected]

you are sure that this article has been posted here……..I guess we have to wait and see tomorrow….

Lol, I read the interview…..can’t believe I was wrong….

Hey. I’m desperate to know. Can’t handle the stress lol. Could you email me the content? [email protected]

New West Virginian
July 13, 2014 at 9:54 pm
This really isn’t looking good if “joy” is a missing emotion. I hope its at least a bittersweet ending. If I HAD to choose someone to die, in this order it would be Mark, Belchek, Ritter, Kate, Chloe, Heller, Audrey, then Jack himself.

This episode of TV is gonna destroy me. I can’t wait!

July 13, 2014 at 10:37 pm
If I had it my way, no critics in the USA or anywhere else would have been allowed to see the finale before it aired on FOX tomorrow night. They all should have seen this finale for the first time tomorrow night. True fans of 24 watch every season of 24 numerous times each. I wouldn’t be surprised if the vast majority of these critics haven’t seen any individual season of 24 more than once in its entirety. I’ve seen every previous season of 24 in its entirety many times each and I’ve already seen the first eleven episodes of this ninth season of 24 three times each.

What if both Heller and Audrey will DIE in the finale?

That’s my bet at the moment.

If Audrey dies (I will scream at my TV), I hope they at least get to say “goodbye” properly. Obviously not face to face, because it would mean she dies after the time jump, but at least over the phone. Jack has done a lot of things for or because of her in the past so IMO it would be only fair that if he loses her, they get to say things before.
Is it too much to ask?

If Audrey dies, my bet is that they got to say “goodbye” and things over the phone last week. They mostly talked about the return of Cheng, but Jack also said he didn’t want Audrey to hate him for things he would have to do. If Audrey dies, and I’m not convinced that she will, I imagine that will have been their final conversation.

I mean, do you think Cheng/Cheng’s sniper is going to be okay with Audrey pulling out her phone?

More I think about the finale , more I think Audrey is going to die…snifff
Because Jack wouldn’t be so desperate for Kate or Heller. For Chloe he would, but she has begun so a popular character the writters won’t dare to kill her
And because Heller is in “a dark place”
If I’m right I would not like that because we ‘ve already seen Jack loosing Audrey 2 times !

I think Kate and Audrey will die, this will cause Jack to seek redemption for their deaths killing Cheng. He will lose Chloe somehow in the mayhem, my guess is Heller will also die as a result of Mark’s Assistant being a spy/mole. They will time jump and Chloe will be held hostage for Chloe’s return. Jack will turn himself over, where he will or will not die. Either way, this series finale will be somber and sad, the way 24 started and the way it will end. This was never a show that prided itself in happy endings, it is a drama through and through and I hope the writers stick to that rather than trying to please the audience.

See, I don’t think that level of cynicism is sustainable. How much can Jack – and the audience – really take of these tragedies over and over again? I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of Jack having a ‘happy’ ending but I’m not comfortable with yet another depressing ending either. Season 8 found something of a balance by injecting a few rare moments of idealism without being overly optimistic. I thought that was appropriate for an otherwise cynical show coming to its conclusion. I feel like Jack, at this stage now, has to *gain* something. This character can’t possibly harden up any more. He’s lost and suffered as much as he believably can (and then some). I’m pretty sure I’ll quit the show (should there be another season) if Audrey is killed in any way that’s gratuitous.

“I feel like Jack, at this stage now, has to *gain* something.”

I’ve been thinking that I’d like an ending where Jack ends up in jail (an American one, not a Russian one). It wouldn’t be a “happy” ending in the sense that he wouldn’t be with his family, or the woman he loves, or have his freedom. But what he WOULD have is some peace.

He’d be doing the penance he feels he should do because he holds himself accountable for his actions, so he’d feel like he’s where he should be and a weight would lift off his conscience. Jails may not always be safe environments, but it’s a lot safer than many other places he’s been (and with his reputation, no other inmates would dare get on his bad side). He could get a decent night’s sleep every damn night. No constantly looking over his shoulder, no constantly trying to outsmart and kill people. Folks in jail aren’t angels, but it’d be a bit of a break to not have to constantly associate with people who have a special seat in hell reserved for them. Basically, jail would probably feel like a (hard earned) vacation for Jack. So while it wouldn’t be a typical “happy ending” because going to jail isn’t a happy event, it’d still be a somewhat hopeful note to end on for him.

(Until Day 10 when he gets dragged back into another dangerous drama, but maybe he’ll get to just chill out for a couple of years before that.)

Jack has to first atone for Day 8 before he can gain anything back, IMO. This day has been that process. He has to lose something as karma for Day 8 and so far he hasn’t really lost much of anything that can’t be replaced again. This whole day has seen him getting not quite what he wanted. He didn’t want a Presidential pardon, he wanted the chance to have his say and take responsibility for what he’d done. He didn’t want to help Heller sacrifice himself because he was trying to save the Hellers, since he owed them from before. He knows there’s no going back for him at this stage to see his family because he’s been in hiding, in part, to protect them. If the Red Squares can’t find him to exact revenge, then they won’t drag his family into the middle of it because there’s no payoff for them if Jack isn’t there to see the destruction of the people he loves the most.

Until Jack pays a price, he can’t move forward. This day seems like it’s been more about setting him up to pay the price than it has about getting him to a place where he can gain something.


Jack has stated throughout this season on a couple of occasions real and tangible sorrowful regret about what he did in NYC four years previously, he knows how wrong it was and what he lost as a result. he doesn’t want a pardon, he wants redemption, a chance to atone for it, and to explain his actions before he has any chance of returning to normality if ever.

‘Live Another Day’ has been about Jack coming out of the dark hole he’s been in since Renee’s murder, motivated to save Heller and Audrey in order to save himself, he has yet to answer for and pay the price for the NYC rampage, Jack is motivated by natural justice so hopefully he’ll turn himself in and do time for his actions, and thus the old Jack will at last have returned and he can start to put the past behind him and begin the long road back to a normal life with Kim and family at some point…

That ending would actually make some sense. If you read the article on this site with Tony Almeida’s picture next to it,
it says we’re going to find out what’s going on with Tony in an extra scene on the Live Another Day DVD (I’m under the impression that it will be similar to “Chloe’s Arrest”), and he’s currently in prison. If Jack winds up in an American prison, then maybe he’ll be reunited with Tony in that extra scene.

Let us not forget everyone, there is still one more mole/spy/enemy to be revealed. The story arch must end with another high level enemy, this is how 24 always works. Secondly, Audrey dying is most apt, as Cheng is a psychopath who just started WW3, let us not forget the context here. Third, we are on the brink of WW3, shit has to hit the fan. Why quit the show? The show has always prided itself on this, Jack being the hero who never gets anything back. That is why the character is a hero, he is selfless, willing to put himself in harm’s way at any cost to save a life. Chloe and Audrey are the enemies bargaining chips, and they will be used in sinister ways tonight. Jack is a fugitive wanted by both the Chinese, Russian, and American authorities. He will not simply walk away from this, or at least if I was writing, he wouldn’t.

Of course there will be no happy ending , but if , as I guess, Audrey dies , it would be repetitive: Jack lost his wife, then Audrey 2 times, then Renee, then again Audrey ?
But wait and see…in France its aired on Thuesday

The only woman who truly matters to Jack is Kim.

Err…Audrey? Chloe?

gees .. are you telling she should not or does not care about his wife , His loves such as Renee and Audrey and friend such as chole ?? thats cruel even for a TV series standards

I need to see it now!!!

I can’t imagine the finale being worthy of the reviewers’ praise if Audrey dies. The emotional aftermath won’t change the fact that it’s a tired plot twist, which won’t even be a twist this time. As far as I’m concerned, it won’t make me satisfied with the show ending, nor will it make me hope for its return.

Can someone send me the link to that interview please!

[email protected]


July 14, 2014 at 8:38 am
It’s totally unfair that those critics were allowed to see the 24: Live Another Day season finale before we did. I’ll be tuning into FOX tonight to watch the finale episode in its entirety. I don’t think that Jack will be in the custody of the Russians when the finale ends (but, I have nothing to base this prediction on). I don’t know if Jack will be returning to the United States of America before the finale ends. I don’t know if President James Heller will cancel the pardon that he signed for Jack’s freedom from the U.S. government. I don’t think that Jack Bauer and Kate Morgan will ever be boyfriend, girlfriend (I’ve never thought that Jack and Kate would ever become lovers). I don’t think that Tony Almeida or Kim Bauer will return on tonight’s episode. The writers of 24 have never said that a classic 24 character would be returning for tonight’s finale.

If someone could send me the link to that article it would be great

[email protected]

The suspense is killing me !!

From my pov… The only way for “close” this (fantastic) show is with a good ending, for Jack and the woman he loved….
Otherwise will be too much ripetitive…. See Teri, Renee and Audrey itself in S6….

Jack’s never going to end up with any female love interest on the show. It would mean that one of them was ultimately more significant to him overall than the others and the show ain’t that stupid. They all mean something to him but in different ways, with different history, and just represent whatever issues he’s got going on at the time. Someday, the best happy ending to be hoped for for Jack is that he can leave the show with his family intact and with Tony & Chloe. These are the people who matter to him more than any one single love interest, Audrey included.

Jack has always wanted “live” the rest of his life with someone he loved..
In S5 we can see his love for Audrey, but Cheng “denied” that…
In S8 he can “ready” for start a “new life” with Renee, but also there came problems…
Now in LAD he have another chance with Audrey.
If she not die (i really hope not) they can finally have a “story” together.

I don’t like it, but I get the feeling that Audrey is supposed to be a more “significant” love interest to Jack than the others. She has appeared in more episodes of the series than any of Jack’s other love interests, she was in almost every episode of the most popular season of the series with both fans and critics (season 5, though it is not my personal favorite), she’s probably the most popular of Jack’s love interests with the fans, and I get the sense that the writers think that Jack and Audrey are somehow destined to end up together.

sharan kandhai
July 14, 2014 at 11:23 am
I so wish this is not gonne be true… but i am almost certain that it will be Audrey who dies.
Heller will be in a dark place… it will end how the first season ended and thats also some kind of closure in a weird 24 kind of way…
If that happens at least show Jack after the time jump being with Kim Bauer and his grandkid(s)

So I’ve read this “famous spoilery interview”…very easy to find, so I can’t understand how the writters can give so an huge spoiler days before the last episode !!!!!!!!!!

it’s probably a diversion.

Song for fans of the show tonight: Jackson5 “Never Can Say Goodbye” Who the heck is in the casket if not President Heller?

Please send me a link to interview [email protected]

This will be the most predictable finale if Audrey dies.

Heller will cry out with “I wish I died earlier today and did not see my girl die!”
Mark will cry out with “It was all my fault!”.
Jack will cry out silently and then go on a mini revenge tour.

Yawn, killing Jack’s love interests was already stupid when Renee died, it would pass the parody territory if Audrey dies too. I will probably laugh at the hilarity of it. Anyway, I suppose killing Audrey will still be a suitable ending for 24:Milk Another Day.

Can’t agree with you more, and besides they already “kill” Audrey 2 times in season 6

Nice one Oz! I call it “Just Another Day” myself.

People, people when go into these finales or “Cliffhangers” you always gotta look at it and think like a tv exec. When fox reprises an old show cause frankly the whole network is falling way behind the CBS upcoming powerhouse season and here they have 24 back and BAM the spark is back and the ratings are very good and very consistent you ride this train till the end of the track. So I will bet ANY of you that it will be back. Fox developed this show post 9/11 clearly taking advantage of the anger and emotion if the era and it turned out to be a brilliant move for Fox and I think they are doing
it again cause of all the Kaos going on in our world today. Its pure genius or at least on the outside it appears so. So, in the name of Ratings and Revenue which we all know is king 24 will be back my fellow fans…..

I’ve seen the countdown is over….Enjoy the show my American fellow fans !!

It’s quite obvious that Audrey is behind the days events. That’s the big revelation. Audrey is working with Cheng Against her father. The Sniper thing is just a ruse to buy time and so no-one suspects Audrey.

that would be a twist that no one would see coming……….what happen to her in season 6 could be fake……..could explain how cheung knew about Audrey and the women meeting in the park

I’m posting the link to spoiler interview that no one is willing to do as a tribute to Open Cell. Read at your own risk!

Bring back another season!

I was bored so I made a zero-budget remake of 24: Live Another Day:

I think jack has to make a choice between Cheng and audrey. In order to save the world, he chooses Cheng, and Audrey dies.

Bad finale. Why dont give Bauer the chance to stay with Audrey…..

I watched 24 for years, I didn’t like the finale. After all he has accomplished and them he is turned over to the Russians! There has to be 12 more episodes to make this right!

She is most probably NOT DEAD….I did not see her dead body. This is just a plot for next season.