24: Live Another Day Production Wraps

24: Live Another Day has wrapped production today after several months of shooting on location in London. Congratulations to the cast and crew! We’ve attempted to round up many of the photos and tweets.

Wrap Party

The wrap party was held at The Hare & Hounds pub yesterday. The crew celebrated their hard work, played some games, did some giveaways.

Final Day

The wrap party was yesterday but today was the actual final day of filming. It appears to have been very action-oriented with guns and multiple stuntmen present. It appears to have been filmed on a boat at The Port of Tilbury. Here are some photos shared by the cast and crew.

And just for fun, click here for our “final day of production” roundup for season 8 – what was thought to be the final season – on April 9, 2010. Who would’ve thought we’d be going through this again four years and two months later? This might truly be the end this time, but never say never.


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Wonder where Jordan Reed is in that CIA cast photo!

Can’t believe they’ve wrapped already, it seems like last week they only began! I don’t care what anyone says, ‘Live Another Day’ has been GREAT thus far, the real test is gonna come with the inevitable time-jumps, but if they manage them well, this is going to be one of the best seasons overall… congrats to all cast and crew, now get some sleep, you earned it.

June 16, 2014 at 12:45 am
It’s absolutely amazing that this season’s finale will air on FOX just 29 days after the filming of it was completed. I don’t recall any other season of 24 where the season finale aired anywhere near that soon after the filming was finished. I would imagine that the previous eight season finales of 24 had completed filming months before they actually aired on FOX.

During the regular seasons, Kiefer mentioned in the Actors Studio that filming usually goes on til Early May.

Actually this is pretty much how they’ve usually done it. Most shows usually film right up till the last minute there, but they plan in advance so they have enough time. The editing typically doesn’t take all that long, certainly not as long as a feature film.

June 16, 2014 at 9:26 am
With computers and talented people, it probably does not take that long to produce an episode by splicing together the takes/scenes, etc.

One of the twitter pics shows William Devane and Stephen Fry in suits by a plane. It looks like it could be recent, too. If they’re in character, wouldn’t that indicate that Heller lives past tonight’s episode?

Yup it’s from three days ago, so Heller definitely seems to survive to the finale based on this.

IMO the most interesting part of that photo is that it’s in a hangar with a plane. I’m assuming that is how they’ll handle the time jump, just wondering who exactly will be on the plane and where it’s flying to.

Wasn’t Cassar tweeting weeks ago that they were filming in an airplane hangar? Around the time of the premiere sometime? Maybe the pictures are old but just now showing up on Twitter. Could be totally wrong here but I find it a little weird that the week before we’re to see whether or not Heller dies, there’s a big influx of William Devane pictures going around. Why would they spoil the big question of their 200th episode with a couple of BTS photos? It’s sort of like they want us to think Heller survives so that we’re surprised when he doesn’t. Maybe.


Oh great, I shouldn’t have read the comments! now I know James Heller doesn’t die!! what a way to spoil the episode, wish people leave the plots out until the episode airs :(

Well, look at it this way. You don’t exactly _know_ it. It could be from a scene earlier in tonights episode, or even a flashback scene.
And hopefully this episode gonna contain more than just Heller looking up in the sky, so consider atleast 95% of the episode unspoiled.

Yeah, I’m by no means sure that these pictures are recent. Recently posted to twitter? Sure. But they could’ve been from ages ago.

If anyone wants a season 10 then sign up here in this petition, I have already signed.


Guess who is not in any of the above pictures…Tony, Kim, and Aaron Pierce.

They were at a low-key affair at the Wandsworth branch of Wetherspoons.

Seriously though, take a look at the bottom right signature on the wrap board, it looks suspiciously like an autograph I got from Carlos back in ’06.

Ronnie, could be a reason for that, maybe they don’t want to spoil the episode?? on the homepage it states, a character returns, however I haven’t read it as I don’t want to know.

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