Jon Cassar at the 24 Season 5 DVD Party in 2006
Jon Cassar at the 24 Season 5 DVD Party in 2006

Jon Cassar to live tweet 24: Live Another Day finale

24 director and executive producer Jon Cassar will be live tweeting the Live Another Day finale tomorrow during both the East and West Coast airings. Cassar has directed half of the episodes this season and is the director of the event series finale tomorrow.

Jon Cassar usually shares some very interesting behind the scenes details. We’ll be rounding up his tweets afterwards in a post tomorrow. Follow Jon on Twitter here: @joncassar.


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Nice of Steve Gomez from Breaking Bad to share his thoughts on the LAD finale.

i need season 10 fuck game of thornes

Micah Mahaffey
July 14, 2014 at 5:03 am

When I watch 24 I don’t read twits Damnit !!!!

This news bodes well for the future of 24 as they both have a long standing relationship with the show!

Somebody should ask if they plain to comeback?

I hope he’s bombarded with Tweets asking that – especially because he was following Kiefer’s habit of dropping a lot of negative hints/references that this season was a one-time revival and wouldn’t extend into future seasons.

I sincerely hope it’s a one-time deal for Jon Cassar and Howard Gordon. Would be gutted if it really was Le Kief’s last turn as JB.