Cassar tweets model of 24: Live Another Day set

Director Jon Cassar has arrived in London and tweeted out the first set photo (sort of) from 24: Live Another Day.

24: Live Another Day model of set
Model of the 24: Live Another Day set (click for full size)

On the left side of the table you can see concept arts for various sets and the right side of the table features a model set which appears to be the interior of a building – perhaps where the CIA agents are working out of?

Filming for 24: Live Another Day begins later this month on January 25th.

Source Jon Cassar Twitter


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Or MI 6 ??

Interesting picture.

If they start shooting on January 25th, that’s two months and change until the start date of May 2014 (hopefully it will be early May so that it’s in time for emmy consideration). That means they’ve had 7 months to write twelve 40-page long episodes. That’s plenty of time. Something good has to come of that right?

I don’t think it is the MI6 building interior, Catherine sweetie, the upper level of that model is clearly office space with the floor space likely being technical support (similar to the CTU interior), so I’m guessing it’s the CIA station in London that we’re seeing… but if I’m wrong and you’re right, it’ll be humble pie for little old me, haha!

I just had a thought about how Jack might be roped into the story; maybe by the beginning of the story he’ll have been captured by the CIA and in custody in the agency’s London station waiting to be transported back to American soil when the action begins… and his expertise comes in handy, as it always does!

I hope this isn’t yet another same old CTU/FBI/whatever with bickering computer people and stupid protocols. I was overjoyed when I heard they were getting rid of CTU for Season 6, only to find they hadn’t got rid of it at all, just done the same thing and called it FBI. It’d be great if they properly took a risk and switched up what they do year after year

its been a long time coming i just hope its going to surpass my expectation like it has done in the past

Sorry, but I do think that this is a MI6-like bulding and we’ll have a 007-like character around there… Something like Theo Stoller with his own mission. And Jack will join him.


Completely agree. You’d think after cutting down to 12 episodes they could jettison the tiresome agency filler for once.

To be honest – I think CTU is what makes 24… maybe that’s just me though.

I agree with you, Jack. CTU is a big part of 24 to me…Happy to see the show come back…even if just 12 weeks…best show ever to me. Course, I’m definitely a Keifer fan…

Totally agree Acer4666 – aside from the set design, the FBI in season 7 felt extremely similar to CTU. Right off the bat in the premiere episodes they had Interoffice romance, hackers easily breaking into their secure systems, bad guys escaping surrounded buildings and “secure” perimeters, and all sorts of other nonsense that viewers complained about in past seasons.

I still thought season 7 felt somewhat fresh though mostly because of the extra long wait between seasons – I’m sure that will hold true for 24: LAD as well. Hopefully with just twelve episodes to write this time, they can avoid a lot of those repetitive plot points.