24: Live Another Day Episode 12 (Finale) Promotional Photos

Here are all 46 promotional photos for the 24: Live Another Day event series finale.

The mission begins

Jack and Chloe on the docks, hunting Cheng:

Audrey’s death:

Final Scene


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Interesting that Heller is now at CIA HQ

She told Navarro she’s going to be there to see him punished for his crimes. Let’s hope she survives!!

Looks like post mission debrief to me. Her hair is fixed and different from when we saw her in the last episode and in the promo.
Also if she aborted the mission with Jack at the russian place and went back to the CIA (which is odd by itself) we must assume poor Audrey had to sit at that bench atleast another 15-20 minutes, and Kate would also have access to sniper rifles and automatic weapons when she got the call about Audrey. It doesn’t make sense to go against a sniper with a handgun, unless that was the only option.

Yeah, it doesn’t make sense for Kate to go back to CIA HQ, and then go rescue Audrey in the field. That’s a long time for Audrey to stand out there and wait. It makes much more sense for Erik to send another field agent to meet her at Audrey’s location.

Also, with the time jump, Kate will have no more than 45 minutes to save Audrey. That gives her very limited time, and it seems like a very tight squeeze to make plans with Jack at the Russian embassy, drive back to the CIA, debrief with Erik, get back in the car, drive out to Audrey, locate the sniper, and attempt the rescue. Could all of that be accomplished in 40-45 minutes?

“Could all of that be accomplished in 40-45 minutes?”

Dunno how the timing would work, and Fanta’s point about the weapons is a good point too. However, Kate has to find out that Audrey’s missing before she can go save her, and now we know that Kate and Heller are in the same place. If Heller calls Audrey and finds out she’s pinned to the bench, he tells the CIA and Kate volunteers to lead the mission (we don’t actually know if she’s there by herself even though the promo makes it look like she is) because she knows how much Audrey means to Jack after witnessing the phone call. I guess if the very first thing Kate does this ep is bring Mark back to CIA, there’d still be time for her to pop out again for Audrey.

It’s really hard to figure out the order of events, but I think Jack finds out about Audrey relatively early. The first preview shows Mark, standing next to Jack and looking shocked, and I think he’s still at the Russian embassy. That looks like a possible reaction to finding out about Audrey. If they find out this early, I can’t imagine Kate stopping back at the CIA before trying to rescue Audrey.

The Latin American promo shows another agent helping Kate rescue Audrey. I wonder if there’s perhaps another agent who tries to take out the sniper from the building.

Well someone has to drop Mark off. Jack and Kate split up and I doubt either of them are going to risk taking Mark along on a dangerous field op.

So I’m leaning towards a quick scene where Kate drops off Mark inside CIA and brings Erik up to speed, maybe quickly planning a rescue mission (this would explain why Kate’s wearing an earpiece and why another agent seems to be with her).

And since Heller is being moved to the CIA, maybe Kate will even get a scene with him too, promising Heller that they’re going to do everything to rescue Audrey. This would probably all happen before the first commercial break.

That sounds like a strong possibility. Kate and Mark could get back to CIA HQ around 10:10-10:15, meet for 5-10 minutes, and still have 15-20 minutes to save Audrey. With the Jack/Belcheck stuff at the docks happening concurrently, it’s going to be a pretty thrilling episode.

Erik could go rescue Audrey himself, he’d be perfect because – not being racist or anything – nobody would see him coming.

i need season 10 fuck game of thornes

Fuck “Game of Thrones” indeed! It’s such a directionless mess it makes days 4 and 7 look like meticulously planned masterpieces.

24 could learn alot from GOT when it comes to production values and cinematics though.

I totally agree WE NEED SEASON 10!!!

Red shirt… she is going to die.

New West Virginian
July 11, 2014 at 7:07 pm
She does seem to change her clothes a lot more than anyone else on 24!

Nah, it her Star Trek sweater ;)
She has used it under her black jacket since episode 2 I think, except for when she used the white shirt that got dirty in episode 6…

So the producers say this season is told through Kate’s POV. She can’t really finish the story if she’s dead.

If Kate dies, I don’t really know what they’d do with 24 with Kiefer wanting to be done. I’m a little disappointed in the under-used Erik and Belcheck, wish we had the other 12 hours to develop them more! Realistically speaking though, they had a lot of things to deal with in the background so it makes sense and we know that they’ll be there for the last episode so I’m content!

Just found this new TV Guide interview with Yvonne about the finale. Sounds like Kate’s personal life plays a big role in the finale:


Wouldn’t it be crazy if the shocking twist is Kate’s husband is actually alive?

And then what?

In summary then: Not really, no.

I doubt her husband is alive. The twist is clearly Kate’s secret dream of becoming a popstar.. Hence the musical. :p
No, but maybe Navarro escape and do a comeback?

I was analyzing the two promos (yes, I need to get a life, I’m gonna start on tuesday with that) and it seems Kate fire at two different targets. In the LA promo she aim high, with the silencer on, and the sniper is up there so that makes sense. But in the US promo she aim at a target on ground level-ish, without a silencer on. When that is said, they often shoot the same scene many times with small changes to angles, dialog and so on, and then they have like 1-2 versions for promo use, depending on what looks and sounds the best for that, and use a third version of the same scene in the episode. I’ve seen it happen more than once this season so that might explain the inconsistency.

I’m guessing then…

1: Erik takes care of the sniper.

2: Kate says “it’s ok, you can come with me”. By then, a second shooter comes out of the bushes firing and hits Audrey.


Maybe somehow Kate finds out that Adam was actually murdered and didn’t kill himself.

I think you could be right. Especially after reading this quote from Yvonne’s TV Guide interview:

“Her professional world and her personal world are going to collide. Everything will come out in the open, and it’s going to give her more drive than we’ve seen her have.”

Other than Navarro, how many of the remaining characters would have wanted Adam dead?

I would be so grateful if the producers would bring back Jack and 24 on a more permanent basis. In these days of conspiracy related events and the New World Order, Globalization and the war on terror, Jack gives one hope with the thought maybe there’s a Jack Bauer out there in real life ready to fight the evil guys and save us from this madness.

24 is tops! The best action series ever on TV- Great work you guys! Thank you!

Audrey is dead