Louis Lombardi defends Kiefer Sutherland

More former 24 co-stars are coming to Kiefer’s defense, with Louis Lombardi (Edgar Stiles in Seasons 4 and 5) saying he was “baffled” by Freddie’s recent badmouthing. and said Kiefer Sutherland was the most professional actor.

“My experience with Kiefer was absolutely the opposite. He was one of the most professional actors I’ve ever worked with,” Lombardi tells Us Weekly exclusively. “He wanted the best out of everybody. I have nothing but great experiences with him. He’s a gentleman.”

“Maybe he was jealous, maybe Kiefer did something to him—who knows?” the actor adds about Prinze Jr. “But Kiefer’s one of the most professional and most likable people! Kiefer is the most professional actor. I’m baffled about [that] kid’s comments and baffled why he would say this years later! I’m all for Kiefer. I think he’s a great dude and I have nothing but love for him. Everyone loves him, all the actors around him, the crew. Everyone!”

During the interview with ABC News, Prinze Jr. gave an example of the treatment he took issue with. “I went and worked for Vince McMahon at the WWE for Christ’s sake and it was a crazier job than working with Kiefer,” he explained. “But, at least he was cool and tall. I didn’t have to take my shoes off to do scenes with him, which they made me do. Just put the guy on an apple box or don’t hire me next time. You know I’m 6 feet and he’s 5’4″.”

“Why’d that kid say that that’s crazy?” Lombardi tells Us of Prinze Jr.’s comments. “It’s almost like, let it go. If that’s the biggest problem that you have, to take your shoes off, I mean…”

“I hope this doesn’t turn into the Biggie and Tupac thing!” Lombardi joked of the feud between the two actors, who appeared on 24 together in 2010. “I don’t want to get gunned down in Santa Monica!”


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Now I really miss Edgar.

Edgar was such a great character!

More backlash for freddie He dug himself a whole with this one doesn’t seem accurate on his part about how Kiefer was unprofessional…….. he can’t even back his point up………

Guy’s jealous.

Sutherland will be always remembered as Jack Bauer. Prinze Jr, as Fred from Scooby-Doo.

He just wanted to get the media attention back somehow.

Awwww Edgar <3

Still missed Edgar. Such a teddy bear. The actor was also great on The Sopranos.

#Bring Back Edgar


#Bring Back Maxton and Neill

Haha yes! #Maxton and Neil!

#Bring back Maxton and Neil

One of the most sympathetic and nice actors I know, a shame he died so soon in 24.

He was also great on The Sopranos, Seasons 2 and 3.

Paula, Edgar and Marianne VERSUS Cole and Dina…..

There are 3 actors that passed most of time acting an the UCT, while Jack was away. That means they have worked to little side by side with Kiefer…

And 2 characters that passed most of their acting time in the field, with Jack!!!

I love Jack Bauer…. I know everything about him…..

But the people here are mixing the character with the actor. We know too little about Kiefer….

August 3, 2014 at 5:30 pm
Someone asked Karina Arroyave (Jamey Farrell) on twitter and she replied: “He’s wonderful to work with! Thanks for asking and please spread the word!”

Dude, I would have to disagree with you on this one. Most of us know enough about Kieffer to know that he was on set even when he wasn’t in the scene, running down lines with his fellow actors. This includes the CTU sets, where Kieffer would come in to read his lines whenever someone was supposedly on the phone with Jack. Most actors would not do this, the director or another crew member would read the other lines. But Kieffer wanted everything perfect, and he is highly committed to his craft, so he took the time to do this. Point being, every single actor that worked on 24 had a lot of time working with Kieffer. So your argument holds no weight, sorry.