Jack Bauer postcard canvas in London
Jack Bauer postcard canvas in London

Artist creates giant portrait of Jack Bauer using London postcards

Fox Home Entertainment UK commissioned artist Quentin Devine to create a giant canvas mosaic portrait of Jack Bauer using 1,485 London post cards on a 24 metre square canvas in order to promote the UK release of 24: Live Another Day on DVD and Blu-Ray. Besides just the size of the canvas, there’s even more 24 themes – the artist was given a 24 hour deadline just like Jack Bauer always has, meaning one post card had to be laid on the canvas every minute to meet the deadline.

Devine used — you guessed it — 24 different types of London post cards featuring iconic images of the city including Big Ben, Beefeaters, The Ritz, London Eye and Black Taxis. The canvas was placed in Borough Market – a filming location used in 24: Live Another Day.

Source Fox Home Entertainment UK


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Wow that’s really cool

Holy shit.

I’ll send a postcard of Jack Bauer anytime anywhere.

that’s really cool

Dear 24,

You made our glorious, exciting capital look as glorious and exciting as Milton Fucking Keynes.

Don’t even think of coming back here… at least not with Jon Cassar and Jeffrey C. Mygatt.

So what did Jeffrey C. Mygatt do wrong?

I was wondering what you would come up with for your token troll post. Honestly, little let down – was expecting something even more stupid. :)

*ahem* Yeah, that does look pretty sweet though.

Yes, but he later said: “But I think I said the same thing at the end of season 8 so I would hate to be held to that.”

He basically said both “no” and “yes” in the one answer, likely because he can’t say anything definitive about it publicly at this time. Crafty bastard.

He’s playing hard to get because he wants big bucks.

I guess that’s possible, but considering his status on this show as both the long time iconic lead and a producer, would he really need to resort to answering interview questions like this as a means to negotiate his pay rate? I’m more inclined to think it’s just a case of everyone involved wanting any information about the future of the show to remain hush hush for now.

I’m surprised 24 Spoilers didnt make an article about this.

hey casser and keifer!listen carefully!we want season 10!

Did the guys here just give up?

Was 24:LAD really that bad to turn them off updating the site?

June 8, 2015 at 11:55 am