Kiefer Sutherland doesn’t see himself “going back” to 24

Kiefer Sutherland has revealed in a new interview that he’s done with 24.

“Me, I don’t see [myself] going back to it. We had set out to do 12 episodes to end the show and deal with some of the past history of the show. It was also an irresistible opportunity to go shoot in England. So for all of those reasons it made sense to do that last season.”

But he also left the door open and is non-commital, saying:

“But I think I said the same thing at the end of season 8 so I would hate to be held to that.”

24 Executive Producer Jon Cassar also thinks there’s still hope left, tweeting “never say never”.

Our take? There’s a reason Jack Bauer was kept alive in the finale. It might take a while, but there’s a pretty decent chance of Jack Bauer returning once more.


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I for one actually love the non-commital responses, it keeps the pot stirring.

On another note, why are all these older dated articles being released today?

Haven’t been able to update the site in a while due to personal family stuff, so just catching up on a few older posts now to get back on track. Apologies.

Welcome back.

Welcome back !

Good to see this side is back!! There isn’t a better fanpage for 24.

I am delighted you are back! I love this site.

I think Kiefer Sutherland would rather do a film than another limited series run but that’s my opinion.

I’m sure he would – it would be less demanding on his body just because of the shorter filming time. And, with the way LAD ended, it does seem plausible that a 2-hour movie could bring real finality to the series by focusing solely on a rescue of Jack, elimination of the Russian rebel group and then his return to US on the pardon that Heller gave him. I would think that most of us wanting to see closure to the LAD ending aren’t expecting or wanting to see Jack deal with some new terrorist threat or mission as much as we want to see him be freed of his captors and end the threat they pose against him. Having Tony and/or Chloe along for the ride would be icing on the cake.

All will be for nothing if Kiefer Sutherland won’t return.

Thank God this website is back!

I think it’s all money game, Kiefer says “I don’t want to be Jack anymore” Fox answers “so let’s do without Jack”…
They can do half a season with Tony and Chloe as lead characters but at some point Jack must be back…24 is about Jack Bauer …period !

Totally agree on both comments – Kiefer plays hard to get and stays vague, non-committal in interviews to dismay of fans but it seems just a negotiating tactic on his part (combined with maybe some wishful thinking that he’ll get offered some awesome movie script or TV series deal instead).

I haven’t read anything hinting at Carlos Bernard’s interest in returning or not, should he be offered the opportunity (we all know that Rajskub would jump at any offers to do so) but I wouldn’t find another season or movie satisfying without Jack being in at least 50% of it.

I definitely would not support any kind of lame spin-off series using the Kate Morgan character as the lead. As easy as she was on the eyes, she’s just not that believable as a terrorist-fighting action hero.

I love Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer, always have. Saying that, what on earth are they going to do with Jack now if they do bring him back? Have him on the run again before generic threat 10002 pops up in episode 2? Kill everyone close to him again? Kiefer and the writers refuse to do anything different with the character (or story) or evolve him in any way, so maybe the only way to make 24 fresh again is to let somebody else have a very bad day.

NOT fucking Kate Boregan though, Jesus Christ anyone but her!

“Jack Bauer is 24” I hear you shout. Well I hate myself for saying it, but maybe that’s the problem, let’s make the real time thriller concept exciting again and do something new with it.

I have, for a number of years, been keen on the ideas of a season with Tony as the lead. ‘Solitary’ seemed to hint at just that.

Tony would be a great lead. 12 episodes of him taking down the cabal once and for all would be great.

Who will say “The Following Takes Place Between…” If Kiefer is gone?

here’s hoping that Fox will convince him
there is no 24 without him

especially since LAD ended on such a cliffhanger at least give Jack Bauer closure
damm it!

hey casser!listen carefully!keifer saturland should be back to his role!
no keifer no 24 no jack!

hey keifer you should learn of your fyher old donalod Sutherland

hey keifer you should learn of your father old donalod Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland was on Top Gear last week here is the episode:

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