Miranda Otto Cast as 24: Legacy’s Female Lead

Miranda Otto has been cast as the other lead on Fox’s “24: Legacy” spinoff, joining the previously reported Corey Hawkins atop the one-hour drama’s call sheet.

Otto will play Rebecca Ingram, the blazing smart former head of CTU. Now married to Sen. John Donovan, Ingram is struggling with second thoughts about having left the counterterrorism agency.


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New Actress! Do you know was she a Director of CTU befor or after the Jack era?

They could pull a Martha Logan with her and make her a character new to us but who knew past characters. Hopefully with more interaction between them eventually.

She’s a wonderful actress.

Very excited about the casting of Miranda Otto. She had an amazing run on Homeland as Allison Carr and I’m so happy to see her back in the spy world.

This is getting pretty interesting. ..I’m. Excited about the dynamics of how the show is gonna look like …and her story arc seems and sounds interesting from.the details that have so far been revealed. ..let’s hope the show delivers. …and can’t wait for more casting details…

YES. She’s awesome.

Hmmm…. Could this Sen. Donovan be a future President on a later season of 24: Legacy?

Visual parallel or Kate Morgan’s mom?

Another one of those crazy awesome theories, Mary? :P

:b eh why not. Look, you can’t say anything when it’s called bloody ‘Legacy’, alright? Somebody’s got to have some kids on this thing. ..

Plus, she’d make a great ex of Tony’s. :)

Loved her on Homeland. Howard made the right choice keeping her on for this new show.

Next cast to be announced: Carlos Bernard !!!!!!!!!!!!

Since she is described as blazing smart maybe she is the new Chloe-like geek.

Brilliant, just brilliant

I can see the haters in a few months reconsidering watching this and realising it’s potential

and keep the 24 ‘legacy’ going

see what I did there?

Punny people are hot.

It may have been great acting on her part but I hated her on S5 of ‘Homeland’ – seeing this news and how she’ll have a major role, in addition to the male lead, is enough to turn me off in even testing out the new reboot. Part of me is still rebelling against the writers/producers ditching the past and not working hard enough to bring closure to Jack, Tony and Chloe.

I’m not all that interested yet either, but this is premature. Seriously, just *wait and see* and don’t be so dogmatic.

Inspired casting choice. Only saw the Season 5 premiere of Homeland, nothing more, but she was pretty good.

With regards to whom the President’s gonna be, I have 2 choices: Mike Novick or Tom Lennox.

The show has had former government figures take on the role in the past (Wayne & Heller).

Nope, sry look for another series to be on, this job wont last long.

it does not matter!we want keifer!if keifer back to series we watch it !
no keifer no jack no 24

She’s not bad, I just hope they don’t turn this into a Homeland rip off. That is what the did with Legends Season 2(another Gordon show) and it sucked.

Legends S1 was so terrible, though. Total waste of Sean Bean. There’s someone who’d be great in Legacy– Sean Bean.

Very true, Season 1 wasn’t much good until the last few episodes. But season 2, it was even worse. Sean Bean be great indeed.

I only saw the first one of Legends S2. I was curious because I like Homeland the most out of the non-24 Howard Gordon projects and thought shifting Legends more in a Homeland-like vein would be a good idea but yeah. It wasn’t very good.

They should have had Sean Bean in photos as Simone & Ian’s dad in Live Another Day– that would have been amusing. :)

Yeah, Legends just never hit the mark at all. One Homeland is enough. That would have been amusing indeed.

It doesn’t matter who the new cast will be…NO Jack Bauer (Kiefer) I want be watching 24. Thank goodness I have the whole 24 collection.

“Allison” was so disgusting in Homeland S5, I could not imagine liking her in another Show.

Good thing you never saw Eye for an Eye before you ever started watching 24.

Actually I did, Mary! And still liked Kiefer as Jack! :)))

Then, I apologize. I might have misread you. I thought you were saying you hated a character so you could never like the actress playing another part, which is why I got snide. (We all have our faults lol.) Anyway, cheers. :)

Totally agree – it was tough to put up with her petulant character.

Pretty good on Homeland.

No Mandy = no 24.

Oops, uh, I meant to say Kiefer…

I’ll get me coat, don’t get up, I’ll let myself out.

I wonder what the theme music would be like?

I always associate the main theme with Jack obviously
but then Tony had his own soundtrack particularly pre-and-post death in Season 5 and later in Season 7

I wonder if Sean Callery is going to change things up a bit?
I would think the main theme would still be used

Felipe Nogueira
January 29, 2016 at 5:31 am
is Sean callery confirmed??

Goodness, I hope so. I think I just found the first thing that might make me step back from Legacy–

No Callery, No Watch. :)*

*Well, Less Enthusiastic Watch.

It will probably be some swaggy ghetto shite.

January 29, 2016 at 8:41 am
I want 24 Legacy to have a different main theme.
The original 24 theme IS Jack Bauer’s theme, even according to Sean Callery.
Hearing it for any other character would feel wrong and they’re trying to limit comparisons to Jack Bauer anyway.

Callery should save the old 24 theme for Jack’s eventual surprise return either at the end of the season or a future season.

Ya know? I could see that– the ‘saving the theme’ thing. If you notice, in the latter seasons of the show, the more Jack strays from the super righteous and principled dude he used to be, the less the theme is actually used and they play with it a bit– stopping it suddenly, firing it up at other moments. They also rarely play it “for” other characters– I believe that Little Teri and Tony are the only non-Jack characters who got the Bauer theme at times.

There’s a great use of it in 9.01 when Jack goes to rescue Chloe and it starts up but then abruptly stops– an auditory clue that this scene that looks like classic Jack-to-the-rescue has a darker layer to it and is not quite Bauer-theme worthy (going along with how, not long after, we’ll realize that Jack set Chloe up and is responsible for her being there in the first place.) The theme is used for Tony in Solitary (in case you needed another clue to the fact that he’s back to Big Damn Hero-ing it up.)

Benching it until it’s an appropriate moment or like… weaving it through new themes for new characters would be cool but I’d like them to save the whole big horns-and-swishy-sounding-thing shabam until its usage can be at full cheesiness capacity… so, uh, when Jack returns. :)

Interesting observation.

If I recall correctly, wasn’t the theme used only once in Season 8? In the final ‘drone’ conversaion with Chloe?

January 29, 2016 at 8:51 am
I think some people are mistaking Miranda Otto for Allison Carr.

Miranda Otto was absolutely fantastic on Homeland. She seems to be perfect for this counter terrorism and espionage world. I can absolutely picture her as a CTU director, much like Alberta Green, Michelle Dessler and Erin Driscoll. Looking forward to seeing her on 24.

Allison Carr (her character on Homeland) was a complete bitch and manipulative cunt.
It’s called acting out what’s in the script.

Is 24: Legacy officially considered a spinoff (like Law and Order: SVU, or NCIS: Los Angeles) or a reboot? If it’s a spinoff, wouldn’t that increase the chances of original characters “crossing over” and appearing on episodes of 24: Legacy? In all of the major TV franchises, characters crossover on each other’s shows.

Also, technically, wouldn’t that allow the possibility of their eventually being TWO 24’s if Kiefer ever decides to return? CBS has three NCIS shows and NBC might have four Chicago series next season. Is it possible Fox would do the same?


…thought provoking even

Yeah, it would be kind of amazing to have two versions of the show at the same time.

I wonder if they’ll keep the Jack/Kiefer-narrated “The following takes place…” bit. That would be cool if they did.

I think they are going to.

“The following takes place between… dammit, I dunno, sometime in the morning. Events occur while I’m on vacation.” :)

Maybe – as a pay homage to ‘Jack’ kind of thing?

Anyone else think this woman is like really, really sexy for some reason…. I do! I may just watch this now to see her

She has that intelligent, sexy librarian vibe about her.

no jack no 24

Per Production Weekly, the pilot of 24: Legacy starts filming in mid-March in Los Angeles.

Designated Survivor is schedule to film from March 7-October 21 in Toronto.

i just saw this chick topless, very sexy

I wish FOX would have just let 24 die after LAD as opposed to rebooting the same show with all new characters. 24, more than any other show of its kind, was about Kiefer playing Jack. Even Jon Voight and other actors who were in 24 said the same thing. Over 200 broadcast hours covering 9 seasons, it was all about Jack. It did not make a difference if the show took place in LA, Washington, NYC or London. It did not make a difference whether CTU was open or shut down. It did not make a difference whom lived or died. It did not make a difference who was president. It did not make a difference if a character we liked turned out to be a mole. It did not make a difference if the story was great or not so great. It did not make a difference if there were great twists and turns, or pitiful writing such as the Dana Walsh saga. When Bill Clinton and Barack Obama publicly referred to 24, they spoke about Jack Bauer. Not CTU, not the stories, not any other characters, but Jack Bauer. For that is what 24 was all about. I will fondly remember every minute of all 9 seasons. I will not watch one second of 24 without Kiefer playing Jack.