Teddy Sears
Teddy Sears

Teddy Sears cast in 24: Legacy

The Flash is speeding over to Fox’s 24 reboot.

Teddy Sears – who plays Jay Garrick, a.k.a Earth-2’s version of The Flash on The CW hit – is joining the cast of 24: Legacy.

Sears, who was also previously a series regular on Showtime’s Masters of Sex, will play Keith Mullins, the new head of the Counter Terrorist Unit. The character is described as an ambitious and driven former second-in-command who has recently replaced Rebecca Ingram (series lead Miranda Otto) in the post.

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I’d put my money on it

Though we could be in a day where being a mole might mean you are working with Tony, Jack, and/or Chloe. So calling him a mole doesn’t mean he’s necessarily a “bad guy” now, since it’s all starting to get a little relative ever since Jack had a CIA mole on Day 9. That’d also be a fun change of pace.

February 23, 2016 at 4:06 pm
now that’s better. I like him in the role of jay.

Hmmmm……perhaps the plot will go like this: Rebecca Ingram returns to the scene of her old job only to find that the new boss Mullins is not running CTU as good as she used to and she and Eric Carter proceed to make a monkey out of the new CTU management … just like Jack did to Erin Driscoll in ep1 of S4.

This. Only swap out Driscoll for George Mason. I think we’re going to love him. Let’s hope he’s as snarky as Mason, since we could use some funny characters.

I guess he’s not gonna survive The Flash season 2 then

February 23, 2016 at 7:01 pm
“Head of CTU”

You wanna bet he sacrifices himself for the greater good at the end, like Lynn McGill, Ryan Chappelle, George Mason and Bill Buchanan?

This is a very good casting choice. ..hope he’s not dieing on the flash then….but yeah good choice this is getting very interesting. .can’t wait to see the show ….

if jack is in then its ok. TEDDY is good but he must aim to do like BILL Buchanan or to go beyond.as for me i love 24 with kiefer in as the main actor with out him 24 is dead

Well that would explain Jay Garrick’s out of nowhere rushed death on Flash

Thanks for the spoiler

He’s not dead

And yet, here you are, still posting. :)

err that was for brown sibangani above

I’m a bit upset the producers not just getting rid of CTU and truly committing to a revitalized show.

That’s funny because I’m so excited that CTU exists again. It’s basically the first old character to come back in Legacy, after years of various paralleling units. CTU is as integral to the series as the character of Jack is– it’d be like setting The X-Files somewhere other than the FBI or a Star Trek series without any spaceships or space stations.

CTU’s various states of existence go along with the plot of the series, so that even when it’s not dominant, it’s still at the core of the plot. It goes from being the home base of the main characters to being absorbed by Homeland Security, to being literally broken (smashed glass everywhere/hostage situation) by Cheng’s men on Day 6 (paralleling Jack’s China experience), to being split into two separate identities that masqueraded as one unit on Day 7 (paralleling Tony’s undercover work, CTU became the Rogue CTU and the FBI unit, which then collided into one), to Day 8’s CTU: NY– a revived zombie of an unit designed to be reminiscent of the original but hollow, lacking in everything but the surface (paralleling Day 8 Jack Bauer). Live Another Day strips the story back to the start, almost as if going back in time– we get a CIA unit, which goes along with major characters in the series from Jack to Tony to Henderson to Chappelle being formerly CIA and with CTU being an agency born out of the CIA. So, to come back to the idea of CTU itself for the first time in awhile to me doesn’t feel stale– it actually makes me interested to see how getting back to this idea relates to the themes of the plot of Legacy.

Very much agree! CTU is part of the 24 world, and its return brings continuity to a fresh reboot. Will be fun to see how CTU looks, especially since this will be CTU in L.A. What will be the similarities compared to the Buchanan era of S5 and 6?

Sorry I haven’t been posting since Live Another Day ended, however these castings for this new series sounds promising! I think this will be a good season even though Jack Bauer won’t be returning, however he still could return at some point in the near future.

I’m looking forward to this new reboot!

Teddy Sears should be a great fit as the boss of CTU in 24: Legacy. Looks like his current role as Jay Garrick in The Flash won’t survive until Season 2 is done.

What if this guy is the “handler” at the end of Solitary. And that takes place on thenday of Legacy. That would be a really cool way to link the 2 storylines

Someone who claims to have the script, posted an excerpt and spoilers on reddit.

He seems legit, but its hard to tell!

The script format and font looks legit. This was posted before Teddy Sears casting was announced and he correctly called his character Mullins.

Im really hoping they do something really good with this new series. Most importantly something new that they couldn’t do before but only with this new lead and have it very intresting. Somewhat still linking into the original. I know it takes place in the same universe based off a couple of things to happen in the first epsiode.

I can confirm that script is legitimate. I’ve gotten a bunch of info (but not the entire script yet) and that lines up with everything I know.

One of the tie-ins to previous 24 seasons:
The CTU tech analyst Gia was Edgar Stiles cousin. She brings that up and calls him one of the best.

To add context to those script pages (please don’t share this anywhere else at the moment):
Bin-Khalid’s people (the terrorists hunting down the six rangers) are trying to recover a strongbox that was stolen from Bin-Khalid during a military raid. One of the rangers named Marcus was the one who stole it (thinking it was just diamonds and money) and is currently in possession of it. But it turns out there was something crucial inside that strongbox that is needed for a large-scale attack on the US.
I will post the details soon in the coming days or weeks, just want to confirm things first and make sure it’s the actual most recent script.

Thanks for the info. I won’t post any info about this anywhere else.

So it’s following the old template of threat… bigger threat… bigger threat… *gasp* even BIGGER THREAT… OMG FUCKING MASSIVE THREAT… probably followed by a group of huwhite peeparrl conspirators revealed as being behind it all. Then season 11 comes and leaving its 100th conspiracy swept under the rug

Sounds shit.

Is anyone else getting a Larry Moss vibe off of this guy?