Kiefer Sutherland at a FOX event
Kiefer Sutherland at a FOX event

Kiefer Sutherland might appear in 24: Legacy

Deadline is reporting promising news from the ATX Television Festival for fans of Kiefer Sutherland and Jack Bauer (that’s pretty much all of us) – there just might be a storyline for him in the second half of 24: Legacy.

I’d heard [Howard] Gordon and the team of 24: Legacy have an arc in mind for the second part of 24: Legacy‘s 12-episode first season that could involve Bauer if a deal comes together, but there are no talks going on at the moment with Sutherland for acting. He could do a couple of episodes as a guest star without creating a conflict with his leading-man duties on Designated Survivor. There also is a possibility of other 24 original cast members reprising their roles in guest stints.

Fans may remember that the fourth season of 24 started off with an entirely new supporting cast before bringing back fan favorites like Tony Almeida, Michelle Dessler, Mike Novick, David Palmer, and even Mandy over the course of the season. So even though 24: Legacy has a completely new cast, that doesn’t rule out past beloved characters from making a comeback.

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Was wondering when you were going to post this.

yes jack is back!go to hell corley!

If they go the season 4 route, that would be smart. But Tony better be in there as well after the whole Solitary tease.

Yes. I agree. S4 marked a pretty good transition and set the table for a great S5! Good example of integral new characters that year would be the introduction of Curtis. And S4 came back to familiar characters who played important roles in the final 12 episode story arc bridging into S5. Legacy might try something similar AFTER establishing the presence and roles of the new cast. As casting decisions move forward, keep an eye on twitter … Jack, Tony and Chloe rumors will run wild making the fall an interesting season (along w/ the return of Walking Dead)!

The only dilemma for the writers is how they handle such a transition – S4 had 24 shows to do it whereas ‘Legacy’ will only have 12. It might get jumbled if by Ep 5-6, suddenly all the old cast start appearing.

That said, if Kiefer commits to appearing, my interest level in watching the new season automatically goes from zero to sixty in a heartbeat! I also think the writers are planning on returning Jack as an insurance policy in case the ratings for the first half of the season are poor – they’ll need to jumpstart the show and Fox probably told them to have a contingency plan.

Tony’s so there and where there is Tony, there is eventual return of Tony’s husband at some point.

Desperate ploy to get people to watch, because they know it can’t stand up on its own merits.

No thanks!

After it’s confirmed 100% Jack/Tony are back THEN I’ll watch, but I won’t be tuning in every week hoping for it to happen like a soft cunt.

There’s a 99.97% chance that Tony is in it and where there is Tony, Jack will eventually wander back in because true love, man. Geez, there’s no pleasing you people– if they tease Jack’s obvious eventual return, you say it’s to boost viewership but if they say he’s not coming back right away, you also whine.

Is Tony’s return confirmed?

His story from Solitary fits with what’s known of the beginning of Legacy and I doubt they wasted money to make a short film about Tony getting a new pair of reading glasses to never return to that story again. If they were looking to close off Tony’s character (which would be the dumbest move in the history of dumb moves), they could have done that in Solitary. Instead, they’ve basically told you he’s back.

Also, there’s a picture online from a couple of days ago of Carlos Bernard sporting the Solitary Tony look, so either he just really enjoys rocking the whole ‘eight years in a cinderblock tomb but still looking hot’ look in his real life or there be Tony on the horizon.

I really hope it’s not just a ploy to get us more interested with no intention of bringing him back. Is this the only real forum to talk about 24, it seems the official Fox forum and 24 insider have been closed since the show originally ended.

blah blah blah

hell who cares!!!! nomore24

yes i have a twitter. my wife didn’t know this. she doesn’t like me twitting!

Legacy will be awesome. Can’t wait. I will be twittering too.

He’s not coming back guys, give it a rest

June 27, 2016 at 3:27 am
Maybe. But the writers are. Everyone was always complaining about repeating plotlines. Let the writers have one chance to do something new.

iam sure that jack is back!but he will kill

June 28, 2016 at 4:06 am
Can’t express how much I can’t wait for Legacy.

The only thing about that as they may be screwing with us to get us to watch the new characters. Or by old characters coming in they mean in season 2. Or they are flying by the seat of their pants and adding them in at the end episodes to spark more interest and get a season 2. Plus that way they can be all “original” and kill off the main hero as Jack takes over again. Be interesting to see what they do anyway.

June 28, 2016 at 4:44 pm
That would actually be great for 24. Killing of its main lead corey hawkins and jack taking over. It would be something new. Jack could actually be brought back if tony escapes solitary

i agree with you!corey hawkins will be dead!

Yeah, he may be dead, on The Walking Dead and/or 24 lol

Stranger things have been done in TV land in the past when ratings suffer and networks try to revive viewer interest. Bringing back Kiefer and some past cast members would be a great insurance policy if the new cast tanks and the ratings are weak to start the season.

I remember my English lessons..”might” is expressing possibility…so I’ll wait it’s confirmed

Yeah, choosing his words wisely. I believe old characters will be back, whether they are the like of Tony and Jack or Carl Webb and Keith Palmer though remains to be seen haha

Plus they don’t indicate when. “when the show gets going” could mean season 1 or season 4.

If Kiefer’s new show fails then it will be a given he’ll come in at the end of the season and take over once again next season. But other than that, we’ll see.

no pat all of keifer s show is perefect!

I’d like to see Jack return as a main but supporting character with a really really really good story. Okay, the Russian mole story– I need Jack as Nina Myers in my life.

This is a good idea to bring Jack back as most views across the globe were need of knowing what was going to happen to Jack after trading himself for Chloe.

ithink casser make a mini movie for jack in russia

How do you Cassar made a mini movie with Jack in Russia?

The idea of bringing Jack back in the middle of a 12 episode season as a less-than-lead character for a few episodes and then writing him out of the script would be worse than no Jack at all. The only way I am interested in Kiefer returning is if he has the lead role. The only way that will happen is if Kiefer’s new show along with Legacy are total bombs. And that is exactly what I am wishing for.

Nope… Leave him out if the story isn’t about him.