Jack Bauer in the 24: Live Another Day Finale
Jack Bauer in the 24: Live Another Day Finale

24 writers couldn’t bring themselves to kill Jack Bauer, “still life” in the character

HitFix moderated a panel at the ATX Television Festival and reports Howard Gordon’s feelings on the somewhat controversial 24: Live Another Day finale.

Gordon suggested that he arguably should have ended the 24: Live Another Day miniseries with Jack’s death, but that neither he nor any of the other writers could bring themselves to do it.

Although this was already known, here comes the interesting part:

And he said he thought there was still life in the character, whether in a standalone movie (a concept long-discussed, and which morphed at one point into Live Another Day) or an appearance on Legacy. Gordon said that Sutherland — who’s an executive producer on 24: Legacy — “hasn’t ruled out” the idea of reprising Jack on the new show if the circumstances were right.

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