24: Legacy Official Poster / Key Art

FOX has released the official poster / key art for 24: Legacy starring Corey Hawkins as new lead character Eric Carter. The tagline is “New Day. New Hero.”

Corey Hawkins on 24: Legacy Poster
Corey Hawkins on 24: Legacy Poster

Cast members Corey Hawkins, Miranda Otto, and Jimmy Smits will be attending San Diego Comic-Con next week for a 24: Legacy panel on July 24th in Hall H. Fans in attendance are expected to be shown exclusive brand new footage.


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Very nice poster…really sticks to the tradition of our beloved Show……….i mostly love that all the 24 bits and pieces have been put together and we are in for something special……..will be watching Legacy with very much Enthusiasim

Yes! I love the colors and the tones of it. Looks awesome.

Ugly sack of shit!

i agree with you xam!

So you’re both impolite! Are we supposed to cheer?

Put a sock in it, Mary!

Xam – If you don’t like the sound of Legacy then that is your choice but I am looking forward to it. Legacy looks awesome. It’s a fresh new start for 24.

No, there’s some interesting stuff in there. And I’m excited to have Hopkins back. But Corey Hawkins has to be the most insipid looking worm I’ve ever seen.

Maybe he would’ve been suitable if they were going in a completely different direction by having an analyst or a waiter as the main character… but they’re clearly marketing him as a black Jack Bauer which is laughable.

Looking great!

Totally dig the poster. Can’t wait until Super Bowl Sunday (February 5, 2017).

Although I’ll be tuning into the spinoff, FOX missed a golden opportunity to create a storyline about Jack…but not actually having him in it.

It wouldn’t have been difficult to craft a story that was about saving his life while he rots in that Russian prison. Maybe they had credible intel that assassins were going to take him out by the end of the day? Who knows?

What I do know is that fans would have loved to have seen old & new faces as they raced against the clock to save his life. Chloe? Tony? Kim? Yup. Or how about a throwback to Aaron? Martha? Even a disfigured, but very-much-alive Charles Logan…who actually wants to use his Russian contacts to HELP Jack. A redemptive twist seeking forgiveness & trying to do the right thing. How about Mike Novak? Or Kate & Belcheck from Live Another Day.

My own personal favorite would be Mandy (Mia Kirshner), the hired gun that caused lots of trouble in the early seasons. Better still, the original shooter that tried to assassinate President Palmer in Season One…Jonathan Matijevich. He was the one impersonating a photographer & gave Jack his gun…remember?

The point is, 24 has a rich history that could have been tapped for an incredible storyline to bring in a lot of these characters to cover a 24 hour arc…even without Jack. Fans would have loved to have seen these folks on the screen, building up to that final hour. Will they save Jack? Or would he just disappear once the threat was neutralized. That would have depended on whether or not Kiefer could be courted to make a cameo at the very end. Either way, the season could have been fantastic.

I always thought it was strange how they dropped Jonathan the sniper early in season 1, was the actor unavailable for any more episodes? Were they planning for him to return later in the season? I guess he just got away with everything.

So did ‘whatshisname’ who flew the plane that shot down the President in Season 4

Mitch Anderson, his character’s fate was somewhat ambiguous. His jet was shot down , but there was supposedly a plan to fake his death in effect. I remember thinking he would show up in the desert episodes after that, but he didn’t. Did the writers think he was a popular character and would need to be brought back later? I think Mandy is the one villain we know for sure got away with everything.

Oops…started a new thread below…

I’m pretty convinced that Jonathan the Sniper from Day 1 is Belchek in Live Another Day. At some point during Day 9, I typed that theory up, will have to see if I can dig it up.

I don’t think they’ve missed that opportunity. I think this plot is the beginning of that opportunity. It’s doubtful that the Russians locked Jack up and threw away the key– he works for them now. Why would you lock up Jack Bauer when you have him by the balls and you can make him do your bidding? That has to be Jack’s next story arc because that’s what the end of Live Another Day set up and Solitary segues Live Another Day into Legacy via Tony, who is the only person who can save Jack at this point. (Dear 24: Don’t kill Tony in the process of this. Jack and Tony ride off into the sunset is the only palatable ending here and who would ever believe Tony was really dead again? Nobody. Take heed. :) )

They already said they’ll bring back older characters during Legacy anyways and some of them–especially the political plotline characters– might show up relatively quickly. We seem to have a rather enormous crisis looming per the trailer, so somebody has to tell the President about that within the first couple of hours. Have you noticed how they haven’t said who the President is yet? Maybe it’s someone we know.

Good point – they haven’t said who the president is.

I wonder who it could be?

Jonathan surely did. Mandy was arrested, if I recall. Tony nearly killed her after she held him hostage. Speaking of Tony, he could have easily carried the spinoff ~ no worries. Fans like him, even if everyone on the show distrusts him.

For that matter, Kate would have been a great choice to carry the spinoff…kicking butt. A female Jack Bauer, if you will.

In the end, 24 really is a show about Jack. As much as FOX wants the spinoff to succeed on its own, faithful fans will tune in because they appreciate the effort to keep the franchise alive. But we all want to see Jack, of course. He’s the 800 lbs. gorilla NOT in the room. Those are pretty big shoes to fill.

Mandy was pardoned and she’s in both the Deadline and the Rogue novels, with a really great plot twist in Deadline.

Kate is a character left so wide open that she has to be back at some point but a better story arc for a character that complex might be to not be the lead. From what I’ve seen of the casting dialogue floating around, Rebecca has more than a little Jack Bauer in her DNA, so I don’t think we’re missing a kickass woman in Legacy. (Not to mention that Nicole was amazing in the trailer.)

You said that in the end, the show is about Jack. I think the issue is that right now, fans still feel like it is because his story is still out there and so are those of other characters like Tony and Chloe that we feel strongly about. But this is the same show that now has fans that say that they can’t imagine the show without Chloe– who didn’t arrive until after the show had already had two amazing seasons already. The same show where the bulk of the fanbase hated Chloe until the first arc of Day 4. The same fanbase that said that Redemption was going to suck because there was no Chloe or CTU in it and then by and large loved Redemption. The show is damned addicting and it’s really, really good and that’s not just because of Jack– that’s because of the structure, the pacing, and the bunch of other actors who supported the character of Jack and gave him something to do. If 24 maintains those standards– and, based on the casting and the trailer, there’s every indication that they have maintained those standards– fans will still want resolution to Jack’s story, yes, but they will also find new characters to love and new stories to get into. You just mentioned that they should be bringing Kate Morgan back. Go back and read the messages on here when they announced a lead female kickass character for Live Another Day and look at the vitriol tossed by (far too) many at the idea of a female Jack Bauer-like character…. then compare them to recent posts now saying they love Kate and want her back. How much you want to bet that by April 2017, this board by and large (minus XAM ;)) is getting on board with Eric Carter, in love with Rebecca, and happy with the show even if Jack Bauer is still not here?

Excellent analysis, Mary :)

Being new to this board, I have not looked at any other posts. Only just commented the other day after seeing the trailer & googling for more information.

Long time 24 fan here from Day 1. It was “appointment television” from the start. Addicting through the commercial breaks as well as the wait time from week to week! We did not binge watch over the years & did not have the ability the record. It was old school television watching, that grew with family & friends. Loved those days.

Anyway, there’s no doubt I’ll be watching Legacy. I do love the idea of expanding the 24 universe (though I’ve not read the books). Are the books considered canon?

Not sure why some would be down on a female agent like Kate doing the same things as Jack would…especially with her being easy on the eyes ;) Seriously, it would be interesting to see her go into those dark places that Jack was all-too-familiar with.

I’m not one of those folks that think 24 will fail without Jack. As I mentioned earlier, the show has a rich history of characters. The format drives the suspense & action which makes it so fun to watch. But Jack is the central character of the show. People that tune in will always wonder where he is or what he’s doing…until they give him a heroic death or have him ride off into the sunset with a little bit of happiness.

August 19, 2016 at 11:09 am
Am I the only one who doesn’t WANT a new hero?? Bring Jack Back!!