24 Legacy Comic-Con Coverage

24: Legacy Comic-Con Panel Coverage

FOX just held a 30 minute panel for 24: Legacy at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. We’ve collected all the live tweets from it below. Stay tuned for photos and videos.

24: Legacy Comic-Con 2016 Press Coverage


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Sure sounds like no major returning characters this season. can’t believe no Tony questions were asked.

There’s not going to be many returning viewers either.

There will be lots of returning viewers and new viewers! 24 Legacy was a big hit at Comic Con today! Also only the Pilot has been filmed.

Remember this is not a reboot and it’s an expansion of 24! Old characters will intersect with the new characters at some point and they plan on closing Jack’s at story eventually.

“At some point” being key. Which likely means season 2 or the very last episode to try and get a season 2. The more I hear them talk the more it seems it won’t be a season 4 scenario and more like a “the ratings suck, let’s bring back Jack.” scenario, if the rating did suck, not saying they will.

And they say they plan on closing out Jack’s story but then they say he had no more story to tell so they went with new characters. Stupid logic. Again, dicking us around. And if Kiefer’s new show is a hit, he won’t get a closing any time soon.

It’s like all they do is flip flop back in forth, saying enough to make people think old characters will be back when really they aren’t going to be.