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24: Legacy “The Clock Resets” Trailer

The clock will reset after the Super Bowl with the premiere of 24: LEGACY on FOX.


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Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to this, but am I the only one who thinks the plot is sound a little… uninspired? The teaser already hints to a mole in the mix, and the apparent focus on Jihadist terrorism is hardly new for this show.

Yep, back to the mole crap that has been done to death. The writers don’t know how to further a plot without a mole. Sad really.

But we’ll see. Tony has to fit in there somewhere, so that may throw a good wrinkle into things.

Yeah, there really isn’t much of an excuse for moles in a 12 episode series.

I am sure the Mole story will be told differently than recent seasons. The writers did say 24 Legacy will be fresh and they try to do stuff they have never did before. Maybe they are making it look like there is a mole in the government but there ends up being no mole at all.

Meaning season 3? Same writers won’t make it fresh, not saying it won’t be good, but fresh, hahaha

To be fair, when do they not say it’s going to be fresh?

The question is will we get good Tony or bad Tony?

Seems like a mis-mash of Season 1 and Season 4.

The new trailer is awesome with some hip-hop music in the background (don’t know the track of that song).

“Whatever you think you know about me… you don’t!” He says with big bug eyes and a trembling voice. Not convinced!

I hope the music in this trailer is just for the purpose of the trailer and not indicative of the sound track of the series itself. It just does not have the gravitas as the original sound track which added so much to 24.

According to Deadline, Moran Atias will play an accomplice of Tony Almedia. As Jack Bauer had a sidekick (Belchek), so will Tony.

I’ll give 24 Legacy a chance, but without Jack , it can’t be the same