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24: Legacy “New Hero, New Day” Promo

Check out this brand new promo for 24: Legacy shown during the World Series on FOX tonight.

Update: A new extended trailer has just dropped too. Check it out here!


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Omg … Can’t wait

Marina Monica Noya
October 25, 2016 at 8:57 pm
No hay 24 sin Kiefer Sutherland!Le voy a dar una chance sólo por el regreso de Tony!Esperando que en 2017 sea quien ayude a rescatar a Jack!

Ugh no way

Fingers crossed for a Jack Bauer cameo. Didn’t know the promo appear during the World Series (GO CUBS!!).

When does it premier?? We have nothing good to watch on our channels. It also sucks that it’s too short and it’s takes almost two to three for a season to premier. Stop teasing if you want the season to continue then let it run and if you don’t want then allow us to forget 24. Stop giving us false hope!!

Oh yes can’t wait

Oh dear – why can’t you just leave it alone. Talk about tying to milk the series…

Mike, if you don’t want to watch it then don’t, no one is forcing you to watch it and to be honest, I doubt we care if you don’t watch it.

I can’t wait, Legacy looks awesome!

I doubt he (or others) care if you watch it. Seriously, these sort of comments are ludicrous. You’re more than welcome to criticize the substance of his comments but don’t insinuate that he shouldn’t comment about it at all.

Not believable as a badass… at all. Weak, insipid, gay face and ffs lay off the shitty ghetto music.

Please never post something on this site again. Your comment was gross, homophobic, and idiotic. Also I think the music was great so how about you get out a life.

You’re very polite Jared, I like the way you said please.

XAM, as I am a gay male, I find your comments homophobic, now grow up. If you haven’t got anything nice to say, then don’t post. Idiot!

Of course you do, it’s 2016 (the current year) and everything is offensive.

You are being deliberately incendiary though, XAM.

Nope! When I made that comment, I had nothing but my opinion of Cory Hawkins in mind. I wasn’t rubbing my palms together thinking “hehehe! I bet Shaun Clark isn’t going to like this”. I didn’t set out to offend anyone, but neither do I really care if I did.

I apologise for saying otherwise then. :)


(of a device or attack) designed to cause fires
tending to stir up conflict
an incendiary bomb or device
a person who starts fires

My vocabulary is limited. Just learned a new word today.