24: Legacy Episode 9 Promo

Here’s the 24: Legacy episode 8 promo – airing at next Monday at 8/7c on FOX. The focus has switched to the new terrorist threat, Naseri (played by Oded Fehr).

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Looks like Naseri is going to mount a direct attack on CTU kind of like what Cheng did in Season 6?

You’d think if they were going to recycle old plots they wouldn’t pick ones from what is universally considered the worst season.

Is Tony in next week?

Yes it shows him interrogating Jadalla.

I think he will be back, but I didn’t see that in the clip…

Tony isn’t in this promo, I think you’re mistaking Naseri (Oded Fehr) for him.

Naseri does look alot like Tony.

Tony Alquaida we could call him lol


Why isn’t Jadalla dead? This is a bit of a joke really, you just know there’s just going to be more wasted screen time before he’s likely killed by his own people or something.

Just when I thought this season couldn’t get any more lazy… An attack on CTU! Ugh…


If Live Another Day was a greatest hits collection for the series, then Legacy is shaping up to be the worst hits collection for the series.

Tell me about it. Ridiculous

I’m putting money on Jimmy Smits being a villain and his Dad was trying to cover up for him. It would be a rehash of the Philip/Graeme storyline in season 6 and would fit into your theory of this show being a worst hits collection.
The writers really aren’t arsed anymore.

But they did have those scenes where John Donovan is talking to Philip in private and demanding to know about Jadalla’s cells and how he leaked the Rangers’ identities. That didn’t seem to have been done for show in front of Rebecca or anyone else. Remember Philip does tell John in private his rationale behind betraying the Rangers and about his company’s issues.

Justin Urciuoli
March 21, 2017 at 1:58 am
I also don’t think the writing has been lazy this season. I think the writing has been fine. Just my opinion

I see your point, but at the same time, there’s never been an ‘attack on CTU’ episode that I didn’t like… Even in Season 6, those episodes were a highlight against the rather lacklustre back half of the season. So I’m hopeful nostalgia will kick in and they’ll spare no expense in making the episode kick ass. I enjoyed Episode 8 the most of any of the season so far. Hoping 9 continues that trend.

CTU is in LOCKDOWN MODE next week.

Legacy is awesome! Who cares about the recycled plots. If Jack was in it people would not care

You grossly misunderstand. The recycled plots would still be an issue, but the series was compelling for reasons beyond shallow plot mechanics and narrative machinations. The series was built around telling relevant stories, establishing interesting themes, and communicating profound messages centralized around the mythic qualities of its eternally self-sacrificing protagonist; Jack Bauer. Robert Cochrane once said that “the rhythm of the show is Jack” and he was absolutely right.

Legacy is a soulless affair without meaning, compounded by a plot that is barely functional and real-time constraints that are barely adhered to.

The point is Justin, people were tuning in to see Jack. That’s why most didn’t care if the plots were sometimes a bit familiar. At the moment, Legacy hasn’t got any characters that are worth tuning in for alone. (Although Episode 8 did some great things with Eric.) We need the originality in the stories to make up for the fact that we aren’t in love with the characters yet.

If they’re recycling this many storylines in season 1, how can they possibly keep this show going for a few seasons?

Simple. By recycling them again.

On a positive note, it’s fucking awesome to finally have a proper villain!

As lame as the season has been at times, I really dug the way they introduced the new villain. I don’t think they’ve ever done it quite like this, having the characters recognize them and shit themselves without the audience knowing exactly what the story is. Why does everyone know his name? Why the hell was he in disguise at the terrorist base? A little mystery goes a long way with this kind of show, and it reminded me of the early seasons where they didn’t feel obligated to follow all the villains and their stupid drama for half the season.

Remains to be seen if he lives up to the hype or if the show squanders yet another great actor

I loved the way Naseri was introduced. It wasn’t exactly seamless and probably confused most of the audience, but it’s the first time an episode of Legacy has left me intrigued and wanting to see the next one. (Although seeing yet another CTU attack in the promo deflated my hype significantly).

I’m guessing Naseri is some kind of foreign spy-gone-rogue and Carter kind of blew his operation by mentioning his real name. Based on this promo I think he’s breaking into CTU specifically for Jadalla who’s being interrogated there by Rebecca. The question is whether he’s doing that to kill Jadalla or rescue him. I’m curious to find out!

I remember they did it with the man at the terrorist base in Season 4 – the one with the override suitcase. Audrey recognised him. That said, even though we didn’t know who the Season 4 dude was, it was quite clear he was only a middle-man/go-between – not a big bad. It’s cool that, in Legacy, they’ve done it again here with a greater sense of threat surrounding the unknown character.

Reminds me of when Saunders came in halfway through S3 casually giving Amador shit for almost screwing up the virus deal


I think that Naseri is breaking into CTU for the flash drive with the list and maybe he will kill Jadalla.
It could be that there is something else on this flash drive that can do more damage.

Maybe someone in CTU or one of the main characters will help Naseri to get in CTU but it only will be revealed who did it later on this season.

Justin Urciuoli
March 21, 2017 at 12:51 am
Manny Coto said future seasons would deal with crime stories and maybe right wing political stories like KKK, stuff they have never done before. I still think this season is fresh. The characters are fresh, the plot is fresh, Eric and Nicole do not have a daughter, the threat is sleeper cells, CTU national headquarters, the show deals with Isis, radicalizing Americans, and what it means to be American? These are all fresh stuff. No Division, another fresh thing, no Presidential assassination or no assassination on the Senator another fresh thing.

Also 24 Legacy was made for a new generation of an audience who have never seen 24. So they need to make 24 Legacy, feel like 24 for new fans and old fans. I think they are doing a wonderful job.

Also anyone who says Corey Hawkins is a bad actor, watch Straight Outta Compton, The Walking Dead, and now in theatres which I just saw today, Kong Skull Island. He is fantastic in all three of those movies. Kong Skull Island is killing it in the box office as well. So Corey Hawkins is becoming a big star.

What you are describing are permutations of existing tropes. None of them qualify as fresh.

In any case:

-Wasn’t season 4 about sleeper cells?
-Functionally, isn’t CTU headquarters exactly the same as the CTU Los Angeles and CTU New York branch?
-Hasn’t the show dealt with ISIS analogues before, including Second Wave?

Justin Urciuoli
March 21, 2017 at 1:57 am
CTU LA and New York were branches of CTU National headquarters. CTU National Headquarters is the big boss lol. Sleeper Cells and Isis are new as the show is reflecting what is going on in today’s world.

How do we know the hierarchy here of CTUs?

I don’t watch a season with the KKK as villains. that will be unrealistic left-wing drivel, and it will probably be set in the South and make it look bad. They will film it in Georgia too but in this case it won’t be standing in for the Washington DC area. It would be more realistic to have the bad guys be drug cartels, or radical left-wing extremists like pro-abortion extremists, Black Lies Matter, or radical environmentalists (like those protesting Keystone XL and Dakota Access).

Be wary everyone, it seems we have a political troll in our midst.

We just can’t get away from them, can we? Even on a fcking 24 TV forum…Jesus…

Can you please shut up? Thank you. :)

KKK as villains is unrealistic, but Black Lives Matter villains would be great. Got it.

Hopefully both KKK and Black Lives Matter kill each other off.

Fine by me. As an added bonus, let’s throw the SJW’s in between so they can be caught in the crossfire. THREE birds with one stone. :)

Usually people who feel threatened by “SJWs” are straight white guys who have no fucking clue, thanks to their own ignorance and privilege, why someone might actually need equity.

Why is it so repugnant when someone points out systematic, institutionalized, or inherent biases? Are you that insecure that you’d hope these people would “be caught in the crossfire?” The baboonery of some Americans is astonishing.

… I don’t think Eric and Nicole not having a daughter spells original.
They have done sleeper cells before – and arguably better. In Season 4 we got to know that family so well. And yes, many of the terrorist groups were effectively ISIS in all but name.

The sleeper cell idea was definitely handled better in Season 4. The Araz family plot was way more compelling than Amira’s.

The sleeper cell idea was handled even better in the show Sleeper Cell – starring Oded Fehr.

Next week Ben-Khalid is gonna ask for full immunity in exchange for information

Fresh idea!

I am in the UK and I am loving 24: Legacy, it’s brilliant. However, after reading people negative comments on here, I am shocked that people are not giving this a go even after episode 8. I am even shocked at the admin on this site as well with he/she negative comments saying this season of 24 is lazy.

Legacy is supposed to be fresh with new characters and new storylines. Guess what? I am also going to buy this on DVD when it comes out in fact, I have already pre-ordered my copy on Amazon (It just shows that I am enjoying Legacy) – If I didn’t enjoy it then I wouldn’t waste my money on this.

Corey Hawkins who plays Eric Carter has said they is going to be a shocking twist in the series finale that will leave us shocked.

I don’t get some people, if you hate it that much, why you still watching it at episode 8? I would have thought that if you hate it, you would have stopped watching it by now lol, honestly I am sure some people just say it, because they got nothing else to say!

Legacy is brilliant and I look forward to it every week on FOX UK channel.

It baffles me how people who are uber-enthusiastic about Legacy are getting so defensive about it and find the need to call out and cut down people who are disappointed in it.

All the rest of us who are underwhelmed by this revival series only comment on how heartbroken we are on how much the show has gone downhill, with no need to personally insult those who are enjoying it. (We give Justin some grief but not because he’s enjoying it. It’s just because he spams the boards)

If you enjoy the show and can’t handle fan discussion that may be negative, then by your own logic stay away from the comments section. If you can’t handle it then don’t comment. Don’t harass the rest of us!

I think the Justin virus is spreading

I’m glad you’re enjoying the show, Shaun.

The fact that we’re discussing the 8th episode (out of 12 total) demonstrates that we have in fact given Legacy a fair chance. I intend to watch the entire season and see it through. Just because we have a different opinion than yours doesn’t mean we haven’t given it a go.

And I stand by my critique that this season is lazy. The promo that we’re discussing in this thread shows CTU being attacked for the fifth time, and this is only one of many examples.

People need to give it up already… This is not 24 with Jack Bauer… This is 24 Legacy… I think its been great. Problem is when a show has been on for so long, its hard not to go over what has been done before…

How awesome would it be AND how crazy would 24 fans be if the last 5 minutes the show Jack in the Russian jail and Tony plotting a way to get him out??? Oooohhh man…lol

Bluetooth Group
March 22, 2017 at 1:25 pm
since this is a episode 9 promo thread, I’m gonna stick to that. Yes, the breaking into CTU thing has been done before, but at least this time we don’t have to worry about lame Cheng asking for Mr Bowa. I’m actually hyped up for this episode. we are into the final 4 episode arc, and that usually has been my favorite. the new villain seems interesting. A lot of potential for episode 9, now lets see if they can execute

The writing would have to be really, really, really fucking shit for Oded Fehr not to create an awesome villain.

March 23, 2017 at 11:53 pm
My intuition is that Nicole is going to get Terry Bauer’d. Then Eric will become “the Eric”. Not this episode but by the end.

My feeling is that Eric is going to get Terry Bauer’d. Rumor has it that Corey Hawkins has a very busy schedule and killing Eric is not what you would expect.

The preview with the father talking to the Senator is that we are going to have a
Season 5 HOT MIC and it was planted on the father during Tony’s interrogation. That would explain a lot and why Tony allowed Rebecca to “end the interrogation”.
It is the only solution that makes sense with the available information. I am very certain about it so I am going to spoiler guard it because it has a ring of truth here if you think about it for 3 mins.

Is that Tony at :13 seconds in?