Eric Carter 24: Legacy Character Spotlight

The cast and crew talk about the new lead character, Eric Carter, in the new FOX series 24: Legacy.

via Fox Broadcasting

MANNY COTO: Carter is a young man who’s done his duty and has come home and wants to live his life.

EVAN KATZ: He’s a soldier with no experience as an agent who’s come back from the war and is having trouble not being at war.

HOWARD GORDON: He has a wife, and they’re contemplating a family, but things are kind of uneasy between them.

MANNY COTO: There was a past that he escaped. His brother was a drug dealer, and Carter used to work with him, but got out, and with his wife started a new life.

COREY HAWKINS: He’s a fixer, and he’s always been a fixer. There is a part of him that he can’t just turn off, and I think that’s the key.

HOWARD GORDON: It really is an origin story. Eric Carter is going to become– –thrust into the world of CTU, and hopefully over the course of many seasons we’re going to see the education of a spy.