Corey Hawkins’ Message to Jack Bauer Fans

“This is what i would say. All I say, is watch it. Give it a chance. Watch that first episode after the Super Bowl and ask yourself if you wanna go on this journey with that guy.

It scared me because I was a huge Jack Bauer fan, and I was like wait, I gotta take this on? I gotta do this. The thing that hit me the most is that I get to play a character that I never got to see growing up. I never got to see a character who looked like me growing up that was raw, and messy, a patriot, a hero that didn’t have super powers. I get to relate to that. And now a lot of young people who are just getting introduced to this show will get to relate to it.

Just give it a chance. If it’s not your cup of tea, that’s all good too. But give it a chance.”

Source eurweb