24: Legacy Episode 3 Promo

Take a look at the promo for the third episode (and beyond) of 24: Legacy, airing Monday February 13th at 8/7c on FOX.

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Hope CTU can trust Eric Carter whether they liked it or not.

Tony appeared? I didn’t see him in the promo…

February 7, 2017 at 9:52 am
yup. in the first split screen shot on the bottom left. only showed the top half of his face but it was clearly him.

Despite being in this promo, Tony is not actually in this episode, or the episode after this one. Was more of a tease.

As a more general question, how much footage from the trailers is actually in these episodes? EG, the trailer that premiered after they’d shot the pilot but hadn’t started on episodes 2+ showed a whole load of stuff that wasn’t in the episode:
* Helicopter landing and troops getting out at night
* Some middle eastern gunman in a dusty street
* A raid on a building, made out to be the raid on Bin-Khalid’s compound
* A house exploding
* A car crashing and exploding near a bridge
* Some troops rappeling down the side of a building.

I know they also included a shot of a car exploding that they’d taken from 24: Live Another Day.

Does any of this show up, or were the trailers mainly just lies?

Mainly lies, none of those shots from the trailer show up in the first four episodes. I think they lifted a few of those shots from previous seasons (the house explosion looks like it could be Fayed’s hideout from S6 EP2 but I’m not positive).

With this particular promo though it’s all footage from the actual episode except for the split screen of Tony.

I think this is a real shame on Fox’s marketing department. I don’t think it is a shot from S6, I think they’re just random clips they’ve grabbed.

I documented the extent of the misleading trailers here:


I doubt we’ll see any of these shots in the episodes.

You clearly didn’t watch the “raid”…It was released on Samsung VR only..its the prequel to legacy that was the mission to take out Bin Khaled. .that’s where your choppers landing and all that Was…

I’m afraid not – those shots do not appear in the raid at all. And the trailers were released several months before the raid was ever filmed.

Later trailers had a few shots from the raid in them, but I have not included them in the list of fake shots.

They should release it elsewhere so we can see it….

Justin Urciuoli
February 7, 2017 at 7:20 pm
When does Tony come in?

Heck yeah I’ve wanted to find out how tony broke outta prison!!!

Link to the full promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqcwT9mwMQw

did not expect Tony to show up in this episode.

Just read the comment from “24 Spoilers”

Just what i thought,

possible spoiler for Tony’s return:
I expect him to show up in episode 6 after a the timejump,

Why have you linked it again!? WTF Justin.

I really hope Carter doesn’t spend more than 5-10 minutes in that evidence room. Seems to be the same formula every season:

First 2-3 episodes, hero running round lots of places, fast paced.

episode 3 or 4: Hero stuck in a room, or stuck trying to get into a room, for the whole episode. Pace killed, hit snooze on the series.


So this says that the season starts out feeling like Trump wrote it ends feeling like Hillary Clinton wrote it.

Guess this means Bin Khalid’s group aren’t the true villains? Its Hollywood after all. They HAVE to be politically correct.

Russians? Dare I hope?

I hope it’s not some right-wing group that passed the intel to the terrorists so the attack happen and they can justify closing America’s borders……if Hillary wrote the script that would be the kind of thing written……They should just stick with the jihadis. I’ve still yet to see a left-wing domestic terrorist group as the villains here or any show/movie – only in my own fanfics I did that occassionally.

Tony Fucking Almeida!!!