24: Legacy Episode 10 Promo

Here’s the 24: Legacy episode 10 promo – airing at next Monday at 8/7c on FOX.

Also be sure to let us know what you thought about Episode 9 by voting in our poll for it.


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Justin Urciuoli
March 27, 2017 at 9:14 pm
Next week looks so epic!

Yet, never is

I like how they are potentially gonna use Tony here.

Tony’s back and Tony’s officially back in action next week!

You said tony was redeemed this week and wasn’t . Full of shit again.

Really hope Rebecca Ingram gets out of there alive as does Senator Donovan. Wonder if these two survives all the way to the end.

Yes, here is a main question: who lives and who dies?

Are you talking about a Legacy dead pool? I’m in!

I nominate Isaac (because killing Nicole would be stupid. Practically no-one wants to see Carter become Black-Jack). Honestly, I would admire their restraint if neither of them died.

Tom Locke (Hate to say this, because he looks like me, but obviously he has to die to make way for Carter to fill his post at CTU)

Rebecca Ingram

March 27, 2017 at 11:54 pm

Nicole will get Terri Bauer’d.

Rebecca will not make it.

I have a feeling Rebecca might not make it either. Just as Teri (also second on the credits) was killed off, but this time, it wouldn’t be the main character’s wife being killed.

Bluetooth Group
March 28, 2017 at 7:54 pm
if you read the press release for episode 11 you shall have your answer


Now I don’t know if they’re purposely paying homage to past seasons, but in this preview they show Rebecca or John standing in the middle of a football field, just like how Heller was in the middle of Wembley Stadium in Live Another Day, and we even see a fire/explosion on the field?????

March 28, 2017 at 12:01 am
I thought the same…Eric going with her to the stadium like Jack went with Heller.

Actually the stadium hostage exchange scene reminds me of Max Payne 3! Hopefully all shit goes wrong. Yes I’m a trigger-happy person.

Didn’t they just do this a couple of episodes ago with Eric and his wife/brother? So yet another hostage situation… hopefully it’s just a distraction and Naseri is planning something more interesting

Let’s hope Tony Almeida is going to save Rebecca Ingram and Senator Donovan at the same time. Glad to see the somewhat good side of Almeida after all the good and bad things he went through in Season 7.

I will give a speech in the next episode!

I’m a big guy…for you.

I will give you that now this episode is the 24 I am taking about if it keeps going this way we defantly will see more hopefully

Next week’s episode will probably just Tony picking up his phone right before the episode ends with Keith saying they need his help :)

LMAO!!! It’s so funny because it’s probably not even far from the truth. Ever since Tony returned he’s be utilized sparsely at best and relegated to the background while the uninteresting new characters take up all the screen time. Tony’s character has been completely shat on. He should have been taking charge as a main character–instead, they gave him an insulting background side role.

Funny thing is, this actually happened once before: Day 7, Episode 14.

I watched Tony’s scenes from his first episode, but gave up when he didn’t get much to do. Might watch again later if he ever gets to do anything interesting. But it’s surprising how little they’ve given him to to so far.

So Episode 10 will have him pick up the phone, Episode 11 will have him driving on the road, and Episode 12 will have him clean up the mess and have him tell a random person how he got out of jail.

LOL!!! That’s funny! Can we hope for an after commercial split screen appearance from him asking for instructions at a gas station or something?

Who knows–maybe we’ll have a deleted scene where he’s buying a Big Gulp from 7-11. Imagine the possibilities for the 24 Legacy DVD special features!

Anyone think Bin-Khalid sr. isn’t actually dead?

The line last episode with Naseri saying “I’m not the one to tell you this, you’ll find out soon”

I was thinking this…just like in Season 1 with Dennis Hopper

Yeah, I though about the same… posted yesterday on episode 9 link.

There are several similarities between Drazen’s operation and Bin-Khalid’s. The main character of correspondent season was in those operations. The purpose of those operation was to take down a person, Victor Drazen in Day1, Ibrahim Bin Khalid in Legacy.

I think Ibraham is still alive and Jadalla probably don’t yet know.

Tony will save the day trust me
All I want is redemption to push forward a season with jack tony Chloe

Is it too much to hope for more than 2 minutes of Tony? And some actual backstory and development?!

Now you’re just talking crazy.

Bluetooth Group
March 28, 2017 at 7:47 pm
next week we will see Tony in the hardware store with creepy music in the background as he………………………………… buys batteries for his flashlight. then we cut back to Tony at the end of the episode as he usses the flashlight to find his car keys

Do tell more! I’m on the edge of my seat here! Does he find his keys or do they leave it on a cliffhanger note?

Bluetooth Group
March 28, 2017 at 8:07 pm
in all seriousness. IMO This is how I see the Tony story come to a close. Donavan is rescued by Eric, Ingram is taken by Naseri. Once Tony gets wind from CTU about Rebecca he puts together a rescue mission with his people. He rescues Rebecca and stops an attack and kill Naseri in the finale but by so doing he has to sacrifice himself and he dies as well. Then he is redeemed at last.His last words are ” I’m coming home Michelle”

I was with you until those final two sentences. It would be a complete waste to kill Tony off in a season where he had no significance until the finale and where he’s surrounded by characters who don’t even know him. That would be awful tbh.

If and when Tony dies, it should be in a season with Jack.


He did say in Solitary – “if I could do one thing….maybe Michelle will love me again” (or something like that)

I just hope the writers aren’t writing him out prematurely to do this ‘one thing’

Agreed. He and Jack NEED to reconcile before Tony’s death.

Bluetooth Group
March 29, 2017 at 12:06 pm
well if we want redemption for Tony that’s the only way I see the writers going with it. I think this season was a one off for Tony, just as Jack said LAD was for him. Only reason in my opinion they brought back Tony for Legacy was for redemption. It would be great for Tony and Jack to give one last bro hug, I just don’t see it happening.

Personally, I wish they’d just expunge all those murders from Tony’s character history by making some revelation that he was brainwashed by Emerson’s group or something. I don’t see why not–his heart was stopped for ten minutes. Brain damage could have easily ensued. I just can’t reconcile to this day that Tony would murder people in cold blood like that no matter HOW aggrieved he was by Michelle’s murder. It doesn’t gel with the Tony before or even AFTER Season 7. It’s simply not the same character.

Just LOOK at Tony in Solitary and Legacy: he does NOT act like a man who once blew up a building full of FBI agents or tried to set off a chemical agent on a subway. Simply doesn’t jive.

I have a feeling that Ingram might have some special relationship with Naseri.

I predict that in the very end, Nicole will force Eric to make a choice between CTU and her. HIs decision will depend on whether the show is renewed. If there is a season 2, it can be Eric and Tony teaming up to rescue Jack.

I predict Tony doesn’t die. Tony’s a 24 Legacy character. And Tony already died on 24.

I don’t think Tony will die. Carlos said he wouldn’t revive his character only to be shot and killed. Whether this series is revived or not, I think the ending will be somewhat of a cliffhanger. Tony intercepts a Russian police frequency or something and then the last line of the season/series will be “Jack Bauer has just escaped from Russia.”

Bluetooth Group
March 29, 2017 at 4:17 pm
Then we find out that Jack will be played by Kevin Sorbo next season. hahahahaha