24: Legacy Episode 9 Discussion
24: Legacy Episode 9 Discussion

What did you think of 24: Legacy Episode 9?

The ninth episode of 24: Legacy was written by Nikki Toscano and Zakiyyah Alexander and directed by Bronwen Hughes.

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Thoughts on 24: Legacy Episode 9?

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This episode was much better than last week! Still disappointed in the treatment of Tony, but I am hoping he will dominate the rest of the season.

And that promo looked absolutely crazy I’m a very good way! Color me excited!

They are setting Tony up to dominate the final hours…

Wow this was a thrilling episode! I’m curious how long Naseri has been plotting this since he obvious has the info on Jennifer and her affair with Steven. But he had no way of knowing Jadalla would be taken to CTU so maybe he had a bunch of contingency plans? This episode was very suspenseful to be sure and I was at the edge of my seat the whole time. Really wonder what Naseri’s endgame is here if he’s still going to launch the attacks Bin Khalid had planned.

I say it now and I’ll say it again: Hopefully this show gets a second season to redeem itself. These last few episodes have been really awesome.

Overall this has been better than Season 7. Also I didn’t personally find Season 1 thrilling until almost halfway.

Season 7 had the most ridiculous plots with Tony turning evil and Kim threatened again at the end. I also like this better than most of Season 8. Yes Renee Wallker was introduced but her relationship with Jack doesn’t even make sense. That’s what I never got plot wise. Jack only meets REnee for the first time in Season 7, then he needs to get treatment for the disease and he doesn’t even see her again until Season 8. All we know is that he tried to call her and she didn’t answer. He was not in a relationship with her, never even been on a date with her and they didn’t even really count as friends. Yet Jack was willing to throw away everything in his vengeance for her…..So seasons 7 and 8 had the worst plots.

I was so utterly hyped for Season 7, and even till episode 18 I believed it could be up there with the greatest seasons (1/5) – but the final 6 lay waste to all that and it ended up being one of my least favourites.

I went into Legacy expecting it to be a total bag of shite… it wasn’t, I quite liked it and now I’m starting to love it. Strange how things work out.

I hate the final 6 hours of S8, that’s not the Jack we know.

Yes, and that is precisely the ****ing point.

It’s like beating a dead horse to try and explain why season eight was so brilliant, but I find at least a bit of comfort in the fact that I know you appreciate it too.

Season 7 had one of the best moments of ’24’ and one of the worst. The middle 2 episodes of season 7 where the terrorists break into the Whitehouse and Bill Buchanan sacrifices his life was very intense and thrilling. But later in the season when Tony kills the FBI agents, I felt that ’24’ hit a new low. Tony would have never done that. Even though he wasn’t the same guy as in earlier seasons, it was too out of character for him to kill innocent people like that. The scene when he kills the main FBI agent (can’t recall his name) really bothered me.

Larry Moss. It seems when the writers run out ideas, they just let the main chracter turn bad, They did that to Tony in s7, and later Jack in s8.

Yes there’s no going back for Tony after he killed Larry Moss and the other FBI agents. Its not like Jack who killed people who were responsible for Renee’s death. Though I still maintain its strange its not Teri, or President Palmer, old Tony, Michelle or Buchanan’s deaths that pushed Jack over the edge but Renee whom he has known for two days.

The White House siege wasn’t as good honestly as the CTU siege in Season 6 or the airport crisis in Season 5. Especially compared to Olympus Has Fallen :)

Jack killed Novacovich’s bodyguards, who were not responsible for Renee’s death.

Otherwise the bodyguards would have killed Jack. That is their job. If you work for a criminal, your life is in danger

The bodyguards are just serving their duty, they don’t deserve to be killed like this. Ande it’s never made clear if the bodyguards are aware of Novacovich’s wrong-doing.

And that’s why i hate it!

And it looks like Naseri is going to be the main villain for the last arc of the season. I don’t think there are enough episodes left to focus on the Alan Wilson group again though there’s definitely still unanswered questions about Henry unless it really is as simple as he explained it to John early on.

Nicole is definitely in a rough place, with Eric trying to join CTU and Isaac involved in the gang lifestyle. So she’s hurt that Eric didn’t tell her about wanting to join CTU but Isaac is still a dangerous criminal. I wonder if we’ve seen the last of Ayeesha. Especially with some of Isaac’s men dead at the terrorist compound Ayeesha may try to take advantage of the situation again.

Justin Urciuoli
March 27, 2017 at 9:07 pm
Tonight was such a classic episode of 24! Loving 24 Legacy. Very intense tonight! My heart was pounding. Edge of my seat all episode. Lots of action! Great writing. 24 Legacy keeps getting better each episode! A lot of twists and turns :)!

Hoping with these last 4 episodes ratings rise! Also still hopeful Fox will renew 24 Legacy for a second season based on how awesome creatively the show is! The CTU lockdown for tonight’s episode was fresh with the twist and turns.

Tonight had action, edge of your seat viewing, was intense, was heart pounding, twists and turns and a great cliffhanger. All amazing parts of classic 24! The next 3 episodes will be amazing!

If they can have Carter and Jack Bauer together with Tony that would be a great new team, though they still have to explain away how Tony can be “good” again after all the evil things he did in Season 7. Season 7 was my least favorite season primarily because of what they did to Tony’s character.

I’ve read a lot of discussion on here about plot holes in Tony’s storyline.

Maybe the writers in this series aren’t treating Solitary as canon. Maybe Tony got out of prison early and had a relationship with Ingram then.

According to interviews Carlos Bernard said the last few episodes will explain who broke Tony out of prison and why.

Been a critic… Haven’t enjoyed 24: Legacy that much. Without Jack it’s been hard, but the last 3 episodes (including tonight) have been incredible. I apologize to all fans. This episode was awesome!! Thank you 24!

Things looking up with Tony Almeida being put back in action on 24 Legacy next week!

To be honest, I’ve found Legacy to be good for the most part, but now it’s finally becoming rather great.

Definitely needs to go back to the 24 hour format though, even if they have to split it across 2 years filming.

I can’t tell if the issues with the writing are because they’re burnt out or if *any* show in “real time” would have the same issues.

I definitely think it would benefit from going up to 16 episodes instead, though.

Did anyone catch the Teradyne (sp?) reference?! Not sure how I remembered this, I guess I really am a 24 nerd, but this was the corporation that owned Omicron International, which produced the Santos nerve gas used in Season 5 and of which Christopher Henderson was Vice President.

It likely won’t lead to any major revelation of some sort of connection but is just an Easter egg (like the Starkwood reference a few episodes ago)

Nice catch!

Hmmmmm I thought Omicron was a stand-alone company and not a subsidiary. Will have to look into that again. I wonder if they’ll mention BXJ Technologies or McLennan-Forster or Warner Companies.

Yup, I had it wrong. This is from Season 5 Episode 9:

CHLOE: Decryption element kicked out a company called Terra-Dyne Over the past three years they’ve acquired more than a hundred pounds of raw strontium isotope used to create Sentox nerve gas.

JACK: Where do I find Terra-Dyne?

CHLOE: La Canada. It’s a subsidiary of a larger corporation called Omicron International.

And then from tonight:

MARIANA: The house is leased to a woman named Jennifer Marshall. 34, unmarried. Works for a Zurich based software company called Teradyne.

Two different spellings, two different companies. Nothing to see here.

On Chloe’s computer screen the spelling is seen as “Terra-Dyne,” whereas on the van tonight it was “Teradyne.”

That’s Sentox, not Santos. Damn you Android auto correct.

Yup that looked familiar to me too – good spotting!

Loved this episode…excitement level is building like classic 24. Eric Carter is absolutely fearless and is a worthy candidate to take the place of Jack Bauer. (But Jack is still the best and can never be fully replaced.) Carter is all gungho frontal attack – he needs to learn to be more calculating like Jack. Jack was always out thinking the terrorist trying to guess their next move.

Again the writers revisit a familiar situation (ie. attack on CTU headquarters) but they do it with a new twist. Instead of attacking CTU to put it out of commission, it is just a grab and go operation although they got an extra prize they were not expecting.

The lousy characters we have been complaining about are getting better now that they have been put into high stress situations. I am growing to like Andy and Tom and even Keith is beginning to show some promise. (It is hard for any head of CTU to live up to the high standard set by Bill Buchanan.) It was nice to see Rebecca us a gun. Still expecting a mole to be revealed.

I have to say, I did like the way they did the CTU break in. Short and sweet. Not how I imagined it, and even though it looked like it in the preview, it didn’t come off as stale to me at all.

Yes I thought it was going to be a repeat of Season 6 when Cheng takes over.

Makes me think it shouldn’t have even been in the preview! It was an end of episode surprise, not the whole episode.

Is it too much to ask to get one mention of Jack Bauer?

I thought about same thing watching this episode when Tony was talking to Rebecca about John.

What an action packed hour and by far the best if not one of the best in the series. The whole episode had it all – a poor woman survives for not getting blown up, Nilaa reappears, brotherly talk between Eric and Isaac, a CTU guard making a very hard decision, headquarters in LOCKDOWN, Jadallah and Naseri in a heated war of words and Senator Donovan gets kidnapped. What’s going to happen in the last three episodes?

When people on here say this, do they mean 24 as a whole or just Legacy? If 24 as a whole, then dream on. If Legacy, there’s only been 9 episodes so yeah…

Wouldn’t rule out yet if Legacy is one and done and with the series heading towards the end, Eric Carter would and should become a CTU agent and hoping for a Jack Bauer cameo. If Bauer doesn’t appear say like in the finale then Fox should make a decision on whether it’s getting renewed or cancelled.

Also, lol at the picture Eric takes on his phone looking nothing like the picture that gets sent to CTU.

And since when do Galaxies say “1 missed message” for every text? It should have just said “Rebecca Ingram, 3 messages.” Details, guys, details.

This Naseri dude is shaping up to be a badass villain especially since he is being portrayed by Oded Fehr. He’s after something because I doubt he gives a shit about Jadalla enough to break him out. He is mysterious because (as of now) he doesn’t seem like the typical 24 terrorist where he only wants to kill millions of people. And when he was talking to Jadalla, he said it’s not HIS place to say. Sounds like there is someone else above him or he’s undercover or something. Mayb he’s like Assad from season 6 who did terrible things in his past, but then changed sides. Something fishy about him.

With Isaac and Nicole back at the house, watch it play out how it did in season 1 with Parslow and Teri lol. An assassin breaks into the house to kill them. Isaac gets shot again and just when he’s trying to kill Nicole, Tony comes in and saves them. Sound familiar? Probably won’t happen, but I won’t be surprised.

First episode ever to have women in both the writing and directing credits. Truly historic.

As good as this episode was, some of the writing was pure shit. So we had a random security guard play a crucial role in this episode. This security guard had a wife and a mistress, and Naseri kid napped the MISTRESS over the wife in order to control the dude? LMFAO!!

I thought the writing was really sloppy in this episode to the point where nothing felt believable. And that’s pretty much my number one complaint with every episode this season. (That and the characters being weak, but the two kind of go hand in hand.)

– First off, how does all this crap happen within literally the first five minutes? Locke and Andy (who is barely even limping despite an enormous knife having been shoved into his thigh) are back at CTU already. Jadalla was transported back to CTU, booked into a holding room, and hooked up to all their monitoring crap. And Naseri somehow found out exactly which random CTU security guard to target, sent someone to capture the guards mistress, rigged her with explosives, set up a webcam all in five minutes. They’re not even trying to pretend this takes place in real time anymore.

– Speaking of Naseri, I’m disappointed that he’s just a bodyguard for Jadalla and not the actual big bad. Oded Fehr is an amazing actor and the Naseri character seems much cooler than Jadalla, dunno why they’re making him play second fiddle to that twerp.

– Basically this whole attack happened because some CTU security guard didn’t want his wife to find out he had a side chick? That’s some pretty crappy leverage. He could’ve just let his mistress explode and his wife would’ve never found out about his adultery. Instead he commits treason (life sentence) and assists in freeing a terrorist. At least if it was his wife and kids being held hostage it’d be more believable.

– The entire bomb defusal plot was weak. Eric says 20 minutes is too long for the bomb techs to arrive, but then it takes like at least 20+ minutes for Mariana just to hack the webcam feed and loop it. Eric immediately asks the girl who’s threatening/leveraging her (a smart thing) but never follows up when she doesn’t answer (a dumb thing). This entire thing could’ve been avoided if Eric actually got an answer from her.

– Tony had just barely over one minute of screen time, what a waste so far :(

– I liked the scene where Nicole found the letter Rebecca wrote to Eric, some nice acting by Anna Diop there. I’m coming around on Isaac too. I disliked the character initially but he’s become quite interesting these last three or so episodes.

Overall kind of the same problems as the other episodes, it was a retread of a previous 24 storyline only not done as effectively as in the past. CTU being attacked has been done several times before and this was probably the worst of all – there was barely any tension, nobody important died, the only characters that were really even put in danger were Rebecca and John (for two seconds), and it seems like this attack will have no lasting effects (the bomb in S2, nerve gas in S5, EMP in S8 all crippled CTU for at least a short time which was an interesting storyline angle).

Glad others enjoyed the episode at least. I’m hoping the final three episodes grab me more.

Justin Urciuoli
March 28, 2017 at 2:54 am
Actually the episode was really super awesome and it’s the best season of any 24 ever!

best season of 24 ever??? heck no justin.

You’re kidding me right? This is not the best season of 24 ever. That’s actually insulting!


Justin lad, I enjoy Legacy but if you think it’s “the best ever” then you’re objectively wrong, opinions don’t even come into it.

I’m convinced–Justin is some sort of 24 Legacy advertisement robot that FOX put together. They programmed it to spam the ads for it on IMDB when it was still open and now to flog the hell out of it here and on facebook. The Justin Foxbot is on a rampage.

On your 2nd point ,Naseri isn’t just a bodyguard. He was Bin Khalid top operative. This is why he and Jadalla have the discussion in the van. Jadalla ask him why he lied to him and didn’t told him told him he was one of his father lieutenant. To which Naseri reply that it’s not his place to say and that Jadalla will know the truth soon enough.

So clearly there is someone else at the top pulling the strings. But Naseri is much more skilled and effective than a regular bodyguard or hired gun. He may not be the ultimate man in command but it look like he is or was some sort of top intelligence officer in the past. Dude has elite skills and training

There should have been a time jump between E8 and E9.

The hostage plan was actually started before this hour, since Naseri made that phone call to the house sometime in the last episode. It’s 24 land so of course logic is hazy, but I assumed Naseri, being more on top of shit than Jadalla, figured out way ahead of time who would both have access at CTU and be easy to coerce in case they needed somebody on the inside.

Still shaky but I don’t think they were trying to imply that he arranged all this in literally ten minutes since the end of last episode.

I just went back and re-watched Naseri’s introduction and you’re right. He first shows up at the 45 minute mark last episode and is hanging up from a phone call (presumably to the lady in this episode). So instead of 5-6 minutes they would’ve had 20 minutes or so to arrange all this stuff.

That makes it a tiny bit better, but still kind of silly. Seems like it would’ve been far easier for Naseri to protect Jadalla and ensure that he was never captured in the first place.

Sadly, the only effect the real time has on Legacy is the clocks at either end of the episode chunks. I’m rewatching the series from the beginning, and during Kiefer’s introduction of Day 1, he says something like “Now, something as simple as a car ride or a long red light becomes a crucial moment of the story”. They really used the real time in Day 1. In Legacy, it seems they are ignoring it entirely.

24Spoilers, thanks for saying what I just felt watching the episode.

The security guard thing was really bad.
– The security guard is a CTU security god, isn’t it? In the middle of the night some van for maintenance, in the same day terrorists are in the same city came to CTU, just enters in CTU with a minor clearance from a security officer?
This thing had probably happened in similar way with past seasons, but for a van to enter in CTU, specially in those condition, would have to be more difficult. A lot of guards, checking the car, making everyone out, they would need to take pictures from everyone, checking everyone’s ID’s, so on…

– Not only Naseri had done everything very fast (armed the girl with explosives, contacted the right security guard, presumably with Naseri knowing a priori CTU would captured Jadalla) CTU and Carter figured out very fast who Nasiri had contacted. But then they took so long to figure it out the connection between the girl to be exploded and the security guard. She had contacted the security guard in the past, I presume. They were bizarrely very fast in a way and very slow in the following moment.

– CTU invasion was the worst, nothing great happened there. And I have being saying here that I’m feeling Legacy episodes are low-budget and those action scenes in CTU looked like “bad-cutted”. The cuts between scenes were done abruptly; not soft and nice and cared.

– Donavan being kidnapped was ridiculous, serious. He was just right there. “He is John Donavan, take him”. Come on, writers… give us something better than this.

Naseri worked for Jadalla’s father, he doesnt work for Jadalla so that’s why he really didn’t know Naseri was his real name. And I think Naseri IS the main villain. He’s not turning good like Assad…..I mean he strapped the bomb to Jennifer and attacked CTU killing several people.

When Rebecca showed Jadalla the picture of Naseri during his interrogation he said “This man is a fighter I recruited. His name is Ahmed.” So technically he is working for Jadalla at the moment, even though Jadalla doesn’t know his true identity.

That is what I meant when I said Naseri is not the main villain. He’s taking orders from someone else, he’s not at the top of the food chain.

It looks that way (Nasiri is the not big villain) too when Jadalla was asking why Nasiri didn’t tell him he was his father lieutenant and Nasiri said it isn’t his place to tell.

In day 1, Victor Drazen was supposed to be dead in a operation that has Jack Bauer in it. Who thinks that Ibrahim Bin-Khalid (Jadalla’s father) is alive?

Hundred percent agree, 24 Spoilers. It was’t awesome but good.

That’s bitch was so stupid for pulling the bomb off her for the last few seconds. Nevertheless a good episode.

I can’t say I feel any different as far as this episode goes. About this season how Naseri escaped from the compound was pretty stupid. When a police car literally right behind him as he gets away…..? Now we have a random CTU officer’s gf being held hostage by the terrorists. Where she’s strapped to a bomb…….😣 This spin off is a dud carrying out the actions of what the original characters would be doing. It really is ridiculous tbh.

Cool to see Elena Satine pop up as Not Mandy – another Twin Peaks 2017 actor along with Bailey Chase and James Morrison.

I remember Someone mentioned before that Rebecca could be the mole. So does anyone get the feeling that Rebecca is somehow connected to Naseri and she lures John to CTU to get him abducted on purpose?

Why did they even bring back Tony ?
He has barely had any screen time !
Let me get this straight , Tony was broken out of prison to do enhanced interrogation ?
Was hoping he would have a crucial role in the story line and with Carter .
Weak , weak , weak !!!

Not as weak as Jack coming back in LAD because attacks are happening.

I don’t agree. Jack came back to save President Heller, because he was the American president. He could sometimes be wrong-headed, but he was extremely loyal to person and country. One of his best qualities.

Actually they are slowly bringing Tony in and according to the preview, it looks like Tony will be the one assisting Carter in these finals couple of episodes…

Maybe the motive are not that good, but the way they did the first LAD episodes made everything looks beliavable.

Those action scenes in CTU looks like a 24 fan fic episode, filmed with a minor camera and 24 fans, not professional actors.

Why Legacy is light-years worst than LAD, which is not even 24 strongest season?

By CTU action scenes, I was mentioning Legacy episode 9 CTU invastion.

I’d say my favorite CTU action sequence would be the Heller rescue in Season 4. Then the shootout at the Stevens Saunders exchange and the shootout at the Gaines compound, then attacking Margot’s building in LAD.

Hi folks,

Please check out my review of last night’s episode.


Bluetooth Group
March 29, 2017 at 12:52 pm
episode was good not great as far as entertainment value. but yes many flaws from a writing and storyline perspective. Not to mention Mr Almeida has yet to play a significant role

I’m skipping this episode entirely. I heard that Tony only appears for 60 seconds…could anyone describe his scene to me, please? I don’t want to watch this turd just for that one scene and it’s a nightmare trying to watch these episodes on FOX’s site.


Rebecca was basically saddened by her husband hating her for what she did to his father. Tony kinda consoled her (with that other girl watching) and said they’ll never understand the work “we” do (he’s a good guy again all of a sudden of course) they live in a different world. Then said were leaving it’ll be like we were never here.


Wow…how anti-climactic.

Again, I don’t mind Tony being good old Tony again, redeemed–any of that….if they bothered to EXPLAIN it all. Would it kill them to have Tony take a minute or two to describe his stay in solitary and how it “made him realize how wrong his actions were” and how “never a day goes by where I don’t think about all the lives I’ve cost”…something as simple as that. But, nothing.

Yeah all they needed was a quick one minute backstory/explanation and most people would be happy.

Tony’s death/revival explanation in season 7 was goofy as hell imo, but the writers addressed it quickly and got it out of the way, and all of us fans accepted it because we wanted Tony back. Should’ve done the same here.

Bluetooth Group
March 29, 2017 at 4:26 pm
Except the writers painted themselves into a corner by the way season 7 ended as it was all about the Tony revenge tour, and how the whole Solitary apology was a ruse to get the magic glasses, and now hes a torturer for hire. He’s not sorry one bit, and can only be redeemed by the ultimate sacrafice.

We don’t know that what he said about wanting to earn Michelle’s love again was a lie. It’s not within Tony’s character (even his bastardized Season 7 iteration) to take Michelle’s name in vein. I’m inclined to believe that, ruse or no, what he said about wanting to earn Michelle’s love again was the truth.

Loved the original 24 series. Looked forward to this new series. Terribly disappointed. Not very creative or innovative. Terrorists have committed 3 kidnappings already to get what they want. Really! And a bunch of drug dealers rescue Eric. Too funny. Action is good. I like Eric, but overall, probably my last season of watching this series for me.