24: Legacy Episode 6 Promo

Here’s the action-packed promo for 24: Legacy episode 6 – airing at next Monday at 8/7c on FOX. Carter is angry and hunting down the bad guys, and Amira seems to be carrying out a potential attack.

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Can I say just how much I love the use of split-boxes by editor John Smith? He’s new this year (and a long-time collaborator of director Stephen Hopkins), and his choices with how they cut together, are really unconventional. Makes it look fresh

Don’t mess with Eric Carter after losing his “friend” in Ben Grimes and wonder if Amira is going to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Is this episode gonna finally feature the raid on Jadalla’s mansion? Seeing as footage of it appeared in promos for the pilot, episode 4, and episode 5, and then never materialised in the episodes…

I think this is where Tony comes in at the end of this episode .
I went back and watched season 7 , to refresh my memory with Tony’s story .
I forgot to what extent he went crazy !
Tony in season 7 became an absolute terrorist and murderer , all for avenging his wife’s death .
Tony not only went rogue but a total nutcase and traitor .
After watching season 7 there is no possible way that they can redeem his character even if he helps save lives.
He killed innocent civilians , killed federal agents , betrayed Chloe, Bill , and Jack , and was ready to kill Jack!
But it will be interesting to see if the government will pardon his past crimes if he helps CTU .

March 1, 2017 at 4:38 pm
Which civilians did Tony kill?

Not sure he did kill innocent civilians. He nearly did.

He strangled Larry Moss, then assisted his partner in blowing up an entire building of FBI agents (only to kill said partner with a shower curtain shortly afterwards), then attempted to release the bioweapon on a crowded subway which would’ve killed thousands.

And it actually detonated too if I remember correctly, so it’s not like it was just a bluff. The only thing that prevented tons of civilian deaths was the kid running it out of the subway and Jack throwing it into an enclosed van last second. Tony also planned to use Jack as a bomb to blow up Wilson. Probably more things I’m forgetting…

i wasn’t a fan of that arc. The writers made Tony evil then tried to justify his actions with the last-second “revenge for Michelle and unborn son” angle. I can see why some feel Tony’s character is beyond redemption. Me personally, I just try to forget that stuff happened. I hope it’s swept under the rug when Tony returns.

And Jack helped domestic terrorists blow up C.T.U in season two. Plus, he planned to assassinate the Russian head of state on foreign soil which would have sparked a global conflict.

Jack never went as far as Tony, who always let his emotions get the better of him. Remember when he tried to rescue Michelle from Saunders at the possible expense of millions of lives?

I’m not saying Tony’s actions were justified. They weren’t. But it’s patently absurd to call him ‘evil’. He never was. He’s a deeply complicated and conflicted individual who, like Jack, might be irreparably damaged as a result of what they have lost.

Both Jack and Tony have been leading mirroring journeys since at least the third season. That’s what make them more interesting.

Jack is certainly no saint either, he’s done a bunch of indefensible things. But in those two examples, he was undercover at that time and attempted to warn CTU of the imminent attack. And the Russian thing was bad, but that was in a fit of rage immediately after he lost someone close to him. He wasn’t thinking clearly at the time and ultimately decided against it.

The big difference for me is that Tony planned out some really elaborate scheme over a number of years. It wasn’t some illogical hotheaded ‘in-the-moment’ type thing. He planned to sacrifice thousands of innocent lives just to get revenge on someone, which is not really much different than any of the terrorists on this show. Abu Fayed wanted revenge for his dead brother, Margot Al-Harazi wanted revenge for her dead husband, etc etc. So I feel like the “evil” descriptor fits in this particular scenario.

And just to be clear I love Tony (and am hyped for his return) and loved Season 7 overall – just wasn’t a fan of that final arc.

You forgot one: he shot two FBI agents to death in cold blood. Zero remorse on his face.

Pretty sure Tony never actually killed civilians.

Also, do you think Jack is unforgivable for nearly assassinating the Russian head of state on foreign soil and causing a third world war that would have caused the death of untold innocent lives?

People forget that, not only did Jack slaughter all those Russians (some in quite heinous ways) but he even killed several of the Russian bodyguards in the parking garage. Now, some people defend those by stating: “We don’t know if the bodyguards were good or bad” and, while that’s true, how would JACK know if those bodyguards were good or bad? They were just men doing their job and Jack gunned two or three of them down in cold blood.

While Jack’s actions in Season 8 aren’t remotely as bad as Tony’s Jack DID slaughter people and some of them were potentially just innocent men doing their job.

It was despicable what they did to Tony’s character in Season 7. They completely ruined him. HOW did they think THIS is what people wanted?

And I hate the way he was depicted: as soon as he was “revealed” to be evil all along, his character morphed into that one-dimensional 24 villain personality that Nina, Mandy, Saunders, etc all possessed. He was no longer Tony at that point.

That “I did it to avenge Michelle” bit just didn’t do it for me. He smothered Larry and SHOT two FBI agents to death in cold blood. He killed more by blowing a building up. He allowed a bio-weapon onto a subway, not caring at all for the consequences and he never showed a TINGE of remorse while doing ANY of it.

I don’t know WHAT the creators were thinking but they truly $hat the bed with that one.

Funny enough, he felt like the real Tony again in 24: Solitary but their explanation still felt weak: Tony: “My desire for revenge….CONSUMED me…” ya think?! Really? That’s it?

I want Tony to be redeemed in this new season but I’m unsure if they can. They would have to show him breaking down in tears over remorse (like they did with Jack when he confessed to killing the Russions to Audrey in LAD) and have him outright sacrifice himself to stop the threat. I can’t think of any other way to redeem him. Oh–and saving Jack from Russia. That would go a long way toward redeeming him. There WILL be a 12 hour time jump this season afterall…

I think you have missed the point entirely.

In the pilot, Jack has a conversation with Nina about compromise. He warns against its corruptive influence, arguing that a single moment of compromise can set a dangerous precedent that makes it easier to compromise in the future until it becomes an acceptable mode of conduct.

This is the thematic idea that unifies the series. Jack reiterates it again when he last speaks to Renee at the end of season 7: “It always starts off with a small step and before you know it you’re running as fast as you can in the wrong direction just to justify why you started in the first place”. Which telegraphs his own fall from grace at the end of season 8.

My point is, Tony was one of many characters in the series who compromised and then continued to compromise to achieve a selfish and/or expedient outcome. What Tony did was unforgivable. But thay is what makes him interesting as a mirror to Jack. This is what makes him the second most important character in the mythos of the show.

It was a master stroke.

Sorry for the double post.

I think you’re viewing Tony too much as a living person rather than a fictional character who is designed to facilitate the communication of ideas and themes from writer to audience. You need to disconnect from the show a bit more, I think, and stop looking at it as a secondary world.

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