Carlos Bernard as Tony Almeida in 24: Legacy Episode 7
24: LEGACY: Guest star Carlos Bernard in the new Ò6:00 PM-7:00 PMÓ episode of 24: LEGACY airing Monday, March 13 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D'Alema/FOX

24: Legacy Episode 7 Photos (with Tony Almeida)

Here’s a batch of photos from 24: Legacy Episode 7 airing Monday March 13th on FOX – including the guy that everyone’s been waiting for, Carlos Bernard as Tony Almeida!


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Tony! Rescue us from this terrible season! We need you!

The ratings are about to flare up. SEVERAL 24 fans have taken my same position of not watching 24 Legacy until Tony shows up. that’s how much we love the characters of this series and wish for their closure. They’ll learn very fast just how much this show is actually about the CHARACTERS and not the stupid “”real time”” format.

I love the characters this season. 24 IMO is special due to the real time format

In my fifteen years as a 24 fan, you’re the first and only person I’ve ever seen make such a statement.

SEVERAL 24 fans have taken my same position of not watching 24 Legacy until Tony shows up.


Awesome! It’s like a little protest! When they see the ratings increase upon Tony’s return they’ll realize how vital the Old Guard is…question is whether or not they’ll DO something about it, though.

This season has been awesome! Not Terrible

More power to you if you enjoy it. Some enjoy it–many don’t.

This season so far is better than LAD and Day 6 imo.

Not one of the classics, but by no means bad… in fact quite enjoyable.

The return of Tony Almeida should save 24: Legacy.

Not so sure about “saving” it. It will actually save the future of 24 and hopefully convince the creators to drop this Carter character, bring Jack back and CLOSE Jack and Tony’s arcs for good.

The ratings are actually good when you factor in DVR +7 ratings. Episode 1 had 21.5 million, episode 2 9.1 million viewers and episode 3 a 2.0 in the 18-49 demo
Up from a 1.2 and 7.9 million viewers

For a season attempting to “reinvent” the show and upsell a new lead, those ratings aren’t so great. If anything, they demonstrate a lack of enthusiasm for this new direction.

24 used to be a ratings breaker. These numbers are abysmal for 24 standards.

Justin Urciuoli
March 5, 2017 at 11:58 am
For Fox I think those ratings are decent by Fox standards. 24 Legacy is in the top 16 on DVR +7 ratings

The second episode ranked 16th on total DVR views added. But in overall viewers (live ratings combined with DVR), it’s not in the top 25.

Correction, it ranked 16th in DVR viewers added in the demo. How the 2.0 ranked overall is unknown.

Justin Urciuoli
March 5, 2017 at 12:10 pm
People are slowly embracing the new 24 and will take time. Season 1 of 24 in 2001 was renewed due to the success of the show in England. I hear from fans on FB, twitter etc that they are enjoying 24 Legacy in England

When was that? Original 24 ratings were never that great. They were top 25 but always go rolled by Lost, Two and Half Men, and others

*Got rolled*

Episode 3 had fewer than 7.47 million viewers for live+7. The total viewers is unknown because it didn’t make the top 25 in total viewers added. A 2.0 in the demo for live+7 (when even Heroes Reborn did better for it’s third episode) is not that great, and it will drop.

Justin Urciuoli
March 5, 2017 at 12:01 pm
Actually it had 7.9 million viewers. Not 7.47 million viewers. And for Episode 3 going from a 1.2-2.0 that is very good. Episode 4 and 5 should rise from a 1.0-1.8 or 1.9 which is a significant rise. And good ratings by Fox standards. That should equal in the 6 million viewer range. And again these ratings are only DVR and on demand. Ratings for online viewership are not taken into account with these numbers. So ratings might be even higher. And like i have stated before Fox does not really count live same day ratings anymore internally or to the press. They measure live + 3, Live +7 ratings, on demand, and online as well as other platforms they have deals with such as Hulu etc. They have make their advertising deals on C+7 ratings.

Episode 3 of Legacy did not get 7.9 million viewers on live+7. The episode had 5.142 million live viewers, and would have needed 2.758 million on DVR to reach 7.9 million. 24 Legacy did not make the list of top 25 on DVR viewers, and the 25th ranked show had 2.336 million on DVR. 2.335 is the highest it could have achieved). So the best it could have done is 7.477 million viewers.

Live ratings:

live+7 ratings:

The third episode definitely did not get 7.9 million. The DVR numbers being added in are for episode 2, not 3:

Episode 3 live ratings: 5.1 million
Episode 2 DVD ratings: 2.8 million
Total= 7.9 million

The actual numbers are:
Episode 3 live ratings: 5.1 million
Episode 3 DVD ratings: 2.335 or fewer (totals are unknown)

to be honest the 24 legancy is bloody good stuff the number I thought it be be awful but its as good with even without jack and Chloe
not in it.

How many times are you going to beat the dead horse about DVR ratings? You must work for FOX or the advertising agency paid to promote the series given the way you champion every part of the show as great.

The show is a fraction of what the first series was – and not because of storylines or plots or ratings. Simply put, the acting of this current cast is poor with each character either being unbelievable (starting with Carter), boring (the plots around Amira and Nicole look like meaningless filler) or regurgitated from the original series (the whole CTU cast).

I gave it a try for the first 3 shows but it kept getting worse and more of a chore to even watch it on the DVR days later. I’ll tune in with hopes of seeing Tony shine for whatever limited time he’s given but the series is a lost cause IMO if Kiefer isn’t leading the way…….

Justin Urciuoli
March 5, 2017 at 12:06 pm
First of all that was 2001 when DVR was not big and nor was online streaming. Times have changed since 2001. And in 2001 the ratings for 24 started off a little low and picked up in seasons 2, 3 ,4 and 5. 24 Legacy ratings will go up for season 2 just like they did for 24 season 2. The storylines, plots are just as good as original and the acting from the current cast is fantastic. The show has the same producers as the original and they were always smart with their writing and who they casted on the show.

The problem is, if you watch with a closed mind and comparing it to the old show and not look at it as a new show which its meant to be a new show not compared to the original then you would enjoy it much more. Think of all the spinoffs of CSI, Law and Order, Chicago shows. All those spinoffs are not compared to their originals. They take place in the same universe, with different cast members, and sometimes crossover. They are expansions of their originals. Just like 24 Legacy is an expansion of the universe. No reboot or anything. And the current cast fits the storyline and current climate of the world and is very relevant and contemporary to today’s times. 24 is a very sturdy format and should live without Jack Bauer. The problem is people are too obsessed with Jack and are not willing to give new things a try.

If the show wasn’t meant to be compared to the original they wouldn’t have called it “24” and made such a big deal of having the original producers. They also wouldn’t have referenced an old character (Edgar Stiles) and brought back an original character (Tony Almeida) in a major role.

There’s nothing new in Legacy to treat it as a “new show.”

Agreed, it kind of feels like the 10th season of 24, with a rebooted cast and location (just like seasons 4, 7-9). But this time without Jack and Chloe.

That is exactly what it is, yes.

You nailed it. Legacy is essentially 24 Season 10 except without the single universally praised aspect of the show (Jack Bauer).

Even the location change isn’t fresh as season 7 was set in Washington, D.C. as well (and actually filmed on location for eight episodes).

Exactly. This is 24 Season 4 all over again:

-Rebooted cast of new faces

-New look to CTU

-Old guard character returning later in the season after new faces established

The differences, however, are:

-No Jack

-Season 4 was GREAT while this is NOT

-Season 4 had much better ratings

Justin Urciuoli
March 10, 2017 at 5:22 pm
24 Legacy is new and fresh with all new characters, new CTU, and a contemporary story line about Isis, sleeper cells and radicalizing Americans. Never been done before. There is no presidential assassination and this takes place in Virgina/Washington. There is also no torture like the original. Also all the new characters are way different. And there is no Jack, Chloe, Aaron, Mike, Charles, Palmers, Mandy etc. Only Tony Almeida. So yes I say this is a spinoff that takes place in the same universe. Even the spinoffs of Law and Order, CSI, Chicago Fire have crossovers with their original shows but are considered new and fresh.

I DID give this “new” thing a try (against my better reservations) and I hated it. HATED it. So, next week, I’ll give the OLD thing a try (Tony) because that’s what I want.

It’s hard for a drama series to “reinvent” like what Homeland did. The ratings for 24: Legacy have become bad news week after week and it may very well be one and done before the season or series ends depending on the show’s status.

Agreed – the original ’24’ had a long line of strong actors/actresses on it that gave punch to the plots each year, and ‘Homeland’ has done the same. ‘Legacy’ has actors in it that shined in other projects (Jimmy Smits seems like a shadow of the actor that starred in NYPD Blue).

Justin Urciuoli
March 5, 2017 at 12:08 pm
Fox will probably renew 24 Legacy for another season as Manny Coto said its very likely to be renewed and so did Howard Gordon. As well Fox does not care about live ratings. They consider DVR+7 ratings, online ratings, on demand, other platforms, if there is more story to tell, there relationship with producers, success in other countries etc.

They can renew it all they’d like–it doesn’t change the fact that MANY loyal 24 fans HATE this “different” direction they took and it doesn’t change the fact that these 24 creators have proven how little they actually care for their core fanbase. If they did, we would have received something better than this.

There’s the love of my life other than Jack Bauer! I will tune in just for you Tony!

How cool does Tony look there? No disrespect, Hawkins fwiw you’re doing a good job… but that’s what a charismatic leading man looks like.

Hell yeah!!

Though lot of 24 fans may not want to admit it, I’m just going to say it: at his best, Tony easily carries just as much screen presence as Jack, if not moreso. He steals every scene he’s in.

Just look at him in 24: Solitary: so much emotion in his face. Carlos Bernard’s acting sure has improved over the years.

Guessing that’s Henry in the car?

Yes, if you rewatch the opening of episode 5 he’s wearing that same trenchcoat. (or here’s a pic:

I’m Guessing Tony releases a nerve agent of some sort in the car to knock Henry out which would account for the mask he’s wearing in the other picture.

March 2, 2017 at 6:43 pm
Actually that is kinda worrying. Kinda weak and contrived if he comes back just to get Henry to admit he bought oil. Haha. Still, Carlos will do his best, as always.

Rebecca calls him in to interrogate him first though and maybe what he’s doing is part of that plan? Do things outside of CTU to get results like Jack used to?

and perhaps Tony’s escape was planned by a different group of rebels that support David Emerson? etc etc

What makes you think that rebels broke Tony out? If he’s being referred to as a “Special Agent” by Otto’s character and is being “mobilized” to help CTU, it would be more likely that the government broke Tony out for the purposes of off-the-book recruitment.

If anything, he’s likely more like Jack used to be: an off-the-books agent who agrees to help CTU. I highly doubt Tony is still associated with bad people like he was in season 7. They’re likely going for some form of redemption this time. Remember, he wants to be that man that Michelle used to love again, per his dialogue in 24 Legacy.


But why did the government make it look like he escaped from prison? That is…if he even escaped post-Solitary

Did he get set free or did he escape by a division of the government?

Oh so many questions….

My theory is that they were unable to obtain a pardon for him and chose to covertly break him out as a secondary measure. Plus, it’s a great way to hold a net over Tony’s head to ensure he doesn’t try pulling any tricks again.

With Jack out of the picture, they needed another agent willing to break the law to obtain information. Who better than an escaped convict?

That’s my theory, at least.

“What you’re doing will cost American lives”. Tony says that in a Legacy trailer and seems quite unhappy about the situation.

Remember–Tony betrayed Emerson, so it wasn’t his crew that broke him out. He also betrayed Alan Wilson, so that syndicate he was a part of has no reason to break him out either. So, unless Tony was a member of a third organization that neither of the other two knew about, it would have to be the government.

This is just the initial excuse to bring Tony into the fold. I’m guessing that they learn something big during the interrogation and it expands from there.

Also since you asked in the other thread regarding Henry’s wife..
this was the scene I was referring to when I said her character was in the episode 7 script. Tony (and another new character) were supposed to be interrogating her. So at this point it looks like the Margaret Donovan character was cut and replaced with Henry.

Nice…..Sidra must be the other one interogating Henry then

March 2, 2017 at 10:35 pm
Maybe they felt uncomfortable about Tony torturing a woman.

Tony doesn’t really torture people in his interrogations. Look at how they handled his interrogation with Dina. He shoved her against a wall, yes, but he let his words do the “torturing”. He’s not like Jack in his interrogations–he has his own way of extracting information from people.

I’m going all Star Wars and Han Solo here….

Fuck that! You can’t kill Tony in Legacy, he and Jack have either a score to settle or bridges to build when they inevitably bring him back.

Oh definitely wasn’t suggesting they kill Tony off!

Agree that there’s more stories to tell before this all ends

Yeah it would be a shame if Jack and Tony don’t get to be onscreen together again.

That would be a profound mistake. Their best bet is to drop Carter for the next season and replace him with Tony. If ANYONE could carry Jack’s torch it would be Tony.

Tony is basically a fill in for jack I mean it’s obvious. & hopefully tony has a bigger story then just interrogating we still don’t know what his other intentions are besides this interrogation.

I think it’s more of a hail mary by the show’s producers to spark the series ratings – though it’d revive some mild interest if Tony sticks with the show for the balance of the episodes left but I suspect he’s only in it for 2-3 shows before he disappears….

& I’ll believe it when I see it for the to ditch carter this lead is not working but I have yet to see them make such a move.

This Monday, as an experiment, they should “accidentally” run a rerun from Season 4 or 5 and see if the episode gets better ratings.

Justin Urciuoli
March 5, 2017 at 12:40 pm
Fox also considers ratings for 24 Legacy how it does on Hulu and Fox now. If the premiere added an additional 568 000 viewers from those platforms in addition to DVR and on demand, ratings for episodes 2 and 3 are a little bit higher than reported by Nielsen.

If Legacy’s premiere added only 568,000 online viewers, then those numbers almost certainly dropped for the other episodes. The show is underperforming 24 Live Another Day in live and DVR ratings, so it’s very likely underperforming it online as well. With all platforms combined (live, DVR, and online), Legacy is behind by at least 2 million viewers per episode (excluding the Super Bowl premiere).

Will you ever stop

Can anyone tell me why there was a 3 month gap with Designated Survivor?

Just thinking – did it give Kiefer an opportunity to film a scene in Legacy……perhaps an ending scene that ties in to the new season (if we even get one?)

Some shows are on the Fall/Winter schedule (with a 1 month gap) and some shows like Designated Survivor and Empire are on the Fall/Spring schedule (with a 3 month gap). When shows are on the Fall/Spring schedule, the network wants the show’s season finale during the May sweeps.

NO, Kiefer DID NOT film anything for Legacy. Designated filmed episodes through mid-December, then went on Christmas break. Kiefer spent the holiday with his mother, twin sister and daughter in Toronto. Then Designated resumed filming more episodes first week in January. They are still filming episodes in Toronto.

He probably did have an opportunity to shoot but he’s hands are just full with designated survivor has he also executive produces over there also. He just probably chose not to take it.

These 1 month/3 month gaps fricken annoy the crap out of me! What happened to the old days of watching a series for the entire run?

Anyway, that explains it – thanks.

I know gaps are annoying but consider this. Most popular shows today are scheduled for 18-22 episodes. If you start in Fall/September and run the episodes without gaps, then a show would air its final episode of the season in March. Then you would have to wait SIX months before the show returns in the Fall/September for the next season. For some reason, people don’t think of this as a “gap” but that is exactly what it is. A big long six-month.

Kiefer Sutherland is out touring with his band.

My guess however if Kiefer is going to have any involvement with 24 moving forward, it will likely be a brief cameo and killing off Jack Bauer for good. I really don’t think he wants to be involved with the franchise anymore.

BTW, a renewal is definitely possible. These are the live+7 ratings of some of the shows that Fox renewed last season:

Rosewood: 6.2 million
Sleepy Hollow: 4.8 million
Scream Queens: 4.7 million

If Legacy’s live+7 numbers stay about 5 million for the later episodes, it may be renewed. However, the budget is likely bigger so that could make a difference.

Justin Urciuoli
March 6, 2017 at 8:25 am
The future of 24 Legacy sounds very positive. She is feeling mixed. A decision will be made in May! But the show is averaging 7-8 million viewers over 7 days per episode! She admitted, its not terrible! She said its a really good show! She admitted their launch strategy was over ambitious. She admitted the first episode ran late, and then it was off to the races for the second episode the night after and people got confused when it was on as messages get mixed up during games like that. There was little time for catch up. She is very proud of the show, creators and cast. She is wondering if broadcast can sustain a serialized drama like this and she said she would love nothing more than to bring the show back. It depends on the pilots that come in, how it performs and they will weigh all the info in May. Read the article below.

Honestly this doesn’t sound like a great vote of confidence:

“With regard to 24: Legacy, Walden is feeling mixed. “I’m a little sad because I feel like it’s a really good show. We’re doing about 7-8 million viewers over seven days per episode. It’s not terrible. We had really high hopes for the show. Perhaps our launch strategy was a little over-ambitious.” The show first aired after the Super Bowl which ran late and the second episode was the following night. “Then we were off to the races,” Walden said, “and there was catch-up involved. I think people weren’t clear about when the next episode would be, even though we messaged a lot. Messages get lost after a game like that. So, I’m feeling mixed. I feel very proud of the show and extremely grateful to the creators and the great actors who have done a really wonderful job. I’m wondering whether broadcast can sustain something so serialized.”

It seems like she’s making excuses here. The late Super Bowl finish is not to blame for the entire season underperforming. It’s dropped every single week, and people should not be confused when it airs.

But her comment about the serialized format is interesting. Maybe the show will move to a streaming platform if it is removed or returns with Kiefer for another limited series. The once a week format is terrible for a show like 24.

Saw Logan last night and it really made me wish that Fox would be brave enough to give Keifer a movie to allow closure on Jack’s storyline.

Dana walden says Fox abandons live overnight ratings and advertising deals are based on DVR + 7 day ratings as well as rating research is based on 7 day ratings as well as online with Fox Now and Hulu and on demand.

Every single post I’ve ever seen of yours mentions the ratings of this show but I’ve never one personally read a single post of yours that does NOT. Do you EVER discuss this show without bringing its ratings up?

I don’t think the ratings are going well at all. The demand 7+ ones maybe… But I still really like the series. It’s still got flaws but that doesn’t mean it’s BAD. I’m really loving the main 3 and we’ve only seen the worst episodes so far.

There you go–he’s an end-of-episode surprise. Now, as promised, I will start watching Legacy now that we’re in Tony Mode.

Thought as much!

After tonight’s episode I’m excited for this episode….should be a good one. I think with Tony coming back we can make episode 7 number’s spike. Fox is going to be so confused ha!